Across the Yew Plains

We’ve two All-Ireland finals in a single day to look forward to shortly but, as John Cuffe explains, this double decider appearance is but the latest in a long line of finals the county has contested in recent years.

They came in their droves to see the quarter-final against Kerry. Those old foes from across the generations locked horns for the first time since 1997 and before that we have to go back to the early Fifties and the 1947 famous Polo Grounds final. Cavan at last had their day in the sun and they will see 2013 as a success when one considers the depth of their fall.

In Mayo we at times are almost blasé about big days. We expect them and we get them. The breakthrough year of 1989 unclogged something within the county. It freed up a river and that river has flowed relentlessly since. Not just at inter-county senior level but right across the grades and also including our successful ladies teams. We stand alone for final day destination when compared to anyone else. Kerry head us at senior level but when you add in the rest we outstrip the so-called best.

Dublin’s win over Kerry last Sunday means that they’ve made it to just their second senior final since 1995. That’s the second in eighteen years, folks. We are making our sixth since 1996. Throw in League finals, add in U21 and Minor not forgetting Senior club and scare a year goes by that Mayo don’t have a trip to headquarters for some final or other. In fact in the twenty seasons I cover only 1998, 2002 and 2011 saw Mayo not having a representative in the grades I selected. More than likely they had someone at intermediate or junior in those years.


The table above illustrates the days out we enjoyed, the pain endured and often the ecstasy of victory. To put it in perspective, Cavan in 2009 had a 50th anniversary dinner for the last Cavan minor team that reached an All-Ireland minor final (which they lost.) In Mayo we would declare a crisis if the teenagers weren’t heading eastwards every three or four years. And if we were to honour every Mayo minor team that made the big day, then the county Board would be broke.

I am not a statistician but a quick glance at the table reveals, apart from a fantastic consistency, an unerring habit of coming in double bursts or twice in a three-year spell. Hence the seniors in 1996-7 arrived again in 2004-6 followed by 2012-13. At National League level we contested three finals in a seven-year sequence.

The U21s mirror the seniors, a double burst in 1994-5, and a single in 2001 followed by two in three years 2004 and 2006. Better, the U21s of the latter two dates doubled with the seniors in the same years. The minors go a two-one-two-one sequence. The excellent and bountiful team of 1999 backed onto the 2000 team. Alone stood a team in 2005 that fared poorly against Down but brilliantly gave us the bones of the U21 team a few months later and quite a few of the current senior panel. Tyrone and Armagh’s highly rated minors of 2008 and 2009 were put to the pin of their respective collars before Mayo unluckily were forced to yield. The lessons learned from that group are now in train. Inside the next few weeks the latest Minor model rolls off the assembly line.

Closely tied to county is club. Virtually every second year from 1994 to 2005 a Mayo club team graced Croke Park on final day. Rivalries were put to one side as all the Mayos put the shoulder behind Castlebar, Knockmore, Ballina twice and Crossmolina twice in their quest for national glory. The club sides never disappointed as the nation got to see the depth the county produced in those years. Often it was the loyal clubman who saved the day, eclipsing the county man on the same club team. Aidan Tighe’s block at the death for Ballina against Portlaoise in 2005 or Paddy McAndrew’s fierce determination against Nemo of Cork in 2001.

Not to be outdone, the Mayo ladies since 1999 amassed four senior All-Irelands along with a few national leagues. Throw in Carnacon’s club dominance nationwide and we see that Mayo need bow to neither male nor female. Taking the three years from the twenty under review that didn’t yield a final day out for us we must not see them as wasted. Mayo succumbed in a tight match in 1998 to the eventual All-Ireland winners Galway and in 2002 lost to reigning All-Ireland champions Galway. In 2011, meanwhile, we regained our balance after some dismal years by knocking out the then reigning All-Ireland champions Cork before laying the foundations against a wily Kerry side a few weeks later.

I am no expert but I doubt if a single other county could overlay a similar record as ours. I have carped and cribbed at times but often from a sense of frustration at our ability not getting the final day imprimatur or the respect we deserved. I have let that bone go and am proud of a county that – despite adversary, bad days, poor referees and life’s slings – simply gets back in the saddle and rides across those famous Yew Plains to give us followers days that we will never forget. To the two Mayo teams about to take up arms and don the armour…ádh mór oraibh agus tóg abháile na corn mór.


