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With the old year now gone on us, I’ve just had a look at the stats on total visits to the site over the course of 2012. By any measure, it was in this respect a truly amazing year, with a total of 680,121 hits on the site during 2012 which represents a 97% increase on the total recorded in 2011. In cumulative terms, the total now stands at just over 1.5 million, as the chart above illustrates.

Similar levels of traffic this year will see the 2 million mark breached at some point in 2013 but I reckon the only way that the hit count could possibly be as high as this would be if we get another run to the final. Just as well, then, that we’re planning on winning Sam this year.

15 thoughts on “2012 stats

  1. Well let me doff my hat WJ. Fair play to you, its absolutely marvelous to see something like that evolve from birth to its present status. Stunning and a tribute to the creator. Saol fada don suimh seo.

  2. fully agree with john cuffe, hopefully the problems you alluded to WJ as regards devoting time to the site will not crop up , you are a credit for all the work you have done thus far.

  3. You should have charged a Euro a hit WJ – you’d have your feet up now, and you’d be drinking cocktails on some paradise island : )

  4. WJ, those numbers don’t happen by accident. You’ve done and continue to do a tremendous job. As many others have said it’s hard to imagine life without the Mayo GAA blog. You should be rightly proud.

  5. Thanks all – as I’ve said before, the numbers aren’t just down to me: it’s everyone who visits the site and the contributions to it (not just in the comments, also in the guest posts, photos supplied – thanks, Mick – and other areas) that make it special. Hopefully we can all continue to contribute to the site’s success.

  6. Congrats, WJ , it would be a shame were it not to continue. Think I’d miss it as much as Sam. It really adds to the excitement of the Championship, and gives a hell of lot more accurate information than the National Press to those at home, but especially away.
    Best of luck for 2013.

  7. Great stuff, echo all the comments above, thanks a million for all the hard work. Along with your good self, there is a great bunch of contributors that adds significantly to the enjoyment of the championship.

    Thanks a million

  8. Mayo GAA Blog.com,
    Willie Joe runs the site with aplomb,
    one by one bit by bit,
    you have to admit,
    one point five million plus is phenom.

    Congratulations Willie Joe on a wonderfully entertaining site and long may it continue.

  9. Well done Willie and please don’t even contemplate retiring.
    Sorry for not commenting sooner but did you ever try switching a computer and all it’s cables onto a f********ng IKEA desk; thank God I had a half bottle of ‘downers’ left

    Best wishes to you and yours for the New Year

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