120 years of results now in the archive

With a new year of football now fast approaching, it’s time to clear the decks in preparation for it. One of the jobs I do around this time every year is to refresh the fixtures and results pages – both of which, you’ll see, are now badged for 2022 – which also means that the results for the year just ending reside only in the results archive.

That change has now taken place for 2021 and so the results page for the year is now located in the results archive here. Thanks to Ultair’s sterling work earlier in the year, the entire results archive is now searchable and the 2021 results are included in the searchable database as well. You’ll find the search page of the archive here.

The inclusion of the 2021 results within the archive now means that it runs to an even 120 years. You can browse the archive year by year or search it using a variety of filters, such as year, opposition, venue, level, competition or player name.

This is a unique resource within the GAA world and it’s one that’s free to use. My long-term ambition – if I ever get the time to do anything on this – is that the Mayo results will eventually form part of a complete searchable archive of GAA results. Aside from anything else, this blog will – like myself – cease to exist at some future point and, before either of those things happen, I’d like to have found a permanent, accessible home for the archive.

But that’s one for another time. For now, there are 120 years of Mayo results in the archive to look back on and browse through whenever you feel like doing so.

46 thoughts on “120 years of results now in the archive

  1. This is an unbelievable achievement WJ. Was glad to be able to look back to my first National Football League match, in Westport with my father, in November 1962. Go raibh míle maith agat!

  2. Thanks a million for this Herculean effort and all the work on the blog Willie Joe. It’s very much appreciated, particularly given the (perhaps inevitable) sour mood of recent weeks.

    Looking back on the year-unfortunately good in spots yet again. Like the team, we as fans aren’t too prone to consistency. After Cillian’s injury, another All-Ireland final and Dublin’s scalp at long last would have seemed out of reach. Fast forward three months and anything less than Sam was complete failure. And yet, reasonable arguments can be made for both views.

    Given Horan’s achievements (4 All Ireland finals, 3 further semi finals, either a Nestor Cup or a League in each of his 7 years), it would seem grossly unfair not to give him the fourth year of his term. He has built two fine teams now, out of what seemed unpromising raw materials the first time around, certainly. Comparisons with Jim Gavin are all well and good but he may well come to be seen as one of the greatest GAA managers of all time at county level. It’s much harder to name an obvious successor.

  3. Sadly the Examiner is reporting that Mullin has in fact signed for Geelong and will be flying out shortly to Australia

  4. What a resource – great work WJ and thanks.

    Agree with above two comments. Butler comments were cringeworthy and embarrassing. He claims “will we ever learn in this county” and then goes off with a statement like that. Bringing up the small incident which was dealt with…calling Dublin arrogant? We could accuse the Dubs of a few things but I don’t think arrogance in fairness is one of them.

    How about mentioning the way mayo season ticket holder have been treated or attempting to reduce the levy on every club in Mayo. The only arrogance is on the Mayo CB.

  5. Embarrassing stuff from Butler,I’m afraid this is the standard of awareness and general cop on when the likes of smart fellas like Liam Moffatt step away.

    On a separate note,fair play to WJ,amazing stuff,thank you.

  6. Amazing resources for the students of GAA especially but not exclusively Mayo.. Very much appreciated the considerable work put in to bring this about.

  7. That dermot butler statement a total embarassment, any chance we could try keep our heads down for a winter without someone trying to make a name for themselves, he gloats about Dublin ‘arrogance’ and ‘getting a rude awakening’, does he not realize that there are many people outside the county accusing of us same since the all-ireland final.

    Any chance we might get through one winter without trying to grab headlines. Embarassing stuff.

  8. It’s shocking alright, Supermac, up there with the worst outbursts of the Feeney era years ago. Language like that should never have seen the light of day, it reflects very poorly on us as a county.

    In happier news, season ticket renewals are open. The mail popped into my inbox a few minutes ago. Deadline for completing renewals is 5th January.

  9. …agreed Yew_tree, there are plenty of uncomplimentary words i would be willing to accuse this Dublin side of but ‘Arrogance’ is certainly not one. It was arrogance and media hype that kept tripping them up in the pillar caffrey/tommy lyons/tommy carr years, Jim Gavin has eradicated that completely and generally has a bunch of humble, selfless players who play for the team.