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  1. Well said John. Puts it all in perspective..How about picking an all Mayo Politicians team. Lucinda in goal please, she,s got attitude, gotta have it between the shticks…

  2. Brilliant piece, John. Had we won any of those finals, we could have been considered a ‘Tyrone’ like team in the 2000s. Instead, people belittle the county. If we win one, it could start an avalanche of ‘wins’ in your column!
    Oh let us hope! Anyway, great piece, well done.

  3. Good article John

    It’s great to be on so many finals and all that but it’s a real sickener driving west on those Sunday evenings into another winter. I absolutely hate that feeling.
    How must the players feel?
    I got a copy of the Tyrone game, in all honesty Mayo should have won it by a lot more. To best Dublin, the simple scores we missed will need to be scored. Shocking bad misses in some instances, there’ll be changes or else!!
    I had put on those rose tinted glasses all week until I watched the video in full twice last night in complete peace and objectively.

  4. Thanks for those statistics, so delighted to have been part of this period in Mayo football. I also rem the barren years of the 70s, 80s until 1989. Great to be a Mayo supporter we have had more days out in The Red and green than any other county. Hope the 22nd Sept will be the icing on the cake.

  5. Well said John. Without getting carried away, if we beat Dublin on the 22nd, then there is no reason why this team could not do two in a row or even 3 in say 4 years. Unless they do a Donegal and end up in the pubs/clubs for the year but I think this group of Mayo players would be hungry for more success. After our defeat last year, Aidan O’Shea said he couldn’t wait to start training again, when I heard that I knew we would be back this year bigger and better. Plus if the Minors manage to make it into the senior team, the future is bright for Mayo. Best of luck to both the Minors and seniors on Sunday week, no reason why we cant do the double!

  6. I think you’re right covey, if they can break the cycle of losses the doors will open up for them and they can win more. They are so close to having the performance needed to do it. Increase the scoring to scoring chances by a a little and it will happen. That’s a firm belief I have, if we scored 50% of the easy ones we missed against Tyrone it would have been a ten point victory or more

  7. But the flip side of this is that with very rare exceptions, we lose the finals.

    Look at the list John went to all the trouble to put together. 27 final appearances. 23 defeats.

    Mayo teams, whether we want to admit it or not, have a psychological problem with finals. You don’t reach that many finals and lose that percentage of them unless there’s an insecurity in the mind about the final hurdle, the biggest occasion.

    At some point this has to be faced down.

    Horan and his men look the likeliest candidates so far, but they have to get it done.

    Lots of talk from various commentators this year about ‘this Mayo’ being ‘different’. Sorry – they’re not different until they win the All-ireland Final.

    That sounds harsh but that is the truth.

  8. Davy J, you are 100% correct.
    Talk is cheap and anyone can talk the talk. Real successful sides just go out and win, regardless whether they play well or not. We are no further along the road to success this year than we were last year, we are still at an All Ireland final. If this side is to go down in history as being “different” well then they have to go and win the fucking thing. Simple as that. No excuses. I know that they know that too.
    Deserve has got nothing to do with it. 62 years has got nothing to do with it. 30 other counties cheering us on has got nothing to do with it. 7 previous finals has got nothing to do with it.
    The only thing that matters is that we are in the lead when the ref. blows the final whistle after 74 or 75mins of football on Sunday 22nd of September. We don’t have to be in the lead for 10, or 15, or 40 mins to win it. We just have to be in the lead for the last minute. That’s all.

  9. Lets face it you can produce all the stats in the world but to me being second best is a non runner.We must change this attitude and not be too acceptable all the time to this negative attitude just think like Kerry do you think Kerry people are happy because they have just been part of this so called classic last Sunday you must be joking. We were part of a similar classic in 06 with the Dubs and we all know what happened afterwards. Please don’t get me wrong I just want us to change our attitude and get the respect we deserve and the only way we will get that is by going out the next day and tear in to Tyrone minors and the Dubs and we can win both. That is the only statist that I am interested in. We have excellent people in charge of both teams who have brought us this far so now let us play our part by being there and be part of a Historic Occasion.

  10. If we can just manage to win one and get over that frigging psychological barrier then the sluice gates will open for sure. It would be nice to draw up this table again in 2033 and reflect on a 20 year matrix that is peppered with the word “winner” all over it.

