A month out

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It’s Friday the 13th – and all that entails (or doesn’t, as the case may be) – which means it’s now exactly a calendar month until our opening match in this year’s championship. Not any old match either, as we start our summer campaign with one of the few meaningful clashes that are set to happen in this summer’s provincial championships. I need not remind you that it comes in the form of a Connacht quarter-final meeting with Galway at MacHale Park.

That match now has a confirmed throw-in time of 4pm on Sunday, 13th May. No word, of course, yet on who’ll ref it but we do know it’ll be one of the eighteen whistlers (well, seventeen, seeing as Jerome Henry definitely won’t get the gig) that have been confirmed for all matches in this year’s championship – details on that list here.

That’s the sort of morsel, I reckon, we’re going to be reduced to playing with over the next few weeks. News about the team has already slowed to a trickle and I doubt much will change on that front over the next few weeks either.

Andy Moran did, though, break cover for an interview yesterday evening on Off The Ball. Andy was his usual chirpy self and the interview’s well worth a look and listen. Here it is:

Aside from that, it’s slim enough pickings a month out from the game. As we get closer to the match itself, of course, there’ll be plenty to chat about and, as well as all the discussion here, we’ll be doing just that on the Mayo News football podcast. Mike, Rob and I met at a secret location the other day to plan what we’ll be doing over the next while on the podcast, including the Galway preview edition. More on that in due course.

Careful out there today. It is Friday the 13th after all.

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  1. The sleeping Giant stirs.
    Soon to awaken.
    Abandon all hope those
    who stand before it.
    And we will stand by it’s side to the end.
    Hon Mayo

  2. Good stuff there WJ as usual.

    Just a question on clarification. Do we know exactly who is on the development panel at the moment?

    I have to say I’m confused, and I don’t want to name any names as that may be straying into house rules territory. But if James Durcan has definitely been added, who are the others? Or is the line now blurred between panel members and development squad?

  3. I note that Galway have held off on club games for April (which was meant to be a month dedicated to club matches). You would think there would be an obligatory coordinated approach amongst all the counties in respect of this – otherwise what’s the point if some counties adopt a different approach. Galway might not be the only county taking this approach.

    You have to wonder why fixture-scheduling remains such a difficult matter within the GAA to administer on a 32-country basis. Don’t forget also the recent decision to render void some Div. 4 football games. This was wrong on many counts not least (1) it impugned the integrity of the competitions and of course (ii) it would not happen to Div.1 teams.

  4. We don’t know Catcol and as far as I know there are no plans for us to know. What we do know is that there’s a panel plus a smaller development panel group. Names, numbers etc. haven’t been officially confirmed and I doubt will be.

  5. big month ahead , hope we beat them , we cannot let Galway beat us 3 years in a row

    Connelly and Brogan huge losses for the Dubs this year

  6. Andy is a fair operator. It seems like a lifetime ago, the goal against dublin to bring us back into the game when all on the hill 16 were in full voice. 1 man silenced the whole lot of them in one swivel and shot. Priceless.
    I like the way he has such a good perspective, if it happens, great, if not, we try again. Relentlessly driven and it’s bound to have had an effect on those younger Mayo lads in the panel today.

  7. Catcol, it would seem following is squad;

    R Hennelly
    D Clarke

    C Crowe
    G Cafferkey
    E O’Donoghue
    M Hall
    P Durcan
    C Boyle
    L Keegan
    K Higgins
    D Drake
    D Vaughan
    C Barrett
    B Harrison

    T Parsons
    S O’Shea
    A O’Shea
    B Moran
    D Kirby
    S Nally
    S Coen

    K McLoughlin
    C O’Connor
    D O’Connor
    J Doherty
    A Moran
    C Loftus
    N Douglas
    A Gallagher
    F Boland
    E Regan
    C O’Shea

    J Durcan
    C Hanley

    33 in Total

  8. There are a few more that were on the panel and we haven’t heard they were released. Akram made a few substitute appearances during the league, James Stretton came on in one of the games. Also Ciarán Treacy and Matthew Ruane. Some or all of them are probably on the development panel too.

  9. Without a hint of a smile or grin, Andy states “we love big games”……… and a deadly silence.

  10. Development panel players
    James McCormack Claremorris
    James Stretton Claremorris
    James Carr Ardagh injured at present
    Ciaran Treacy Ballina injured at present
    Peter Naughton Knockmore
    Sharoize Akram Ballaghadareen
    Matthew Ruane Breaffy

  11. Don’t worry about Connolly he’ll be back in the Dublin Jersey when it matters most on the first Sunday of September this year. Jim Gavin as we know is a shrewd buck. If we had a Connolly in our ranks we would have Sam but the guys we have have heart, determination and no little skill.

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    There was a British foreign delegation on a trip to Peru some years ago. One of the group was very fond of the bottle and the women. While attending a state dinner he spotted this one in a long colourful dress, staggered over and asked if they would like to dance.
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    “and 3, I happen to be the archbishop of Lima”.

  13. Teamsheet & TH – if those were our respective championship & development panels I would be delighted. However, at 40 players that would seem a tad over budget. I think the total combined number last year was limited to 36 (31+5).

