Achill and Balla set up tasty Junior final

Photo: Mayo GAA TV

Today was JFC semi-final day within the county and following this afternoon’s two penultimate round ties it’s Achill and Balla who will contest the Pete McDonnell Cup two weeks from now. Achill got the better of Kilmeena by 2-14 to 0-16 at MacHale Park in Castlebar while over at James Stephens Park in Ballina it was the boys from Balla who emerged victorious, beating Killala by 0-17 to 0-9.

I wasn’t in the west myself this weekend but, like many others, I had a ring-side seat for the Achill/Kilmeena semi-final thanks to the excellent Mayo GAA TV service. It really is a gift to be able to tune into the club action regardless of where you happen to be located, either within the country or further afield globally.

Achill grabbed control of the match at MacHale Park right from the start today and it was a hold they never subsequently relinquished. For large parts of the first half Kilmeena were unable to get the ball up the pitch at all and Achill’s dominance in the possession stakes was reflected on the scoreboard, their lead stretching to nine points at one stage.

That gap was pared back to six at the break but although Kilmeena made a determined effort to chase the game in the second half it was always going to be a tall order. Their hopes of reeling Achill in ended when the Islanders bagged a rather fortuitous second goal, when a booming effort for a point cannoned back off the upright and Michael D McNamara was perfectly positioned to punch the rebound to the net.

I’ve no idea what the story of the match was over in Ballina but I know a man who does – Colm Gannon of the Mayo Advertiser was there and his match report (which includes a round-up of the main JFC results) is here.

Just to confirm the results of those other JFC matches played today:

JFC A Championship

  • RELEGATION FINAL: Ballina Stephenites B 0-18 Crossmolina Deel Rovers B 1-11

JFC B Championship

  • SEMI-FINALS: Kiltimagh B 6-10 v Moygownagh 2-7; Claremorris B 1-10 Westport B 0-10

JFC C Championship

  • SEMI-FINALS: Louisburgh B 1-8 Burrishoole B 0-8; Parke B 2-8 Belmullet B 0-12.

This weekend’s JFC action – and much more besides – will feature in the next episode of the Mayo News football podcast, which will be online and available to listen to this coming Tuesday. Sure where would you be without it?

78 thoughts on “Achill and Balla set up tasty Junior final

  1. Once again great to see the junior clubs getting their due recognition thanks Willie joe.
    I was in Ballina today for Killala v Balla and while Balla were the better team by far their wastefulness in front of goal in the first half will worry their management. Granted there was a wind in their faces but they made poor shot choices at times.
    For me Val roughneen was Balla’s best player with five points and a mountain of work besides. Barry Duffy and Gerard Holian were unable to start due to injury and if they don’t recover in time they will be a big loss going into a tough contest against Achill who will not be one bit worried about Balla. Achill have a great junior championship record over the years.
    Ballina must be the nicest pitch in Mayo yo play on fair play to Strphenites it was in beautiful condition.

  2. On the Western people today It’s expected that James Horan, Michael Solan and Enda Gilvarry are expected to let their names go forward for Mayo manager selection before Wednesday nite and the County board have stated they expect no one outside that trio to enter the race.

  3. I wonder would the three lads work together – Horan as manager and Solan and Gilvarry as selectors. Would be happy enough if they did. They would have a good knowledge of whats out there in club football and young talent.

  4. Hopefully Horan with Solan as selector will get the job but if I know the county board like I know the county board they’ll give the job to Solan on his own. Not that Solan wouldn’t be a bad appointment but he could do with more experience so being an understudy with Horan would be a good appointment

  5. Agree with Backdoorsam, I think Solan on his own is the most likely outcome.
    The best outcome is the two lads together with Solan continuing in his U-20s role as well.

  6. Solan as selector only works if it is Horans choice from the beginning. Horan will not take the job if it’s on condition he takes Solan as a selector and he would be right. There can only be one boss and the backroom team must be his and only his choices. Otherwise it creates confusion, who really is the boss, Horan or the man behind him who is going to be boss soon. James Horan will never agree to sign up to train someone else to do the job. If Horan is serious about taking the position and I hope he is then he already has his selectors picked.