  11. Good article John, showing how good we are at getting there but also highlighting our lack of ruthlessness at finishing the job.

    Davy J – I think the 27 finals include the two this year so I presume that you haven’t written us off just yet ? I think it’s 4 wins in 25 finals, not exactly a stellar return but if we can win two out of two this year then that’s the only stat that will matter.

  12. I agree with the above comments, deserve has nothing to do with anything, Dublin will deserve it if they win just as much as we do, however, as I said I believe if we break the sequence and win this one, I do feel we can win one or two more with this team, winning becomes a habit and I feel this team appear to be more professional than previous years. Plus they are a young bunch. Time will tell of course, it will be a long week ahead and roll on Sunday 22nd May.

  13. Lads lets be positive ,today is a age technology ,with all the Mayo players using smart phones, etc so lets not be to down beat . I have followed Mayo to nearly every championship football games for 35 years . flew home from London for every game etc, and went home many ,many times depressed. But this team last year in the final gave me hope , at half time i felt we could still win the game , and even at the final whistle , i felt good because the mayo players never gave up and tried to the end to win the match ,. this team is a very different animal to previous teams .Its all about the team , no flashy boots or glory hunters . IF 1 or 2 men are of their game watch how others extra hard to fill gaps .let Dublin enjoy the next 2 weeks but for sure we mayo people will enjoy the next 11 months as winners . A very happy ,proud mayo man

  14. All The Way – you’re spot on. 4 from 25 – a 16% success rate. I would be surprised if any other county in the last 30 years has those kind of numbers to their name when it comes to finals.

    I realise I’m starting to sound like Martin Breheny here – and how our Martin loves to wheel out these numbers at regular intervals, usually splashed over two pages of the Indo in the run-up to a final involving us. Expect another dose in the week before the final.

    But to be honest, Mayo teams have handed him (and all the other “pundits” – quotes intended) that stick to beat us with by failing to assert ourselves and stand up to the occasion.

    That is what is required on the 22nd. This Mayo team have as many tough, skilful footballers as their opposition. There is no gap in quality. There is nothing to be afraid of. There is no reason why Mayo shouldn’t stick their chests out, take the belts and give plenty back, and aggressively go after this game. After too many collapses in finals, it’s about bloody time.

  15. JC-great article as always

    Possibly we have punched above our weight in even getting to some of these finals. I think that many of the teams that have fallen short have been good teams, but teams carried by 1 or 2 players none the less.

    Secondly, I think the inability to close out matches in the past has cost us bigtime. I think in particular of 1996 and the minor team of 2008. (Even the all conquering U21 team of 1983, were suckerpunched in the dying seconds of their drawn game against Derry).

    What has transpired in All Irelands past has zero bearing on this years final. Its 15 against 15. Dublin are a strong team and they will throw the kitchen sink at us. They have tasted victory before and are hungry to do so again.

    If every Mayo man wins his individual battle, and we get a break here or there, theres no reason we cant win.

  16. JC thanks for reminding us of our dismal return from so many finals 😉
    However disappointing the return is, the facts are the facts. All things considered, Dublin will be favorites to win this one.

    Having said that, I was just on the phone there with a work colleague of mine in our Dublin office, a big GAA supporter, and he is by no means certain they will win. He sees our FB line as somewhat vulnerable but more importantly they see Mayo as mentally weaker. They plan to go hell for leather at us, demoralize the Mayo players and take the supporters out of it early. It’s a frightening thought really. That they see us as mentally vulnerable is something we cannot argue with, based on our record and performance in recent finals.

    There’s only one way we can deal with that. That is, no matter how bad it is, NOT to capitulate, NEVER stop fighting, kick on and WIN the effin thing.

  17. Great piece John.
    Had all that stuff in my head but great to bring it all together & see it down on paper.
    We can take our 16% success rate in finals to 22% on the 22nd.
    A 0% success rate at senior is hard to stomach.
    We need to come out with all guns blazing & set the tone for the next 20 years.
    After all John will be doing another 20 year update in 2032 !

  18. Think you had a typo John you left out an R. It should be:

    “And if we were to honour every Mayo minor team that made the big day, then the county Board would be brokeR.”

