122 years now in the results archive

A late November’s day is a good one as any to do a bit of digital gardening and, in that spirit, I’ve now added our results for this year to the archive here on the blog. Including 2023 (here), the results archive, which is also fully searchable, at this stage runs to 122 years. The landing page for the results archive is here.

I’ve also changed the 2023 results tab to 2024, where our results for next year will be added in due course. In addition, I’ve updated the fixtures page and have listed in it all of our confirmed fixtures for 2024 for the Senior, U20 and U17s, as well as our LGFA fixtures.

This list, by the way, doesn’t include our National League fixtures for next year, which, the rapid arrival of Christmas notwithstanding, still haven’t been confirmed for definite. What is it with the GAA these days? They seem content to leave supporters hanging indefinitely, unable to plan for match weekends, just like they did to a ridiculous degree this year with the Championship.

Anyway, mustn’t grumble. We go again, once we know when and where we’re going …

7 thoughts on “122 years now in the results archive

  1. Great work WJ . I couldn’t count the amount of times I have gone to archives during the year. I was looking for all Mayo club provincial winners this evening. I’m not too hot on the internet, but Mr Google wasn’t much help. Don’t want to add to your workload, but is it possible to find the answer.

  2. Thanks, Nephin, glad it’s of use. I’m not sure where you might find that info but for what it’s worth I find Wikipedia is pretty good on GAA results (unlike the GAA itself!) so if you Google each of the Championships you might find what you’re looking for there.

  3. @ Nephin I think you will find , Garrymore, Castlebar, Crossmolina, Ballina and Knockmore from the top of my head.

  4. Thanks so much to you all for your help. I’m just curious to know what clubs won what grade and how many. I remember a lot of them, but I’m sure I’ve forgotten some.

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