A further update on All-Ireland final ticket draws

Six days out from the final so time to do another update on draws taking place for All-Ireland final tickets. As before, I’ve marked new additions to the list since the last update – keep coming with those notifications of other draws I haven’t included and I’ll make sure they’re on the next update, which will be the final one ahead of Saturday.

Right, here goes:

Mayo draws

  • Mayo GAA: two sets of two tickets to be won in tomorrow night’s Lotto draw – details here
  • Ardnaree Sarsfields GAA: two tickets to be won – details here 
  • Ballaghaderreen GAA: two tickets to be won in the draw on 8th September – details here
  • Ballina Stephenites GAA: two tickets to be won – details here
  • Ballyhaunis GAA: two tickets to be won in a draw for those entered in the Win an SUV draw – details here
  • Bohola Moy Davitts GAA: two tickets to be won in the draw on 9th September here
  • Breaffy GAA: two tickets to be won in the draw on 8th September – details here
  • Cill Chomain GAA: two tickets to be won – details here
  • Crossmolina GAA: two tickets to be won – details here
  • Hollymount/Carramore GAA: two tickets to be won in the draw on 9th September – details here
  • Knockmore GAA: two tickets to be won – details here
  • Mayo Gaels GAA: two stand tickets to be won in the draw on 9th September – details here
  • Shrule/Glencorrib GAA: two tickets to be won – details here
  • Westport GAA: two tickets to be won in the bonus draw for those entered in the Win a House in Westport fundraising draw – details here 

Other counties’ draws

  • Ballinderry Shamrocks GAA: two tickets to be won in the draw on 9th September – details here
  • Bearna CLG: two tickets to be won in the draw on 9th September – details here
  • Carrickredmond GAA: one ticket to be won in the draw on 9th September – details here NEW
  • Carrickshock GAA: two tickets to be won in the draw on 9th September – details here 
  • Clonduff GAA: two tickets to be won in the draw on 9th September – details here
  • Creggs GAA: two tickets to be won in the draw on 9th September – details here
  • Cúchullain an Ghleanna GAA: two tickets to be won in the draw on 8th September – details here
  • Glynn Barntown GAA: two tickets to be won in the draw on 9th September – details here NEW
  • Longford Slashers GAA: ticket to be won in the draw on 8th September – details here
  • Kiladangan GAA: two tickets to be won in the draw on 9th September – details here NEW
  • Kilgarry GAA: four tickets to be won in the draw on 10th September – details here
  • Monaghan GAA: two tickets to be won in the draw on 10th September – details here 
  • Mooncoin GAA: two sets of two tickets to be won in the draw on 7th September – details here
  • Newtownbutler GAA: two tickets to be won in the draw on 9th September – details here
  • Padraig Pearses GAA: two tickets to be won in the draw on 9th September – details here
  • Robert Emmets Castlefinn GAA: two tickets to be won in the draw on 9th September – details here NEW
  • St Colmans Drumaness GAA: two tickets to be won in the draw on 9th September – details here NEW
  • Shannon Gaels GAA: two tickets to be won in the bonus draw for those entered in the Win a House in Sligo fundraising draw – details here

In addition, Elverys are running a social media competition, in which tickets for the final are up for grabs. Details on that are here.

87 thoughts on “A further update on All-Ireland final ticket draws

  1. Looking at the ladies final it’s clear that mask wearing at Croke park is just not being complied with. That alone wouldn’t help the arguments to bring the numbers up. Shame.
    But well done Meath. Great job

  2. This looks like one that’s not on the list Willie Joe. 2 tickets in this draw….


  3. I’m seriously seriously peed off with the whole thing now . A few things have really annoyed me . There is some real short term thinking going on from the GAA.
    Its really knocking the goodness out of the build up for me.

  4. There needs to be change going forward the way all ireland tickets are distributed. The amount of draws up and down the country is astonishing. I know every clubs gets tickets but surely this should be looked at. I think the Gaa are also shooting themselves in the foot by capping the amount of season ticket memberships available
    I know currently their is a waiting list. If there were 20,000 season ticket holders in each county that would still leave the GAA with 40K + tickets to distribute to clubs and competing counties. What’s to stop someone from. County not involved winning one of these raffles and going to Croke park and making a killing on their ticket? I am very lucky I have sourced a ticket but I feel very sorry for genuine fans that haven’t

  5. “Two tickets for those who entered in the win a house in Sligo draw”

    What the fuck is going on?

