9th August now TBC: what’s the crack, like?

My choice of words yesterday about the date for our forthcoming All-Ireland quarter-final was, it would appear, more than a little apt.  I said it was okay to be ‘pencilling in’ the 9th of August at 2 pm for our game and it was, providing you had your rubber to hand and that you hadn’t entered the date in your diary using indelible ink.  This is because the GAA have, since yesterday’s fixture announcement, changed their tune about the date for the fixture with their website is now saying that the date for the match is ‘TBC’.

Our match obviously has to be played the weekend after next, given that all the other quarter-finals will already have been played this coming weekend so why have the GAA gone all coy about it?  Because the Limerick/Meath match hasn’t been played yet and, extra-time or not, that that one could end in a draw?  I suppose that’s a possibility but, for Mayo supporters, it’s a bit of a pain in the hole not knowing when hostilities are going to commence.  I mean, a man has to time his adrenalin rushes, doesn’t he?

An inter-related ache in the same orifice is the date for our minor quarter-final, which is now due to be played at 3 pm next Monday in Tullamore when everyone on the planet will be focused on the resumption of The Biggest Rivalry in Gaelic Football (by the way, Tom, time to rush out a new edition of that book).  If it’s okay to switch the Kerry minors’ All-Ireland quarter-final to Croke Park to coincide with the seniors’ appearance at HQ then why isn’t ours also being switched so that, like the Southern aristocracy, we get to see both our minor and the senior teams on the same card at Croker?  The minors’ semi-final isn’t due to be played until the 30th of August so there wouldn’t appear to be any impediment to making this switch.

I dunno if it’s just me (it’s not, the lads on gaaboard.com are on about it too) but I can’t help thinking that this round of fixture scheduling is turning into a moronic fuck-up, one which is, in modern parlance, disrespecting Mayo supporters big time.  We shouldn’t be left scratching our heads wondering when our quarter-final will be and our minors certainly shouldn’t have their quarter-final scheduled to take place in the shadow of the Biggest Gaelic Football Match Ever To Take Place (Well, Since The Last Time That Kerry And Dublin Met).

TBC, my hole – it’s time to Sort This Fucking Fiasco Out And Pronto. That’s STFFOAP for short.

14 thoughts on “9th August now TBC: what’s the crack, like?

  1. If the meath/limerick game did end in a draw then surely they would have to play out again midweek anyway ? Here’s hoping it’s a draw then…

  2. Do you think that the GAA are holding out in case either of the Cork or Tyrone games finshes as a draw? That way they would have the replay as a double header with us on the Saturday (8th).

  3. I think that’s what they’re up to alright but it shows a serious lack of respect for our supporters. It makes little odds to me personally whether or not I stroll down to Croker on the Saturday or Sunday but if you’re coming up from the west or (as will be the case with some people) travelling from abroad or trying to squeeze in the game with holidays and so forth, it’s a major pain.

  4. Its Really Ok lads no need to worry tall at all sure now don’t ye know well that as we speak our fine men in the green blazers will be on the blower to them boys in H Q. They will as we know well lay it on the line that Mayo GAA Board will not tolerate any messing about with our fixtures and demanding that our minors be afforded the same arrangements as the Kerry boys. So as I said no need to worry sure there isn’t Willie Joe….?

  5. Lads, anyone else here about Barry Moran breaking his wrist last night at training??
    If its true, which I have no reason to doubt that it isnt, its a MASSIVE blow for Mayo. Can O’shea be used as a conventional full forward?? I think hes better playing off someone like Moran. I know barry didnt have a big game thus far but his presence alone is a catalyst for the Mayo forward line.

  6. In fairness to our guys, Albany, I’d say the scheduling for this one is wholly down to HQ. It certainly looks that way.

    Something appears to have happened to Barry Moran alright but I haven’t seen any official confirmation yet as to what the damage is.

  7. Hoganstand now giving date as Sunday 9th at 2pm between the Minor and Senior Hurling – don’t know if that’s the official timing. Strong word that Barry Moran in plaster. MJ Mort to replace??

  8. well to be serious WJ and it propably wont happen ..but.. surely our C B should show some balls if the fixtures gang start taking the piss.
    Thats a shame if true about Barry M although not great on ist touch he could and probably would have improved

  9. Anybody else heard some very scary sounding rumours about Ger Cafferkey?..much worse than Moran’s broken wrist if true…

  10. not to play “footie” surely??? He wouldnt be that type of player surely.Will he be around for until the end of sept???

  11. That’s what the rumour appears to be but I can’t see any such prospect having any impact on our current championship campaign and, once he’s got his All-Ireland medal, he’ll no doubt feel differently about the whole thing! The less said about it now, the better, I reckon.

  12. The AFL shower should be turned back at the airport thieving came well before them, and now they won’t come for the Rules series because they can’t bate the heads off lads like they used to – their only real skill it seems. They must think GAA are total mugs to fall for that line.

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