A small bit done, a whole load more to do

What’s a guy to do when there’s no news to report? In my case, head to the Results Archive workshop to fill in a few more years. I’ve now completed details of match results, line-ups and scorers, for both the Championship and NFL, back to, and including, 2001. You remember that one – don’t you? We won the league that year, beating Galway by a point in the final at Croker, but then were rather comically felled by the Sheepstealers who clinched victory over us with an injury-time goal in the Connacht final. Then we lost to Westmeath in the qualifiers (this was the first year for the new championship structure), starting what has been, for us, a rather unhappy association with the backdoor route.

I expect to complete the results for the 21st century inside the next few days – it’s a tedious job, I must admit, rather akin to wading through a vat of treacle in your wellies (not that I’ve ever tried to do that, mind) – following which I’ll embark on the rather more formidable task of compiling the county’s results for the previous century.

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