A warm hello from summer

I thought it might be an idea to let all and sundry know that I’m now well settled in a few thousand miles to the south of where I normally operate.  You’ll no doubt sympathise with me when I tell you that the weather in Lagos has been largely overcast since I got here on Sunday evening, though perhaps I’ll be stretching your desire to empathise with me when I let you know that it’s a nice 35°C or thereabouts every day.

Yerra but it’s only work and, for my sins, I’ll miss the Mayo takeover of Government Buildings back at home tomorrow afternoon.  Oh well, one can’t have it every way I suppose.

The internet works fine here (much better than when I was here two years ago – I gather a new submarine cable has been landed in the meantime) and being back in Africa is as fascinating and eye-opening as it’s been every other time I’ve managed to get to this amazing continent.  I’ll say no more on that or I fear I might start to come over all gushing and preachy and that really wouldn’t do.

With the good internet connectivity, I should be able to do the needful on team news for the weekend once those details are released. I’d say, though, that I could be a bit behind the curve with this kind of news on this occasion.

And that’s about it – I’m here ’till Friday night with an overnight flight back which involves a stopover, meaning that I won’t land back in Dublin ’till mid-morning on Saturday.  It won’t come as any surprise to learn that I don’t plan to get to either that day’s U21 championship match with the Rossies or the following day’s one against Armagh.  And I hear that there’s some talk about a white Paddy’s Day – just the antidote needed after a week of summer weather.

PS: I see it now appears all but certain that the league match with the Dubs will, after all, go ahead on the Friday night.  See – told you I’d be a bit slow to pick up on all the news.

6 thoughts on “A warm hello from summer

  1. That Hogan Stand report is just a rehash of the statement the County Board made in relation to Dublin’s initial moves to have the match switched to the Friday but it does appear alright that the latest effort to move it from Sunday has now been vetoed by Central Council or whoever it is in HQ that makes these decisions.

  2. CCCCCCCC……..C have said match couldn,t go ahead on friday as it might set a precedent of players looking for compensation, for time taken off work on friday!!!

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