Dramatic shootout win starts the new Horan era

Well, that sure started the year – and James Horan’s second stint in charge – with a bang. A dramatic 2-13 apiece draw against a feisty Leitrim team, capped by a first-ever penalty shoot-out in a football game in the entire history of of the GAA. Quite the start to 2019, that’s for sure.

At half-time this afternoon at Páirc Seán Mac Diarmada in Carrick-on-Shannon such a dramatic denouement certainly didn’t seem in prospect. While not in any way faultless, our first half display had been fairly commanding and we went in at the break seven points to the good, holding a 2-9 to 0-8 lead.

I got caught up in the long tailback coming into the town and so only made it onto the terrace at Páirc Seán after the ball had been thrown in. Leitrim opened the scoring from play, which captain on the day Jason Doherty replied to with a free but then Leitrim added two fine points from play as they settled the quicker in this pre-season contest.

But then we did them with two goals. The first, from Brian Reape, was a real rocket and this was followed soon after by an equally fine major from Fergal Boland.

From there to the break we had much the better of the exchanges, though the home side’s ability to score from play continued to catch the eye. Indeed, all but their final point of the half came from open play.

We made our first change on the resumption, with Caolan Crowe replacing Ger Cafferkey. A few minutes passed – further interrupted by the treatment required by one of the Leitrim players before he hobbled from the pitch – before either side posted their first scores of the second half. When Fionn McDonagh guided over our tenth point of the game to open our second half account it was his first of the game but it also meant, as a guy on the terrace beside me pointed out, that all six starting forwards had now scored.

Any feelings of satisfaction about how we were doing, though, soon got knocked on the head. Sweeney angled over a super point from a really tight angle to get Leitrim firing once more and then they followed up with two goals in as many minutes.

Both had their origins in outfield fumbles and when we coughed up possession on both occasions they reaped the rewards quickly and efficiently.

Now just a point down and with their tails up, Leitrim were all of a sudden a completely different prospect.

In truth they could and should have won the game from there. They broke repeatedly with increasing confidence but time and again were unable to hit the target from good positions. We, by contrast, were hanging on grimly.

It was all-square midway through the half but then a point from play by Fergal Boland, followed by a Jason Doherty free pushed us two clear once more.

They clawed us back again to just one in front but when Fergal Boland once again pointed, this one a superb effort from close on fifty yards out as the game went into injury time, it looked like the decisive score in an increasingly compelling contest.

But Leitrim pulled that one back immediately and, with no more than 10 seconds of the four minutes added time left they broke again, as we once more ceded possession cheaply. Leitrim’s Dean McGovern had just been ordered off on a second yellow but, as he ambled slowly off, he joined in the last-ditch attack, taking possession over near the stand side and then laying it off. The equalising score that resulted was, though, no more than the gutsy home team deserved.

We were expecting extra-time would follow the stalemate outcome but then, with some bemusement, the large crowd gradually came to the realisation that there would be no extra-time and that instead it’d be a penalty shoot-out. And, no, spot kicks booted over the bar wouldn’t count as points.

It was here that Leitrim’s brave challenge finally faltered. All our penalty takers – Jason Doherty (his spot-kick is here), Brian Reape (here), Fergal Boland (here) and Evan Regan (here) – found the net with aplomb but, after their bobbly first one somehow managed to hit the target, Leitrim then missed all their other kicks and so it was James Horan’s charges who prevailed after the historic shootout.

This wasn’t a vintage performance by our lads, for sure, and I’d say it wasn’t the type of way that James would have wanted to win his first game back in charge. But a win (of sorts) it was and at least we now know that, if we ever get stuck in another penalty shootout, we have the lads to get us out of a tight corner.

On a dreary, dank January day you have to take your comforts wherever you find them. That’ll do for us today. The new James Horan era is up and running.

Mayo: Robbie Hennelly (0-1, a ’45); Eoin O’Donoghue (0-1), Ger Cafferkey, Brendan Harrison; Lee Keegan, James McCormack, Donal Vaughan; Seamus O’Shea, Stephen Coen; Fionn McDonagh (0-1), Jason Doherty (0-3, frees), Fergal Boland (1-3); Colm Moran (0-1), Brian Reape (1-1), Evan Regan (0-2, one free). Subs: Caolan Crowe for Cafferkey, James Kelly for Coen, Ben Doyle for O’Donoghue, Oisin McLaughlin for Moran, Ciaran Tracey for McDonagh. 

