Mayo News football podcast – level pegging again

Yesterday was a real rollercoaster for us and the latest episode of the Mayo News football podcast captures plenty of the day’s excitement as it developed.

Host Rob Murphy and I take you through the action and then we were joined by Ger Flanagan to chat through the match we’d just witnessed. From there, the action swings across to the Upper Hogan where Mike Finnerty gets the thoughts of Sky’s Paul Earley and Colm Keys of the Irish Independent.

Oisin Langan from Newstalk gets post-match reaction from Stephen Rochford and then to round up this episode Edwin McGreal and Daniel Carey parse some key numbers from the game.

This latest episode of the podcast is now available on both iTunes and SoundCloud. You can also listen to it here on the site – all you need to do is click the player below. Happy listening!

16 thoughts on “Mayo News football podcast – level pegging again

  1. Listened back to the radio coverage from yesterday at work early this morning.

    Bernard Flynn was really positive about us but Jesus what does Banty McEnaney have against us?
    Beaten by Carlow and hammered by his native Monaghan.

    Anyway the only way to get the respect this team deserves is to go and win the bloody thing.

  2. I don’t know . I certainly think Sweeney has zero credibility talking about Rochford . I mean he is literally not to believed. He’s also being a dick ! He wants McStay to manage Mayo !! Can’t he wait until the off season ?

    I think the psychological baggage related to Donaghys influence was curtailed ( something that is unique to the Kerry situation – you can’t ignore it in Mayo’s case ) even tho AOS is no man marker.

    I know DONAGHY was very influential but he wasn’t the monstrous influence that we have experienced in the past. If you look at the cumulative influence of the Kerry forwards and allow for two sloppy goals I think we would have taken that performance before yesterday’s game started . If we had conceded fewer frees we would have won.

    Furthermore If AOS man marked him then Donaghys influence would be lessened .

    But here’s the rub – If you man mark DONAGHY you can lose the zonal defense that serves us well and that would allow space for Geaney et al. You have to combine man marking with zonal when Donaghy is outside the D . Otherwise other tall men will come in and a la David Moran kill us.

    I thought A O Shea played well -I think he played fine at FB and was not missed up the field. We are crisper in our approach with him not UP there. If he stuck to his job all game there would have been one less goal.

    I watched the game again and I can tell you AOS was not missed up the field . Far from it . We played much better in both midfield and forwards precisely BECAUSE he was out of the way . That was our best , crispest , FRONT 8 performance maybe ever ( against a top 4 team ).

    Finally , when Aidan was out of position on the sideline – for a fucking second – what did Kerry do ? They immediately sent in a high ball and David Moran caught it and the goal came from that . They wouldn’t have tried that if Aidan stayed in his position marking the zone .

    That’s what Kerry will do to us if we leave “small ish “men in there . They have too many Kerrymen in there who are tall and can do that . And that’s what they have always done. To Mayo. Rochford called it sloppy and indeed Aidan was sloppy on that occasion.

    If there is anything letting us down it is in the clutch , it is being composed , having the belief and understanding that the goal is TO KILL. They still pull back from outright killing . They find it distasteful. I thought they were getting there but they are too respectful .

    Tom Parsons ( who had his best game ever for Mayo ) had the ball at THE KEY moment and his pass was intercepted . We have seen this in multiple games this season and a previous similar episode by him in the Cork game gave Cork the free to level it . It’s those teeny moments where you see the lack of desire TO KILL.

    It’s like they still fundamentally don’t understand the goal of elite sport .

    Finally Seamie still lets us down so much that he puts a ton of pressure on the rest of the team . I know he has good qualities but giving up the ball for the goal was classic for him . He’d be better used as an impact sub . Hard driving at a tired defence.

    I would absolutely leave Aidan in there at FB the next day . Our team played better and it gave us a great chance to win it

  3. I couldn’t agree more with Swahili regarding AOS yesterday. The Kerry attack was denied a lethal option by his presence in there. Do we forget the terror of the aerial threat ? Kerry had to attack on the ground where we are well equipped so the move meant we had them on our terms. Similar to previously with Barry Moran v Tipp, when the opposition sees the big man they change their approach.
    As for the media, all they want to do is to sell papers and they raise controversy to do so. Too many posters here are sucked into parroting this message that management are making mistakes all the time. We have to back them all, on and off the field. After yesterday Kerry have way more problems than us. Imagine what the papers would say if we exposed our full back line like fitzmaurice did? In fact no need to imagine it go back to when WE did it. But nothing of that in the papers compared to the AOS decision. Remember they want K v Dubs so they can spin out all the old cod and bullshit before the final.

  4. GOUGH the ref. That will do. They don’t like him after he missed McManamons foul on Crowley last year. Sure they spat at him and all.

