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Dublin survive Donegal suffocation to seal final slot

We’re out of town for a final few days in the country before the kids go back to school this coming Thursday and today’s result at Croke Park means that when school reopens, there’ll be plenty of talk about Dublin’s qualification, after a sixteen-year absence, for next month’s All-Ireland final. And that’s before we even get to Vinnies next Saturday […]

More coverage about Sunday’s match

The Mayo News hit the streets yesterday and, as you’d expect, there’s acres of coverage in it about Sunday’s match. So if you haven’t yet had your fill about our All-Ireland semi-final defeat (unlikely, I know) here’s another generous helping for you. Mike Finnerty does the match report, Edwin McGreal has the player ratings and there’s analysis by both Noel Connelly […]

Photos from Croke Park on Sunday

I’ve uploaded a few pictures I took at Croke Park on Sunday, which are accessible via the ‘Photos’ tab above or else directly from here if you’re interested in having a gawk at them. As you’ll see, I wasn’t exactly snap-happy at Croke Park – it wasn’t the sort of day for being a detached observer of events and once the ball […]

A work in progress

After yesterday’s defeat, we now need to look to the future. Here’s ontheroad with some thoughts on what we achieved in 2010 and where we go from here. Willie Joe will do the forensics and I will loiter at the scene of the crime. Before the Cork game James Horan said he looked forward to that game. It would tell […]

The day after

The pain hasn’t started to recede all that much yet but it will, I know, and when it does there’s our bright future to think about. First, though, there’s all the post-match stuff to wade through so here it is. I’ve only skimmed through it myself (I’ve largely avoided what’s been said in the media since the match and I […]

Semi-final day

Right, this is it – throw-in at Croker takes place in a bit over five hours from now so words are all a bit irrelevant at this stage. This is a big, big day for us and a great opportunity for the county to show what it can do on the big stage against the most vaunted opposition in the […]

The day before

Not long to wait now, hombres – as I write it’s a bit over thirty-three hours until throw-in and I dunno about the rest of you but the butterflies are beginning to get into overdrive. Tomorrow will be the biggest match the county has played in for five years and regardless of the actions of the Anti-Hype Police, it looks […]