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A full week on now from our latest All-Ireland final defeat and it’s not getting any easier, is it? I did say in the immediate aftermath that this one could well prove to be the hardest one of the lot to take and a week on I’m even stronger of the view that this is how last Sunday’s agonising one-point defeat to Dublin is fated to be recalled. No, easy is not how it’s going to be.

The stuff that has begun to seep out in the days since about ructions within the camp in the lead-up to the final won’t exactly help the healing process either. United we stand, divided we fall and all that. Regardless of this issue, however, the recovery time from this particular final defeat was always going to be longer compared to twelve months ago and the process far more painful.

Last year it was far easier to regroup and go again. Sure, we left that one behind us too but, apart from the first ten minutes, we played pretty well in that final and it was fairly obvious that a redoubled effort in 2013 would leave us well placed for another serious tilt at Sam.  Can we say the same now of 2014?

I’m not sure what we can say at the minute, to be honest, and I’m not sure what we should be saying right now either. Maybe the best thing would be to let everything calm down and to leave all thoughts about next year until the raw emotion that’s currently swirling round – one increasingly dominated by anger, by the looks of it – has subsided.

We will be back next year, of course we will, and it’s very likely that James and most of the current squad will once more carry our hopes into 2014. We’ll know as early as this coming Thursday what our Connacht championship campaign for next year will look like and once the draw is made it will help to shift the focus away from last Sunday and onto next year.

Dealing with defeat is never easy, dealing with repeated defeat is even harder. But dealing with self-inflicted defeat has to be the hardest of the lot, which is why, I guess, even a week on from when it occurred the pain is still as raw as it was then and the anger about why it happened continues to rise.

But deal with it we will and once the New Year comes around the appetite will start to come back. Belief will take a while longer to be restored but in time that may happen too, even if it feels right now that it’s going to take a fair bit of convincing to elevate our hopes to that level ever again.

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  1. There are many people out there who haven’t got over 1996 yet and that was 17 years ago! Without trying to sound too pessimistic but I honestly believe there are people who will never be the same following this defeat or should I say the self inflicted manner of it.

    If Dublin had hammered us out the gate it wouldn’t actually have been as painful. Its the fact that they played so much below par and with 13 men for the last 10 minutes or so and we still let it slip, that’s what hurts the most. Time will ease the pain but it definitely wont heal.

    bye bye 1996 hello 2013, the new chapter in the house of pain. But even in the ashes I see hope and new ideas on how to break this cycle, very simple ideas which would certainly increase our chances of success dramatically, if they were taken on board that is.

  2. There’s only one true cure and that’s to be All Ireland Champions 2014…………The dream never dies it just seems to recur.

  3. Jimmy Barry Murphy used a few simple words yesterday that we should take on board – ‘We’ll take our defeat like men and move on’

  4. My biggest worry going forward is no matter what players, if any, are discovered before next years championship, is the possible physiological damage that has been done to many of these players and indeed management.

    We shouldn’t forget this, in fact its probably the first thing which needs immediate attention.

  5. James H is without doubt a good manager, his solid attitude has always been impressive but with the baggage and more specifically big day performance questions, and all these damn rumours, he now needs to think out the future and issue a clear statement of intent backed by player commitment.

    hopefully he wont let it brew much longer.

    WJ, you kicked back at me earlier this week for questioning why Freeman came off while coc and a moran stayed on, but this still needs to be answered. Sure, the lads scored well but freeman was looking like he had his man and more goals were to be had.

    If he left us it sounds like he would devote his time to his profession and family but wouldn’t we all get a fright if he ever took over Galway!! Some irony if we were faced with that again.

    god, we are our worst enemies at times.

    Maigh Eo Abu

  6. A new year will bring new hope and hopefully one or two forwards will step up to the mark.there is no reason why we shouldn’t find ourselves in a quarter final again and let’s just see what happens from there.its not easy being a mayo fan at the moment this was the hardest defeat to take roll on next year

  7. I don’t think it’s a case of either/or in relation to them, Mayo in Kerry. The Freeman substitution has never been adequately explained (perhaps never will be) and I can’t see why any switch was made then. Clearly, the first two forwards that should have come off were Kevin McLoughlin and Alan Dillon and I still don’t see any case for taking off either Cillian or Andy.

  8. Haven’t really commented yet on the game so far. No question this defeat hurts so much more than last year. We left it behind us. The rumours of discontent before the game actually make me sick. I don’t understand how any player could be pissed off with Horans team selection pre game, I really don’t? I could understand some guys being pissed off after the match due to a couple of strange subs by the management, but NOT beforehand. I think most mayo fans were very happy with the team selection for the final??