    Also what’s the point of Monaghan GAA doing a draw on 10th September? (Probably late at night). Is a Mayo person really going to win that and then arrange getting to and from the game or overnight accommodation etc in the hours between winning the draw and the game starting?

  6. yes Glory Days or the prawn sandwich brigade up in the corporate boxes watching the horse racing on the telly

  7. Carrot Face The Monaghans will be hoping the neighbours from Tyrone will go mad buying tickets and its on the way down to Dublin so collecting the tickets won’t be to bad

  8. A lot of the draws all around the country are not being done until late Friday to maximize profit
    Most of those tickets are paper tickets too and have to be collected if you read the small print

  9. Looking at last three games in Croker, it’s clear that the GAA/Croke Park didnt bother their holes using basic cop on with COVID H & S logistics for the games. 40,000 is half population of the stadium, yet no attempt to use the full expanse, up to the roof of each stand to ensure that nobody was right next to another attendee……No…….let everybody sit on top of everyone and to hell with masks too while you’re at it……..That’s the reason I didnt attempt to get a ticket (my first AIF miss since 1989)……I wouldn’t dream of putting anybody at risk of me bringing home D-Variant……

  10. The change that needs to occur is that a rule needs to be put in place in Mayo that 70% of the tickets received for all ireland finals are allocated to the clubs from 2022 and each club get an allocation in proportion to the number of members in that club.

    So if you’ve 11000 tickets and you distribute 70% to the clubs that’s 7700 tickets.
    Divided by 49 that give an average of 157 tickets per club. Allocation may be a lot higher than this for a big clubs and lower for a small club

  11. The Principle of a raffle is well understood to raise funds for clubs but other counties having tickets at the moment during reduced attendance final is akin to ransom.
    Objective of each club is to screw Tyrone and Mayo people out of as much money as possible. Its actually a disgrace. To top this off , wait until September 10th for the amount of tickets going online on done deal for crazy prices as members from non competing counties get rid of tickets they have no need of.

    I totally understand that their is Mayo people in clubs all over county so need to also give them a chance of ticket but surely a raffle is wrong way to look after those members too. Shows little respect and ultimate motive is money.

    If money was so needed why not increase Croke park attendance from 40k to 60k .

  12. Agreed that the ticket allocation needs looking at, but I’d start with the allocation to Central Council and the former Presidents (around 800) and educational bodies (2,200) which seem steep in me (all figures pre-covid).

    Is there any good reason why Members of the Oireachtas should have an automatic right to a ticket?

  13. Great to see the GAA hasn’t completely given up its amateur ethos, it’s truly alive and well in the way tickets are allowed to be distributed!

  14. Sorry Willie Joe, my intent is not offend anyone but, this constant rant giving out about the GAA and season ticket holders not getting tickets is a really annoying. Let’s get things in perspective, without clubs there is no county, so as I have done down the years is coached and now chaired my club, i have two tickets, ( I have three sons who have followed Mayo for the last 10 years all over the country, and two will not get tickets) we as a club gave tickets to players , coaches and our volunteers , none were left for anyone else, we did not even hold any back for draws etc., so maybe if ye look in the mirror if ye , not all, gave as much time and resources to your clubs as ye do to yer county maybe ye would have a ticket. Mayo abu

  15. Onemoreyear – 50% more than there will be this time next year. Club members have been treated really badly by the county board.

  16. @clubfirst. Well said and your poster name speaks volumes. Please let that be the end of the ticket problems and enjoy the build up with on field posts. We all know it is a shambles but nothing is going to change for Saturdays game.

  17. Clubfirst, congratulations on being in charge of your club and getting two tickets and congrats on getting a job in your local area. I do have an issue where a large number of mayo people have to migrate to Dublin and other parts of Ireland to obtain work and they cannot be part of a club due to work commitments and geographical location. The whole reason the season ticket was introduced was to reward these fans who went the width and breadth of the entire country supporting Mayo, and once they attended over 65% of league and championship attendance, they were entitled to an all ireland final ticket like yourself.
    I hope your other 2 sons get tickets for Saturday, but don’t come on this forum preaching from the pulpet with 2 tickets in your arse pocket about being a clubman, think of the people like your 2 sons who have been to league and championship games supporting Mayo and have no tickets in their arse pockets. Maigh Eo Abu!!!