58 thoughts on “Dramatic shootout win starts the new Horan era

  1. Should never have went to penalties. Dean McGovern red-carded after a black+yellow and yet he was still involved in the final play leading to Leitrim’s equaliser. Would have turned into a shambles had Leitrim gone on to win. Why did it go to penalties? Is it not supposed to be a period of extra-time followed by a free-kick shootout? Was it something John Prenty made up on the spot?

  2. Serious issues with full back position again. Caffs man won to much ball and when Crowe came on he charged out for one of leitrim goal

  3. Over the past 8 years with 4 different management teams we have shown a consistent ability to lose a lead. You are never dead when playing Mayo. We always let you in for another chance

  4. Pat you are so right but it has gone on for longer. 1996 is over twenty years ago and I remember what happened that day against Meath in the All Ireland Final

  5. Didn’t hear or see any of today’s game, a penalty shoot out, maybe the Connacht Council want to play soccer or else are still thinking about last Summers World Cup.
    It may only be the first game in 2019, but some things never change ( having read the reaction on this blog ).
    I would prefer if Horan tried out younger guys, ie, no point persisting with an older player when he has lost his mojo a few years ago, some guys will improve with good training but some are limited, ie, are not at a level required for tough championship battle. The league is even harder as all the team are strong, apart from the Dubs, they are miles ahead.
    A player that gives the ball away v a time like Leitrim has little hope against the faster Div 1 teams.
    One good thing to take from today’s run out, the young / new guys seemed to do all the scoring.

  6. Joe – have to agree, sadly. We’re disadvantaged a few goals every time without a full-back. Even mediocre players just waltz through us – Vaughan has the physical attributes (unlike some others who’ve been tried there) but gets caught out of position?

  7. Lots to learn from that game which is good.
    holding on to the ball too long and losing possession in attack gets punished hard In senior county games. Our young forwards need to learn that quickly. Gotta lay the ball off sooner.
    Why is Robbie taking free kicks from the way out on side line? Have we no one else who can take them?
    Midfield oh lord. Don’t think we won any kick out .. or break.
    Boland v good , Reape and mc cormack good early on.

  8. Boland class. Poor second half overall. Very entertaining game. This game requires no in depth analysis. It’s the FBD league ffs!! 6 years ago there would have been around 47 people at it and now we are all demanding sharpness and cut throat finishing of games xD

    I’m going to enjoy pre season regardless of what happens in spite of the terrible new rules

  9. Good to see plenty of new players getting a run today.
    Fionn McDonagh stood out for me, was on the ball a lot, made good use of it

    Regarding the penalties
    I would guess both management teams were not really wanting to see extra time – the risk of injury due to the extra 20 minutes at this time of year wouldn’t make it worth it

  10. Good to have the first match out of the way. Disappointing second half and a bizarre ending. What would have happened if Leitrim won?
    Some of the newcomers very impressive.Hopefully we will see more of them
    next week. Major problems in defence .Paddy, Keith and Colm would be welcome additions against Galway while Micheal should get a chance in goal. Best of luck to all.

  11. Horan said in an interview that he was aware of penalties prior to the game so it wasn’t a surprise! Apparently the rule has changed. They kept that quiet!

  12. Thought that was a highly entertaining game given the time of year and the fact that it was a PRE-SEASON competition. So the wailing and gnashing of teeth about throwing away leads can surely wait until at least the league, no?

    Mind you the absence of a relatively experienced defence in the second half was a bit alarming to say the least, pretty sure there were a couple of occasions where there was no-one but the goalie in our half and the way we were sliced open numerous times wasn’t pretty to watch.

    Why is Hennelly taking our frees, and why is he attempting shots that are simply just not on? This is not a pattern I would like to see repeated – surely that ship has sailed and a 25% return rate speaks for itself.

    Thought Fergal Boland had a fantastic game. Jason Doc too. Great to see some newer faces getting a good run-out and giving a decent account of themselves.

    The penalty shoot-out was a bit farcical and nothing will convince me it wasn’t something John Prenty made up on the spot. Still, as some wag on the twitter said, we are now the Germany of GAA and no-one can argue with it. Commiserations to Leitrim, with an experimental team (and no Emlyn Mulligan) they did very well and didn’t really deserve to lose like that.