  19. If you guys were in charge. What 6 up front to start assuming coc can play and if not what change?

  20. @ David , here would be my front six if Cillian is fit

    Kevin Mac Dillion Keith H

    Cillian Freeman Andy

    Conroy for me will do serious damage when the legs tire in the second half , ditto Carolan , Feeney and its a toss up between Varley and Doc to drive the final few nails in Dublin’s coffin!! ( not to mention having big Barry to come on and rule the skies in the second half!!)

  21. I would play only 4 up front. I would have McLoughlin and Keith Higgins mostly supporting midfield and defence.
    That leaves Freeman, COC (if fit) Conroy and Dillon. I would not start Andy Moran (but I feel JH will).

  22. Sometimes its just a tiny small thing that stops someone from reaching that final winners platform. Padraig Harrington had 21 or 22 SECOND place finishes before he won a golf tournament. When he made that final breakthrough, he went on to a great number of wins and 3 MAJORS. Padraig was decried by many Pundits during those 2nd place finishes as a “Choker”. Its very easy for pundits and supporters to pour scorn on the efforts of sportsmen but its the player on the field who puts in the sweat, effort, time, and all the little sacrifices that deserve our praise and support.

    Every Mayo supporter should be in Croke Park long BEFORE the minor game on the 22nd and give them every support and encouragement and lets start the day off with a minor win and that alone will give our senior players a lift.

    A Prosperity Blessing
    May you be blessed with an amazingly abundant 22nd!
    May the clouds break and the heavens pour down upon you more joy, more love, more laughter than you could have ever dreamed of.
    May the sun shine its golden light of prosperity through every cell of your extraordinary body.
    May you be cleansed on the 22nd of any resistance or feelings of unworthiness that you may still be holding onto.
    May your false illusions of doubt, fear and scarcity gently fall away like soft white feathers on a gentle breeze.
    May you be willing, simply willing, to allow the Universe to shower you with miracles on the 22nd.
    May the Angels wrap you in their shining wings of opulence.
    May the fairies deliver you to their pot of gold at the end of a majestic rainbow.
    May your eyes shine with the glorious truth of who you really are and may that truth uplift others in your presence to their own inner knowing.
    May your ears hear the sound of “the Green and Red of Mayo” after the final whistle.
    May you taste the deliciousness of every precious bite of life as your day unfolds moment by moment with amazing grace, heartfelt love and a bounty of magnificent joy.

    As the 22nd ends, may you slumber wrapped in an exquisite blanket of enduring peace and profound gratitude.
    And may the last words you hear on the 22nd ” I accept the Sam Maguire on behalf of all Mayo people” be spoken by Andy Moran

    Original by Veronica M. Hay

  23. I would set up something similar to the following. A defensive and attacking midfield with Mcloughlin and Higgins hoovering up loose ball linking up one/twos with Dillon, floating quality high ones for Freeman or hitting the corners for Cillian (if fit) and Moran. I think it will be hugely important that AOS drops back when necessary and SOS break forward whenever he gets a chance like a bull in china shop.

    K. Higgins

    A. Freeman
    A. Moran

  24. First well done John Cuffe.Superb article.
    People like John Cuffe deserve an All Ireland success.
    Secondly I agree with diehard.I would start Micky C not Andy.I would play higgins in backs and allow Donie to wander up front.
    I feel Mayo have to win this one.Its last chance saloon in my view.I believe Sam is coming not home but for a visit anyway.

  25. Dear supporters of Mayo,

    As someone who has come to Ireland from an other country, I have watched with admiration and wonder the wonderful games and fans of the GAA association. What a fantastic and unique games you have. It is with difficulty to believe that your games are played by sportsmen with the pure spirit of amateurs, with no financial payment. What a fantastic exhibition of super action, without excessively defending energetic playing we witnessed between the teams of Dublin and Kerry counties last weekend.

    Above all the teams Mayo are my most beloved, the eternal struggling and relentlessly pursuing of the cup of Sam MacGuire is like an example for the oppressed people of my homelands, who never give up the struggling, just like the Mayo peoples.