  14. I’m after reading an article about the performance of Enda Varley for St Vincents in the Dublin Senior championship last nite in which he gave a Man of the match performance and scored 4 points from play https://www.sportsjoe.ie/gaa/connolly-absence-as-3-in-a-row-bid-begins-156714
    Now in my mind if your playing football with one of the best football clubs in Ireland and your turning in a Man of the match display and kicking 4 points from play and you have been in the County scene before surely Rochy should be having a look at him and picking up the phone ,
    I know Varley had his critics before harshly dropped by Holmes/Connelly in my opinion but I think his football has came alot since he moved from Garrymore up to Vincents playing at such a high level and hes only 31 same age as Boyler, Barrett and Seamie still a good 2 or 3 years in him.We havn’t to many left footed corner forwards in the county either.
    No one should be overlooked best 30 Mayo players should play no matter what age or club.
    A border man too would be great to have him back for the Tribes.
    Another Dublin based player James Burke who I always thought never got a fair chance plays for Ballymum Kickhams formely of Ardnaree Sarsfields ,plays on a team with Rock, McCarthy ,Philly and John Small, an excellent half back he was unlucky in that he was around in the same era as Keegan ,Boyler ,Vaughan and Durcan but defo should been in the squad.God we do seem to produce some Rolls royce half backs in fairness!!

  15. Andy………………………What an iconic legend of Mayo football…………….And best of all, we till have him playing.

    Player of the Year !……………..Inspirational, and commands great respect from the interviewer who knows he’s talking to a class act.

  16. Official championship panel can only be 32 If a players drops out of that panel and replaced that player cannot return to the panel.

  17. TH, maybe Rochy did pick up the phone and spoke to Enda. At 31 and living in Dublin it might not be possible for him to give the commitment required, I would agree he seems to be playing well. We really don’t know how many players Stephen has approched. Not every player is available for intercounty, especially if they live outside the county.

  18. The Mayo News podcast interviewed Varley after he won the Dublin championship last year. Sounded like he was up for a return to county football so Rochford probably decided not to call him up. Too late at this stage unfortunately with championship just around the corner.

  19. Mayomad
    Well Enda Varley is a secondary school teacher in Dublin and would have the 3 months off in the Summer, so it should be no big issue.
    I also heard from someone that he was very dissapointed to be let go in 2015 by Pat and Noel.
    I just think when your forward subs aren’t making the impact you need in big games you have to try the next best available on the club scene , watching out for whose scoring the most from play for there clubs in the Mayo club scene Brian Gallagher and Jack Reilly are really standing out in the last few weeks.It was great to see Rochy reward James Durcan of Castlebar on his impressive form of late.
    In saying that young Fergal Boland and Conor O’Shea have been really putting up the scores in recent club games, so expect them to be pushing for a place May 13th.
    Don’t agree with you Wide ball, if a player is really standing out for his club and wants to play for his County then its never too late.

  20. Top Man Andy. We love big games. These men in Green and Red will be ready to go to war on 13 May! Up Mayo

  21. You weaken our future club scene if you can play for a Dublin club and play for Mayo.
    Dublin clubs would headhunt some of our talent.

  22. I would echo previous sentiments about Andy. If ever there was someone who epitmonized the reasons why I believe we are so proud of our county and our team it’s Andy.

    He is relentlessly positive , realistic , kind , determined , resilient and just filled with love of his family , his County , his team and football itself.

    He is someone whose absolute refusal to be angry , negative or bitter is in itself inspirational .

    If anyone ever asks you “why do you still support this Mayo team “? Tell them it’s because I want to be like Andy Moran , I want my children to be like Andy Moran and frankly , by asking me that question , I want you to be more like Andy Moran.

  23. Was listening to former Galway players on Newstalk earlier today and going by what they said it looks very likely that Galway are going to win the All Ireland this year and be the ones to end Dublins 4 in a row!! Had to turn it off as it was very hard to listen to. Rochford should use it as motivation for the 13th. The disrespect they showed towards Mayo irritated me no end. Roll on the 13th May. Come on Mayo

  24. I understand that there is still 29 of last years panel available, Alan Dillon Retired and Donie Newcombe being omitted are the ones losing out. New Players added Adam Gallagher, Nial Douglas, Michael Hall Cian Hanley taking the panel to 33, not sure if hanley is on the development or main panel. James Durkan got added to the development panel, last year it was 6 players, 5 named initially with Stephen Duffy crossmolina added later. I believe Duffy and Carr are injured. Cunniffe is back playing with Ballagh, didnt play a part in the FBD after being selected. Gallagher moved into the main panel. Matthew Ruane and Brian Reape not on the main panel but still maybe on the development panel. Alot of potential young players to choice from Treacy, Naughton, Reilly, Akram, or an older head in Brain Gallagher.

    I watched the archived Under 21 Club U21 A and B Final games last weekend on Mayogaa.tv “free to view” Andy Moran gave an interview after the Ballaghaderreen Daviits game. He predicted then and has done on other occasions James Carr and Matthew Ruane to play a role this year, regretfully James Carr got injured. Both games has alot of Mayo hopefulls on display and some that should be wearing a Mayo U20 shirt in the coming months.