  7. Solan was aware of the damage Hyland caused against Dublin and Kerry but he put no plan in place for him in final and Hyland ended up scoring 10 points, 8 from play. I do not think he is ready to be senior manager. I also don’t know what he would offer to horan as selector only that he would be gaining experience for the future.

  8. IMO Solan isn’t ready for a job as big as this. Yet. Sure, he has done well overall in his role as u21/20 manager (albeit the final v kildare being a major blot on the copybook) I would believe he would seriously benefit from either taking a senior club role, ideally in Mayo or another county. There’s plenty of time for Solan to learn his trade, so to speak, but being given the no.1 job in the county? Way too soon and I’d hope he recognised that too but certainly a strong candidate for the future.

    In a nutshell it’s too risky taking someone unproven at senior intercounty management to manage what is a high profile team, unless they’ve done an unusually outstanding job at underage.

  9. East cork exile – there’s no way Solan could be on the senior backroom team and manage the u20s at the same time. I’d leave him as u20 manager if he’s happy there.

    If Horan gets the gig there are other backroom options for him.

  10. If Horan allows his name to go forward , I feel he would probably be the player’s preferred choice based on his experience .I’m sure they all might not want him but based on the options available , he would get the nod of approval from the player’s . Appreciate its not their decision but presume the player Rep’s will be consulted .

  11. James Horan just needs to give the nod and he will be back as Mayo manager. Solan will likely be his right hand man. Gilvarry i think will take over the U20s.

  12. It will be anyone but Horan because that is what the County Board want. They want a “yes” man that won’t want to invest in a professional set-up and will do the bare minimum to keep things ticking along. We got lucky with Horan 7 years ago. He saved us when we had no structure or reason to anything we were doing.

    Personally I think the All Ireland under 20 final showed that Solan is not ready. We put out a basic and disappointing gameplan in a very winnable game. That kind of thinking at senior level would lead to us being destroyed.

    I’m not sure that Gilvarry has done anything in last 3/4 years to be a serious candidate.

  13. I tend to agree with Ger. There are a couple of people still on the county board who were there during Horan’s time and we all know he didn’t get along with them then. They won’t want to see Horan back.

  14. Balla have been knocking on the door for a while now so this win wasn’t unexpected – sets up a very tasty final now between themselves and Achill. Great service from Mayo GAA TV – despite hoping for a feast of football this weekend I didn’t get to see a single game in its entirety but it was nice to be able to tune in online.

    The women’s game looked like an absolute cracker and it’s fair to say the ladies games this year overall were a lot more entertaining than most of what was served up in the men’s championship.

    Re the senior county management, out of those three the most desirable prospect is Horan – no offence to the other two who are fine managers in their own right.

    But if Horan does come to pass, he will (a) need to gain the acceptance of the county board (b) accept the assistance of his selectors on the sideline and (c) let every one of the players on this panel know who is boss. It all feels like a a bit of a tall order to me and I have very little optimism left now about what lies ahead next year. But perhaps my pessimism is just borne out of looking out the window at that weather and it being a Monday …

  15. Solan also never played Ciaran Treacy, Peter Naughton or Jack Reilly in the Under 21 championship for Mayo .Cathal Slattery or Stephen O’Malley this year you would have to question his scouting of players

  16. Tend to.agree with Ger and the “ticking over ” option..Hope we are both wrong..
    Anne Marie this Monday last year was the post All Ireland one..Think Id take today!!

  17. Have to agree with Ann-Marie if Horan is appointed he must be willing to accept contributions and advice from his selectors and backroom team after all no woman or man is an island. And yes it’s critical the new manager lets the panel know who exactly is boss and what he expects of each player no exceptions. Well said Ann Marie

  18. If James Horan is letting his name go forward, he must have a good reason for doing so and have some sort of implicit backing from the County Board. Otherwise, why would he risk a humiliating rejection?

