5pm throw-in time for final

The GAA have today confirmed fixture details for the second All-Ireland semi-final and for the final. The GAA’s announcement is here.

The Kerry/Tyrone match has been fixed for 3.30pm on Saturday 28th August at Croke Park. Meath’s David Coldrick is the ref for it.

The final, which takes place two weeks after that on Saturday 11th September, throws in at 5pm at Croke Park. No announcement has yet been made about who will ref it.

50 thoughts on “5pm throw-in time for final

  1. Is there any possiblility of a double header for this one or is it a stand alone fixture?

  2. So does that rule Conor Lane and David Coldrick out of the Final if they reffed the Semis? hopefully it’s David Gough that gets the final, the best referee in the country and Mayo have a good record with him.

  3. Yeah Conor Lane won’t be in the running anyway, not sure about Deegan but given the media backlash at both his and Lane’s performances at the weekend, the GAA would be ill advised to appoint him for the final. Agreed TH, David Gough is the best and fairest ref there is

  4. Wouldnt be worried about who is reffing it. I’d say Horan is more focused on none of the forwards scoring from play in the first half (and the forwards terrible first half against Galway) amongst many other things. Up Mayo!

  5. Aidan to walk up the steps of the Hogan stand just before 19:00 on Saturday the 11th of September 2021 to collect a long lost friend of Mayo. Only one plan. Yowser.

  6. This month break in leadup to final could be a huge plus for us…

    – As McConville correctly observed on TSG its going to take a week or 2 to come down from beating Dublin before we can start turning attention to the final. I remember back to 2014 when donegal hammered Dublin in the semi final and turned up flat for the final, probably emotionally exhausted from the semi win. I think the extra time here can allow us to come back to earth before the final push
    – Oisin Mullin will have a few weeks of training under his belt and will be absolutely raring to go, likewise if Harrison is moving well he should be rightly in the mix also
    – AOS will similarly have a few weeks to play himself into some kind of form
    – Who knows what kind of unforeseen stuff kerry/tyrone throws up, Kerry will be favourites of course but tyrone will soften them up rightly and leave them a bit battered and bruised
    – I would expect David Gough will be ref for the final now, which is a good thing
    – I actually dont think i could handle a penalty shoot out, i would have to leave the stadium with the tension

  7. 2020 final David Coldrick Dublin v Mayo
    2019 replay Conor Lane Dublin v Kerry
    2019 final David Gough Dublin v Kerry
    2018 final Conor Lane Dublin v Tyrone
    2017 final Joe McQuillan Dublin v Mayo
    2016 replay Maurice Deegan Dublin v Mayo
    2016 final Conor Lane Dublin v Mayo
    2015 final David Coldrick Dublin v Kerry
    2014 final Eddie Kinsella Kerry v Donegal
    2013 final Joe McQuillan Dublin v Mayo
    2012 final Maurice Deegan Donegal v Mayo
    2011 final Joe McQuillan Dublin v Kerry
    2010 final David Coldrick Cork v Down

    Looking like David Gough or Joe McQuillan.

  8. Fair point Peter, though I have to say, I’d definitely still prefer to see David Gough in there all day long over Maurice Deegan – at least you know your players will be looked after and he is as fair and consistent as they get. And you might not have to factor in that extra two or three points the way you should with Deegan.

    As regarding first half performances, it has been quite amusing to hear the “you won’t get away with that against Galway” and “you won’t get away with that against Dublin” soundbites thoroughly debunked, but nevertheless it would be nice not to have to sail that close to the wind ever again!

  9. Hurson from Tyrone could be a contender for final if tyrone not in it…

    Anyways im broadly in agreement with Peter Neary above, the obsession with referees and ludicrous conspiracy theories on here can be a little tiresome from some posters, the previous thread has turned pure silly with one post even breaking down a chronological blow by blow of all the injustices committed against Dublin in the game, he failed to spot any of the calls we got in our favour towards the end too. Theres no anti mayo conspiracy, just some shite refereeing calls, end of story. Horan and the players wont be at that self pitying stuff for sure

  10. Winners write history and all that , if robbie happen to not get a second go at the 50 , it was all going to be so different but for once we actually got a slice of luck . You would have to be concerned at first half displays in two biggest games this year , if it were Kerry we were to be faced with , we might find ourselves a lot more behind if taking the same approach, as youd imagine they wouldnt be arsed with that keep ball rubbish Dublin go on with so early into a game .