    I can only conclude that certain individual(s) got annoyed they weren’t starting, and chose to throw their toys out if the pram the fucking week before an all Ireland final. They should never be given a jersey again if that’s the case. Mortimer got dropped for the same shit last year, why should this be any different??
    There is no point in feeling sorry for ourselves. We were beaten by the better team on the day, but only just. I think Horan has revolutionised mayo football, and firmly established us as a top 4 side. We are now in a position where an all Ireland semi final appearance should be the minimum expectation every year. Forget history or tradition. We have a conveyor belt of talent coming through, a massive fan base, resources the envy of most counties in Ireland. I have no doubt in my mind we will win 2 or 3 all Ireland’s in the next ten years. However we have to keep striving to improve. I think more coaching needs to be done in forward play and movement. We were so static in the full forward line last week. Unfortunately some of our forwards are not natural scorers, and it is so much harder to coach these kind of guys to perform under intense pressure at the highest level.
    There is no reason why we should not win it next year. Past performances in post AI final years have no relevance to today whatsoever. We are number 2 in Ireland right now, and it will just take a tiny bit of improvement from everyone( and a bit of luck) to get us to number 1.
    Keep the faith everyone, we are almost there.

  9. Mac’s left boot, you seem to be only guessing what may have happened in the days before the final, so it is a bit unfair I think to assume “individual(s) got annoyed they weren’t starting, and chose to throw their toys out if the pram”

  10. Willie joe

    That’s why it’s so important that men with game reading skills are placed around the field watching the game and relaying issues and possible solutions to a man standing just beside horan.

    The changes/ lack of changes last Sunday were big factors in losing the game. Forget that aos didn’t have a good game in midfield, he was left to flounder and struggle for the way too long, anyone can have a bad game, not a problem, the problem was not moving him or replacing him.
    James horan can lead these fellas to glory, he has the team if he adds one or two new forwards and gets the “spotters” in place for these big games. He has more than enough to do organizing and picking a team, seeing what’s going on during a high pressure game like a semi or final in Croker park is very hard for anyone much less a mayo manager with the added pressure of all these losses in finals.
    I honestly think the winning players are either on the panel or fairly visible to the people in the know in the clubs.

    2014 is as good a chance as any other year if they can pull together and bring in the help needed, be better set up on game day and leave 2012 and 2013 where they belong, in the past.

  11. Over the past week I’ve been trying to convince myself to think positively and look forward, but have to face it, I’m fooling no-one, least of all myself. Still completely and utterly gutted. More so than any year, even ’96, because of the nature of it. And worst of all, not being in Mayo, no-one out there in the real world understands 🙂

    Agree with Mayo in Kerry above that this all needs to be put to bed sooner rather than later – the silence from the camp is getting unnerving as are the unsavoury rumours; though indeed, maybe there’s time needed to heal by all parties before a word is uttered. But some indication or statement of intent would at least steady the ship for now.

    At the minute I’m really struggling to see a way back, but a defeat like Sunday’s will always knock you sideways and hopefully next year will bring with it a new and more optimistic perspective. And some more emerging talent.

  12. Tom
    I don’t think he had one, or else he didn’t pay any heed to him or else the spotter was lining up in the concession area for pints and chips while the game was on. Id have at least 2. Both in the upper stands and wired up discreetly for permanent contact with the sideline.
    It mightn’t win every game but it sure as hell would give Mayo advantage in a tight game like last Sundays.
    The semis and finals Mayo could be involved in, in the coming years with this team would be tight affairs, we need to be giving ourselves every advantage. Learning to tackle correctly has been a big advantage this year, lets see what new skill they can perfect this coming year and have the sideline doing its job as well

  13. Anyone else remember how the team supposedly thought on their feet during the Tyrone game and worked their way out of a tight situation by themselves…that was said a few times even by management in the aftermath…

    Perhaps too much was made of this.Eh, at little of of direction from the sideline during a game wouldn’t go astray the odd time too….would have helped in the final that’s for sure.