    The question is, will he let his name go forward? Of course it could be all lined up for Horan and still be screwed up in the voting process. Such is democracy; remember Tommy Lyons was supposed to be a shoe in and look what happened.

    While I agreed with Mayomad earlier, on reflection I do see some logic in the County Board trying to push Solan on to the management team if they are happy to give it to Horan; that might be an area that will require a bit of bargaining.

  19. I was at Kiltimagh and Garrymore. Both rested a few, Kiltimagh left off T Keegan, B Gallagher & E Lavin. Garrymore left off T Nally, D Dolan, C Slattery, M Tierney although Nally & Tierney came on. Kiltimagh played wit 13 behind the ball and broke with pace, first half very poor Kiltimagh led 0-5 to 0-3 at Half Time. Second half improved a little with the intensity of the game boiling over at times. Ronan Maleee and Cillian Finn stood out in the Kiltimagh attack. Liam Kelly good at Wing Back. Kiltimagh well organised and pacy. Garrymore were poor on the evening with only Paul Deeley and James King playing well. Declan Corcoran let things out of control near the end with poor officiating. Garrymore should have won it near the finish with Trevor Nally blasting off the crossbar from 10 yards out but it would have been an undeserved win.

    Kiltimagh looked good and you wouldnt know which team was in a senior qf and which was in a intermediate qf on the evening. Would think that Kiltimagh have a better chance of progressing this weekend based on Saturday night

  20. Solan did show a lot of naievety in u20 final re kirbing Hyland from the start. Nonetheless he got them to final and works well with young one. He should be left at u20 level and continue to learn his trade. Horan himself was an outstanding footballer himself, dual all star and highly respected manager. Gaelic is absolutely buzzing in Westport since he took over at helm.
    He is a strong character, will put together his own managent team and not shirk his responsibilities. If we want one more shot with the current team, then he is the man. I also think it would be great to see nallen back with a role to play. But if we are going to appoint a manager who is anything less than the finished article then it will be too late for me of current squad

  21. To me Horan is the obvious choice but like the Co. Board he has to do things differently this time like taking heed of his selectors and not make the mistakes he made with Cafferky and Donaghy and others.
    He should lay it on the line for the Co. Board that he is the manager and won’t tolerate any interference and if they don’t agree, tell them to shove it
    I would suggest Peter Ford and Solan as selectors.
    Solan to keep control of the U/20s with assistance from Enda Gilvarry to ensure continunity

  22. Ann Marie . What do you look for in a manager. I believe the role of manager has changed in my life time. I am interested to know if other people have a different view to mine. The best managers I have come across have been great leaders. The manager of my former days were in the role of Boss, and for good or evil everyone knew who was the boss. but many of them were not good leaders. The top companies in recent times are head hunting the leaders of our time. Leaders have to operate at a different level to the Boss. I do not know who will be the next manager but at least we now have a process. I believe JH is a great leader in the modern sense. Did he leave anyone in any doubt last time around. Do we have the capacity for a great leader.I hope we have, but I do not know the answer.

  23. Ontheditch – football was buzzing was buzzing in Westport before Horan took over, it’s not because he took over. They won all Ireland intermediate ,Lee Keegan won player of year, u21s won county title. Great work done in rice college and at underage. Horan can’t get any credit for any of that.

  24. I have the highest respect for James Horan,he brought us from the depths and let us done at top table,I feel he will have the support of the team because it will need a strong manager to get the respect of this team who have been t top for so long,and he made a statement with Conor,if they don’t get him i can see a few players retiring,however I would give Stephen the edge in been able to make telling changes

  25. Just a thought – Westport failed to get up out of Division 2 Last season and didn’t make it to the quarter finals in championship.This year they won every game in Division 2 and were crowned League champions and have got promotion to Divison 1.
    They topped their group in the Senior championship winning every game and play their biggest game of the season Saturday v Breaffy.