    Anyway after all the mayhem of the weekend just about back to normal now. I was just thinking to myself ,since 2011 the quality of players coming through in mayo is off the scale ,especially defensive players , from keegan to hession ,I dont think the likes of Galway for example have produced one near the standard of about 20 mayo defenders. It’s some return .

  11. Editor of Examiner is a Kerry man. David Hickey and then a report with no quote appears. Yerra stuff starting early.

  12. Hi just on this game, I am looking to swap to swap two football final tickets for two hurling final tickets. So if anyone out there has hurling tickets and would like to swap please let me know.

  13. That is outrageous if true REDCOL

    Think we just need to focus on this game, no backups of there’ll be more chances in the years ahead, this is our one and Kerry are gonna have to go somewhere they’ve never gone before to take it from us. They bottled the 2019 final, absolutely bottled it.

    We need to approach this game like Hernan Cortes:

    For more than 600 years, conquerors with far more resources at their disposal who attempted to colonise the Yucatan Peninsula, never succeeded. Hernan Cortes was well aware of this fact. And it was for this reason, that he took a different approach when he landed in the land of the Mayans. Instead of charging through cities and forcing his men into immediate battle, Hernan Cortes stayed on the beach and awoke the souls of his men with melodious cadences — in the form of emblazoned speeches . . . But, ironically, it would only just be 3 words which Cortes murmured, that would change the history of the New World. As they marched inland to face their enemies, Cortes ordered, “Burn the boats.”

  14. The Mayo team and the supporters, need time to inhale oxygen after this incredible game and steady themselves for their next onslaught, and be prepared in mind and body for the games that will ensue .As supporters we may have to find different ways to express our absolute unstinting support for the Green and Red cause and refrain somewhat until the 11th September and then let’s fly! As a sideliner could we replace MO 4 SAM with 2021 SAM IZ and reconnect with the last Mayo team to prevail and win Sam. Unfortunately MO 4 SAM has not worked for the ultimate prize since its adoption circa 1989 despite the most incredible days we have ever experienced as supporters.

  15. Agree about pushing this final into a place the opposition can’t go. We’re not the most tactical left in it, we’re not the best pure footballers left in it, but I think we are the fittest team left in it.
    Long run into the final. Very simple, make this final an absolute ball breaker of a high paced 800m, be in touch at the final bend, move ahead and stay ahead.

  16. While I agree with you Anne-Marie (Up Ardagh…) ?and it’s funny to hear people keep saying that.
    One think I would suggest is if we do start slow against Kerry (if it’s them), they have been keen on going for goal a lot and that could hurt us. Dublin were possession based and Galway got lucky with the ball off the post and Shane Walsh with a moment of magic along the sideline.

    Kerry will pose a lot of threats but you just feel it will be in Mayo’s hands how we start and how we contain and attack the third quarter of the match. If we get that purple patch and get our running game going, can we latch on 1-5 or a 2-3 in quick succession? That would put Kerry under a lot of pressure.

  17. I personally couldn’t give a fig who the ref is. If we do our stuff correctly then it doesn’t matter.

    I can foresee the Kerry v. Tyrone game being a physical dogfight irrespective of the margin of victory for either side. Tyrone don’t roll over easily for anyone, perhaps a lasting legacy of their brutalization by Meath in 1996.

    Four weeks should be fine, provided that everyone turns up hale and hearty, beyond the obvious long term injuries. Hopefully Oisín will be available by then.

    It’s hilarious some of the online protestations going on online about John Small, though. I watched the highlights of the semi-final back and there are FOUR violent conduct incidents involving the Small brothers, including a punch to the gut of Ryan O’Donoghue that is up on YouTube. Yet to listen to some Dublin fans and pundits they’re being victimized because of the area of Dublin whence they come. Arrant nonsense altogether. When did you ever hear anyone complaining about Dean Rock, who hails from the same club?

