2018 calendar on sale now

Photo: @MayoGAA

Those organised types among you are, no doubt, already well stuck into getting the Christmas presents sorted. The rest of you are, perhaps, starting to feel the first stabs of panic as you see that it’s now just a single calendar month away from the big day.

Speaking of calendars, the official Mayo GAA 2018 one is now available. You can pre-order it online (here) and it’ll be on sale in the shops before too long as well.

Whether you’re ahead of the pack or in the chasing posse where it comes to Christmas shopping there’s sure to be a Mayo GAA nut who’s near and dear to you and who would greatly appreciate getting this as a festive pressie. Go on, order a few of them to be on the safe side.

5 thoughts on “2018 calendar on sale now

  1. David Clarke not in the team photograph , could the county board have not got a team photo with him in it ?

  2. Mayoman, is this an april fools joke.how can the mayo county board have the 2018 calandar team without our two-time all-star goalkeeper in the team photo.this cannot possibly be true.has everybody responsible for production of the calandar fallen asleep at the wheel.if it is so it has to be changed immediatly

  3. I’d say it was an oversight more than anything else. Common enough for there to be team members who are slow to leave the changing room missing from the photo. Odd though this year as there was a member of the back room team telling them when they could run off at a lot of the games so surely they could have found a photo with everyone in it. Anyway, does it really matter? The one page of a calendar that no one looks at is the cover. Inside pictures way more important.

  4. David Clarke should be in the photo. Is there venues of matches listed on dates etc league club under 17s under 20s and championship matches.

  5. I was looking to purchase the Mayo team calendar but now hear that the full team is not shown on the cover picture, This is hard to believe.

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