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I’m a bit of a creature of habit and so, with another FBD League campaign done with, it’s time for the usual statistical round-up on it. As usual, this takes the form of who lined out for us in these pre-season matches, who scored what, who the new faces were and how the team performed overall.

For reference, here’s the analysis I’ve done in previous years on this topic: 20182017201620152014.

Let’s start first with the usual table listing the players who lined out and who scored what. Here’s the 2019 version.

We only played the two matches this year – last year it was four – so this means that fewer lads saw action in January this year compared to other years. Twenty-nine players made it onto the pitch for us at some point this January, compared to 47 in the four games last year.

Despite this, 29 isn’t our lowest January number in terms of playing personnel. Back in 2016 we only fielded 26 lads over the three pre-season games we played then.

Of the 29 lads who featured against Leitrim and Galway, eight of them – Fergal Boland, Jason Doherty, Brendan Harrison, Robbie Hennelly, James McCormack, Fionn McDonagh, Brian Reape and Donal Vaughan – all started in both games. In contrast, not a single one of the 47 players who played pre-season for us in 2018 started in all four matches we played then.

A further three lads featured in both games this year. Stephen Coen and Lee Keegan both started in one game and came in off the bench in the other, while debutant James Kelly made two substitute appearances.

Speaking of newbies, James was one of four lads who played for the county for the first time this month. The others were Conor Diskin, who started the last day against Galway, Ben Doyle, who came off the bench against Leitrim, and Colm Moran who lined out against Leitrim.

Top scorer for us this year, as he also was last year in the FBD, was Jason Doherty. The Burrishoole man bagged 1-7 for us over the two games. Others to feature prominently in the scoring stakes were Brian Reape, with 1-4, and Fergal Boland on 1-3.

Because we drew both games on identical goals/points scorelines, our aggregate scores for this year (3-22) were mirrored by an identical scores against total. Last year, over four matches, we bagged 2-43 but conceded 2-45.

Let’s finish on a high, though – sort of. We were involved in two penalty shootouts this January, winning one and losing the other, but the aggregate score was 6-5 in our favour over the two stalemate settlers. Don’t you just love the FBD?

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  1. I always love to see these statistic and number crunching information. Not sure if it will make any difference come championship time but I get a renewed since of optimism that maybe just maybe we may find a player or two this time out. fingers crossed

  2. During these games 28 players were named in match day panels. 36 players were listed over both games. Only players that dodnt see action were David Clarke, Michael Schlingermann, Cathal Horan, Matthew Ruane, James Durcan, Darren Coen, Tommy Conroy.
    From last years panel players that weren’t involved yet AOS Chris Barrett, Paddy Durcan, Kevin McLoughlin, Cillian O Connor and Cian Hanley which brings the panel to 42.

    New Players that were published back in November on the Con Telegraph on the panel but havent been list on these match day Panels, Cian Burke, Brain Murphy (now living and working in Canada)Jason Gibbons Mikey Murray Ryan O Donoghue Aidan o Sullivan and James Carr, Expect to see a cull in the next 2 weeks of up to 10 players but still expect to see 10 new players kepted on.

    Dont expect to see any chance in Goalkeeper

    Existing D Clarke/ R Hennelly
    Newbie M Schlingermann

    Fullback line E o Donoghue B Harrison K Higgins
    C Barrett G Cafferkey C Crowe
    Newbie B Doyle N/A C Horan

    Halfbacks C Boyle L keegan P Durcan
    D Drake* S Coen D Vaughan
    Newbie C Burke M Plunkett J McCormack

    Midfield S O Shea D o Connor
    **Can also use Coen and Vaughan
    Newbie M Ruane J Kelly J Gibbons

    Half Forwards K McLoughlin A o Shea J Durcan
    C Hanley C Loftus F Boland
    Newbie F McDonagh R o Donoghue O Mclaughlin
    A O Sullivan M Murray J Carr

    Full Fowards J Doherty A Moran C o Connor
    E Reagan C o Shea
    Newbie C Diskin B Reape C Moran
    C Tracey D Coen T Conroy

    I would like to see Plunkett, McCormack, Ruane, Kelly, McDonagh, O Donoghue, Diskin, Reape, Tracey and Coen. Not sure what is up with James Carr hasnt been fit for a long time now and other players are passing him by if he doesnt get on the field. Think its to early for Cathal Horan, Ben Doyle, Oisin Mclaughlin and Colm Moran but wouldnt be if 1 or 2 made it.

  3. Dcu v IT Carlow tonight.
    3 mayo lads starting for DCU.
    Matthew Ruane midfield.Good to see him starting.
    S Akram no 10.
    Brian Reape full forward.Reape with a goal early on.