    Can’t wait to head to Tuam next weekend. Last year’s FBD game v Galway was pretty physical to say the least so I hope the lads are well up for it.

  13. No point getting too carried away. Legs were gone in the second half and we don’t know what type of training is going on. McDonagh, Reape, Moran, Boland, McCormack all done well for spells with Boland the most solid all through.

    It’s clear there are major problems at full back and there has been for a while. Regan again disappointed. I was hoping to see Diskin and Darren Corn introduced in the second half as they can both win ball, turn and score and we were clearly struggling inside in the second half.

    The game in Tuam will be very interesting next week.

  14. Regardless of the competition, time of year players, oppositionor manager…Mayo are the box office smash hit for drama…they never fail to deliver…strap yourself well in ..the 2019 rollercoaster has taken off…

  15. Good to be back. Hard to analyse too much at this time of year. Boland was terrific – doesn’t need to be asked twice to take his score. James McCormack also stood out for me, did the simple things well, reads the game well and looks tidy on the ball. I think he’ll develop into an important player for us.
    Reape is fast, very strong, direct and accurate. A real prospect for us this year. Nearly got a second goal.

    Going into league, one concern I’d have is the lack of midfield cover for the Aidan/Diarmuid likely partnership, especially with Parsons being out. I’m sure this is one of Horans major worries too even at this stage, especially if either got an injury. Vaughan would be my first replacement option here, although he may be a starter in defence which I wouldn’t argue with. I’d still love to see Crowe tried in the middle. Now is the time for this type of experimentation. Coen definitely seems more comfortable in the backs.

  16. I agree, Coen nor Seamie for that matter, seem mobile or pacey enough for midfield. The game is much faster now than it was before and you need athletic fast players and/or someone who is very good in the air and can dominate physically. Diarmuid and Aido match both profiles. Vaughan is better in summer and cpukd be used cos we have plenty of half back options. Will Tom be back by championship and will he be able for senior level? Who knows. Hopefully because he still (at his best) has plenty to offer.

    Coen is a defender but whether he can claim a starting jersey is to be seen.

  17. Why not Harry at full back? He tight, good tackler, an out and out defender. He’s also got a longer reach than many others enabling him to turnover possession better than most.

    Coen looks like a number 6.

  18. Really entertaining game today even if we didn’t expect Leitrim to be as close to us. Pairc Sean is a great place to watch a game not to big either. I for one won’t be surprised if Leitrim cause a few shocks this year. Was very impressed with them and from talking to their supporters this year is the first year they have all their top players and they were missing 4 or 5 atleast today just to provide some context. Fergie Boland was suberb today!
    Heres what my team would be come the big games. I know there will be disagreement with this (especially the midfield) but the back 6 is a solid unit who are all well capable of man marking with McLoughlin dropping deep. Lots of hard runners and well able to kick scores from deep. This would leave good options then off the bench.

    Brendan Harrison Chris Barret Eoin O’Donoghoe
    Paddy Durkin Colm Boyle Keith Higgins

    Lee Keegan
    Diarmuid O’Connor

    Hanley Aidan McLoughlin
    Doherty O’Connor Reape

  19. Very impressive debut by James McCormack. Fergal Boland showed the same touch of class that greeted his first season at Senior level in 2017 – great to see him get his chance to showcase his talents. Agree that full back is a problem that won’t be easily sorted. Would like to see Crowe get a few more games in the position to see how he copes against division 1 opposition. Regan continues to struggle to win his own ball at this level. Would like to see more of James Kelly – looked comfortable enough albeit with only 15 mins of game time today. Important that we managed to get another game in before the start of the league

  20. Where to start? Well, for a start the Mayo defence looked very vulnerable whenever Leitrim moved the ball at pace, as did the Leitrim defence when Mayo did likewise. As Mayo did for most of the first half but forgot to do in the second as they soloed into tackles and repeatedly lost possession, Evan Regan being the worst offender. I thought that the bad Conor Mortimer was back again. As someone who knows Leitrim football fairly well I can say that many of those Leitrim players are far too good for Div 4 and it is only bad management has kept them there for so long. It was a breath of fresh air for many Leitrim supporters I spoke with to see their team play with such a positive attitude, prepared to take Mayo on with none of the defensive rubbish of recent years.
    In the second half I was wondering did James Horan want to win as he introduced newbie after newbie when it was obvious we had a battle on our hands and an experienced hand was needed, esp. in the forwards.

