24k for semis + other stuff

RTÉ have got confirmation from Government sources this afternoon that agreement has been reached in relation to maximum attendances for this year’s All-Ireland semi-finals and finals. 24,000 supporters will be allowed to attend each of the four semi-final matches while 40,000 will be maximum for both deciders.

Given that our semi-final is very likely going to be against Dublin, it follows that tickets are going to be very hard to come by for all supporters. Over the past decade all our shuddering Championship showdowns against the Dubs have been sell-out fixtures and, even in these pandemic times, there’s sure to be exceptionally strong demand for tickets for our semi-final this year against the Leinster champions.

Indeed, with the bulk of the adult population now fully vaccinated, there’s a strong argument for being less cautious in relation to mass gatherings like this, especially when you see what’s being allowed in other countries. It appears, though, that agreement has been reached on the issues and that these numbers aren’t going to change. Good luck with the ticket hunt, all.

In other news, tomorrow’s Nancy Murray Cup camogie match against Tyrone has been cancelled. That game was meant to be played in Tooreen at 5pm tomorrow but it’s now off. Sunday’s Minor camogie Championship match away to Cavan is, though, still on.

Also on is tomorrow’s Rackard Cup decider against Tyrone at Croke Park, as the hurlers aim to win this trophy for the first time since 2016. The final is being streamed live by TG4 on their YouTube channel (the link for which is here) and seeing as it is on YouTube I’ll embed the live stream here on the blog as well, which may make it easier for some to get to see it. Midwest are also providing live radio commentary on the game.

By the way, Mayo GAA have issued another warning about the scourge that is scam links for GAA matches, which bad-minded hoors are apparently posting on Facebook and Twitter. The advice is only to click on official links for games, which kinda makes sense when you think about it.

Finally, Mayo GAA announced earlier today that Stream Sport have appointed at their partner for match streaming services this year. Thirty club Championship matches will be streamed live on the Mayo GAA TV service this year, including all four Mayo SFC quarter-finals, the two semi-finals and the final. The hurling decider will also be on the list.

In this Covid era, streaming of GAA matches has become a staple and it’s something that’s here to stay too, which is a huge bonus for those who can’t get to matches, including those who live outside the county or, indeed, the country. While nothing really does beat being there, being able to watch a live stream is a good second best so it’s great to see that this is a service that Mayo GAA are developing further this year.

23 thoughts on “24k for semis + other stuff

  1. As pointed out on another thread , how can they come up with these figures , 24k on 14 aug and then boom 40k seven days later for the hurling final . Thats seriously messed up , am i right in saying thats over 65% increase in seven day?

  2. Fyi. I’ve notes taken of everyone on this forum who said they weren’t going to Croker for the Connacht final but will now be adamant they deserve a ticket for the semi final (tongue firmly in cheek)

  3. Its all very Irish. As Sean Burke says 24k one day, 7 days later 40k! Makes zero sense. Hard to not get political, but with so many vaccinated, just open up the country and go back to normal. If people choose not to get vaccinated then they take their own risk attending large events etc.

    I would find it hard to have pity for anyone not bothering to go to Galway match, who are now up in arms if cant get a ticket for semi.

  4. Don’t worry lads, if it’s Dublin we’re playing in the semi it’ll be more than the unworthy who will be disappointed!

    I expect to see the real Dublin this weekend, I think Kildare are in for an awful beating. I think Tyrone will have enough to hold McManus and McCarron and will come out on top in a tight game.

  5. Ah Ref, will there be a Galway review Podcast? My commutes to and from work this week weren’t the same without it!

  6. Stadium should be at full capacity everyone with a Covid Cert should be allowed to get a ticket.Likely 80% of population will be fully protected by then.What will be different in 2022???

  7. I think we can rule out Stephen Cluxton making an appearance this weekend . He is holidaying around Mayo/Galway !
    Photographed in local water holes

  8. Just putting a game plan together for the potential release of tickets to the public online next week. Anyone got any tips.
    Getting tickets for the Galway game was hairy enough at the start, as in,was I in the right Q, virtually, etc.
    Can a person have multiple devices open at the one time, eg. Phone, computer, laptop, Does this increase chance of getting ticket.
    How far in advance can a person join the Q for the release of tickets etc
    It’s all these little things I’m trying to nail for the release of tickets.
    Hopefully we’ll get more than 20 minutes notice for exact time of sale, unlike for Galway game.

  9. Will be interesting to see if they sold all the tickets for the Leinster final today.

  10. You need a tickemaster account paddy. So you can use as many devices as you want but I expect you’ll need to be using different accounts.

  11. Everyone’s very quiet on the absolute shtshow that this will be for genuine supporters trying to get tickets ……..
    Not even sure an unlikely Kildare will help matters .

  12. Don’t forget the Under 20 is on the undercard one of the semi final days so that’s loads of Offaly or Roscommon / Down fans looking for tickets

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