  25. @Sean Burke. Its a county selection policy not a rule or rulebook.
    If you want long term strong clubs you need your county players in those clubs.
    It would be naive to think that selecting one or two from.Dublin clubs wouldn’t within a few years have knock on effects in more of our players playing in Dublin clubs.
    If Joe Scmhidt had no issue with Simon Zebo playing in France the knock on effects would be the Irish rugby provinces being filleted.

  26. So very true Swahili. What a fantastic role model for our next generation. Bless Andy. How will we wait another month?

  27. For the love of …..Mike, Kieran Fitzgerald (Corofin) was on with Des Cahill and Joanne Cantrell, and Kieran’s take on it, is that Mayo, on recent championship performances are justifiably favourites, and feels that Galway will have to play out of their skins to win. You are a super team with loads of experience, and some hardy bucks being added. But then, don’t take any heed of me – both parents from Mayo!

  28. I agree with Kieran. We must be favourites,the only time I met Kieran i found him very sound

  29. Just watched that excellent interview with Andy What a wonderful ambassador for Mayo he is. So positive and still full of ambition ready to give it his best yet again as we get ready for another wonderful adventure following this team of which we can be so proud. I remember how well he was playing in 2012 before suffering that injury against Down and have no doubt if we had had a fully fit Andy in that years final and indeed the following year we would have won at least one All Ireland in those years.

  30. For the love of Mayo… What are you on about? Former Galway players? He never said that Galway were going to win the All Ireland and beat Dublin..

  31. Andy Moran. What a legend. This is why were all half mental supporters because we follow men like him. Players no people like that should be admired and followed in their endeavours to win the allireland and if they don’t we can honestly say we know that they gave it their best shot. . Players are mimicked by kids since God knows when. When you hear the young lad kicking over his goalposts saying a great point by Moran to win the allireland you’d say jayus I hope he turns out like that. Some players from other counties if he said their name you’d think good footballer but I hope to fuck he doesn’t turn out like him. I for 1 would be happy if my lad conducts himself like Andy Moran.

  32. JP If a player from a junior or intermediate club in Mayo, transferred to a senior club in Dublin ,dont you think that because the standred would be far surperior it would benfit the Mayo team .

  33. @Norris .. In Fairness most true club player’s would stay where . A relation of mine a few years ago was playing underage football with Mayo and was asked to play for a Dublin club .
    Without going into details … He would have been very well looked after re accommodation and part time work .. He decided to stay at home club and commute as he actually loves his club .

  34. Tuamstar maybe not in so many words but it was how I interrupted it! I I happened to turn on the radio while dropping kids to activities so only heard about 5 mins. I’m not sure which Galway player was speaking as I think there were 3 of them but whoever it was said Dublin definitely don’t look as strong as they have, are there for the taking and Galway are just as good as Dublin!!!

  35. It was 4 weeks now until the Galway game. Steven Rochford trusted his players 100% but still decided he’d have a little spin around the county to make sure they were all behaving themselves and in bed.

    He pulled up in Breaffy and tip toed through the darkness to the o’sheas house. Peeping through a window he could see Seamie, a hunky dory bag tipped up over his face as he finished another one. There was empty hunky dory bags strewn across the bedroom floor. “Ffs” Rochford cursed to himself “and him telling me he was on a diet”.

    He made his way to the next window and peeped in. Aiden was inside, the phone up in front of the face and him taking a selfie. A big smile in his face. “Ah Jaysus here” Rochford muttered to himself.

    The 2 o’connor brothers slept in the same room and were just making their way to bed. As they passed each other Cillian seemed to give Diarmuid a sly dig in the ribs.

    He didn’t have to sneak up to Boyles house. He was outside dressed in full garda uniform kicking the tyres on the neighbours car and checking the discs to see if they were up to date. He checked the neighbours car every night. Someday he’d nab them.

    When he looked in Morans window, Andy was pulling his chin up over a chin up bar.
    “F**k sake, did this man never stop”.

    Connor Loftus was fast asleep when Rochford peeped in and had been since 5pm. He had pyjamas on with teddy bears on them. “Jesus Christ I have to toughen that lad up a bit” thought Rochford.

    All he could see were Leeroy Keegans toes as there was a long line of all star trophies on a bench running alongside his bed.

    It was 5am when he got as far as Barretts house. There was no need to sneak up here. Rochford heard what sounded like a full blown ceili coming from inside. He peeped in the window and saw Chris on top of the kitchen table leaping and hopping to a hornpipe. He finished the dance by doing a full reverse treble summersault off the table on to the floor. “Holy sweet lantern Jesus” Rochford gasped, “and him supposed to be coming back from injury”.

    Rochford drove home and tried to forget all that he had witnessed. Did the feckers not realise that it was only 4 weeks to the Galway game. He even wondered if Seamie thought the super eights was a new meal size at McDonald’s. There was goin to be a serious team meeting on Tuesday evening.