  26. TH – they got no break last winter because of intermediate final, that and the celebrations that followed I’m sure took its toll last year. They also lost one of their most experienced players Kevin keane to injury last year.

  27. just a thought. Westport have produced many fine young players in past but difficulty has been to keep them together beyond underage. The emergance of Keegan and Keane and success at intermediate level has helped. But Horan has been hughely influential in building on that. He has introduced a new level of intensity and professionalism. He his highly respected by the whole squad of players. Just drop down to a training session, I guarantee you will be impressed by the enthusiasm and buzz about the place.
    Are you saying that it’s no credit to Horan where Westport GAA is at the momentum?

  28. Solan should have ambition to manage Mayo senior, but not now. If I were one if his advisors I’d tell him not to even go forward for it.

  29. Ontheditch -Are you saying that it’s no credit to Horan where Westport GAA is at the momentum? No you said football was buzzing since he took over I just said there was a good buzz there before he took over with winning all ireland, county u21, Lee winning poty. Dont want to get into a childish argument just saying he cannot get the credit for all the good that is going on there.

  30. Amazing that Gilvarry name never got mentioned before today and people calling on him to be in different backroom teams now to!
    I just cannot see Horan going for the job at this stage even though he the obvious and best placed candidate but this is Mayo Gaa so expect anything!
    It’s prob set up for solan he ready who knows .
    The county board have made a cuckoo of the whole thing anyway!

  31. If Westport beat Breaffy at the weekend it will be huge for the club and for Horan. Its their first real opportunity to test themselves against one of the top teams in the county. Breaffy are going well at the moment and look like finishing second in the league. Dont think breaffy will approach westport like they did against clarmorris last year , where they showed no intensity and got caught on the hop. Breaffy at full force are serious, but they do blow hot and cold. No matter who wins they will be eyeing up a spot in the final. Id say breaffy by 2-3 if they go about their business the right way. If Westport were to win it could be the start of something big. They are favourites for the county minor and u21 as well.

    In junior its Balla’s to lose, even if Achill brought them to a replay last year in the semi’s i think. Balla had most of the possession but were headless in front of goal. This year they seem to be more effective and more consistent. I think playing in Div 2 has helped Balla no end. They are against many intermediate teams and have held their own in a lot of them. Achill are always up for it in championship but cant see them having enough.

  32. Wish to god they would get on with it,whoever they are going to appoint, personally I would prefer Horan, didn’t have a problem with Rochford either,except minor ones regarding late substitutions,and getting a few of the newbies much needed game time in the league,but the way the county board are going right now, the guys will end up paying for their own boots,like they had to had to in 50/51,only for the captain to go behind their backs and order new ones for the whole squad,and sent them the bill,so even back then they weren’t covering themselves in glory,some things never change,sorry Wille joe,just fed up to the back teeth with it all,and they sure as hell are not helping the cause,are they a secret society or something,that they cant issue a statement and clear up some of the concerns, that the fans of this great team and County have,or are do they care?Doesn’t look like it im afraid,so we are left in the dark once again.

  33. Balla have gained a lot of experience playing Division 2 football. TH. Westport are not undefeated in the league as Balla beat them in there only loss.

  34. Correct GMc – was just about to put TH straight. Balla stronger this year with the introduction of 5/6 lads from last years County Minor A winning team. Didn’t play in junior semi last year due to minor final. Playing intermediate/senior teams each week this year too and holding their own. Age profile of Balla squad very good lot of 22 year olds who have been together a long time

  35. Bizarre interview by mayo ladies judging by snippet on radio this morning. They wanted to make clear that it wasn’t player selection that caused them to walk but then gave no other reason for walking apart from poor or insulting feedback for not been selected! Where was the player safety issue that they initially pointed to as their reason?
    To me it seems like certain players were not happy when not selected and thought they had the power to bring the whole house down. They need more that negative selection feedback before they get my sympathy.

  36. Talking about ladies football, I see in various media outlets, that Dublin Ladies Manager, Mick Bohan is a target for Roscommon, to replace Kevin Mc Stay..Had heard that rumour last week, but seems to be substance to it now.