    However no matter how much me and my family admire the Mayo football team one thing is of concern to me:
    Why does the Mayo football team shirt have the words “Criost Linn” on it?
    My son who is the student of the Irish language, explained to me that these words mean “Christ with us.” I was shocked to hear this and thought that my son had become the liar. But why do the Mayo team need these words on their football shirts? I can not explain this to my family. These words only belong to the Christian traditions, I and many of my friends are not a Christian and it is not fair that my son should have to ware a shirt of Christian prayer, to support his beloved Mayo team. He is 100 % Irish boy, he is 1000% Mayo boy but he is not Christian boy. Why do Mayo team need the special help from your Christ, in truth would Christ not also want to help the Dublin county team? On a light note my friend Sean tells me that if the Christ was really with Mayo team he would have ordered the ball to not to be bounced in 1996? I am not sure what this means but all think this funny.
    Putting the jokes away, I think that my point is a serious concern, Ireland is the secular country, the GAA association is the inclusive association which does not exclude on religious grounds. I think that Christian prayers should not be placed on the football shirt of Mayo.
    There are suitable options for the shirt, I believe that in the past the words “Mayo the one God help us” was used, this would be acceptable to peoples of most views of religion though I am thinking that the missguided aetheistics could object.
    I hope that my thoughts are not offending to the fans of Mayo team, but I ask you to think about it, are these Christian words the best slogans to have on a sports team shirt? I know that all the fans can think only about the final of all Ireland, but in these weeks in the lulls before the storm maybe you can consider what the messages the Mayo shirt is sending to all the people.

    I wish both teams a game of sportsmenship without any unnecessary injuries or nonessential fighting. Most of all I hope that Mayo will be the winning combination.
    Abu Mayo!

  26. Good piece JC but I think it brought out the negative in a lot of the bloggers that followed.
    If we want to lose this negative view of us in others eyes we have to get rid of it in ourselves first.
    This team is not about restoring pride in ourselves but should be about us being proud of them.
    Leading up to Salthill, we were treated to the usual woeful stories of falling at the hands of Galway following an AI final appearance………………This Team delivered.
    Three in a row Connachts hadn’t been achieved since our last AI win……………This Team delivered,,,again and again, in style.
    Still some say that ‘nothing’s been won yet’ and that this Mayo is no different than the Mayos before……………………………Yes they haven’t won the All Ireland but FFS it’s not being played till Sept 22nd…………………..So GET OFF THEIR BACKS till then.
    They deserve more, a lot more than this seemingly never ending biting……………….Your chance to resume the negative shite hopefully will never come this year.
    Support and all its meanings are of a positive nature and on the opposite end of the scale to that of critic.God help us we have enough of them.
    What’s different about them? Easy……….Best Mayo Team Ever.
    MaighEo Abu.

  27. This Mayo team has saved the best for last.
    Since the regency last year they have planned and timed their
    run to be back in this position. they will not back from what has to be done.

  28. I thought Dublin looked good against Cork, never mind in the greatest game ever.
    However I feel there is a bit more to come from this Mayo team. I can’t understand the people who want to leave Andy on the bench. He will be the calming force when the game starts. For a man who is supposed to be getting slow he was the first on the scene to force the turn over from the Tyrone kick out that led to Freemans point from a free. Time enough to take him off when it settles down if fitness is an issue.

  29. If I, or any of us, had the privilege to be be picked for the Mayo team or bench for 22nd, would we be burdened by the history of the previous 62 years…or….statistics….., or only by our opponents? I think the last, as we had no influence over the past, but certainly do about the future. I would be focused upon Dublin last Sunday, analysing my adversary and appreciating their strengths and weaknesses. I would reinforce my belief in victory relying upon last year’s semi and final, for courage was shown in both.

    I have great admiration for this Dublin side. I also believe that this Mayo team will do themselves justice and we will be so proud of them and theirs, for they give so much to achieve their ambition. Just one last obstacle and that will be conquered in 16 days.

  30. Tariq,
    Are you for real? If it offends you that much then take the emblem of the jersey and let the young fella play the game or just go to penneys and buy one of them red and green mayo t shirts with no emblems.
    If only Mayo problems could be sorted with a trip to Penneys!

  31. Have to admit, the whole Criost Linn thing is odd for me too. I don’t get the relevance. Castlebar’s slogan is Ar Aghaidh. Something similar could go on our crest. Something that better fits Mayo’s history, rather than a very generic religious slogan!

    Anyways, irrelevant 🙂

  32. Good read John and i like how you added the NFL and club football to give the table a bit more respectability but taking those out since 1989 between minor,U21 and Senior Mayo have played in 17 All Ireland finals great consistency to reach them and some great moments along the way however only winning one final out of 17 is atrocious record to have.