  36. JP What i was saying if the player worked and lived in Dublin ,and his club in Mayo was junior and with little hope of getting near the county team because of the grade he played ln If had any ambition to play county football he would join a senior club in Dublin,

  37. Norris
    I wouldn’t be as worried about a couple of transfer as much as the migration of players to live outside of the County. Not just the ones going overseas like liam Irwin to london and Micheal Forde to Australia his year but also next generation drain.For teachers like Varley and the young Kelly sisters for instance wouldnt it be a better idea if we got these young sports men and women teaching jobs in Mayo where they can raise there future families and remain playing for their clubs. Over the years you notice the sons of Mayo parents representing other counties, Basquel, Mchugh for Dublin Finnerty Galway. There is alot of people on here raising families in the capital and other counties, Our County cant support all types of jobs but surely teaching ones can be catered for. Just look at the number of players in our county panel how many are actually living in Mayo and will raise families in Mayo.

  38. As the count down continues one thing is for sure, the team will be ready and we fans will ROAR!! Maigh Eo Abú, always!!!

  39. Mayomessi, you’d want to have a word with Richard Bruton to see if he could have a special accommodation as regards to class sizes in Mayo if all teachers from the county can be catered for.

  40. Mention of Finnerty there in terms of changing colours.

    Walking out after the All Ireland last year, I couldn’t help but overhearing a Dublin woman on the phone. She said she was delighted especially after the comment made by that spiteful man on Up For The Match the night before.

    I had watched the programme and felt that he did overstep the line at one point to be fair.

    I was a bit young at the time, but looking back at footage of the ’96 brawl, I think Finnerty may have been the first man in to raise the elbow there too!

    Anyway, I have 1st cousins, aunty, grand aunt in Galway, but there is just absolutely no doubt about the colours that make my heart beat.

  41. Very funny stuff revelhino. I hope you are making a few pound from your writing skills somewhere.

  42. Thanks very much Dave. I get paid in compliments here on the blog. The only writing I do is what I do here and I only do that to add a new dimension to things so people can smile. I was smiling away to myself last night typing that on my phone and imagining the happenings. I’m glad you had a chuckle.

  43. With u17 and u20 competitions now run on a round robin basis, are minor league and north west cup going ahead this year. Does anybody know when u17 and u20 championships start.

  44. Revelhino
    It’s a great imagination you have. Some production manager somewhere would be interested in seeing more of that.
    It’s a strange few weeks ahead, nothing for 5 weeks and then bang, one of the biggest games of the year.

  45. Thanks Dave and to all the othet nice comments from different people.
    It’s 4 weeks to.the match. Don’t wait 5 weeks to turn on your TV or yea will miss it 🙂

  46. There was a few articles in the media the last couple of days in relation to the impact that Cora Staunton has made down under. They were very interesting reads and it was great to hear the high esteem she was held in by her teammates. Between her and Andy Moran, you’d be very proud of both of them and be very proud to be from the same county as them. They are great role models and you would think that they will both go down the coaching route in the future. There is still plenty of life left in both of them too on the playing side of things! Thanks for the memories so far and best wishes for the future.

  47. Keep writing Revellino … in stitches at 8am on a Sunday … the cillian & colm part very good 🙂 🙂

  48. Cant remember as much anticipation for a Mayo Galway game..And still a month to go..Hadnt realised who we could be facing in the qualifiers if things go awry on the day..Heightens the pressure…

  49. Willie Joe congrats to your home Club Aghamore on winning two All Ireland Senior Scor titles in Sligo on Saturday, Set Dancers and Musical Group are All Ireland Champions, some achievement for a rural club.

  50. It’s a major achievement alright, Gerard – and it’s not the first time either that the club has had All-Ireland Scor winners in recent years.

  51. I don’t buy this story of the all importance of the Mayo Galway game on May 13th. Sure it would be great to beat them and knock them off their high horse but the really important games are later in the summer. Losing to Galway did not matter at the business end of the season for the past two years unless you consider that Mayo would have done better in the final with less games. That is a question with no answer. End of the day Mayo were in the finals, Galway were out in the QF’s, both years. This year Galway had the chance to beat Dublin in the league final if they had the courage to go for it when Dublin were down to 14. They hadn’t, sitting back defensively and letting Dublin dominate. You won’t win by letting the opposition keep possession.

  52. Really liked the way Nathan Murphy let Andy’s retort that “we love big games” hang in silence for a few seconds.

    Booked the flights home on Friday. We go again….

  53. Last year in Salthill Galway finished poorly same as League final. If we’re head to head I fancy us more especially after the ambush of 2 years ago when despite a very poor first half we found ourselves 5 up at one point, all Mayo and Galway fans then expected a predictable Mayo win without too much fuss. Goal that day caused a huge change in Galway’s confidence. Galway had an early tactic that day of conceding all kickouts to Kevin Keane giving them enough time to set up a blanket. As well as Galway goal Mayo were flat that day apart from our 1 purple patch. I think we treated Connaught as routine for a couple of years. I think team will be at 100% championship pace on May 13 and will need to be to win. I’m expecting a great game unless the Galway Shawl ruins it and even at that Roch and Co will be looking at other teams going ultra defensive. It can still be a very entertaining game despite how teams might set up.

  54. Stuffy Deck I expect a dower dirty game with Mayo below strength and and a long way from full championship fitness. They will line out against a team with the puke football and dirty tactics they have gleaned from the Tyrone model of 15 years ago. The the game you are trying to bill as the be all and end all of games is a quarter final 3 months away from the business end of the competition. I know you will tell us that the sky will fall in if we do not win etc. On this trajectory what will it be like if are successful and reach a SEMI final. I believe Rochford is more tactical than this. Your billing of this event is more in keeping with the events of a generation ago.