  14. No. 1 How do we know that the management did not have a spotter or spotters in the crowd?
    No. 2 “I can only conclude that certain individual(s) got annoyed they weren’t starting”. More like a certain individual got annoyed when told he would play no hand, act or part in the match. And that reason for this decision was solely down to the player concerned himself.
    No. 3 Mayo management and players are obviously adopting the adage “what happens in the dressing room, stays in the dressing room”, Maybe that is a good thing for all concerned bar us supporters. As someone posted here a few days ago, if the real story got out to the national media then it is not the management that would be protrayed in a bad light. In a strange way maybe the management are “protecting” the player from any possible backlash that may occur. Either way it fucked things up before the weekend and it helped to fuck things up on the day of the game too.

  15. Tom, you asked me yesterday what I thought the spotter was doing.
    Gone to Specsavers, is the answer.
    Either that or someones’ hearing aid had fallen out !
    I mentioned yesterday that for the big close matches in Croker we need proper tacticians high in the stand & also in front of TV screens so that nothing is missed.
    The question that has now entered my mind is this …. Did Mayo Management provide greater help to Mayo or Dublin in attempting to win the 2013 All Ireland ?
    It seemed to me that every decision made or not made actually made us weaker.
    Probably not intended …. just the way it worked out on the day.
    That such a question could seriously be posed tells us everything we need to know about Game 6.

  16. Back at work today and have never been a thankful to work in an office where there is little or no interest in GAA, just myself.

    This defeat has knocked us all for six. Tom61 says some people will never be the same again. I don’t think il ever be confident going into a final ever again. Last year against Donegal I was worried but this year, was full sure it was there to be won….any the depressing thing is, it was. Dublin didn’t show up but didn’t need to as we didn’t perform to the level we know we can.

    I don’t want a full media report on what happened before last weekend in the camp. No point airing the dirty laundry in public. If rumours are true, then it truly is sickening. It should however not be used as an excuse for the final performance.

  17. I have refrained from commenting for the past week but now that things have settled down a little bit I feel like I can be ‘slightly’ more objective in my reading of things.

    Firstly – the mistakes. There were many, by both players and management, on both sides. Ger’s last touch on the ball, Cunniffe (I think) not picking up a simple ball before a Brogan point, McG and Dillon not at the races, some bad wides, ball not sticking inside, Freeman substitution, Higgins negated after half time, Hawkeye, the 45, substitutes not contributing, AOS not his usual imposing self… Again, there were many.

    I was not and I am not overly happy with how James Horan and Co. handled their end of things last Sunday. I believe that Freeman staying on would have been the winning of the game. However, if Conroy had kicked 3 points and we won then it would have been the right call. There was every reason to think that he might have done that based on his showing against Tyrone and his contribution previously against Dublin. I am speaking as a fan.

    James Horan is a manager who has taken Mayo from their worst year in living memory to 2 All-Ireland finals and another Semi Finals in 3 years. He is a county winning manager with his club and was a past All Star footballer. His knowledge of the game, his experience and his record are there for all to see. He is easily the best manager I have ever seen at the helm in Mayo. Easily. At a time when football is at its most advanced.

    There isn’t a single poster here who can claim to be better placed, or to know someone better placed, than he to continue on in his position. Yet we feel the need to criticize. Constructive criticism is what is needed but we have to be careful not to be overly harsh on players or management. Emotions are still running high and a massive backlash serves no purpose that I can see. Horan and the selectors will know themselves what mistakes were made. You can be sure that they have already looked back and analysed every aspect of the game. Do we, the supporters, have a right to an explanation for every decision he made the last day? No. Those are the big decisions that a manager makes in big games. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. Freeman is a big lad and will be disappointed but he will take it on the chin and get back to work.

    If there were other issues in the lead up to the game then we have to trust Horan to deal with them in whatever way he sees best.

    On the positive side of things;

    Looking forward to next year, why are we so fearful? We still have one of the best teams in the country. We should win Connaught. We should progress to a Q/F and probably a semi final. From there, it all starts again. Do you think that Keegan will lose interest in the game? That Boyle will start to pull out of tackles? Not at all. These lads will go about business in the usual way and will face whatever challenge they must.

  18. Just a question, Would the “spotters” have put 6 of the 9 wides recorded in the first half over the bar? Would the “spotters” have passed the ball better in that first half when our passing was poor and our handling was worse?
    Management AND PLAYERS (not all of them, but by my reckoning 6 of them) have to accept responsibility for their part in the defeat. The players performance in the first half put us in trouble and the managements performance in the second half failed to get us out of it.

  19. Is there a growing anti-Horan sentiment building?
    I have always rated him but now a week on I’m having some doubts.
    The fact is practically every decision made last Sunday didn’t work out, and now the problems within the camp don’t sound good

    Will he have the total blind support of the panel that s required to start over?