    The one win (2006 U21s) a number of those players will be playing on Sunday the 22nd and the hope is they can add senior All Ireland instead of adding to that list above.

  33. At the end of the day, there are those of us who will be always nervous and pesimistic, not by the team but by past history, like a fecking curse it eats me up but i cant shake it off, then there are the rest that are so lucky to feel so confidant. Does it really matter at the end of the day?? I say no!!! we’re all individuals with different feelings and viewpoints but what matters the most is how we are all willing this amazing team on and wish them the best of luck for this all ireland, this is their moment!! we’re going along for the ride with them and no matter what, come hail rain or shine will be so grateful to them for giving us all an amazing year of fantastic football, hope, belief and excitement and please god victory, if not, what the heck, we’ve got our values worth and should be so proud. Best of luck me boyos, we’re all behind ye no matter what!!! ps. st. jude, do you remember them candles i lit lol 🙂

  34. Tariq…good job you werent around when the Archbishop used to throw the ball in at the beginning of he games

  35. David
    Yes I am very much in reality. You are misunderstanding me, it is not about the removing the emblem. My point is more general and is concerned with the official message of the Mayo shirt.
    Flags and signals etc. are the most important on the Irish island. My cousin got very severely molested in Belfast last year, simply because he wore blue Glasgow soccer shirt to the hurling match. So we should be conscious of how the sports shirt is seen by other peoples. The GAA association is the association for all the peoples, this includes the peoples of the whole island including the northern occupied territory and the southern territory and all the races and all the religions. I ask the Mayo fans why do they choose such words to represent their GAA team? Mayo is the only county which uses a Christian prayer on the football shirt. Why is this? Do the Mayo GAA association not require players of the other religions and even atheists?

    Whitey – this is an interesting fact about the Archbishop, but this happened in the olden days when the Roman church controlled the government of Ireland and when almost all the peoples where ruled by this church. Ireland is different now and has become the “grown up” country with many religions and even some atheists in the population.

    I apologise if the readers think my point is of no importance, I just can not understand why one county must use the sectarian religious slogan on the football shirt and I am most dissapointed that this county is Mayo.

    Abu Mayo!

  36. Hello Tariq,

    My shame is that most of my life i never took the words Criost Linn to heart and in truth never passed any notice of it on a Mayo jersey. I was blinded by the red and green. In fact would have been hard pressed to know what Christ meant other than a surname for Jesus.

    Only recently did it strike me that when all attempts at removing a name for God from the public sphere are being pursued in western Europe, there in my native land it was being kept alive.

    Christ was the name given to the early Christians for Jesus after they experienced him in his resurrected life which gave them hope, in the time of persecution, when it was considered an atheistic religion because they did not worship the current ‘gods’.. This symbol reflects our tradition. It has the meaning of the Annointed One in the Jewish tradition.

    It certainly was never intended to give offence to people and St. Patrick’s Breastplate is a wonderful symbol of Christian unity. I think when you hear it sung with passion the words transcend a specific Christian context and one rejoices in God being within, above ,below, around us all.

    Hope you do not find these words demeaning or in anyway belittling any other tradition.

    Suiochan Leat,


    p.s. I climbed Croagh Patrick after the win over Cork in 2011. I kinda wanted to anyway.

  37. Tariq – the current crest on the Mayo jerseys, flags etc is a recent version that was re-designed for commercial and copyright purposes. The original crest which adorned Mayo jerseys up until about 8 years ago had the words “Dia Agus Muire Linn” (God and Mary be with us) and not “Chriost Linn” as printed today. The words themselves relate to the original crest design which included four crosses that represented the four catholic dioceses that fell within the borders of the county. So the “Chriost Linn” statement is more of a commercially influenced adaptation which may make you feel even more dismayed !! Although you do raise a good question as to whether the changing face of Ireland with a now multi-denominational population and evolving Gaelic Games following/membership were considered together with tradition when the crest was redesigned? Probably not.

  38. @ Tariq While there may be “separation of church and state” in name, there is very little separation in practice. Make of that what you will.