  18. @ClubFirst
    I understand your point but on any given All ireland final you are saying only people directly involved with clubs (80k) have a right to be at final, you are ruling out a lot of people here. So anyone that cannot be an active member of club ( Otherwise you have low odds of getting ticket) due to work , location etc has no right to be there to support home county.
    That is being said even though these people can go to all games in league/ championship and buy the latest mayo gear. Does that not also support the Gaa potentially to a greater effect than a standard club member both in time and finances.

    There is 2 sides to each story so i can see yours but i think to say become a club member is a wrong attitude.
    Season Ticket holders / Non club members ( But loyal supporters) / Club members (loyal supporters but not chairman in your case or players ) feel aggrieved that they now have to resort to entering raffles from other counties in hope of winning a ticket. Why have these clubs the right to ransom tickets that can be used by competing counties. its greed really by GAA

  19. Word is more tickets may be released by Croke Park
    Competing County allocation are down very little with other counties getting less. No complaints from the Gaa people here in Meath about that.

  20. Clubfirst – no one on here would begrudge any paid up club member/volunteer a ticket to the final, ST holder or otherwise, thats not where the anger is aimed at.
    Thank God its game week and we can start to focus on the task at hand and all get behind the team

  21. I think people are getting a bit bogged down by the club v season ticket debate, classic divide and rule tactics.

    The simple truth is that if the GAA had put in place a proper system for verifying people’s vaccination status, then there would have been significantly greater capacity for this match and most people would have been able to get sorted through those channels. Instead, Croke Park will be half empty at a time when you have sporting events many times the size of an All-Ireland final going on across the continent without many problems.

  22. Just a thought.. 15000 fully paid membership
    in the County. Theve already got 12,000 and more to come. In this membership it will include some elderly people,children,people who have to work etc.who won’t be travelling. So in my opinion 12,000 is to many to be sent to the county. Mayo Season ticket holders with a address outside the County should be given the 2nd allocation

  23. For anyone wanting a literary diversion:

    Some of you may have heard yesterday on Radio 1 just before 10am, Sunday Miscellany. It had an 8 minute piece from the perspective of a first generation Mayo supporter.   It is now up on their podcasts.

    Warriors of the West by Kate Kerrigan (any relation to Olive on here?).

    Go to 28:50 minutes.


  24. onemoreyear i don’t care if 12 million tickets came to the county. Only 98 tickets came to my club so far, which is nowhere near enough

  25. @clubfirst I am a member of my club, I’ve completed 4 years as secretary of said club and I am also a long time holder of a Mayo season ticket. I love my club as much as my county but 5 days out I’m still here ticketless. I’m thrilled for you, but some people who have given as much time and effort to both club and county still don’t have a ticket. So I appreciate your point that 2 of your sons don’t have tickets but to tell people to have a look in the mirror…. etc etc is as farcical as the ticketing debacle. There’ll still be plenty of fair weather supporters who know the right peoplein Croker, and there will be plenty like myself (and your sons) who are genuine supports who don’t miss club or county games that won’t be there and truth be told that stings.

  26. @clubfirst, training and togging out for your club, broken bones, sweat and toil.

    Don’t lecture people about doing more their clubs. Plenty on here have done loads for clubs, paying membership, supporting club raffles, volunteering here and there.

    As regards season tickets they pay for them every year, travel to games, support local economies etc.

    I would have had no problem renewing the season ticket even if it had meant not getting to a single game. The season tickets were suspended this year through no fault of our own. We should have been accommodated end of.

    So that comment about do more for your club, there is clearly more thanks for doing less or the same thanks!

  27. If it ended up a replay. Would that be played the weekend of 24th/25th of September do we think?

  28. Kerry lost to Tyrone as too obsessed with goals and trying playing thru the “D wall” in normal time, their running game actually worked in 2 half of ET, (yes, fresher forwards against tired backs) but because they played with faster temp, and not just obsessed with feeding Clifford, and just kicked the points! mayo generally play this way..

  29. We will beat tryone, cause we have a better side . Mayo are the best team in Ireland in 2021 and the best team usually wins the all ireland . Show up , bring your A game and sam is ours , sin e .

  30. @Clubfirst. I think what you need to recognise in all this is there are thousands of Mayo people that have moved out of the County and may no longer be affiliated to a club. Many who have kids and I include myself in this will end up with a new affiliation if their kids play football but the reality is many don’t. Does this make them any less of a fan?