  37. In other news – just for info there’ll be two podcast episodes online today. The first one, out mid-morning, is the latest edition in the club series and there’ll also be a shorter bonus one later on today featuring some chat about the senior management situation.

  38. I think the Mayo ladies will do just fine without the players that walked out. One or two of them are over the hill now anyway and one in particular never learned to pass the ball to a team mate in a better position. I feel sorry for the management and the ladies who actually stayed on And Togged for Mayo.

  39. A player that walked out is quoted as saying that all players should be treated equally or equality as one of the reasons for the walkout – had she any issue with a player joining the panel a few weeks before the Connaught final and walking straight back into the team. In all county panels at all levels in reality there are only 20 players at most going to be playing in big championship matches – the other 10-15 girls get little or no championship game time. The Cork and Dublin management used a maximum of the same 20 players in all their games – that’s sport at the top level. If you want to go down the road of full equality for every girl – then you play 15 girls in one game and the other 15 girls in the next game.

  40. I don’t honestly know, Ger. This episode is just some chat on where things stand ahead of tomorrow’s deadline for nominations, how the process is being handled, could it be done better, why or why do we keep end up in such a position over and over etc. Nice cheerful stuff, in other words!

  41. look forward to it! As I said last week it’s a brilliant service, although would be nicer to have more positive things to chat through. While I thought a change would be good I don’t know why Stephen was let go where there was no firm replacement in mind.

  42. My take all along is that there’s been no great conspiracy here nor any evidence of a concerted push but that rather that it’s been one big, unedifying cock-up. Nothing I’ve seen since alters that view one iota and the lack of a credible replacement (should JH’s candidacy fail to materialise) would confirm it.

  43. Will the general public / supporters be informed of candidates that have put their name forward or would the clubs just say who they have nominated ?

  44. After being informed of the three potential candidates yesterday, are people surprised that there haven’t been more names in the ring, genuinely interested experienced names.
    I thought there would be major interest in this position. For some reason, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

  45. Could Gilvarry’s candidacy be something like a trainer supplementing a race horse just before a big one? These horses usually win! Think no further back than Saturday and Laurens being supplemented and winning the Champion Stakes.

  46. Observer2 I think quite a lot simply wouldn’t want to touch Mayo at the moment. For various obvious reasons!

    WJ is right…its just yet another cock up!

  47. If James Horan and the county board cannot agree terms and James does not take the job, who would people prefer as manager Enda Gilvarry or Mike Solan. EG managed Ballina Minors to a county title , ballina seniors to a county senior and killala to a county junior title before he managed Mayo Minors that won all ireland in 2013. MS managed Ballaghaderren seniors before he won all ireland u21 in 2016.

  48. That minor team of 2013 had a huge amount of injury problems under Gilavarry I know they had success too but I wouldn’t like to see him involved at this time

  49. Anyone know what the actual process is?
    We know clubs nominate, then what? Interviews and the panel decide? Does it go to the clubs?
    Anyone know?

  50. I think they talk a load of nonsense then they do the hokey pokey turn around 1 3 Times blindfold themselves and pick the name out of a hat East Cork exile and then pat each other on the back and chat didn’t we do well and they all head for a heap of pints

  51. I guess it depends how many names are on the table tomorrow. If there are more than one then some sort of selection process will need to be conducted, the preferred candidate chosen and the choice ratified by the full County Board. Exactly how, when or in what form this is done is another issue as are the number of steps in the process and who might be involved in each.

  52. This is going to be an unpopular opinion on here but I have quite a bit of sympathy with the women who issued that statement this morning. There is no doubt that they have not helped their cause by the way in which they have communicated their issues and the use of the word “unsafe” in particular absolutely had to be challenged, but issues like this are understandably difficult to articulate but listening back to the audio clips (the statement isn’t adequate in itself) paints a deeply unpleasant picture.