  4. Great experience for them lads, Padraic o Malley Louisburgh also on the bench #19. Good to see Matthew Ruane starting in midfield.

  5. Just seen Brendan Carr Ardagh listed among the subs for Carlow IT, played Junior last year for Mayo

  6. Anybody able to tell me what credentials has got Michael Schlingermann on the the County panel. OK, he was an excellent minor keeper back in 2010 but to my knowledge he has played hardly any Gaelic since. He only came back into the game last summer and I can’t recall him playing for Kiltimagh in the championship. OK, I’m not trying to run hm down or anything and am glad to see him back playing Gaelic but why is he ahead of the likes of Matthew Flanagan or Patrick O’Malley.

  7. AndyD,
    I would agree with you. I feel it would have been better to bring in a younger keeper for the experience like Padraig o Malley but its not like James Horan doesn’t know him. I took a look at the current setups to see what ages they would be at the end of the current year, only 8 players left of last years panel would be 25 and under.

    Clarke 36 minor 2000,2001
    A Moran 36 minor 2000,2001
    K Higgins 34 minor 2003,
    C Boyle 32 minor 2004, 2005
    S O Shea 32 minor 2004, 2005
    G Cafferkey 32 minor 2005
    C Barrett 32 minor 2005
    T Parson 31 minor 2005, 2006 *Injured*
    D Vaughan 31 minor 2006,
    L Keagan 30 U21 2010
    K McLoughlin 30 minor 2006, 2007
    J Doherty 30 minor 2007
    David Drake 29 minor 2008
    R Hennelly 29 minor 2008
    A o Shea 29 minor 2007,2008
    C Crowe 28 minor 2009
    C o Connor 27 minor 2009, 2010
    B Harrison 27 minor 2010
    C o Shea 26 minor 2011
    P Durcan 25 minor 2012,
    J Durcan 25 U21 2015
    E Regan 25 minor 2011, 2012
    S Coen 24 minor 2012,2013
    D o Connor 24 minor 2012,2013
    C Loftus 24 Minor 2013
    F Boland 24 U21 2016
    C Hanley 23 minor 2013, 2014
    E O Donoghue 23 minor 2014

    Released from last year
    M Hall 24 minor 2013
    S Nally 29 minor 2008
    B Moran 33 minor 2004
    D Kirby 27 minor 2009,2010
    N Douglas 30 Mayo U21 2010
    A Gallagher 25 minor 2011, 2012

    20 Newbies
    M Schlingermann 28 minor 2009
    Darren Coen 27 minor 2009,2010
    A O Sullivan 26 U21 2014
    C Burke 25 minor 2012
    M Plunkett, 24 minor 2012, 2013
    T Conroy 24 minor 2013
    M Ruane 23 minor 2013, 2014
    B Reape 23 minor 2014
    M Murray 23 u21 2016, 2017
    J Kelly 23 u21 2016, 2017
    Ciaran Tracey 23
    J Carr 22 minor 2015
    F McDonagh 22
    J McCormack 22
    R o Donoghue, C Diskin, C Moran, O McLaughlin, B Doyle C Horan 21, from last years U20s

    Best of Rest
    Age 24 David Kenny Eddie Doran Liam Irwin
    Age 23 Mathew Flanagan Seamus Cunniffe Stephen Brennan Jack Reilly
    Age 22 Shairoze Akram James Lyons Peter Naughton
    Age 21 Padraig o Malley Donovan Cosgrove John Cunnane Brian o Malley
    Age 20 T Conroy N Moran E O Brien J Dawson S McGreal

    It will be a gradual process but it must start this year, Even Drake and Crowe are no spring chickens.

  8. Some great info above Mayomessi
    I have to say the most dissapointing omissions from Horans panel from recent trials were Charlestowns Jack Reilly, Knockmores Peter Naughton and Breaffys Liam Irwin. 3 players off the top my head who can kick with both feet in Mayo.We seem to always go for athletic working forwards in Mayo instead of scoring skillful forwards.
    The Positives is Brian Reape is back and how wrong Rochy got it last year to drop both him and Plunkett who both had stormers v Galway the last day.
    Conor Diskin too who has real potential tall and fast and can win his own ball.Hopefully we get to see Ciaran Treacy in some National League games, from what I seen off him with Ballina looks a real classy finisher.

  9. @Mayomessi, I would include Jordan Flynn in your best of the rest 21. He was by a distance our best u21/20 midfielder in years.

  10. Lavelle,Kerin,Kelly,Bradshaw,M Daly,S Walsh all named to start for Galway this Sunday. Apart from the few injuries they are near full strength now and are clearly determined to add another bit of silverware to their recent collection.