  39. Well done John great research JJ totally with you on the negativity stop it people stop it now I really believe we haven’t seen the half of what Mayo can do yet yes I have butterflies yes I’m nervous but I really believe in this team and James Horan they will do their very best to win it of that I’m sure I didn’t enjoy the run up to last years All Ireland for a lot of reasons but I fully intend to enjoy this one we are more than capable of winning it and winning it well I’m delighted the way the game turned out v Tyrone except for losing Cillian we learnt more from that than the Donegal one and that’s for sure. He will start Andy I think can’t see Cillian starting to be honest and have a feeling Jason D will start that could be the only change!! Everyone with a ticket please please be in early before minor match let them see and hear us …. Believe everyone BELIEVE

  40. Ciaran – thank you for the very considered reply. You explain the religious background to the Christ very well – but only from a believer Christian perspective. With the largest respect this does not answer my question as to why the belief of the one religious sect is placed on a sports shirt. You know many of the other counties have recently changed GAA crests, my Irish friends tell me that even the great dastardly and devious “cute whores” in the Kerry kingdom have added a picture of the great Kerry goat the “Puc Fadda” to their football shirt. So change is indeed really possible. Maybe when the dust has fallen and the cups have been removed to Castlebar, the Mayo supporters should consider removing the religious propagandas from the spots shirt? I have already said too much about this thing and I distract the true believer fans from the major activity of dreaming the impossible dreams of victories. Thanks for considering the different point of view. May the one God keep all the players safe from accidental unintended injuries on the 22nd.
    Abu Mayo

  41. It’s an interesting take on things Tariq… What slogan do you think would be worthy of the crest?

    Criost Linn is actually only very new. It used to be ‘Dia agus Muire linn’ for years! This means ‘God and Mary with us’ which is inherently Catholic or Orthodox, so a move to Criost Linn was perhaps done as a move to a more common Christian position as opposed to simply Catholic.

    But I can see your point about it being strange wearing a jersey with a religious statement that you don’t believe in.

    How about ‘Dia Linn’ – God with us.

    Or… ‘Sam Linn!!!’ 😀

  42. Joe Ruane …… great impact sub to have.
    No dodgy knees or shoulders there.
    Hope he’s not the devil in disguise !

  43. On the subject of the crest….. What?! Seriously?! The world is/has gone p/c mad. Political correctness is nothing more than a means to still single out people by their differences, but with a sugar coating designed to mask the underlying discrimination.It really doesn’t matter whats on the jersey, only who the jersey is on. I can understand your opinions, but this is the way it is on our fair isle. It all varies from country to country. I’m glad that you support Mayo along with your family. It shows the great side of our national sport, to bring one and all together regardless of race, sex, colour or creed. It is what it is. Rant over. Apologies if I have offended anyone. I can assure you that it is not my intention to do so. Lets get back on track. Gone off on a bit of a tangent here. Great post by the OP. Maigheo Abu

  44. Tariq

    I think the best thing you can do is leave this thing until after the final. Unless you’re trying to put a fly in the ointment?

    “Abu Mayo” indeed

  45. And by the don’t wear a “blue rangers shirt” if you’re going to the hill in a couple of weeks and pass the word onto your cousin.

  46. Jimogmayo – I am sorry I did not want to hijack the discussions onto different tandem. I am now a proud Irish and indeed Mayo man. My view is that the Mayo shirt words are religiously discriminating against some of the Irish like me. My purpose to post here was to ask the Mayo fans to consider this slogan – this is the only county in the Ireland island with the specific religious message on the shirt – again I ask why oh why? Jimogmayo if you like this wordings then that is fine, but why put them on the football shirt? Look at the other counties even the lowest Galway has a good slogan. Things in the country can be changed, this country became independent of the English and the Vatican even if now the Germans are the rulers. Remember some GAA games are older then the Christians, did not Setanta use his hurling ball to kill dangerous dogs many 1000s years ago? Ireland is older then Christian Ireland. I also like to say that this post is for all things Mayo Gaa and the shirt is important. Flags etc. are major important on this fairest island, look at trouble in the northern territory the unionist peoples are afraid from flying the flag of union with their brothers in the south.