    Ive never been one to come in here and criticize the county board before as i feel some of the stick has been unwarranted but absolutely mortified at the dermot butler statement, most of my mates in whatsapp groups laughing at the lack of self-awareness

  10. I too have been defending the county board – but as I said before the people who should be in these jobs are smart enough to stay away from them – that’s probably why Liam Moffat is stepping away too.
    Is our country Secretary that naive as an individual to not realise what he was saying – we are enough of a laughing stock around the country as it is.

  11. Some of ye seem to be happy with our players being assaulted and having jaws broken, (not the first time) and with the Ref and linesman who was looking straight at the incident do nothing, and with all the photo evidence available after the event the GAA itself not take any action. Then someone has to callout these injustices ,I say well done to County Secretary for standing up for our players welfare.

  12. That’s a daft and illogical argument, Culmore. On what basis can you possibly claim that anyone wants to see that happen? Just because one bit of the report contained comments about Dublin which some people, myself included, find embarrassing and mortifying doesn’t mean we’re against what’s in it relating to player welfare.

  13. Re, season ticket renewals, which I note in an email that arrived today.. I think clarification on one particular point in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ is needed.. In my email, it DOESN’T state that you are guaranteed a ticket for the All Ireland final, should Mayo reach the All Ireland.. I don’t think that anyone would be remotely interested in a season ticket, unless there was an implied guarantee of an All Ireland final ticket, especially for a county, that by the looks of it, might not be able to play a league or championship game at home until 2023.. If as Liam Moffat stated, that McHale Park won’t be available until mid May at the earliest.. Our fixture v Galway in the championship is pencilled in for Easter Sunday..

  14. I see they have removed the No attendance requirements for All Ireland tickets. I wonder if this is more to do with the ongoing pandemic, we could find games especially league games going ahead behind closed doors. In that case, with everything up in a hape you’d wonder is it worth renewing.

  15. No problem with Butler calling out the ref and particularly the linesman but his comment on Dublin is out of line. They were very humble champions in my opinion, and I will always shout for them over kerry.

  16. @Culmore we arent criticizing him for his calling for stronger player protection and VAR usage in light of the Small tackle, most people would be in support of that.

    Its the rest of his statement i am mortified by, gloating about the dublin victory and accusing them of being arrogant and getting a rude awakening etc on the one hand while bemoaning the fact Mayo teams in finals will never learn elsewhere in his speech, irony much? Bit of self-awareness would be great

  17. Personally I don’t think it’s wise to be giving out about Lane/Deegan in public either. They will be in charge of our league games next February. The John Small hit was analysed to death, everyone knows it was a big mistake. Move on.

    As for the comments on Dublin… James Horan and players spend every interview giving out the most bland, inoffensive opinions and our county secretary just blurts that out in public! Mortifying.

  18. Update on season ticket, I clicked the link.. and in two different. term’s.. it states that ‘Dedicated’ fan’s will be able to buy All Ireland tickets.. it also states that you have to buy all but one championship game ticket, you can opt out of buying one ticket for a championship game and still qualify for an All Ireland ticket.. It seems to me that the terms and conditions are thus… Your attendance is not required for to qualify for the right to buy an All Ireland ticket, should the relavent County qualify, but the same as it was before, you had to have paid for all the tickets, bar one.. I’m not sure, that’s the impression you would get on first reading of today’s email.. Satisfy yourselves as regards the small print before ye make yer decision m

  19. Leantimes, the way i read it the 60% attendance is gone but you have to attend all championship games to qualify for AI ticket, not just pay for (bar the one opt out available). Also i think there isnt going to be an actual season ticket card issued. You will have to scan through your account (scan bar code using smart phone?) Im open to correction on both those points. even though the 60% attendance is removed you would still need to attend virtually all the games to break even on the cost of the ticket.

  20. For anyone considering renewing their season ticket, please note that the creation of seating groups is no longer an option either (confirmed by the season ticket office in an email this afternoon). I’ll be keeping my €150 in my pocket this year and taking my chances.

    And while the circus that is Mayo GAA and the contempt from HQ continues for supporters I’ll be keeping a lot more of my money in my pocket. The last decade (and many leaner years before that) has been a joy with very few games missed along the way, and I will miss the craic of those annual odysseys with every game or nearly every game ticked off but it’s simply not affordable any more for some of us. There is no respect for loyalty anyway either locally or nationally.

