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As mentioned in the comments just now, Galway have finally named their team for Sunday. Here it is:

Galway (Connacht SFC semi-final v Mayo 14/6/2015): Manus Breathnach; Johnny Duane, Finian Hanley, Cathal Sweeney; Liam Silke,  Gary O’Donnell, Sean Denvir; Fiontán Ó Curraoin, Paul Conroy (Captain); Gary Sice, Patrick Sweeney, Tomas Flynn; Danny Cummins, Damien Comer, Michael Lundy.

I’d normally list the players’ clubs when posting a team sheet for a championship game but the list that’s been published – rather bizarrely by Tribesmen GAA (Galway’s official supporters club) and not by its County Board – doesn’t include such details and I’m buggered if I’m going hunting round for that at this hour of a Friday evening so the names alone will have to do.

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  1. It looks like Galway feel that our full-back line is our weak point. They have put pace and power into their full-forward line. With Flynn named at no. 12, it should make things interesting. Both teams have 3 big men in their team around the middle. It should be a cracker!

  2. Manus Breathnach An Spidéal
    Johnny Duane St. James’
    Finian Hanley Salthill-Knocknacarra
    Cathal Sweeney Killanin
    Liam Silke Corofin
    Gary O’Donnell Tuam Stars
    Seán Denvir Mícheal Breathnach
    Fiontán Ó Curraoin Mícheal Breathnach
    Paul Conroy St. James’
    Gary Sice Corofin
    Patrick Sweeney Killanin
    Tom Flynn Athenry
    Danny Cummins Claregalway
    Damien Comer Annaghdown
    Micheál Lundy Corofin

  3. Seriously good forwards ….not impressed by full back line.
    Modfield sound enough .
    This will not be easy and Mayo will finally learn something on Sunday.

  4. Think this is the Connaught final. God help us and the World of Football if the Rossie “puke” football ever prevails!!!!

  5. This game is a slippery one.If Galway get good ball to their forwards they will do damage. I think we will still have the edge. I really hope we see a good solid performance from our lads and not just get over the line.Need to send message out that we are still here.

  6. PS I reckon there is some Galway heads on this site contributing to the poll.Cheers lads get ye’re spake in now Mayo will have final word Sunday 😉

  7. I just hope Noel and Pat look at this team and realise that Flynn will be playing as a third midfielder, similar to what Aidan O’Shea did last year, and that our two boys will need Aidan in there. I’ve had a horrible feeling all year that the two boys think a big full forward will solve our woes. It will not. Mayo play best when running at pace and using good support lines, which Horan alluded to during the week. If the plan is to stick Aidan up front to let him win balls, it will not work as we will not win the primary balls necessary at midfield in my opinion. Just a thought that’s being bugging me!

  8. i think it come down to this .. iIf we have more hunger and want we will win , not easily but we will win. Anything less and they wil win . remember 1998

  9. If Walsh was available there MF and forwards would almost be identical personnel to 2014.Not sure why people are getting so worried about them. If they were so good they be gettin outta Div 2.
    If Mayo perform there won’t be an issue.

    How many of these lads would get inta Mayo team

    Last Year
    Galway: M Breathnach; A Tierney, F Hanley, D O’Neill; G Bradshaw (0-01), G O’Donnell, P Varley; F O’Curraoin, T Flynn; M Lundy (0-01), S Walsh (0-07, 5fs), D Comer; P Conroy (0-04), E Hoare, D Cummins (0-01).

    This Year
    Manus Breathnach; Johnny Duane, Finian Hanley, Cathal Sweeney; Liam Silke, Gary O’Donnell, Sean Denvir; Fiontán Ó Curraoin, Paul Conroy (Captain); Gary Sice, Patrick Sweeney, Tomas Flynn; Danny Cummins, Damien Comer, M Lundy

  10. Galway have a strong FF line and a big tall midfield. Obviously Mayo have not discovered any great new talent in last 9 months but I am not surprised by that. People here had been calling on JH to introduce new blood over the last few years but as anybody watching Mayo football would know the fact is that very few of the lads coming through are anywhere near the quality of the lads who have served us so well over the last 5 years.As for the team picked well I will have to assume its picked on form so we will just have to trust our management. Personally I am a big fan of Hennelly and Vaughan, both of whom have been excellent. I have my doubts about Cunniffe at CHB and would prefer to see Jason Doc in half forward line. Anyway Sunday will tell a tale. win and we are in for another big summer . loose and the recriminations will begin. Come on Mayo.

  11. Connelly’s Brigade

    I enjoyed your comment, and you are certainly not alone there! My thoughts exactly!

  12. Oh, isn’t great to back in the thick of it. The glorious triviality of sport. I’ve spent the last hour reading all the preview pieces.
    Also, as a Ballintubber man I think 14/1 us way too big for Diarmuid O’ Connor for Young Footballer.
    And thanks to Willie Joe’s moderating voice. A huge debt of gratitude is owed by everyone who uses this site!