    I agree 100% that people that put their time and effort into their local club should be rewarded as you rightly pointed out without club there is no County. I think where this falls down is where there are fully paid up members that have very little to do with the day to day running of the club and go to very few Mayo matches apart from finals and they all get a ticket. I have seen numerous examples of this and these people are in no way more deserving than someone who follows the County team all over the country in my opinion.

    Having said all that that is a far bigger issue at play than arguing about club versus county and that is the amount of tickets actually received by the clubs. I for one am fed up of seeing raffle after raffle all over the country by all and sundry offering AI final tickets. It is absolutely ridiculous.

    I haven’t got a ticket, am unlikely to get one but at this point I am done with it, if I get one good and well and if not I am not going to let it stop me enjoying what I hope is an historic occasion and one I have waited all my life to see.

  31. @Clubfirst I’m sure it’s tiresome for you having to tolerate all the fuss over tickets from those who cannot get one. But it is a very raw issue for many.
    I have a ticket which I was given by someone who is unable to attend. But for that I would have to settle for the TV.
    I trained underage teams for many years. I served as a club officer again for years. Did every job imaginable around the club. Bought the County draw ticket every year, bought the club lotto ticket every year, bought the Cairde ticket from day 1, travelled to almost every Mayo match for nearly 50 years, go to most club games and bought a tile in McHale Park. I haven’t been active in the club for three years for age and health reasons and I wouldn’t dare ask our club for a ticket as they cannot sort out all those who are active at present.
    I am lucky but there are lots like me who aren’t.
    So you will appreciate it if I regard your comments above with a very jaundiced eye.

  32. I agree with Clubfirst sentiments.

    Some comments about how Season tickets pay money etc. What seems to be forgotten is in effect club members also make siginificant contribution to county board as each club pays levies and has a minimum sales number of the Cairde Maigheo €100 ticket draw so a certain about of club membership contribution makes it way to the county board. The arguement about Season ticket holders paying doesnt fully stand up with me.

    I think it is a shame that so many clubs found the need to raffle tickets this year when there is a shortage. To be fair to clubs in previous years raffles were forced on them as there was a “fundraising” levy attached to some tickets but this year this did not happen. I hope at the AGM’s of clubs that raffled tickets this is brought up this year and officers need to explain

  33. It’s not really club v season ticket.
    Tyrone anecdotally it looks like gave a much bigger % to their clubs which get to supporters like ourselves.
    Then as been said countless times the utter wastage of sending tickets to every club in the country many of which are simply raffled.
    Be wary I would say.
    Wasn’t the downfall of Leeds FC around that time someone high up told the season ticket holder face to face ” You don’t matter”
    Long term culture is everything.
    Can Mayo GAA really be happy with the ‘culture’ around how tickets were distributed this year?
    We paid to get us to the dance, now many of us need to stand outside as we were down the pecking order due to fundraising connected with the final.
    It’s that simple.
    As I posted. Post final contact through official means county board for an explanation and questioning what plans to improve this for the future.

  34. @on the one road, Most Mayo clubs only raffled two tickets and these usually end up won locally. Clubs are cash strapped and need the resulting fundraising. The pulling the piss is the club in Cavan who will appear here on the 10th Seotember and all over Mayo media plugging their ripoff 10 euro ticket or 20 euro 3 tickets to win 4 tickets draw at 10pm 10th September. That utterly stinks.

  35. Such an amount of bitching.

    I feel sorry for season ticket holders, of that that I am also. But it’s almost now got to a point where people who have gotten tickets through their clubs are being made to feel like they have stolen from a season ticket holder. Some are on waiting list, some just simply can’t afford a season ticket and others live outside of the country.

  36. J.P. I agree the clubs outside the county is totally wrong – and I think the days of all clubs getting All Ireland tickets needs to be looked at as they are basically touted in raffles year after year. Not that long ago it was a great way of sourcing tickets for people who have moved away but now the tickets outside of competiting counties are seen as a way to fleece desperate supporters.