  55. Regina If we were to lose to Galway on May 13th we will not know who our opponents are until the relevant draw is made.

  56. Reply to AndyD – The reason that this game is important is the length of the road in front of the loser. Round 1 of qualifiers followed by the Super 8s.. There are a lot more games to navigate to make the semi final testing the depth of our squad. Win Connacht and you will be much fresher come August when comes around

  57. Agree Galway exile with some of that point. We have a lot of big players missing and a big squad that need championship time. It is easier to go the front door but not the end of the year if it is the other way.

  58. If we go front door – we have 5 games after the Galway game – IF we are to reach semi final.
    If we lose to Galway – how many extra games are involved to reach semi final?
    I know there is the danger of a tough draw away from home in the qualifiers.

  59. Galway will have match fitness & sharpness won’t be a huge surprise if we don’t win & have to slog it out …. just hope it’s a game of football & none of this pulling & dragging crap !

  60. Last year we lost a Connacht semi, so went into the second round of qualifiers. There was 4 qualifier rounds in total.

    I think because it’s a Connacht quarter this year, the losing team will have to play all 4 rounds in order to reach the super 8s.

  61. I would like to think the same Ann Marie but I believe it will be the pulling and dragging variety this time. The tribesmen have invested heavily in this variety. It’s unfortunate for those who enjoy a good game of football alright

  62. I heard today that Robbie Henshaw is in line to return from his dislocated shoulder, 9 weeks after injuring it. While I appreciate that all injuries are different and players recover at faster rates, this makes me hopeful that we will see Leeroy return sooner rather than later this season.

  63. Panel released on Connuaght Telegraph earlier today.

    The 29 players still in the squad are Chris Barrett, Fergal Boland, Colm Boyle, Ger Cafferkey, David Clarke, Stephen Coen, Caolan Crowe, Jason Doherty, David Drake, Patrick Durcan, Brendan Harrison, Lee Keegan, Robbie Hennelly, Keith Higgins, Danny Kirby, Conor Loftus, Kevin McLoughlin, Andy Moran, Barry Moran, Shane Nally, Cillian O’Connor, Diarmuid O’Connor, Eoin O’Donoghue, Aidan O’Shea, Conor O’Shea, Seamus O’Shea, Tom Parsons, Evan Regan and Donal Vaughan.

    They are joined by development squad members Sharoiz Akram, James Carr, Neil Douglas, Adam Gallagher, Michael Hall, James McCormack, Fionn McDonagh, Peter Naughton, Matthew Ruane and Ciaran Treacy.

  64. So with the super 8’s, a team can be beaten twice and still win the all ireland.

    I wonder how the groups work. Am I right in thinking you can actually lose 3 games now and win the all ireland ?

    If team a wins all 3.
    Team b beats team c
    Team c beats team d
    Team d beats team b.

    I assume the + / – points difference we see in the league would come in to play with 3 teams tied on 2 points. Therfore you have a team having lost 3 times in the championship going on to the all ireland semi finals having been beaten in the province and twice in the super 8’s.

    Have I missed something or is this correct ?

  65. These ten players, plus Cian Hanley and James Durcan who have also been added to this list in the last number of weeks, brings a total of 41 players training at the moment.

  66. Adam Gallagher is hardly on development panel when he was playing most of the league?

  67. Lads – can we ease off on the speculation on who’s in and who is out as regards the panel? I don’t want to see comments referencing specific players claiming people think they’re on or off the panel. Unless you can provide a link to a specific media report supporting your claim then don’t make any such claim here.

  68. We have a fair few players coming back from injury and won’t have much football played this year. Now this could work in our favour as some of these lads have a lot of miles in the legs and the rest might well be overdue. It’s also a slight concern that the likes of Higgins and Harrison have hardly kicked a ball since October.

  69. I intend to compile an analysis of all Mayo related finals, secondary School, Senior club, minor, Junior, U21 and of course Senior since 1978, 40 years in total over the nest few weeks, this may tell us something as to a failure in winning those games.
    On the Galway match, if the manager can’t get his squad up for it and win it, I fear for the All Ireland campaign, sure some easy teams can be beaten through the back door option but hard to see Mayo beating the Dubs in a final after a long hard slog ( my preference would be a match v the Dubs in a semi or quarter final ).
    By the way, Varley was in flying form for St Vincents in the Dublin championship lately, even without the usual good supply from Connolly, I intend to see him in the next match, Willie Joe can fill us in his progress.

  70. TH is Cian Hanley on the main squad or the development squad? would be more sense if he is on the latter IMO. I have feeling Rochford and co are playing mind games in regards to C O Connors injury and i would expect Keegan to make quick recover but the Galway game will come too soon for him.

  71. Pj..I realise that a draw has to be made..Losers of the Monaghan/Tyrone game a possibility for the loser of our game is what I was talking about..