  21. Way i would go with midfield is
    SOS coming in with 45 min gone with AOS moving into full forward.
    give Paddy Durcan a couple of games at midfield in the league,if he works there he could come into midfield if Diarmaid gets injured. They should also try Paddy at wing forward he’s the type of player that’s good enough to cover a number of the positions.

    unbelievable how many chances Hennelly/Cafferkey/Regan
    get with Mayo

    Surely would be better to put Schlingermann in and some of the younger fellas than these 3.
    Also 2-13 is an enormous score to concede to a Div 4 team,goal leakage was a major theme of Horans last stint also

  22. I agree with Centrefield
    Its unbelievable the amount of chances Reagan and Cafferkey get with Mayo Regan can’t win his own ball and Caff has a habit of letting his man win the ball in front of him.

  23. I wouldn’t normally be here this early but as I’ve been such a supporter of JH I had to look and see how it went.
    Letrim can be a tough place to go, first game of the year I think we should be happy enough, this project won’t work in one match and could take the season to sort
    Still think we will be competitive this year something we haven’t been for a while.

  24. All – for info, I’ve now updated the match report by adding links to all of our goals in the shootout.

    Also, I’m keeping a close eye on comments being made criticising players. I’d ask people to remember (a) what the rules are in this respect (in particular the need to focus on particular examples in the game and steer away from sweeping statements about individuals, e.g. that it’s time they were dropped off the panel) and (b) that this was an opening round FBD match played in early January, so not a day to be drawing any kind of conclusions about anything.

  25. I’d like to see Harrison, Crowe and O’Donoghue start next weekend. Think they could grow into a solid full back line given some time. I’d also keep McCormack in the team aswell. A half back line of Keegan, Paddy Durcan and McCormack would be interesting.

    Aidan and Diarmuid look our best midfield pairing for the league with Séamie coming off the bench in the 2nd half.

  26. First of all a happy new year to WJ and all on this blog. It was great to be back in action again and with the prospect of plenty action over the next few weeks the winter suddenly seems a lot shorter. Great support in Carrick which has to be a boost to the players who must be in hard training at present.
    As regards the game I have to say I really enjoyed it. The new rules have changed the game for the better. Sure there are things to be sorted out but I look forward to real ‘football’ in the years to come instead of the hybrid game we have at present which,in my opinion, is a poor mixture of basketball and rugby league. Boring!
    We played well in the first half but we only scored 4 points and conceded 2-5 in the second half. Remember our backs weren’t exactly a bunch of novices either – we had Eoin O Donoghue, Brendan Harrison, Lee Keegan and Dónal Vaughan in action and we should have conceded more if Leitrim were a bit more clinical. OK it is only January and the turkey has barely settled yet – so I wouldn’t be too severe on them yet. However, I’m not sure James Horan would be as forgiving.
    I agree with other posters that Fergal Boland was very good and Brian Reapes goal was superb but he faded as the game went on. I was also impressed with Colm Moran.
    Looking forward to the Galway game. It will be a real battle as always but it should tell us who of the new comers is up to the challenge. This is a great chance for them to show their metal. Let’s hope that JH gives them that chance rather than being overly concerned with winning the game by playing our tried and trusted regulars. Now is the time to be brave and take chances with new players.

  27. Harrison has to be the long term option at FB, our best defender imo. Happy with alot of performances from the younger lads. In fairness to Regan he tries hard, commits to training/life style etc (look at the amount of Rossie players who’ve walked away from inter county regime this year), would’nt be a starter in my eyes, but it is January for him aswell, so lets give him another few chances, its a big commitment these lads make for fuck all reward. Hope to see alot of changes for Galway, this is the time to be having a look at lads. The time to beat them is in the league and championship, not a meaningless pre season game.

  28. Jesus people need to relax and ease back on the criticism. It’s the 6th of January. If should enjoy the pre season games and take them for what they are.A lot of new lads tried out (actually thought Horan would have made more subs sooner) and a lot of dirty diesel gone from the tanks. I thought Boland/McDonagh and Moran/Reape at times were very good. Looking forward to the trip to Tuam next week and hopefully get a good look at a few new players.

  29. Positives first. Fionn McDonnagh looks the business, albeit against Leitrim with no disrespect intended. McCormack from Claremorris had a barnstorming first half but wasn’t to be seen in the second which was totally dominated by Leitrim and during which they took total control.
    Next positive. It’s only the FBD. Chill out.