    And I get that clubs in Mayo are totally cash strapped. But look at a junior club in Mayo. Allocated 80 tickets and raffle off 2. Then there is 2 tickets each for Chairperson, Secretary, Treasure, PRO & County Board delegate which leaves 68. Maybe 30 players and 3 or 4 with each underage team. 1 or 2 for guys that look after the pitch and asst officers. That doenst leave many and you keep working your way down and there is probably going to be a good member who misses out at the end. I know I would be really annoyed if I was a paid up member that does a bit of work (maybe not as much as I used to but still turn up when needed) and then I see 2 tickets been raffled. I might not have got one of them two but it would sicken me to think that they are given away like that

  37. Just play All Irelands behind closed doors from now on. Save all the bitching of who deserves a ticket and who doesn’t.

  38. WJ … suppose it wouldn’t go down well if ya asked people to stop going on about tickets!!
    I’m resigned now to watching it at home ..
    Really looking forward to posters views on possible match ups , starting team . Tactics etc

  39. As it seems to me,.. Desperate,loyal Mayo(and probably loyal Tyrone) supporters are subsidising GAA clubs all over the country.. Mayo supporters have been supporting the local economies of several far flung places, and GAA supporters from who’s Counties we rarely see, in Mchale Park.. like playing Galway in a backdoor game in Limerick, or Westmeath in Croke Park… While Mayo supporters will be bled dry, again and again and again.. For those loyal supporters of both Tyrone and Mayo who will travel in hope of getting a ticket last minute around Croke Park, how sickening will it be to see outrageous priced Tickets in touts hands, and will sell only to the highest bidder.. I have personally witnessed this happening at several All Ireland finals, seen people parting with outrageous amounts of money out of desperation.. But they are only making the situation worse for themselves in the future,.. Personally I had no more time for Ticket’ touts than I do for drug pushers , but unfortunately it will happen again, and the questions have to asked are the way Tickets are distributed by the GAA part of the problem!

  40. Touts dont have genuine tickets , they are just mainly copies of the one ticket , please I cant emphasize this enough do not buy off a tout, they are not just lads trying to make a couple of hundred quid on the day its organised crime .

  41. Another draw for 500 tickets amongst season ticket holders !
    I assume they will exclude those who won already

  42. Well spotted Km79, see it on mayogaa twitter.

    Draw is this evening, emails tomorrow.

    Fingers crossed for everyone, look for that email which begins with ‘ A chara’.
    ‘A chara’ in need is ‘a chara’ indeed.

    People should have a 1 in 5 chance this time, with eligible reduced to 2500.
    Yes, anyone who won before is no doubt excluded.

  43. Probably should have asked that Season ticket holders prove they had been to at least 2 out of the 3 games (Leitrim, Galway, Dublin) to qualify for the draw, really.
    Were they not the original terms for qualifying for an All Ireland ticket?.

  44. Enjoyed reading all comments on tickets. Certainly alot of valid views. I know 2 chaps both of whom never paid a penny into a club or anything else for that matter who are flying in from uk and picking up 2 tickets from some chap they know from galway. A favour being returned fir getting jobs for guys over rhe years. This kinda shite happens every year in every county. Not easy to combat.

    On the game itself i hope o shea is fully fit abd ready to go. Im predicting a big display after the dublin game and to cease what could be his greatest chance of a celtic cross. Keegan robbie kevin and others are used to the big stage. Great balance in our team now

  45. Well said My+ball. It is what is is at this stage. All celebrations will end up in the pub anyway.

  46. I think the odds are even better than that as it’s done by email address
    So our two season tickets are tied to one email address as many are
    That reduces numbers more

  47. Can someone confirm in the first season ticket draw – did 500 people get 1 ticket each or did 250 people get 2 tickets – I presume 1 ticket each. Is the pod of 2 thing gone now

  48. @southmayo it is one ticket. Was lucky enough to be pulled from the hat. Upper Hogan ticket. Good luck to all

  49. @FBD,.. how could you do that, they might have bought their ticket for cash at the Ticket Van.. no email addresses asked for! But it would be fairer alright.. maybe those who attended 80% of match’s in the previous decade, they might have records for… Then again, some laws governing how long any body can retain record’s…

  50. Southmayo Exile : a single ticket was given out in first draw, as a previous poster has stated.

    Km79: do you know that to be true?. We got zero info on the details but I’d assume the following:
    The eligible adults in first draw was 3,000.
    Every adult would have been entered once, the email address used a second time, if necessary, in the case of a 2nd eligible adult.
    This time any individual who won before is excluded. Therefore I expect eligible adults to be 2500 in this round.