  72. Group 1 Munster and Connaught winners +Leinster and Ulster runners or who beats them in the play off Group2 Leinster and Ulster winners + Munster and Connaught runners up or who beats them in the play offs Semi final winners of group 1 v Runners up of Group 2 Group 2 winners v Group 1 runners up

  73. Reading that Connacht Telegraph report if true, Neil Douglas at 28 in a development squad 8 years after playing his first game is really stretching credibility. This really would be a backward step, full panel if deemed of the required standard but development panel makes a mockery of the whole process

  74. Not only do I think you can lose 3 times and.still win the all ireland Im begining to think that there’s a possibility you could end up having 2 counties playing each other 3 times if both were to get to the all ireland.

    Play once in the province. End up in the same group through the beaten team qualifying through the qualifiers.

    Both teams finish 1st and 2nd in their group and go on to win their respective semi finals. That’s 3 times the teams would have to play each other.

    They’re making a balls of the whole thing.

    Imagine been able to lose 3 games and still win the all ireland. Then you might play a team 3 times and only manage to beat them once and still end up as all ireland champions.

    A balls I tell yea.

  75. Adam Gallagher scored 9 points and got motm against Tyrone in 2014, roll on 4 years and he is on development panel ?

  76. I wouldn’t read too much into who’s on the development panel and the main panel at this stage, I’m sure Rochford didn’t divulge a whole lot to reporters. Adam Gallagher for example will in all likelihood be on the bench for the Galway game and could very likely be sitting beside Cian Hanley. There is no definite panel until Rochford names his first match day squad regardless of what’s said in the papers.

  77. Ah I given up hope on Rochy looking at players impressing at club level,he just doesn’t seem to pay attention to it and probably won’t bring anyone else at this stage.There was the likes of Brian Gallagher, Enda Varley and Jack Reilly giving stand out performances for there clubs in the last few weeks and there all left footed players too,None of them called in he is sticking with the panel he had 2 years ago, along with the 10 players in development squad which I am very happy with lads hes incuded here, but they probably won’t see game time this year, would love to see how young Ciaran Treacy, Peter Naughton, James Durcan , Fionn McDonagh and Cian Hanley get on all lovely pure footballers which I have all seen play.It will probably take Cian a while to adjust to the O’Neills Size 5 again tho.
    As for Kevin Walsh he has scouted Galway all over according to people I know at work last Autumn and brought in a number of talented players one a midfielder Ciaran Duggan from Annaghdown who was Man of the match v Corofin in the Galway senior championship last season were they only lost by a point.Watch out for him May 13th he should start with Conroy midfield, he handled Brian Fenton really well in the League final and kept him very quite.
    Others include Thomas Cooke, Barry McHugh up there with Dean Rock at free taking, Sean Andy O’Ceallaigh, and Sean Kelly.
    I did here something at work in Galway tho that the relationship between Corofin players and Walsh wasn’t at its best again.

  78. I have no doubt that Steven Rochford will be going with what he considers the best players in the county. I have no doubt about that. He’ll be going with whatever players he feels give himself and Mayo the best chance of winning Sam.
    Maybe not everyone will agree with his choices but he’s the man with his bum in the hot seat and he is the man who has to face the questions.
    After the job he has done over the 2 seasons he has been at the helm I certainly wouldn’t be 2nd guessing him. I think the County are lucky to have him in charge.

  79. @TH…re Corafin and Kevin Walsh, Could it possibly be that Corafin play very attractive, positive, and successful football and don’t bother with the ‘Galway Shawl’ approach?… And Galway under Walsh don’t!…Not that it lessened Galway’s delight at beating Mayo for the last two years… But Yeah I heard similar murmurings as yourself , but like many a rumour in Mayo as well, Galway are not immune to that sort of thing either.. Sure we’ll see when the time come’s! ,.. Re the Mayo panel, surely anyone on the development panel or the real panel can play if selected as of now… But I think an official panel has to be drawn up before 4.30pm throw in May 13th. I imagine it’s very tight margins between some who will make it, and some who won’t!

  80. revellino…..hope you dont mind an addendum to rochfords late night lurk on his main men!

    5.30 am and as he pulled in to kevin mcloughlins driveway he could hear the muffled sound of music from the slightly ajar window……..he recognised the tune…..he peeped in the window and there was Kev, propped up against his pillow, matchsticks propping his eyes open, remote in hand, ….Stephen looked at the big screen on the wall to see what on earth he was watching at such an ungodly hour! and there it was, in slow motion….with the soundtrack to Celine dions ‘MY HEART MUST GO ON’…….the wonderful last gasp johnny sextononesque point he had delivered to save Mayos bacon………and repeat….and repeat…..and repeat………….

    Rochford prayed for a power cut so Kev could get some kip….. next he headed for Ballyhaunis………….he stealthily sneaked into the garden and again looked in the window…….Keith appeared to be fast asleep, snoring contentedly……but, Steven was distracted …….Keith wasn’t alone…..gasp….he had company under the duvet!! Steven groaned in anguish as it slowly dawned on him that the long slim outline with a slight curve that accompanied Zippy to bed was his league winning HURL!!! Mother of God, it was time to up the Psychologists hours…………

  81. Goodman mayoandproud. That’s another 2 of them accounted for. I was getting excited there near the end of your story but it turned out to be a hurley stick that was in the bed 🙂

  82. When did that rule come in Leantimes Remember when the Prodigal Son from Crossmolina used to return in and around June or mid Championship for the serious stuff.Will we ever see a left peg like Macs again a joy to watch, just a pity he wasn’t in this current crop, we would have Sam landed at least 3 times by now.Its 17 years today since Cross won the Club All Ireland.He was brillant in that game.