    Those women are not shrinking violets and are able to take criticism and a bit of tough love; I remember playing against some of them nearly two decades ago and they were tough as nails then (I still have the scars to prove it). Do people really believe they are so sensitive that they simply couldn’t handle not being picked? Do they really believe that it’s merely a case of “feelings being hurt”? Sorry, while Leahy’s interview was very convincing, there are two sides to every story and one side has certainly articulated theirs very well, but has anyone listened to Sarah Tierney’s clip on Off the Ball? Listen to it from about 27 minutes onwards (and the interaction she describes with Leahy, the emotion she displays and the use of the word “imtimidation”) and see if you think that describes a positive environment for any team player or suggests mere “hurt feelings”. I don’t. And while perhaps things were not handled by them as well as they could be, particularly with relation to the allegation of pressuring other players to leave, clearly 14 players felt there was a serious enough issue – they didn’t just decide to expose themselves to ridicule and villification for the craic. Most people just want to get on with things and play ball; but just like the men a couple of years back sometimes you have to stand up for what you feel is right, regardless of the fact that it will divide opinion.

    The point has been made that the issue is Carnacon’s, perhaps Carnacon players were disproportionately affected? If the balance of power as has been said by many lay with them for so long, then it might not be unreasonable to wonder whether Leahy’s attempt to address that imbalance may have gone too far in the other direction. I’m only speculating; and this obviously is far from clear-cut. But ultimately, things should never have been allowed to deteriorate to this stage and management has to at least take some responsibility for that.

    It appears we’re all too happy to bleat about mental health issues and showing support to people who claim they are affected but only outside of a sporting environment. And listen up girls, feelings don’t matter a shite on the field (Colm Parkinson said so, so it must be true).

    There is no winning for those women today but I said at the time and am still of the opinion that they did not take the action they took with any level of lightness.

    And as an aside, the vilification without proof of Cora as the root cause and instigator of this, and whether you like her or not, the barbed and dismissive comments about the woman who, let’s fact it is this country’s greatest ever female footballer as well as a human being capable of sometimes not making the right decision on the field of play – are indicative of the derision with which certain elements of our “support” have always treated our own here. It was the same with Liam McHale, Conor Mortimer, Ciaran McDonald, Aidan O’Shea and so it shall be.

    I didn’t think it was possible to make the men’s situation look tame, but there you go!

    Also in case you’ve missed it, Enda Gilvarry has confirmed on Twitter that he will not be putting his name forward at this time due to family and work commitments (I’m baffled if that’s the case as to why his name went forward in the first place but nothing surprises me any more).

  53. Enda Gilvary has stated that contrary to reports he is not putting his name forward for the senior managers role.
    On the whole Ladies football issue, two things strike me;
    1. Using the mental health card because you were called lazy really diminishes the term for people who may have genuine issues in this area.
    2. Given that many of the main protaginists have spent their entire career attempting to shake off some of the negative stereotypes surrounding the sport, their actions this morning have done them no favours. Constructive critisism is not bullying and if your mental health is damaged by being told your not training hard enough, maybe find another interest.

  54. Spot on Liam. I would agree with you on most things Anne-Marie but not on this.
    You said “they didn’t just decide to expose themselves to ridicule and vilification for the craic”, I would agree with you they probably wouldn’t. But they have made this thing escalate with their choice of words in this current climate. And they are pushing another button again with mentioning mental health. They have only exposed themselves by saying things like “player welfare”, and “sensitive issues” commenting on 14 young women feeling compelled to leave an organization led by a man but they wont say what those issues are. If those issues are only what they have come out now and described them I’m sorry they are not the tough women you say they are because I don’t see how anyone can put that under what is being described as ” player welfare” in the current climate.
    Then we have Cora saying on the national airways that this “wasn’t a safe environment” and there are “young girls” in there. Where again do those comments match up with the comments made in the players press release today?? No examples that match that description and the terrible connotations that they have.
    They have exposed themselves to this because of what they have said, not what they have done. If they wanted to leave then that’s fine, but I believe they left and wanted to burn the whole house down with them and have picked things to say and to do to support that. They should stop digging the hole because whatever issues Peter Leahy has as a manager, so far the people who have accused him of presiding over an “unsafe environment” “player welfare issues” and impacting on young womens mental health have not backed that up with anything substantial and either they do so immediately or apologize and withdraw those comments as they are going to follow him around in his sporting and professional life.