    The chances of two adults from same email address being drawn is small, I think in firsr draw this was 1 in 36 (1/6 x 1/6), any maths experts on here can comment.  So very unlikely anyone will get more than 1 ticket.

  51. Jaysus this ticket larke is so like following Mayo. All Ireland after All Ireland a person gets all built up to the possibility of winning and then disappointment and then when you have just about accepted your fate it starts all over again. A man said to me once heading to Connolly Station after yet another loss.. its the hope that kills yeah. Sorry for the negativity but this drip feed is killing me. I rather Know where I’m at and just be done with it!

  52. The countdown is on or as David Bowie might say.

    Ground Control to Major Tom
    Take your protein pills and put your helmet on
    Ground Control to Major Tom (ten, nine, eight, seven, six)
    Commencing countdown, engines on (five, four, three)
    Check ignition and may God’s love be with you (two, one, liftoff)

  53. Delighted to hear the GAA are going to look after another 500 season ticket holders I was lucky to get one in the first draw last week so good luck to one and all and I hope the 500 of us that won tickets are excluded from this draw. Maybe it’s time for the Gaa to get rid of hill 16 and build the 3 tier stand all the way around it would increase capacity and go a long way in making sure everyone that wants to attend finals can. I know there’s probably planning issues maybe preventing them from doing so and the Dubs probably wouldn’t be best please to see it go but it’s a 32/34 county organisation and it would make sense to finish the stadium properly

  54. How on earth could mclaughlin make it back for the final after a double jaw fracture!!!

    Great news on the 500 extra. Even if I don’t get one at this stage, the fact 1000 went to season ticket holders and the clubs got an extra allocation makes it’s a bitter easier to take.

  55. @niallmc1983 because McLaughlins injury was no where near as bad as it was reported in the media. Mullin and McLaughlin should now start but don’t be surprised if they aren’t named to start on the published team on Friday.

  56. The injury reports can get exaggerated or rather they tend to give out the worst case, till further tests are carried out.

    Since Eoghan McLaughlin was confirmed by Horan to be at training 3 days after the reported double jaw fracture, it was clear it was of some lesser nature. Paddy Andrews said on OTB his jaw breakage by the Tyrone keeper was wired shut for over ten weeks.

    There is no way a person could be on a bike trainer and be able to breathe, if the jaws were of the serious nature.

    Padraig O’Hora’s reported two crushed ribs were of a (lesser?) compressed collarbone nature, from what Martin Carney said on Midwest at time of Dublin match.

    At that rate Cillian may be back sooner than expected, but Horan was categorical we wont see him any time soon.

  57. Imagine seeing cillian lining out on Saturday……….I don’t think my heart could take it!

  58. Great news on Oisín and Eoghan. There were whispers going around that they were on track to make the final so good to see some sort of confirmation!

    Is it just me or is every neutral pundit tipping Tyrone? Brolly and O’Rourke obviously but I’ve seen Alan brogan and Conor McManus on the Our Game YouTube doing the same. Their main logic seems to be Cathal McShane will come off the bench and put us away.

    It must be a recency bias with Tyrone. We were missing Oisín Mullin for the semi final, one of the best defenders in the country. Aidan O’Shea had possibly his worst game in a Mayo shirt, he’ll be better the next day. Something not spoken about either, when Eoghan went off injured we had to play the remaining 25 minutes plus ET with Diarmuid O’Connor at half back. It was his man that scored for Dublin in ET.

    We have loads of room for improvement. I don’t think Tyrone do.

  59. I don’t believe a word out of Aiden Henry’s mouth to be honest. Can’t see McLaughlin playing whatever about Mullen.

  60. Wide Ball I see it as a 50/50 shot and no more. Tyrone have played Cavan, Donegal Monaghan to win their province. I didn’t really rate this particular Kerry team so I will leave that one out but they have been fixing aspects of their game all the way through. I saw a similar situation back in 2008 when we played them in the final round of backdoor games. I attended their game with Dublin and Kerry that year and they emerged a much improved team at each stage of the final stages. In the 2008 final they were unstoppable and make a good, experienced Kerry team look ordinary. I am looking at a similar situation this year with their incremental improvements from game to game. MAYO will need to play out of their skins to win this one. When we listen to the neutral fraternity this is the trend of events they are drawing from and correctly so I believe. In James we trust.