    One example of this will be Kevin Keane and Shane McHale. Both on the panel for 2+ years but neither deemed good enough as a replacement for Cunniffe in the semi-final or final. What’s their incentive to continue with JH? Does he feel he can’t trust them on the big day?
    This example can be repeated thoughout the field.
    One thing for sure whether it JH or someone else there is zero point in trying new forwards unless they have serious pace. Higgins was the only forward capable of beating his man, because he had the pace to do so. Pat Spillane kept repeating it all year – Mayo forwards have no pace….

  20. Juan, Citywest and Steve – belated apologies to all of you: I’ve just cleared out the spam folder and found comments from all three of you languishing there. They’re up on the site now but obviously should have been days ago as they shouldn’t have ended up where they did.

  21. Puckout has hit the nail on the head there about Keane and McHale. I have never seen McHale let the side down and yet he never got a chance. Walsh and Regan too have been in the panel for two years and never got a go. Danny Kirby scored 4 goals in his last outing as a 20 year old in the FBD and has never got a run since.

    We are too conservative with our selections. look at the young lad that Davy Fitz threw into the mix the other night. 3-3 and he won them the AI. We would never pull a move like that.

    If you think that 10 of the lads who marched behind the Artane boys band last week (and it would have been 11 if Clarke was fit) also started John O’Mahoneys last game in charge in Longford over three years ago, then we need to look at our policy for bringing players through.

  22. Clare have just won a Hurling All Ireland with basically an Under 21 team in their first cut at it ….. younger, fitter, faster, hungrier.
    Totally agree with Richards’ comments above.
    We are way too conservative in our selection policies & there never seems to be any consequences for poor performances either player or management.
    As I said in a previous post the issue for management now is keeping a growing and increasingly disgruntled player group still interested.
    It may or it may not be possible to do so & that has to be the key consideration going forward.

  23. Kevin Keane, in my opinion, was a genuine contender for an All Star before last years final. However, from that day to this his form has fallen away and he doesn’t deserve a start ahead of Barrett, Cunniffe or Higgins for the corner back slot. I like the lad and hope to see him recover his form but there are no signs of that happening yet. His performances in the league were “ropey” also. He came on against Tyrone in Castlebar and was soundly beaten and Mannion skinned him countless times in the league semi-final in Croke Park.
    McHale is a different case though. He was very good against Kerry in the league game in Castlebar but was only O.K. in Salthill when he came in for the injured Cafferkey. He, like Keane, is young and can improve. But they both MUST improve to get into the starting 15.
    Regan was getting a start and appearances in the league this year but could not clear up a few niggling injuries. This hampered him and he could not get a run of games to show what he could do. The opposite to Carolan I suppose.

  24. I feel it is a lack of ruthlessness more than conservatism. I agree with the earlier reference to a lack of consequences. Certain players seem to have their places secure regardless of recent performances. Personally if a manager went out over the Winter and found 20 new players – unrealistic I know – and used them to replace the entire panel and produce a better Mayo then so be it.

    Clare were in the doldrums for years and considered a soft touch. Then Ger Loughnane took over and put them though hell, no excuses accepted or sympathy shown and they went on to win All Irelands. The legacy of that was apparent on Saturday evening as one of his players from that era managed a team that went to CP and brought the Cup back over the Shannon. No players making speeches in Ennis of winning it next year while comfortable in the the assumption they will actually be on the panel.

  25. Now lads and lassies, a slight side-step on the current thinking. I am asking a question, this is not an opinion in case anyone wants to have a go:

    Is it possible that all those easy victories had an effect on the mentality of the team?? I felt in the first half against Tyrone there might have been some complacency in the mentality. They were not the team we were used to seeing, no hunger. Just a thought.!!!

    Aidan O’Shea was the focus of a great amount of praise from everywhere before the match; he’s young, could it have gone to his head??

  26. Well said pfb.plenty of gunslingers on here.Of course we’re all depressed, angry,dejected etc after the final,and some of the suggestions on here are clearly posted through these sentiments.I personally have no answers to our performance or lack of,but I’d hope that the experience will be used in a positive way,by the players and whatever management is in place,to strive for success in 2014.

  27. @ opt2misteek, I agree with pfb but I agree with the “gunslingers” as well; all entitled to their opinions and emotions. As Harry Hill might say, “Fight, Fight!”

