A new year of football beckons

Well, it’s finally here – 2010 was forgettable for many reasons so it’s good that it’s now confined to the past and in its place we now have a shiny new 2011 to look forward to.  Eternal optimist that I am, I’m hopeful it’ll be a better year than the one we’ve just had (in truth, it’d be difficult for it to be as bad) and that, on the football front, we’ll get more chances to stretch our vocal chords than we did in 2010.

Weather permitting, the FBD gets underway on Sunday week and we open our defence of this particular crown down in Ballinamore (if you’re based in Mayo, for ‘down’ read ‘up’ ) and, as that’s under 100 miles (just about) from here, I think I should be able to make it there to witness at first hand the start of the James Horan era.  Can’t wait.

I managed to catch some football today as well, in the form of the annual Dubs v Dubs Stars match, which this year took place over at St Brigid’s.  A football match on New Year’s Day is always going to be a bit of a pointless exercise and today’s game pretty much fell into that category but it was still good to be able to mark the start of the new year with some live action.  An almost unrecognisable Dublin beat an even more unrecognisable Dubs Stars by 3-14 to 1-17 so the little lad was happy to see his team chalk up their first win of the year.  Wait ’till we get them at Croker in March, though.

6 thoughts on “A new year of football beckons

  1. Happy New Year Willie Joe and fellow Mayo fans. Here’s hoping that 2011 is a better year for us. I am booking the trip to London for the first time and would like some advice on the best hotel to stay in for craic. Is there normally any event/dinner/function for Mayo fans the night before the match? What are the best pubs for craic? I presume Heathrow is the best way to go. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. A gang of us went over in 06, we stayed in cricklewood, the team were staying in the crown moran hotel ( very expensive ) we’ve booked already, flights have already doubled in the last week! Staying in a b&b in cricklewood, don’t know of any events yet for the weekend, if i here anything i will post here.

  3. Heathrow is fairly expensive to get into, if your coming from Mayo the option to fly into Luton with good ole “O leary jet” is often chaeper…as the match is in Ruislip the Days Inn next to South Ruislip tube station is a good destination, though Im not sure about any crack around there. see ye there.

  4. And remember the Champions League Final is on in Wembley on the Saturday night so hotels and flights are likely to get very very dear!

  5. Was looking for tickets for that final, cheapest was E1100 and dearest E2800!!! Can safely say i’ll be watching it in some pub in cricklewood!

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