    Tickets going to be even harder to come by than usual.

  18. The times for these matches is really ridiculous has to be said. Didn’t get back to Mayo until at least 2am at the weekend. The match ended at half 8 or after (counting extra time) Its about a 40 min train ride to Maynooth.

    Another 30-40 to Ballinalack, that brings us up to half 10. Supermacs was jammed off course so you go elsewhere to avoid the queues.

    Half 11 rolls around, you get food (30 min stoppage give or take) and then it’s about another hour and half drive back to Mayo from Longford depending on what part off the county your in you can expect to be home between 1 and 2am.

    Has to be a nightmare for cars full off families or older drivers. There’s an awful lot off expenses to consider and in the current pandemic climate not everybody off course can afford to do the trips.

    And that’s not factoring in the mental side off things too and night time driving. I saw a fair bit off shady driving the other night on the way back and people must off been exhausted. It’s not right to expect fans off counties to travel for that long up to Croke Park and back and it baffles me why the matches can’t go ahead earlier in the afternoon.

    But alas, in the grand scheme off things off course it is a privilege to be once again in the position we’re in going in to another final but I really fear the late evening starts are a recipe for disaster.

  19. The great thing about this final is there will be no Imelda May, Aslan or Damo Dempsey at half time or any Dubs on the Hill, it should be a little fairer from the start. i would love to see David Gough ref the final he is very fair and an excellent referee but whoever is ref we will just have to play ball from the word go and refuse to lose

  20. @ Ldr21. i am with you on that. i would much prefer a 3 or 3.30 pm start and be back in mayo for the last round in the local pub. but sure, what can we do .we have to go along with the powers that be. I think kerry supporters would prefer an earlier start also. BUT no matter what time the match is on I will be there morning noon or night.

  21. @ldr21: Unfortunately the GAA gears everything towards the whims of TV audiences and the broadcasters, they don’t care about the needs of match going fans, still less those from the Western seaboard.

  22. Please god by the time AOS is climbing the hogan stand steps there will only be green and red ribbons hanging from big lugs

  23. @ ldr2, if we win it will probably be 5am when you get home. By 2am you’ll still be in Maynooth.

    Did you think of that ?

  24. Supermac: I’m not posting any conspiracy ( on the last thread)but tried to be impartial all the way through. I outline from the start that it was player welfare that was foremost in my thoughts. Did you read the post?
    It was about player welfare in the context of Eoghan being hospitalized. I think it’s appropriate to call out the bad calls against both sets of players ,which I did ,and a call for a review of refereeing or an independent body of referees.

    Subsequent posts by FBDinashui and others elegantly and precisely ( and with video clips )demonstrate that the narrative you swallowed hook line and sinker about Mayo getting soft calls down the straight is false.You should look at them. They have done a lot of work to disabuse you of any conspiracy theory about Mayo getting soft calls.

    That’s Dublin’s narrative and has already been comprehensively disproved in each case.

    You have the right to be wrong but try to at least do the homework before calling others out.

  25. Cortes was an utterly evil scumbag. I mean, of the worst variety. Don’t think I have to give a history lesson here but he was horrendous. He was a murderer who destroyed a civilisation living perfectly happily without European influence.
    There are better people for Mayo to aspire to be!

  26. Any chance the final might be moved to Limerick.

    It would be a great place to bury ghosts.

    Sure they have to have a five o’clock kick off.

    If it was any earlier, Joe Biden would miss the first half with the time difference.

