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Eddie KinsellaEleven days to go now till the All-Ireland minor final (have you got your tickets sorted yet, by the way?  If not and you’re a member of Club Mayo Dublin, then read on) and there’s bits and pieces about the occasion to report on.

First up, the ref, which the Club Mayo lads pointed out to me on Twitter was in charge not only of our recent quarter-final win over the Stone Throwers but who also had the whistle on that memorable day down in Limerick last August when our minors stuffed the Kingdom right and proper in the All-Ireland semi-final replay.  I even got a picture of him in action during that game, dispatching one of the princelings to the line for some despicable deed the details of which escape me now.  On this evidence Eddie Kinsella (Laois) looks a decent enough kind of gent, don’t you think?

Next, I understand that there’s an event for the press this evening at the Welcome Inn where Ray and his management team will be meeting the newshounds and filling them with all manner of black propaganda designed solely to rattle the opposition.  Maybe we’ll hear some news from this event about how the injured trio are getting on but, then again, maybe we won’t.

The bookies are fancying Armagh a little bit more than they were last week, with the Orchard County’s odds tightening from 8/11 to 4/6.  Cork are now at evens for the senior final, by the way, with Kerry on offer at 11/10.

I did mention tickets, didn’t I?  Well, those nice people at Club Mayo Dublin have said that if you’re a member and if you send them a nice email (to info@clubmayo.ie) before 6 pm next Saturday (13th), they’ll see what they can do for you.  You can’t quibble with that, now can you?

Club Mayo are also organising a pre-match hoolie which will take place at Bewley’s Hotel, Ballsbridge on Saturday 19th (throw-in 8 pm).  I think I’ll be keeping my powder dry till the day itself but if you’re the kind that needs a residue of alcohol flowing through your veins on All-Ireland final day, then this bash could be right up your street.

Right, that’s all.  I’m heading West this evening as PJ and myself are pitting ourselves against the Reek tomorrow morning.  If it’s not too blowy I might even do an audio piece from the summit but I’ll also be taking the camera as I reckon that pictures will tell the story better than words.  I should have some snaps to share once I get back to the capital tomorrow night.

3 thoughts on “A few minor details

  1. good luck on the reek willie joe , many years since i did it myself.. but i was always more of a bangor trail man…

    We can only go on form and kerrys apart from the dublin game has been brutal, but who is to say they wont come out again and put their munster rivals away.. No bet for me..

  2. Maybe a reek climb would be a good start for next years senior panel !!!
    Do i recall some players years ago climbing the reek the night before a connaught final ?
    The climb should be followed by a viewing of the first 10 minutes of the All Ireland Hurling final to see what real committement means.

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