    Negatives next. About 20 teams in Ireland know now that, if you send a high ball into the Mayo goalmouth area it will reap rewards. The remaining dozen teams know that Mayo will always give you a chance to come back. Those two truths are not unrelated.
    Back to Positives. Great support there today. A time there was when many “football people” would scarcely be aware that the FBD was on. This weekend we had people pre-buying tickets and families like my brother’s driving from Dublin for the occasion. People who generally waited to feature until we made it to HQ.

  30. Don’t think Aiden O’Shea is mobile enough for the modern midfield role .More affective at 11 .. Jesus Parsons is some loss .

  31. The lads on MWR mentioned earlier in the game that should there be a draw, penalties would decide the winner without extra time. They had been briefed before the game got underway that this would be the case. They were a surprised as the rest of us but it doesn’t seem to be an on-the-spot decision made in haste.

  32. Doc makes a solid captain, good call there. His hest years are defnitly ahead of him.

    Rochford is a better tactition than Horan, Horan grows a better team. It balances out over the year. Both fantastic managers.

    This year is ”one last tilt at an all ireland”, with a few new faces, next year will be the “new team”. I guarantee ye there will be no more than 3 changes in the starting 15 from this year, still it will represent a massive shift from when conroy retired. A manager just don’t drop everybody from the older crop when they are still going well, its a progression thing.
    The big thing here will be those new faces growing into seasoned solid reliable players in their 3rd intercounty year. Durkan has done that quickly , Coen has not. Boland is well on the way to where Durkan is. Coen needs a big year this year, he is not a new face anymore!

    I have nothing but admiration for Regan, Hennelly and Caff to continue banging down the door, i hope they can bring something new to their game and I don’t expect it.

  33. Willie Joe where can I find the rules of the blog ? Great bit of a podcast you have recorded I could listen to you all day. Up mayo and up willie Joe

  34. Great to be in Carrick today – think I spotted you behind me in the stand WJ as we rushed towards the penalty goal.

    Match reminded me of our league match against Cavan a couple of years ago. We had it wrapped up in the first half until a goal before HT woke Cavan up and on McGleenan’s instructions they ran at us in the 2nd half and ran us ragged. Terry Hyland must have watched the video of that one because that’s exactly what Leitrim did in the second half. I was surprised by our lack of physicality. I feel some of these new players may be too small – Murphy, McLoughlin, Tracy, and of the others Boland, Regan, O’Donoghue. Reape did very well in the first half, but he’ll have to learn to fight for his ball.

    On the other hand free taking was good by Jason and Evan – Jason’s disallowed free was definitely ok in my book. I think JH was right to go with Robbie, and though one out of three was’nt great, getting up to 60% or 70% accuracy could be vital in tight games.

    Subs list was interesting- Darren Coen making it back was a surprise. Also thought I spotted Conor O’Shea in the warm up, though not mentioned in subs.

  35. @Mayo Mick?, loved the YouTube video… especially the bit where the Leitrim Public announcement man says “Five penalties each, NO point’s allowed”. … But don’t blame the messanger! ,seems like different set of rules materialised from thin air after 70 minutes (The FBD, league, come knockout, with neither extra time, or point’s allowed, after the final whistle.)… And ye all taught that Brexit was complicated, but surely the guy’s making, or making up the rules for Gaelic football as they go along will take it all in their stride…A good question for a table quiz in a year or two… What County Gaelic football team won a Match, when point’s were not allowed!

  36. Thank God we are back. Lots to iron out, but so positive going forward. Young lads proving their worth with experienced lads steadying the ship. I couldnt get to the game, but listened in on Midwest. Once again on the edge of our seats. Fingers crossed we will have a long year on the road. Looking forward to seeing familiar faces in Tuam next weekend. ??

  37. Thanks Anne-Marie for that bit of historical research on Gaelic football penalty shootouts. Interesting to see it was used before. RTE are reporting this morning – correctly, I think – that yesterday’s shootout was the first one ever used in an inter-county fixture, though they’re also claiming that yesterday’s match was a “competitive” one. All together now – ’twas only the FBD!

    That wasn’t me you saw yesterday, Catcol. I wasn’t in the stand for the game and was instead across the way on the covered terrace.