  11. JP
    You’re right Jordan Flynn should be on the list, hopefully he gets himself back in shape after length of time out. Suspension should be up. I think we have several players coming thru at U20 and U19 this year. Oisin Mullins Is another one

    Also Seen 6 teams listed on the official twitter site for the County U17 Cup in Bekan this Sunday over 90 players 6 different managers Good idea to see these open trials if you like for this years U17s

  12. @A just a thought, he said “what ages they would be at the end of the current year” so 12 players in their 30s and another half dozen in their late 20s and nearly all of those players remain Mayo’s best and most important players.

  13. Brian Reape, Shairoze Akram and Mattie Ruane played the full game for DCU yesterday evening. Ruane scored 2 points, Akram scored a point and Reape got 1-3 (2 frees).

    There’s a match report in the Independent.

  14. TH Unfair to Rochford there. Last year he made decision on what was in front of him last year. You are reading too much into the challenge games in early January. They will be forgotten by Monday morning I guarantee.

  15. JP I agree regarding Jordan Flynn. He was one of the top performers last year. Looking forward to seeing him play club this year.

  16. Any word on a challenge game this weekend?
    Horan did state he would be seeking one after failing to make the FBD final.

  17. I drove past McHale park last night and seen 2 teams playing. Mayo home jerseys vs away jerseys. Looked like an a vs b game but couldnt be sure

  18. Great work there Mayomessi.

    Just a query: Are Diskin and O’Donoghue not 19. Did JH age check as well as name check them lately?

    Good work Quiteman. Great to know that bloggers are always on the case 24/7!

  19. Diskin and Ryan O’Donoghue would have to be 20. Otherwise they would still be playing U20 this year

  20. Catcol, Conor Diskin and Ryan o Donoghue have aged out of U20 level, currently 20 will be 21 by years end.

    One player who was recently honored by Mayo clubstars Gary Golden, had a good season at midfield for Garrymore but was surprised that him name didn’t appear at trials, he played in the 2012 County B Final for Carras against St Muredachs (Ardnaree Bonniconlon amalgamation). Currently still only 24, Still think we are light for options in Midfield.

  21. Jez lads,it’s going to be one costly year if we make it all the way to All Ireland Final day. As if we needed another reason to win Connacht, prices for Qualifer rounds 1,2 and 3 have gone up to €20, round 4 up to €25, semi final @50e and final 90e. I’m sure they’ll slap a sneaky euro on to match programs as well. Oh, and in case you missed it, league games are now € 20 !

  22. Expect Mayo to have a good league run….Two months extra training this year. makes a big difference. Should be in top four.

  23. The controversial handpass rule endorsed by Central Council last November and trialled during the pre-season competitions will not continue into the League. Will not be played in FBD final.
    No surprise there, it did not speed up the game, we just had foot passes going backwards and lots of turnovers from players forced to footpass.
    Looks like we will have more blanket defence tactics to look at…

  24. Peter Keane confirms David Clifford is set to miss the first half of the league campaign
    The Kerry boss also said that training sessions will be open to the public ahead of their opener against Tyrone
    Clifford should be available for mayo game. Need to win our home games…

  25. The only thing that will really ever work on the blanket defence is that the full forward line cannot go past the half way to participate in the blanket defence. Likewise the full back line and goal keeper cannot go past the halfway line to participate in the attack. Technology has advanced now that GPS, fixed into the chosen jersies, will track plyers breaking this rule and if they do their team will loose posession. Referee to have a wrist watch that indicates the transgression similar to goal line technology in soccer, one less thing for him to think of.. decision made for him. That means only 11 players are allowed to attack in the opposing half and 11 defend with the goal keeper in goal. This can be increased to 4 players if the blanket is still found to be too.. well blankety. No more Philly McMahon turning up from full back but you would still have half backs like Lee Keegan able to time their runs. Should allow for a much more open and free flowing game and making it difficult to close down space. I often tought we should just reduce the numbers from 15 to 13 but that kinda takes away from the history of our games

  26. 13 a side is the way to go. I don’t think 15 a side is that linked with our thoughts on our game, not as much as 11 a side is linked with the history and thinking on soccer.
    The 2017 Mayo U21 A n B finals are on YouTube. The A final had far stronger teams than the B final and yet the B final using 13 a side was far more entertaining.
    13 a side is higher scoring and flair players have more space to show their skill. There is far more one on one play.
    13 a side would also give counties with smaller picks more of a chance. Their best 10 players count for far more with 12 outfield players versus 14 outfield players. If you can get 3 flair players upfront in a small county they can contribute more. 15 a side is more systematic and about having big strong athletes.