  83. Meanwhile the 2 Aghamore men, Harrison and Boland had been summoned up to the clubhouse and were being lectured on how to achieve that winning mentality and how to get over the line and win an all ireland……….round and round they stomped, you lead Brendan, no you lead Fergal, I’m still injured……..I’ll play the flute instead……HUP!!

  84. After Galways performance against Kerry in Croke Park last year – Kevin Walsh had no option but to scour the county looking for new players to step up to the mark – time will tell if has found them. With Mayo coming within a point of the all Ireland – the requirement was not as high for Rochford. There are plenty of new players in the development squad – I have no doubt if they are showing well enough in in-house games- they will get their chance. Varley got plenty of chances with Mayo and is shooting was erratic at best.

  85. Not sure TH,… My understanding is that 26 official player’s be named for a panel that any of them can start in the first 15,.. For any given match.. But the 6 substitutes, if 6 substitutes are to be used must come from the 26 originally named… With the current Mayo team we do not always use our full compliment of permitted subs! …. In Stephen Rochford reign, we don’t need to take too much notice of the named player’s to play a few day’s before the match, we only need concern ourselves with the 26 named,. And 15 will start from the official 26. But we never hear until the day the subs listed.. A few of which will probably be starter’s!… I am not 100 % certain of this but I think a panel of 32..must be officially named before the championship begins,… From this panel, a game day panel of 26 comes, and finally a team of 15 to start…. If someone leaves, injured or dropped from the bigger 32 panel, I don’t actually know can that player be replaced or not by someone outside of the 32.. As I understand it!

  86. Km79 Barry Mc Hugh still has to make his championship debut, so although he is only a novice compared to Rock the early signs are good.

  87. Leantimes …. Yes the player can be replaced, but that player cannot return to the panel of 32

  88. Leantimes – that’s simply not true. There’s no requirement whatsoever for counties to name championship panels, nor, if they choose to do this, is there any rule on how many names should be included. Match-day panels of 26 need to be notified (not published) by competing counties a few days before championship games and the 15 + 6 players used in the game in question need to come from that 26. That’s the only rule on panels that exists at the present time.

  89. There’s no loss on Barry McHugh’s eye for a goal, if the League match in Pearse Stadium back in February is anything to go by. One to watch, for sure.

  90. Well said, Willie Joe. Barry, a very unassuming lad, is naturally accurate, and is now also contributing more from general play. Must say, I love his “Billy’s Boots” style of footwear – may be an angle there for Swahili to investigate… It would be terrible if he awoke on May 13 to duscover his trusted boots had “done a runner”!

  91. @Willie Joe, ..Thanks for the clarification, as regards to the championship panel’s ,or not …I have obviously bought into an Urban Myth or Rural Myth as the case may be of County panel’s.. I did say that I wasn’t 100 %sure! . But we probably still won’t know the full 26 from which our starting 15 will come from until about 15 minutes before throw in on May 13th… Stephen Rochford and Co, like to keep the opposition guessing until as late as possible…. I am actually happier with the situation as you describe, it means that in theory, Ger McDonagh, Alan Freeman and Kevin Keane (the 3 who I am most disappointed about leaving the current panel)..could in theory return to the panel!. Even if it’s is a very unlikely seneario.

  92. When I become President of the GAA, Uchtarahain na peile gael or whatever it is, help me out there oilean Acla.

    I’ll covert every factory in Mayo and we’ll have 14 new footballers coming down the conveyor belts every 15 minutes.

    I’ll divert 70% of all monies from the Gaa to the Mayo training fund as well as the annual 22 million that I’ll get the government to pump in.

    Mayo will play all their matches wherever the f**k they feel like playing them.

    Every Mayo game will have a referee called Joe from the County Mayo reffing it. He’ll keep the job as long as he is impartial. Sort of.

    The away supporters will be limited to 4 tickets.

    WJ will present the Sunday game helped out by his panelists Micky Conroy Ciaran Mc and Andy Moran. I’ll be a regular guest myself.

    When the weather is extremely bad Ciaran Whelan will be asked to do the post match interviews on the pitch without an umbrella.

    These interviews might or might not be shown on Rte and in fact, might not even be recorded, but Whelan will nontheless be required to conduct these interviews in particularly violent weather.

    Traffic lights nationwide will be converted to remove the amber light. The green and red lights will remain on permanently in honour of Mayo football. Dublin gaa will be asked to pay the costs of any resultant accidents.

    I’ll be opening a new night club in castlebar called copper bowl jacks.

    These are only a few of the measures which I will have implemented in my first 20 minutes in office. I have a great vision for the good of football nationwide.

    I look forward to visiting the Dublin gaa blogs during my term of office to see such comments as “ah, you cannot blame the system”. “The game might have been played in Mayo and reffed by a Mayo man, but we cannot use that as an excuse, we have to beat them on the pitch”. “Fair play to them. 11 all Ireland wins in 10 years”.

    “Wish me well in my new role”.

    Is mise le meas.