  38. I dunno WJ, it looked pretty competitive from where I was sitting 😉

    Catcol, Robbie got one from four yesterday. As others have said elsewhere, who would be taking those frees if David Clarke was in goal? I’d love to know his overall accuracy rate, if it’s 60% or 70% accurate then great but is it? And really, he is taking on shots that just aren’t on and while I am not on the ‘anti-Robbie’ side of *that* debate (far from it) I hate seeing us waste opportunities by making poor decisions.

    Anyone hear John Prenty getting a grilling on Morning Ireland this morning? Apparently the decision to go with penalties was made back in December. When asked about the lad who’d been sent off contributing to the equalising point, he said something to the effect of “well it was a great pass” … you couldn’t make it up! 😀

  39. After the first competitive match of 2019. Great to see so many in Carrick on Shannon, (a jewel of a town in the West of Ireland if ever there was one). Great to hear that enthusiasm from Willie Joe, Rob and his team on the excellent Podcast…As the PA might have added in Carrick after normal time…. ” Its Dry January, No Pint’s allowed,, And If your driving, don’t even smell a Pint according to Lord Shane Ross, (PENALTY POINT’S) is his thing, and we will all be walking to Carrik on Shannon, if Lord Ross ever has his way entirely) It’s going to penalties, so no points allowed, only Goals,. .. The only place where you can make your Point’s is on this Blog, especially sensible one’s like the above!

  40. That’s it, first game under the belt and I have to start sorting out the calendar for July and August (God help us!)

    Anyway, weekend of 20th/21st July, there are 4 super 8 games fixed for Croke Park.
    Making a (big) assumption that Dublin and Mayo will be provincial champions, one of those games will be a Mayo v Dublin and that game will be a double header and Dublin’s 2nd home game of the Super 8s.

    So there will be some fun getting tickets for that match as well as complaining about the Dubs being at home again.

    (what would happen if other teams asked to play their super 8 home game in Croker?)

  41. Willie Joe – yes, definitely was you! You are right, it’s the covered terrace, not the stand, and that’s where I was. Bad terminology there, poster.

    And, still being corrected, sorry Anne-Marie, one from four. However, my general point was/is that I want to see our long-range point kicking become an asset. Rory Beggan gives added value for Monaghan (and he doesn’t get them all), and Dean Rock, for me, has been the difference for Dublin in the past few years, with his long-range kicking – as we well know. Cillian is very accurate up to 45 metres, but iffy beyond that. I don’t care if it’s Robbie or someone else, but it’s something to address and I hope JH will. Don’t know if Slingerman has capability in this area.

  42. @Paul,. ..Way too early in the year to be making any assumption about who will be, playing where and when… But if there is the slightest whiff of an unfair advantage given once again, be sure that the hirachey of the GAA will sort it out… Otherwise we can, ask the Minister for Sport (Well Hockey at least) Lord Shane Ross to intervene. They will be shaking in their boot’s at the prospect of Lord Shane Ross coming down the Jones Road to put manner’s on them… just like he did in Rio de Janerio with Hickey!

  43. You should have said hello, Catcol, it would have been good finally to make your acquaintance.

    Thanks for that correction re the scorers in yesterday’s game, Ros Town. I’ve made that change now.

  44. Apologies WJ I should have. It was just as the penalty shootout was about to begin and I was swept alon by our posse, but saw you and the Mayo News guys out of the corner of my eye.

    Will make physical contact soon.

  45. I’ve just read all of the above posts and I am amazed that no-one has mentioned the match report at the start of all this,
    I thought it was absolutely brilliant. Well done Willie Joe,……. again.
    But then, people are so used to your high standards that your class reporting is taken for granted.
    I hope none of the media make you an offer you can’ refuse.
    Keep up the good work, and thank you.

  46. Folks just a heads up re tickets for next Sunday as I don’t think it has been mentioned elsewhere.

    The Connacht Council will be charging €15 (!) at the gate in Tuam next Sunday (and at the Roscommon Sligo game too). However tickets are €10 if you buy them in advance from Centra or Supervalu. They are also available for €10 online at tickets.ie but subject to a €2 delivery charge (no print-off option included).

    So if you’re planning on going, get sorted during the week – better that €5 in your own pockets than the Connacht Council’s.

    How they can justify charging €15 for a pre-season fixture is beyond me but there you go. Kids do go free however.

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