I’ve had very little time (and even less inclination) to write anything about tomorrow’s final but a few brief words are in order, I suppose. Words like Up Cork, Come On The Rebels, that sort of thing. I hope they’ll do it, not least cos I tipped them for Sam way back before the Summer we didn’t have but, in truth, no such self-important kind of reasoning is required. It’s Kerry they’re playing for feck’s sake and everyone outside of Kerry will (or at least should) be rooting for the opposition.

Kerry do not, of course, need another All-Ireland title to flaunt around the place but, of course, they’ve already plenty of reasons lined up as to why their “hunger” for victory is as strong as ever dish ear. You don’t need me to repeat them here. The bottom line is that Kerry want to win it every year, they want it so bad every year that they’d like to play the All-Ireland twice every year. Kerry, every year, Kerry, every year, Kerrrrrrrraaaggghhhhhh! Come On The Rebels!

2 thoughts on “ABK

  1. See my comment of 22nd of May and your response of the same date. We weren’t too far out!
    It’s as pity that Kerry won, though you have to have a grudging admiration for them. What Johnno needs to do over the winter is to turn it into a hunger in our bucks to stop Kerry getting the one thing that they want more than anything else – the 3 in a row.
    Try anything – red meat, hypnosis, warm blood, promises of the 40 virgins – whatever is necessary! The attitude has to be ” Thus far have ye gone and NO FURTHER!”

    Keep the Faith!

  2. You have to hand it to them alright and you can be sure they’ll be back more determined than ever next year in search of the three-in-a-row. It’s a sobering thought that, but for Tyrone in 2005, they’d have completed a four-in-a-row today.

    Tyrone, if they ever manage to field a full-strength team again, look like the only county that might be capable of living with Kerry in an All-Ireland final. Others (as Monaghan so nearly proved) can compete with them up to the final but very few can once they get their beady eyes on Sam in the final itself.

    We have to be realistic and admit that they’re in a different league to us right now but no doubt come the New Year we’ll all have taken our delusion tablets and be back dreaming those dreams all over again!

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