    So embarrassed that an official from Mayo GAA would lower themselves by making an undignified comment like that in the public sphere. Call out the lack of protection by all means but stooping to insult the opposition like that just draws yet more unwanted attention and ridicule on us and lets every single one of us down. Ironic when the same man is calling out the “torrents of abuse”. While there is little doubt that Mr Butler himself has been subject to some pretty vile personal abuse on platforms like Twitter by “anonymous” accounts, the claim of abuse is also often just an easy way to dismiss any fair or valid questioning or criticism.

    Southmayo exile, you have hit the nail on the head – the people smart enough for these jobs are smart enough to stay away. The lack of interest in the Operations and Finance role says it all. Who’d want to put themselves into that situation?

    To finish on a positive note, thank you for the time and effort WJ – what an incredible resource for the people of Mayo. It really shows the GAA itself up for the lack of same – sorry, I tried to stay positive – but maybe your efforts will inspire them!

  21. i think we all agree that the outburst by Dermot Butler in his secretary report was uncalled for and not representative of the views of the Mayo people. The Dublin team for the last 10 years have been our great opponents and brought the very best performances out of our team and set the bar for everyone for years to come

    Club delegates have to decide this sunday if they see Dermot Butler as worthy of representing Mayo GAA when he tries to get elected for vice chairman and failing that goes for the secretary again

  22. The email says no attendance requirement for getting an All Ireland ticket. However, reading through the conditions, it seems you have to buy a ticket for all but one of the matches in order to qualify for AI ticket. It doesn’t matter whether you attend or not, you still have to buy a ticket. As all tickets will be bought on your phone, it seems you will not be able to transfer a ticket to anyone else if you are not in a position to attend yourself. It seems to me that is a much more severe condition than attending 60% of matches. Up to now Cairde Mhaigh Eo tickets did not have an attendance requirement. Mayomad I don’t know what you mean by breaking even on the cost of the ticket. You pay for the season ticket AND all the championship matches

  23. Grainne Uaile, you’ll still be able to give your ticket to someone else. You can download the ticket to your phone and send it to someone else. or just take a screenshot and send to them.
    As long as the QR code can be scanned, there shouldn’t be any problem.

  24. @Anne Marie.. you make a number of very good points in your post.. Re our County Secretary, surely the time to speak out re the unpunished horrific assault on Eoghan Mclaughlin, the time to be speaking out about that was last August, their should have been uproar last August.. But I certainly can’t recall any member of the County Board saying anything, maybe it speaking about it now, might keep the spotlight on some separate issues closer to home.. eg.. It seems very likely that our recently redeveloped Home Stadium, at enormous cost, and with an enormous debt that the Club’s of Mayo must raise so much money for the repayment of said debt, will in all probality be out of commission for all League and Championship games until 2023.

  25. Thanks Tubberman but I tried to send a screenshot of a ticket to someone last year and it couldn’t be scanned. As far as I remember, I had to print off the ticket and physically hand it to the person. There will be no paper tickets this time. It’s a bit devious to say, on the one hand, no attendance required and then insisting that a ticket be bought for all matches except one, but maybe I’m not reading it correctly?

  26. Of course, the Elephant in the room hasn’t gone away you know, anyone considering renewal of Season Ticket, might like to keep in mind is the on going ‘Covid’ situation.. On the 1st December, not even Notradamus would try to predict what restrictions might be in place, or or hopefully liberties reinstated by the time of our first league game!

  27. Willie Joe, you would make a great county chairman. Throw your hat into the ring for the craic, you’d definitely top the polls.

  28. Evening all. I havent posted in a long time here but still read. I had to comment on the crazy stuff from one of top officials in the county. Why oh why would he say that about the Dublin team? And a rant again about abuse? Are we not allowed question or criticise anymore? Would the county secretary efforts not be better trying to get a replacement for the games promotions officer for south mayo or getting a better deal with croke park on the stadium debt. It will be interesting to see what way clubs vote at Convention. As for the final loss – there are no words at this stage and I fail to see how things will be any different in 2022. Great work WJ on the blog.

  29. Mayofan – I took out that dig you aimed at one of the candidates for Chairman. The Convention takes place in a few days and I’d prefer not to see either of the candidates disparaged in that way here.