  93. MayoNews have named a panel and a development panel in today’s paper and unsurprisingly it differs from the Connacht Telegraph version.

    Adam Gallagher & Neil Douglas have moved from Development squad to Main Panel. Maybe Stephen was reading the Blog !!!! ?

  94. Redcol, the difference between the telegraph and Mayo news shows that no panel has been announced and as there is no rule forcing Stephen to announce one then at this stage an official panel probably won’t be announced, Stephen would be right to, keep everyone guessing. Reporters are just taking the players remaining and having a good guess at it.

  95. That Telegraph article is pure speculation. Completely agree with Mayomad – no information coming out of the camp so we’ll suggest that the three absentees are goosed for May as that should engender a bit of panic.

    I can’t for the life of me understand the hysteria over the composition of the squad. If the management are coy about releasing that info then we should have the cop on to steer well clear.

  96. Good man Revelino… you’ll get my vote…irony is a dish best served with tongue in cheek… keep on writing and the games will come in good time to save your sanity… and mine. Too much speculation isn’t good for the heart either. We need to develop a bit more trust in our management… they’re close to getting across the line and I firmly believe they will get us there. Maigheo go deo…

  97. @Revellino.. I would definitely vote for you in whatever election you run in…. Dail, County Council or GAA… The only possible election that I wouldn’t vote for you is for the Senate… I don’t have a vote in Senate elections and I don’t think we need a Senate in any case, unless Revellino was the sole member… And. Sorry now that I think about it, if you were to go for Pope, I don’t have a vote in Paple elections either!…. I think you would make a great Taoiseach, I could easily see you bringing the bowl of Shamrock to Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Stormy Daniel’s or whoever is making America Great again in the White House or the Jail House or whatever house they are in by March 2019…. You are the only Man that can make Ireland great again…. And Mayo the permanent All Ireland Champions by exclusively fair mean’s.. But now come to think of it, I I can think of several men, that if you were to bring them with you to the State’s with the Bowl of Shamrock,and leave them in America never to return, they would fit right in there with Trump and Pence, and Ireland would improve just by their absence, and America would improve by their presence….Your a genius Revellino….. Vote for No 1, Revellino!

  98. @ leantimes. Just pulled in at work and read your post. I’m laughing my arse off. It’s far funnier than what I wrote 🙂 your a funny man.

    Have to run in to work or I’ll be getting a hard shoulder and it won’t be from a kerry man either.

  99. Revilino and Leantimes ye should write and produce a musical on Mayo football and take it to the West End the back end and the canal end. I am available to play one of the more handsome members of the panel just give me sufficient notice to give up Supermacs the fags and book the ol liposuction and hair transplant. I can see it now your names in lights………..

  100. Surprising there isn’t a goalkeeper on the development squad.An injury to Clarke or Hennelly or both,would mean bringing another keeper in cold,not ideal in a championship situation.

  101. Mayo News (Mike Finnerty) article seems on the money. It ties in with the players who have been on the league panel, those who departed and those who had been added via announcements (Cian Hanley in the main panel and James Durcan in the development squad).

    On the basis of previous years, unless there is an injury crisis, it is unlikely that development squad players will make appearances this Summer.

  102. @Bacdoorsam your hired. 1st performance tomorrow night. Sorry for the short notice but we have to get the show on the road.

  103. @The Musical is to Premier in Rocky’s Castlebar .. ‘The..?????? Horror Show’…Backdoorsam, Don’t give up the Cigarettes or Super Mac’s… Trump is making America Great Again by eating McDonald’s every evening…. & every condemned man always gets one last cigarette before the firing squad shoot him, so if you can make that cigarette last, you will live longer… Everybody must undergo Botox treatment, and have a new hair do, you have to be at least as handsome as the Donald for this musical.

  104. Knew Leeroy and Harrison were both out, but had expected Cillian to be ok.. Losing him would be a serious blow. Not only is he our best free taker. He leads by example, always shows for the ball and never allows himself to be bullied. That game v Tyrone was a disaster and now we look forward to the Connacht version of Tyrone with the Tally inspired tribesmen. Cant say I feel confident about this game and would not be in the least surprised to come a cropper against Galway. Expect a dour niggly nasty game but wont care if we win.

  105. Seems to be a lot of reminiscing by Galway supporters to 98 , a long time ago but a fine Galway team with players that will live long in the memory of GAA enthusiasts. Could this be the next great Galway team to capture Sam Maguire . They seem to be building nicely , as much as it will pain us the reality is most neutrals fancy Galway to do us three weeks Sunday . Keegan out is massive but Cillian too now it seems and we really are against it

  106. The big question is if Stephen and company have a backroom plan to counteract the galway blanket or is it the galway shawl they might want to call it to make it sound a bit fancier?
    If we do then reckon we can win, if not then it’ll be a case of running up blind alleys looking for frees.
    We know what they will bring, niggle and a packed defence, comer will probably succumb to the red mist sometime in the second half and be first man into the shower, but if we dont have a plan to get over (literally) the galway shawl then we’re in bother.

  107. I think that Galway will love to hear us talking about their defensive style with a lofty attitude. It could give them extra motivation to show their attacking talent.

    We can’t all be pulled up the pitch, leaving oceans of space at the back either.

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