  27. @Food4taught,.. you are bringing allot of evidence to back up everything you have wrote.. I agree 100% with you… @Itmeansnothingtome, I disagree with you as regards, Tyrone/Kerry being a dog fight.. I think that refs will have taken note of what was let go last Saturday by Lane and Deegan, and there will be hell to pay if anything like last Saturday occurs again.. A certain level of physicality will no doubt enter the fray especially if one team needs to chase the game, but a cagy tatical start is what I expect.. Listening to RTE drive time, on Radio One just now, it’s just depressing to hear of a group of Mayo teenager’s who were assaulted close to Heuston Station by some teenage young thugs, and then were gouged by a so called Taxi Driver for €50 to bring them the final few hundred meters to Heuston Station.. Back a few years ago, a game of football took place, hard fought battle to the end, but played with honour by both competing sides.. The venue was Newbridge, and the occasion was Newbridge or Nowhere.. The communicated worry of the GAA Director of Communications back then was that there might be bloodshed on the streets of Newbridge between Mayo and Kildare fans.. Wonder will Alan Milton communicate what he thinks about bloodshed of innocent Mayo teenager’s on the streets of Dublin I. the aftermath of Dublin’s shameful demise last Saturday.

  28. @Leantimes: I wasn’t suggesting that anything like the Small incident(s) will happen in the other semi-final, as you say, the officials will be have their guards up regarding that sort of thing. What I mean is that even after all these years, there’s still a little bit of needle between those two teams (I was at the 2005 All-Ireland final and felt it back then), and I don’t think Tyrone will lie down, even if Kerry are objectively a better side.

  29. This blog is Gas you get informed and educated on it ? I never heard of Cortes until this evening but I’m
    Going to Google him now to see was he a bad thing he sounds like a Buck that would fit in well in the Dublin panel well done Tommy K for calling Cortes out

  30. @Glorydays: The Spanish Parliament is actually named after Cortes. But yeah, by modern standards he would be considered a genocidier and a war criminal.

  31. @It means nothing me…yes at some stage I expect the rules to be pushed alright, at about 5 points down for either side I would suggest, A point or two down for either side I would expect both sides to keep on trucking as to the technical plan.. neither will risk a Black Card or a close in free.. I expect Neil Morgan the Tyrone goalkeeper to have a big say in it.. Like Monaghans Rory Beggan he is one the most adventurous if Keepers and has some boot on him, .. Last Spring, on a day when the Tyrone player’s would have to drive individually over 200 miles to Kerry, .A few goals came directly from his mistakes, but as we seen in the Ulster Final, he’s not afraid to try thing’s.. Morgan always struck me as an amazing talented agile goalkeeper, but when ‘he’s hot , he’s hot and when he’s not he’s not’.. Last time Mayo played Tyrone in an All Ireland quarter final, Mayo can count their lucky stars, that Morgan was definitely not hot, missing every Free he took, a Mayo survived by a single lucky point after Sean Cavanagh was sent off.. However, I fully expect Niall Morgan to be very hot next Saturday week, and at his best it’s the one area where Tyrone have a serious advantage…. As we seen with Robbie Hennelly excellent performance last Saturday, the goalkeeper can give you the edge!… Depends on how much Covid have impacted on Tyrone, they certainly have a great chance!

  32. 5pm on a Saturday evening, could be a great night in Dublin even with Covid19 Safety protocols being adhered to.

    Dublin were beatable and now beaten.

    Kerry or Tyrone are very beatable.

  33. I see another Connacht Telegraph article just went up. Supposedly Oision was going to be sidelined for 3 months with a quad tear but should be fit for the Final. If it was a quad tear then even with specialist treatment it still won’t be 100% in only 4/5 weeks. They also say he’s being lined up by Aussie Rules clubs after the final. I know it was in the pipeline before covid but still would be a massive shame for him to leave but its his life and I wouldn’t begrudge him taking the opportunity if it arises.

  34. Seen this on social media: “Few rumours there could be 50+ thousand allow to attend the football final. There’s a few pilot events over the next week with only one metre social distance in place”. Be great if it worked out, it would be a welcome shot in the arm to those of us who have forked out 200/250 euro per year for the last decade on season tickets.