  5. Playing AOS in full back means his influence going forward is curtailed. scoring 2-13 from play would indicate the tactic worked!!! If we got the 3rd goal in the first half and were a bit more accurate from our shooting then the conversation this morning would have been totally different re the position of AOS. Not pretty but effective

    Andy Moran surely has the all star in the bag. Awesome performance. Surely now a “Marquee” forward. regardless of the above, its now time to win one of these replays! 4th year now ina row we have brought either Dublin or Kerry to a re-match. On each occasion we had more than enough to win the replays and fell short each time.

    Did anyone notice Donaghy limping yesterday in 2nd half?? Went off shortly afterwards.

  6. We left it behind again.
    Mayo didn’t win because they were afraid of losing.
    Putting AOS in FB was a negative move. It was obvious Kerry were going to close down our kick ups having the advantage at midfield. What should have happened is AOS shoild have gone to midfield and cleansed out Kerry. Donaghy would have to come out to midfield to try and nulify him. That would be the ultimate counteract for Donaghy.
    In our last few attacks we passed the ball over and back to much when there were opportunities to take a shot from a fairly central position eventually losing possesion. No one had the confidence to take on a shot. A Kerry supporter beside me comnented when you are not willing to take those on you don’t deserve to win.
    Yesterday was another great moral victory. In the last five years there have been many moral victories but with the afraid to lose attitude we have always fallwn short in the big really decisive games…

  7. Another All Ireland Semi…another Meath referee… I hope we get a bit of luck this time because we sure as hell got little or nothing yesterday

  8. I was very proud of the Team yesterday, brave call by Stephen re AOS, Aidan will probably be better in that position the next day. Disgusting article by Sweeney ( Oisin Mc Conville said let criticism fuel you on to greater effort the next day). Controlled aggression needed on Sat, Mayo have lost replays in 14,15 and 16 a lot of work needed on the mental side of things this week.

  9. My tuppence worth on the Aido call was a good one. Firstly a call was needed and any option had its negatives. Donaghy did well enough but Aido stopped the aerial threat. As said by others some of Aido’s work was zonal. First and foremost a decision (any decision) had to be made.
    On another day Aido might have also snuffed out a lot more of the ground threat too.
    Kerry’s first goal came from a Mayo mistake further out and then Kerry had more forwards than we had backs.
    People claiming most of Kerry’s scores came from Donaghy are exaggerating. Kerry’s 2nd goal although started from a catchable but tricky kickout near the sideline on a slippery day and Aido looked slightly out of puff at the time. These guys are not super human. However there was time to defend it and a Kerry forward responded quickest to Clarke’s good save. Bit similar to Kevin Mc’s goal vs Galway. There’s a lesson to be learned though. Kerry have been coached to jump on any mistakes, our players need to keep that in mind.
    Donaghy’s point came from a 1 v 2 situation where attacking Donaghy seriously risked the other Kerry player getting in behind for a goal. Lesser of 2 negative outcomes.
    Of all other options I see one other possibly working well though it has its risks. An option that allows Aido back in if things not working with plan A.

  10. Damo yes I did notice donaghy limping yesterday , I was surprised he wasn’t taken off , I noticed it about 10mins before the end .

  11. Blue print for saturday, leave AOS at 3 ,put a terrier on Donaghy ,that will
    be 7 backs, no sweeper. This Kerry team are average at best ,7-8 points between
    them, without mistakes ,the 3 frees before half time were criminal , why subsidise
    the other team with those mistakes, its going on for years, take geaney donaghy 34
    moran ,out of the Kerry team what have you left. It is time to wake up ,if this is done
    properly, Kerry will score no more than 12 points, how many mistakes did mayo make
    that led to Kerry scores, Correct this before the supporters are bankrupt.

  12. My young fella spotted Donaghy limping badly about 5 minutes before he came off as well.
    I wouldn’t blame AOS for the ball going out of play. It took a wicked hop in fairness, I’d blame the kicker if anything. I can’t remember who it was but it’s matterless now. AOS will improve if left to do the same job again but Donaghy won’t. I’d be more worried about our kick outs than anything, Kerry had us pinned in like an U10 team at various stages particularly at the end of the first half. A huge amount of emphasis on what our side line did wrong but they got an awful lot right as well. I think Kerry have more to figure out than we have but who knows what’s in the script for this team the way this year has gone. David Moran is holding Kerry together, I haven’t watched it back yet but I was surprised he wasn’t mentioned as possible man of the match on the incredible Sunday game paralysis.

  13. The jury is still out on the AOS switch to fullback and there’s enough said about that for now. A more glaring flaw in our performance was seeing so many of our runs came to a shuddering halt when we hit the defensive wall that Kerry had set up across the midfield area, for that very reason. With Mayo playing a two-man full forward line it meant there were acres of space where even if one of the players was to make a run and the ball played over their heads this would immediately have put their defense on the back foot. It also meant that by slowing us there they forced many turnovers and were able to set up counter attacks from much further up the field. These counter attacks resulted in us giving away soft frees of which they scored from almost all of them. One less free one less score conceded and we would now be looking forward to another final.

  14. Kerry can say what they like. McManamon shouldered Crowley fair and square. Kerry are the dirtiest side in Ireland. More black cards than any other team.

    Mayo abu.

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