  30. Grainne Uaile, attendance and payment are two different things and I suspect they don’t really care whether or not you actually attend the game, as long as they get the money. Under this new system, the GAA won’t have to deal anymore with the ticket scanning issues they never succeeded in eliminating, or the hassle of having to allocate seating groups. That decrease in administration combined with the increase in price really makes it a win win for the GAA – and for the supporter, if they’re happy to just cough up more money for fewer benefits (but also fewer attendance obligations).

    The original season ticket system was designed following an extensive piece of research carried out with supporters over a decade ago (I worked on the research at the time and it’s still one of the most interesting projects I’ve ever worked on). Fans really wanted a reward system – i.e. access to an All-Ireland ticket for attending most or all of their county’s games, and that was underpinned by things like loyalty, social and family connection, shared experience, pride in their team etc. The season ticket seating groups were a great way of facilitating that, and to me they are actually the biggest loss – I probably would have ended up renewing had they not been abolished. Instead now you could be shoved anywhere in Croke Park if you have a single ticket, though I’d imagine you’ll still be seated with the people on your season ticket account at least.

    This proposed structure is an easy way for the GAA to still stick the box, but it’s been reduced to a commercial exchange that delivers more value to them than it does to the supporter. As a mate said elsewhere, it’s now basically the poor man’s premium ticket. But look, if the final ticket is all that matters, then it does the job.

  31. Like Ann Marie ive gone all over the country and the world and was even on the same flight as Ann Marie to NY a few years ago supporting Mayo over the years as a season ticket holder but i cant bring myself to renew this time.the defeat to Tyrone was the last straw in my opinion i cant ever see us getting a better chance to win Sam.ill concentrate instead on my volunteer work with my club theres too much politics in Mayo football and certain footballers are exempt no matter what from substitution. Well good luck to them but they can do without my money and support.

  32. For Cairde Maigh Eo ticket holders the requirements are basically the same, attendance not required but you must pay for all the matches (bar one). And of course a small price increase to beat the rate of inflation…

    Anne-Marie I think you’ve nailed it, they can’t be bothered dealing with all the problems around scanning tickets and recording attendance. Fixing the scanning problems would involve infrastructure and equipment upgrades in venues around the country, and you could bet they would still run into problems. So just eliminate the problem entirely. Can’t blame them. I doubt many supporters will be unhappy given how many lads I used to see getting multiple tickets scanned at the gate! And getting rid of the seating groups means the GAA will find it easier to allocate the seats in Croker. No more playing Tetris on the computer! Ah it’s a stroke of genius really.

    I will end up renewing as I can tolerate a €50 increase if it prevents the kind of ticket fiasco seen before the final this year. But man are they stretching it. They know they have a captive market…

  33. Would I be right in saying, that with this new Season ticket system ,we’ll have a repeat of the ” you are now number 3,656 in the Q, please wait ” like we had for the Galway game last year.
    And trying to organise your working week so that your online and ready at 9am on a Monday morning for example .

    We may be guaranteed tickets, but will it be a case of first come first served as regards quality of that ticket I wonder?

    I had really hoped we wouldnt have to go through that pain again.

  34. V interesting about the ticketing system Anne Marie…….WJ, the results archive is a massive piece of work and an important resource……..Well done, great achievement

  35. It’s a fantastic body of work you have put together over the years Willie Joe and you should be very proud of your efforts. You will get the recognition you are due one of these days of that I’m sure.
    On the issue of ticket renewals remember there will be twenty people lined up for every one ticket that’s put out on general release. But yeah I understand perfectly why people would not want to renew and Ann-Marie makes a very reasonable argument for this. Its just a shame it has come to this

  36. Since the county secretary released his ‘report’ there has been a deluge of comments on social media about every red/yellow card that our players have.got over the years. The players dont need this hassle. Is he looking for attention or what? Why didnt he say something about the ref/linesman after the game.

  37. Silly comments from DB . Why would he put that in a statement . Im guessing he’s looking for some sort of popularity .Critize Dubs and condem online abuse of players . RIdiculous negative attention back on Mayo Gaa.
    During the past 13 or so years Ive been checking this blog its obvious theres some very logical mayo fans out there. Awful shame some of them cant find the way on to county board . Its been the same since 1951!

  38. Congratulations Willie Joe for putting together this wonderful archive. It is a priceless asset not just to Mayo people but to all followers of the game.

  39. Congratulations and well done for such a forensic asset Willie Joe..
    Must have taken a lot of hard work!!

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