  27. Bring in the shot clock like basketball.
    If you gain posession in your own half you have 60 seconds to get a shot off. If the ball doesn’t cross the opponents endline, be it either a score or a wide from the shot then posession goes to the other team.

    Maybe a 40 seconds time allotment if you gain posession in the opponents half.
    That would cut out the lateral lazy build ups.

    If you foul the man in posession then the fouled team gets 15 seconds added to their time. That might cut out some of the cynical fouling.

  28. T’wod be interesting to throw it out there for concensus. As kid growing up wearing a number 14 or 15 jersey following your idol on the county team and then to find out in later years that the role, the position and the jersey is consigned to history may not be agreeable to some. Personally it wouldn’t bother me going down to 13 if it improved the lot of the flair player. Can’t see all the county reps in Croke Parke agreeing on such a monumental shift as that though. But your probably right JP in that it will ultimately be the only thing that will work

  29. @Revellino don’t forget all new rules apply to all levels of the game not just county so the idea of a shot clock for example in a division 5 game in Mayo or any county will not work!

  30. @Aidan. It would a challenge I agree although all levels of basketball seem to use this system. Even schools, so it wouldn’t really be a no goer from a cost standpoint. The countdown clocks would just need to be bigger for player to see it and have someone setting and resetting it.and relaying to.the.refs ear piece.
    Anyway don’t think we would see it in our lifetime but something like this would force teams to attack and time penalties or time bonuses could cut down on alot of the cynical pulling and dragging.
    Would love to see something brought in to help improve the type of football played in recent times.

  31. I think everyone wants to see more attacking free flowing football, IMO a simple change in the tackle would solve a lot of the issues. The tackle needs to be more defined anyway to stop inconsistency. By adopting the compromised rules tackle it would make things more transparent for refs, it would also improve the game as follows,
    1. Only one tackler allowed so no more swarm of defenders around attacker. Gives skillfull attackers more opportunity to score.
    2. Defender can commit to the tackle as it’s more clear how he can tackle a player without conseeding a free. This would stop a lot of the standing off deep defending. It’s very difficult to tackle one on one in football now players are so strong in holding the ball. This would allow the defender to attack to opposing player.
    3. Players wont be able to play for a free as the tackle is on the man not ball so most likely he won’t win free. As a result attacks will be quicker and opportunities had to be taken. Playing lateral passes won’t work anymore, you will get caught in the tackle.
    4. Easier for ref to make decisions, tackle is more clear cut.
    5. Game is more free flowing, players won’t be able to have slow hand passing build ups.

  32. Rossies flying in Tuam. Sounds very tough stuff , we could be in for a long night next Saturday.

  33. A lot of horseshit on here and other places in recent months with people completely disregarding Roscommon for the year ahead. Hopefully this result puts a bit of respect and concern back into peoples heads. Big test of Horan next weekend….

  34. I can tell ye now , if i was to pick two of three teams to face relegation based on the last two Sundays, Galway and Mayo would go down..

  35. @tuamstar I wouldn’t be getting carried away with FBD results or performances!!!
    Are the two murtaghs injured?

  36. Paddy Durcan played midfield for UUJ today in their win over IT Tralee. He scored a goal anyway, not sure what else.

  37. Paddy Durcan scored 1-3 today.I would like to see him play in a more advanced position for mayo as he has the pace and power required to test defences.

  38. Paddy Durcan is such a good player..will he be available Saturday night? so much travelling involved now for him with being in college in Jordanstown. We will have it all to do to get points Saturday night. Also Tyrone looked very good last night in McKenna Cup final.

  39. Mayo players who played Sigerson this week, Durcan and Reape both scored 1-3, Ruane 0-2 and Akram 0-1

    Pádraig o Malley Sligo IT
    Stephen Brennan NUIG Cormac Reape Sigo IT
    Cathal Hennelly Sligo IT John Cunnane UL Paddy Durcan UUJ
    Matthew Ruane DCU Stephen Coen UCD
    Brendan Carr IT Carlow Fionn McDonagh UL Shairoze Akram DCU
    Ronan Carolan Garda Brian Reape DCU James Lyons UL

    Used Subs
    Gerry Canavan NUIG
    Kevin Quinn NUIG
    Josh Ronayne UL
    Joe Mason UL

    Not Used
    Niall McManamon NUIG
    Donovan CosgroveNUIG
    James Carr UL
    Stephen McGreal UL
    Joe Dawson UL
    Stephen Rochford UL

  40. I’ve said it before, but I’d make Paddy Durcan captain this year. I think it would send out the message that this is a new era. Horan has signed up for a 4 year term so he should be thinking about what the team will be like in 2021/22.

  41. @wide ball what about diarmuid o Connor as captain? He some leader on the pitch.i would have no problem with Durcan either .

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