  35. I agree with you Food4Taught. Player welfare is number one priority. The second priority is the fans. I suspect we are at the bottom of the list as far as the GAA board are concerned. The scheduled time for the final, no more than the semi final would suggest that the broadcasters are higher in the pecking order. I also wonder how many Mayo people might stay in Dublin the night of the final because of the late kickoff resulting in a a huge boost in income for hotels and restaurants. Are there vested interests in the hospitality business involved in the decision making? Call me cynical but follow the money. An observation I made at the semi-final was that the corporate boxes seemed rather full. I may be open to correction but were the boxes at more than quarter/third capacity like the rest of the stadium. If they were then then headquarters are guilty of elitism. Never liked the corporate boxes as they seem to be open to corporate well off people who may contribute very little to the grass roots of the association. I just worry for the ethos at the higher echelons of the GAA who are driven by just the bottom line without regard to the passion as shown by the likes of Mayo supporters. The foundations of the association is built on this passion and hard work of the clubs.

  36. 5pm throw in for All Ireland Final is ridiculous with both teams having to travel to Croke Park. Have the GAA forgotten that ? But as usual they aren’t bothered about teams & supporters having to travel !

  37. I need to clarify that I don’t admire Cortes as a man. Anyone who invaded and colonised countries deserves no idolisation. It was of the time and similar could be said of Colombus etc and indeed the various monarchies but as I said I don’t admire him.

    What I found interesting was his approach to battle; they burned their own boats I.e. they went all in, knowing there was no way back/out. My point was that we should approach this match in a similar way. We want this one, not the all Ireland next year or the year after that. We’ve been around the top table long enough, it’s time to take the throne now. This year is our year and we should invest everything we have as a team, supporters in this one battle. It’s all or nothing for this one

  38. The 8 officials who were involved in the semifinals won’t be involved in the final.

  39. Oisin McConville laying into Paul Flynn on Second Captains makes great listening for anyone who hasn’t heard it…5pm start…Is it a night to stay in Dublin or get back down..Would not like to be trying to manage table bookings if Mayo finally land Sam!

  40. It’s a bit incredible that we might be looking at a first AI final between kerry and mayo since 2006 considering both teams have been there/thereabouts for most of the past decade.

  41. Returning to MOTM, Conor Finn should be right up there.

    The penny is beginning to drop on just what his input has been. Fitzmaurice, McGuinness, Sean Moran have been commenting on our serious conditioning. If you think of the second half of ET, we were toying with them. Darragh O’Shea quoted Philly MacMahon as saying Dublin always welcomed added time. Not on Saturday Philly.

  42. Walterwhite, I have been gorging on podcasts since Monday and that exchange on Second Captains has definitely been one of the highlights of my week (I accept that I need to get out more!). It’s well worth the fiver a month regardless but this episode alone was worth double! I think it’s the way Oisín says “dung” with such disdain but the contempt in which he hold’s Flynn’s analysis (whinging) about an anti-Dub bias (give us all a break) is very clear.

    Humour aside, the snideness of Paul Flynn (who even as a former head of the GPA seemed to think Oisín’s having read the rule book was something to snigger about) was telling, as was his remark that an attacking player has no duty of care to his opponent. WTAF? Is that the way they think in the GPA – for all their talk about player welfare? If it was one of his own, would he think differently? Honestly, I was stunned to hear him say that.

    If we win Sam, I think it would be a good night to cross the Shannon and celebrate on home soil … there would be some craic at the toll bridge that night!

    Aside from all of that, this blog is pure gold – of all the things I expected to read here, a history lesson about the Conquistadores was not one, but I’m here for it, hook it to my veins and burn every last one of those boats! Cortes also built alliances with indigenous people in order to create division and undermine those he was usurping, I wonder if we could employ that tactic too 😉

  43. Using Cortes ‘The Killer’ as a inspirationsl figure model for Mayo is the daftest thing I’ve heard in a while. He was a genocidal war criminal.

  44. Gough would be a good appointment for the final. He sees through the kerry nice guy stuff and calls them on the sneaky side of their play more than any other ref. Furthermore, they really dislike him because of it. He made a good job of our replayed semi final with kerry a couple of years back.

    Obviously im assuming they win the semi there, it it is hard to see them not doing so in fairness.
    To win the sam maguire by beating galway, dublin and kerry would be brilliant.

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