  61. Must be a different 2008 final I remember , I thought Kerry were very unlucky that day , declan o sullivans attempt had of hit the back of the net , I believe kerry would of won .

  62. PJ, I think some neutrals might also consider our young players as a reason to nod in favour of Tyrone. One narrative could look like there are a lot of novices in the Mayo team while Tyrone have hardened seniors. I think it would be wrong to think along those lines myself.
    For me, James Horan as manager, and the team’s experience since 2012 are Mayo’s stand out strengths going into this game. You cannot easily manufacture that, in my view.

  63. Jesus Christ if there was ever a time to do it it’s now.
    And think we will by 4.
    If we are there we are there if not we will get the next one.
    UP MAYO.

  64. If the 2 lads are fit. Who do we start and who do we hold as a sub. ? Eoghan in the half forward line Darren Mchale dropping out.?. Oisin in for Plunkett.?. Start Hession or not. Matties tends to carry the ball into the tackle by times won’t get away with that Saturday. Have a feeling totally on gut no reason for it that Conor O Shea and Darren Coen will be instrumental in how this finishes.

  65. Swallow Swoops Some of our younger players did not perform well in the 2020 final either from the off or from the bench.. This a great opportunity to put that straight but we will just have to wait and see if the opportunity is granted and availed of on Saturday

  66. I always liked Conor O’Shea and he got turned over twice in about 40 seconds v Dublin when he came on. However, he harassed the bejaysis out of Comerford on 75 min, forced the 45 and, well, we know the rest. That was a significant as Diarmuid’s intervention at the end line, IMHO.

  67. Folks I would not be at all surprised to see Eoghan tog out on Saturday. Also it is very likely he did have a nasty mandibular fracture but these are plated nowadays and the jaw is very rarely wired anymore. He is a teak tough. Obv there is a risk of another “ Small special” from one of our Tyrone friends which wouldn’t be good but we will have to trust Mc Quillan to provide protection. Onwards n upwards!

  68. I have a feeing that Oisin will be ready and rarin to go. Aidan must start at midfield and move in and out to FF. Dont be surprized that he give a motm performance – he his a proud Mayo man and captain.
    Kerry tried to walk the ball into the net against Tyrone , I ask ye to look again the number of long range points we got against the Dubs. This would overcome the massed defence and Aidan moving in and out would create panic.
    Their keeper must be put under pressure and taken out of his comfort zone.
    We have a bench to see the thing out this time. Carr must be given more time to wreek havoc.
    No more moaning please about tickets or the ref, be proud Mayo fans with positive thoughts – we will win.
    Flying in from London for this one, probably my last one. If no tickets available then table booked and will be around to celebrate with ye all. Please stay safe and enjoy the day. Up MAYO ?

  69. I don’t like the narrative that’s developing around Oisín and Eoghan. James was very non-commital about Mullen, and jokingly referenced Eoghan taking to the bike at the press night. So where is this information coming from? David Brady and The Connaught? It’s all building up a giddy head of steam – with these two back we’re home and dried, and so on. We’ve been here before and we need to be very careful. Add in the Aidan in the Sunday World story, and you have a nice little pre-final cocktail of distraction.

    Neutrals are really taking a bet on our capacity for self-destruction. They have plenty of evidence to go on. Let’s not add to it, and let’s not give Tyrone, those masters of the dark arts, any more ammunition than they already have.

  70. I hope with all my heart that Eoghan is fit and healthy for Saturday. Dare I say it though, he struggled on Paddy Small until Hession came on to blot out the Dublin man. This is well documented. Eoghan also gave away a bit of ball.

    If properly fit, I’d still start him but without giving him a specific man marking role. Eoghan is frightening running at teams and we must play to his strengths.

    If Oisin is fit he will automatically free up Eoghan.

  71. I’d worry for Eoghan psychologically as much as anything else in this final, even if the injury isn’t as bad as first reported. I suspect its still very bad. It just feels like there’s risk playing him, hence the reason I stress he must be properly fit. He’s a young lad and it will be a big deal for him taking to the field again after an incident like that. But then again, perhaps there’s a fearlessness in youth. Rather him than me. It would really lift the crowd to see him, and to see him doing well in the match.

  72. Eoghans injury was as bad. Still no solid confirmation. Agree re the risk of it, but assuming he does he will wear the “Rudiger” mask to protect his face.
    If both are near fit to be involved he will have to start them in order not to risk losing a sub.

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