  13. They’ll be some moving around of those Galway forwards. Patrick Sweeney is not a half-forward. He’ll move up front. I can see Conroy moving to 11 and Flynn into midfield. Lundy may be moved further out the field. Just noticed Galway will be missing their two best free-takers also in O’Griofa and Walsh. Presume Comer will take the frees for them now.

  14. Thanks willie joe. Your site is a invaluable source of information on Mayo GAA. Will Freeman feature on Sun?

  15. Difficult to know – he’ll be on the bench I guess but it’ll be a strong bench so it’ll depend I suppose on how things are going on the field.

  16. Best of luck to both Mayo teams tomorrow.
    Safe travels to all. Enjoy the day and hopefully we will have a double celebration about 6pm tomorrow evening.

  17. Looks as if Galway’s main strengths are FF line and midfield. So I hope Mayo focus tactics on winning these battles and that leaves the Mayo forward line to generate scores themselves without us having to depend on our halfbacks to get forward all he time for scores. I think Mayo’s team selection has defence in mind, glad to see that and hope the forwards step up.

  18. The two Galway corner backs are attacking minded and talking to a killanin man last night who knows Sweeney and Walsh… Don’t be surprised to see them try to drag the Mayo forwards outfield.

    Anyone going to Larry finnertys pub tnte should tell him to send his young lad up to Mayo minors for next season. Chip off the old block and already featuring for senior club side in salthill. He is a shoe-in to be on the galway minor team next year but Mayo could still get him. A real talent, super hands and can score with both feet. It was a shock that galway minors didn’t go for him this year, but then galway managers don’t tend to like salthill and even worse if you’re salthill with Mayo blood!

  19. Mayonaze,Young Finnerty is a Galway lad-’tishent like t’owl sacccher with the parentage rule!(the two sons are nice footballers).Hope to make it into the bould Larry(Wards hotel)tonight!

  20. In fairness most people outside the Galway football family don’t realise the loss O’Griofa is. After 2 cruciates his true potential started to come through this season between colleges and having a big say beating the Rossies in the league. Although the gap is closing the loss of him and Shane Walsh may be a bridge too far but believe me Galway will not lie down tomorrow.They will be as equally driven as ye given the last few years and tge need and desire to get Galway people back on side.

  21. Hopefully this will be a real championship test for whoever is the winner. I would not be quite as concerned with that full forward line as some are expecting. For sure it contains quality and we would like to have a few of those forwards in the Mayo ranks, however I don’t think it is set up to create weaknesses in the Mayo defence as much as it could be. Gary Sice is a wonderful creator and finisher and he will lots of attention in what positions he is likely to take up which could be a few. Would have no worries about Kevin Keane, the only concern in that area for this game is what might happen if he is dragged out the field following a full forward on decoy runs. Having watched Andy coming off the bench most recently V Donegal in Castlebar, I think the correct decision is to either start him or not use him at all as he does not have the sheer speed to cause havoc to a tiring corner back when coming on as a sub. Tomorrow is a 20 man game and on that basis Mayo have the squad to take it.

  22. Seems nearly 40% of readers think Galway will win.For a predominantly Mayo site that is huge is it not?
    Makes you wonder if a lot of Mayo people have doubts .Would be worried about some positions….but think A O Se crucial .O Connor (C) must dictate game.If he doesnt Galway will thrive on confidence.

  23. The loss of Walsh & O Griofa is huge.
    Both free takers also which means Conroy is the only free taker we have who has taken them any way consistently at county level.
    Sice and Comer can take them but haven’t done so at county level really.

    Patrick Sweeney will probably play full forward. To be honest that plays right into Mayo’s hands as he is a mullocker & Keane in my opinion would be troubled more by a pacy player.
    Don’t think Sweeney is up to this level of football.

    Mayo should cover the 2 point handicap

  24. Everybody is still ignoring that fantastic second half defensive display against Donegal in the league. In all my many years years following Mayo that was the best ever piece of defending I have seen. Donegal had nowhere to go. For the experts who claim you cannot attack from a defensive situation, Mayo created 12 scoring chances which included 11 crazy wides and missing an open goal. This defence was organised.
    My predication for Mayo this year, once again, is, that if they continue with this defence and the forwards do their jobs, Mayo can beat ANY TEAM in the country. If they don’t defend this way, that’s a different story.

  25. Mayo have a few things to think about from that Galway lineup…
    1) What is the plan for Galway kickouts, likely target a lot of the time is wing forward Flynn who is very tall.
    2) What is the plan for Lundy. There’s no way he’ll stay inside, will be covering every blade if grass. Does our corner back follow him all the way out or let our free man (Doherty won’t be staying inside either) take over in zoned defense.
    3) Should we assume Comer is the real deal and come up with a plan for him or go man on man which is risky if he really is good.
    4) We can’t assume will dominate midfield. 50 50 would be good enough.
    5) Do we cut at least 1 half back free (Keegan) and have a half forward sweeper cover each time he runs. Case of let players play their best game and he’s the one who looked bit unhappy with the shackles on in the league.

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