A looming case of divided loyalties?

Yesterday’s club results brought one step closer a potential situation where I’m torn between supporting two different clubs in the All-Ireland final. One of them – Ballina (reason for supporting: representatives of county of birth) – has already taken the provincial crown in Connacht and now faces the Munster champions, most likely Nemo Rangers, in the All-Ireland semi-final in February.

The other – St Vincent’s (reason for supporting: local club where I’m domiciled here in the capital, for whom my little Dubettes are already expressing vociferous support) – are in the Leinster final, where they’ll face either Moorefield or Tyrellspass and will, I reckon, fancy their chances of landing a first Leinster title in aeons.

If the Vins do the business in Leinster, they’ll face defending All-Ireland champions Crossmaglen Rangers in the All-Ireland semi-final. XMG (as, I was once told, was the term used by the Occupying Hordes up north for the army base they had there) would be favourites to make it back to the final but the Marino lads could well topple them. And the Stephenites will also fancy their chances of a return to Croke Park on Paddy’s Day and a tilt at a second national title in four years.

There’s still a few major hurdles to be surmounted before I’m faced with this particular dilemma but it’s now beginning to look like a realistic scenario and so I feel it’s only right to lay before the world the potential personal agonising I might have to face over which cause to support on March 17th next.

2 thoughts on “A looming case of divided loyalties?

  1. I understand your dilemma Willie Joe, but you might be getting swept up in a little metropolitan hype. Let’s see how Vincents get on against the hardy wee men from Crossmaglen and the Stephenites get on against Nemo before you start rending your garment.

    I remember going to a challenge game in Crossmolina in the summer of 1992 between John Maughan’s Munster Champions, Clare, and Brian McDonald’s Connacht Champions, Mayo, that was being billed as a “potential All-Ireland pairing.” Up to a point, Lord Copper, I’m afraid. Padraig Brogan started in midfield, as I recall. John Finn was there too, and I believe even your own namesake might have trotted on a for a look before the end. But our dilemmas got de-horned middling quickly once the semi-finals were played. You and your Dubettes might be stuck with watching the Parade yet.

  2. I’d say that could well be the case alright. In any event, I have a Plan B: Mayo v Kerry, NFL Division 1 at McHale Park on March 16th. I wonder if the Stephenites lads will be cup-tied for that one?

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