  28. Would agree about the lack of pace in our forward line. I believe Keith Higgins needs to get extended time in the number 11 jersey next year. We certainly were toothless up front when he went back last week. However there is no question dublin would have scored more in 2nd half if he had stayed upfront. I have a lot of time for both keane and mc hale as corner backs, and i think they will both have a big say in mayos future, but lets be honest here, they are not in the same league as Higgins.

  29. Horan getting all the stick because we lost. That’s the cult of the manager I suppose. When you win you did everything right, and when you lose by a point you did everything wrong. Reality is the truth is somewhere in between. Gavin made some shocking decisions too last week but nobody is talking about them because Dublin won. If mannion had not got injured I believe mayo would be champions. OGara not starting was ridiculous from their point of view. He was outstanding when he came on. Likewise jack mc caffrey starting ahead of Darren daly was the wrong call for them, and don’t forget he made a schoolboy error of using all his 5 subs by the 53rd minute, leaving 2 men hobbling around the pitch for the last few minutes. Gavin was one lucky man that we did not catch them at the end because he would have been slaughtered in the media. Just bear that in mind when being so critical of Horan.

  30. Whatever about bad decisisions made or not made by jh in the final I’m sure he done what seemed right at the time. Let’s hope for Mayos sake that he doesn’t make a huge mistake and walk away after building a team into something that can win.
    He’s right to let it all cool down, the best thing is not to rush a decision in the heat of it all . If he and his management step back a little and have a look at what can be done to improve the team, panel and decision making on the line in the big games, things could work out very well.
    Davy Fitzgerald can never be touched by anyone again after that young fella got the 3 goals, it looked like a genius move, however, let’s not forget that Clare allowed a massive lead to slip and davy fitz would be the greatest idiot on the planet for starting a young fella that was out of his depth.
    It’s a fine line, we lost a game that given 2 minutes more we probably would have drawn or won, against what’s being touted as a beginning of an era Dublin team ( they said donegal would win back to back titles too).
    I think the Mayo fans are right to be annoyed, it’s so frustrating, so close and so far. A game we should have won.
    There’s a lot of emotion invested in the game in Mayo, I know of a few mayo people that had trouble eating and sleeping in the weeks before the final, it’s a big deal for them.
    All we as fans can do is throw ideas out on forums like this, maybe somebody will take a grain of some idea and use it to help Mayo over the line.

    Like a petition to get pearse Hanley to come back for the June, July, August and September 2014 or some other crazy idea

  31. The problem as I see it is that at the highest level of the game – i.e. All Ireland finals 2012 & 2013, our half forward line does not function effectively. Especially the last day. What is our game plan for the half forwards? Are they to scrap around the middle for breaking ball? Do they carry and run it forward? Do they play it quickly into space? or, high into the full forward? And as for defensively?? What do we ask of our No.11? Is he to be the playmaker and link-man between our half-backs/midfield and our attack? Or is he another converted half-back there to win ugly ball? There needs to be a serious think about how we want to progress our attack and about how we want to play and consider the best men for that job. We are blessed with 3 very good keepers, a back 6 that is the envy of the country, a midfield that, with a bit of mobility added, is on a par with the best in the country, a full forward line of Freeman, O’Connor and Moran that offers a bit of everything but we need to be imaginative in how we decide to supply that full forward line. O’Connor as a No.11 maybe?

  32. I am full of a motion and joy. The “positive people” are back with all their cultured, logical, measured and serious comments.

    All us emotional, uncouth and ignorant folks will be castigated and berated for our illogical, negative comments. We don’t know anything with our “Benny Hill” comments. Ask opt2misteek, he will fill you in. OH WOE IS ME!!!

  33. Some good points there Mac, if Dublin had lost then Gavin would be slated for using all his subs so early. But now he is a genius. In the back of my mind the past 2 years is the notion that we don’t have a forward who can hit 2-5, 1-7 etc when the rest of the team are struggling in games and other big name players are not in it. Brogan done that in spades for Dublin. He only needed a few half chances and converted.

    Half backs racing up the field and scoring are great but in a final you will get caught out like we did. We still all don’t know the Freeman story and probably never will. I am looking forward to seeing one or two minors in the squad for the FBD and national league.

    Our u-21 team will be interesting next year. Worth noting that Clare had 10 u-21 players on the team last Saturday. Amazing really.

  34. @ Mac’s left boot….all fair points about Gavin’s decisions but…he gambled and he won.
    We gambled (or didn’t depending on how you look at it) and lost. How Mayo couldn’t push on and win, in the last ten mins, against an effective 13 Dublin players is unbelievable really.

