2010 Championship draw is on next Tuesday

Yes folks, it’s that time of year again: the draw for next year’s provincial championships will be held next week, on Tuesday to be precise, down the road from here at GAA HQ.  Despite it being the 125th anniversary and all that, RTE can’t apparently find the time in their busy schedule to incorporate live TV coverage of the draw (so says Hogan Stand at any rate) but the shindig will still be broadcast live on the radio.  That’s actually grand – as long as that knob Derek Mooney is kept well away from proceedings – as I think that the live televised treatment is simply an excuse for too much blather.  Let’s face it – all you want to know when this kind of thing is being done is who you’ll be playing; the rest, as the saying goes, is detail.  Speaking of detail, I’ve no idea yet what time throw-in is scheduled for next Tuesday but I’ll stick up the details here once I find that out.

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