  55. For the sake of completeness and for those who may not have seen it yet, the statement issued by the player group is here. Mayo LGFA have responded to this statement with one of their own and that’s reprinted in full in a long piece in the Irish Examiner – here. And on it goes …

  56. I don’t know the rights and wrongs of this dispute, and I suspect like a lot of things in life there is probably a bit of right and wrong on both sides. One thing I do know though, it is time to decommission the megaphones, because this circus is damaging to all involved. The less said the easiest mended and there probably has been too much said.

  57. If Enda Gilvarry is not seeking the senior team job, how did his name get included in the running in the first place. Who nominated him without his consent?

  58. Where did Enda Gilvarrys name come from in the first place? Did the county board issue a statement saying they had received three nominations?
    My understanding is that people been nominated had to sign a letter confirming their interest. Was it just another media article linking him to the job??

  59. Exactly SME.
    When I saw Horan name was in there was a small glimmer of hope,but it now seems E.G. didn’t allow his name to go forward,have I got that right?

  60. This year, I seen the Mayo LGFA team play twice…. curtain raiser for the Mens League match’s versus Galway and Dublin,. Mayo beat Galway, and lost a very competitive game against Dublin the All Ireland Champions… For all the world, looked a united team, played very good feisty football . . Reached the league final! What changed?

  61. @Anne Marie, an excellent, articulate and well thought out post… However you are right, it very well may be unpopular, then again no matter what anyone writes about the current situation within the Mayo LGFA it’s going to be unpopular with someone… It’s very sad to see it has came to this.

  62. – I respect your reasoning Anne Marie but I disagree with it.
    – Lined up as if facing a firing squad was a miscalculation
    – Are they seriously suggesting that someone took offence because they were called ‘lazy’. What bubble are these women living in ?, have they never been shouted at, called names or criticised in their lives up to now. ?
    – If you are called in to represent your county or country then it is indeed a privilege. If you leave for whatever reason then that is your choice.
    – Managers have the right to manage otherwise you have anarchy.
    – Players have the right to make themselves available or unavailable.
    – Carnacon have a right to play in the Mayo Championship
    – Back on the pitch, I am really looking forward to the Westport v Breaffy game this weekend. Come on the Covies.

  63. While not as dramatic as this but to the outside world Mayo GAA is tearing itself apart. Why is everything done in relation to GAA in this county, in the full glare of the GAA world and in a right fucked up way.

    It seems there are too many egos be in on the board or in teams. Time to put the LGFA row to bed fast before it sets Mayo back years. The men’s manager also needs to be appointed in a swift and correct way.

    Supporters too need to remain calm and allow the process to take place…we are not entitled to know the Ends and outs of every decision and move.

  64. Have always found Olives comments dead solid and would go with her on this one too. Maybe a few sessions with Roy Keane may bring some reality Into it. It’s beyond embarrassing and getting more difficult to sort as it gets more public.
    I know Brian McDermott went off with I justed shoulder and he would be abig loss. presumably the two Keegan’s will start and maybe Keane will do full back giving Brian O Malley a well deserved break from full back position. A lot to offer further out the field. Looks to be the tie of the qfs.

  65. Rarely disagree with your views Anne Marie but I do so on this occasion. While the girls who walked out said a lot when you actually look at their statement they have actually said very little. They earlier claimed it was welfare issues and not selection isues but there statement does not back this up. In contrast the Ladies Co Board statement is clear and unambiguous. Whatever the case it’s really sad that this happened and also sad that the greatest ever ladies footballer should find herself in this situation at the end of such a distinguished career.

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