    Someone raised the question of the squads confidence in James Horan going into 2014. (whatever about the supporters for we don’t kick a ball)
    Given we have lost two finals with him at the helm and the broad agreement that both finals we’re winnable, albeit for getting the matchups wrong (ala last year) and making apparently dumb substitutions (this year), plus you factor in whatever issues there were in the camp in the week leading up to the final then yes, I think that’s a valid concern.

    Before I berate his decison making on AIF day, to be fair, he really didnt put a foot wrong in any match leading up to the final. Its on final days that he seems to have a problem with. He himself constantly harps on about the simple mistakes we (I mean the players) made and our “basic skills” let us down. I think Horan needs to look beyond just what happened on the field, do a reality check of his own crisis management skills. For the AIF is a crisis that comes down to decisions that are made, under pressure in seconds and minutes. He must be prepared to take criticism from his advisors and then use that as input on how to ensure he makes the best decisions, without delay, on the sideline, that enable Mayo to win.

    Despite my unhappinness with some of his dumb decisons on AIF day, I am prepared to back him for another year. Its not that he deserves it, but he has earned it.

  35. Good post there as usual Pebblesmeller. The half forwards were the line that let us down most the last day. We had two converted backs in there and another forward that didn’t perform. Short of finding a new playmaker, I think it is worth chancing Cillian out there. Alternatively Carolan/Regan/Kirby need to be brought on and developed in that line.

    I think Horan fell into the trap last year of thinking that more of the same but done better (better tackling, better ball retention) would be enough. The question of personnel was somewhat neglected, a few lads like Barrett and Seamie were brought back but no new blood as such. This is what is needed for next year, for whoever is in charge. I think unless there is a good overhaul in the playing personnel this year we will fall early enough next year.

    Horan messed up big time in the final and probably cost us the match. That being said, he has brought us into the modern times over the last 3 years. Another manager would have seen us floundering around at the level of Galway or Meath, living on past glories.

  36. Being new to the site and not being familiar with the name calling terms here, I wondered what is meant by ‘gunslingers’.

    Is it meant to be flattering or nonflattering, negative or positive, constructive or destructive?

  37. Joe mc I’m getting tired of the snide digs at me after I post.I’ve said I haven’t the answer but I’m a glass half full type of person.As you say everyone is entitled to their opinion and I make no apology for mine.You have sneered at the ‘positive’people at every turn.Negativity never won anything but you’re entitled to your opinion.I used a little humour to lighten the mood but obviously it wasn’t appreciated.We both,as everyone else, want the best for team Mayo and as I said in my last post,I hope lessons are learned by everyone.Arguing among ourselves does no good so as far as I’m concerned I’m finished with it

  38. opt2misteek- I sincerely apologise to you. I took that as a snide remark and reacted accordingly.. I was trying to be funny and I misread your humour, sorry.

    About “positive people”, I got a lot of flack during the year, as did others, when we made honest constructive criticism. It’s a bit of a bug bear of mine. I don’t like being scoffed at when I am trying to be positive. I can’t remember who was responsible but I don’t want to include you; we can smoke the pipe of peace, even though smoking is bad for your health.
    You see I believe it’s important to highlight it when constant mistakes are not being corrected. I want the team to succeed and they won’t if they keep on repeating correctable mistakes. In any job if a person doesn’t correct their mistakes they are in trouble.
    I respect everybody’s opinion but when they scoff at mine or other posters I am inclined to respond suitably. Once again, I got it wrong, sorry!!!

  39. You asked our opinion Joe Mac on whether the easy games had an effect mentally on the team, I’ve thought about that over the last week and I’ve come to the conclusion that the side had one main objective all year and that was to beat Donegal ………..once that was done and done with such efficiency that the great hunger became diluted………….Half a shift against Tyrone followed and a non shift against the Dubs …………Maybe we met Donegal too early and that we put them away with such ease probably let complacency creep in…………………Sometimes it’s very hard to keep the focus.

  40. Just a quick point… Lots if reference being made to how successful the young Clare hurlers were..so many u21’s and even teenagers playing for them and starring, ie O’ Donnell and Kelly. However, I don’t think we can compare this to football. In hurling you can get away much easier being young, not fully physically developed. Your speed and agility can more than make up for lack of physical prowess.

    Yes we need some new younger players to make the break though but only exceptional 19/20 ur olds make it onto a top football team … Most are 22/23 before they establish themselves. As u said, it’s much more common and easier for young lads to excel in hurling, as it’s a faster and less physical game.

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