    Mayonaze – ha ha a funny name! My opinion is better to exclude God, a mention of God could arouse the atheists To include the possibility of a mother of God is as bad as including the Christ. Why not ask the ruling officials to consider this issue when the games are over. I will go away now and not distract my fellow Mayo people from the beautiful fantasy imagining.
    Abu Mayo

  47. Enough about the crest. Drop it please. I can see where this is going and it’s the last thing Mayo need, Tariq. Come back on the 23 rd as I said, you are more of a Dubliner than anything else I think.

  48. David has said it. Enough is enough. Anyways, it will soon be time to be thinking about putting up our ” Holiday Trees ” and next thing, before you know it, the kids will be on their ” spring spheres ” hunt. My Deity, where does the time go?

  49. Jimogmayo – I really am wanting to finish on this subject of crest – but it is not fair to tell me that “enough is enough” and then try to end discussions by making the funny commentary about the views which are important to me and others of my denomination. You have completely a misunderstanding of my issue, it is nothing to do with “PC” it is simply to do with inclusion. The GAA association has strategy on Inclusion and Integration, you should try to read this and then try to imagine what it could feel like not to belong to the minority religious tradition when your team’s only mantra are the words of an other religious denomination prayer. I have no problem with Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, Ramadan or whatever holiday your faith celebrates, diversity is beautiful, please be celebrating in peace! I do have the problem with one faith taking the exclusive control of my county football shirt. Now it is easy for you to make the joke and tell me to go away – but that is not listening and debate and respect and it is not as the GAA association wish. I have succeeded in shinning the torch on my point with respect for others view and you simply tell me to go away and then try to make the jokes. OK I am used to this.

    David I agree to drop this, maybe I waste my time – I am truly the Mayo man, and now I am becoming a wiser man.

    Abu Mayo

  50. Mayo Minor hurlers completed the first leg of a potentially wonderful All Ireland treble for Mayo GAA followers by winning the Minor C hurling final in Ballinamore Co. Leitrim. Final Score Mayo 1- 15 Monaghan 0 – 8. Congratulations to the Squad and management team led by Brian Finn. Let’s Hoppe this is the first of three Mayo victories to be celebrated in the coming weeks.

  51. Ladies and gentlemen, Tariq has a point and some of you have belittled it by some of your comments. I don’t consider it the aim of this site to offend anyone so a little more respect for divergent views would not go amiss here. Anyway as others have said already we should let it lie now and move on….

  52. mmmmm. If that’s an authentic poster I’ll ate me undercrackers, crest and all. Anyway, everyone knows that supermac was God. And he was with us when he scored the winner against Dublin in 06.

  53. @seamus, agree with you 100%. It’s not a topic for now, but it’s definitely not a topic that should be dropped altogether. It’s not a slogan that represents me or my views, and that is somewhat disappointing.

    Anyways, the match!

    Have heard some bad news about CM tickets, apparently they are muck. If that’s the case, the CB should have to answer some very serious questions. Why are the supporters group who have contributed over €300,000 this year ended up with substandard tickets for the biggest day? And who has ended up with the Lower Hogan Halfway line tickets?

  54. Ended up with section 311 lower Cusack myself. Not centre field or thereabouts but not the worst either. In towards corner with davin but sure what can you do? Kinda disgusted I renewed for 2nd year now. 2nd ticket is upper Cusack but excepted that. Don’t know who got all the good tickets but there were not very happy people coming out of McHale park this morning.

  55. I’m an atheist myself. I never paid any heed of that writing before.

    Now I see it everywhere!

    It’s on all me jersies, me hats, me scarfs, it’s even on me Mayo bag for life. I’m running out of sticking plaster rapid, I’ll have to go for the electrical tape.

    Whoever said this supporting Mayo was easy. We have waited 62 years. I can wait for another two weeks, can’t I?

    It’s hard enough to cover up that aul writing stuff, it’s all curved. Masking tape never last in the rain and that criost stuff would just come through. It’s a bother but at least it’ll keep me busy.

    “Come On Mayo!!!”

  56. Sounds like the cairde maigheo allocation day has disintegrated into a complete shambles, long queues, terrible seats, people being given their two tickets in completely different parts of the stadium, parents with young children being forced to sit apart.

    A disgraceful way to treat the county’s most loyal and ardent supporters. How have the county board managed to balls this up so badly after seeming to manage OK last year? A dark day for the cairde maigheo scheme – I suspect for many that renewed to get a second ticket, its the last euros the scheme will ever see from them.

  57. I’ve heard the Cairde Maigheo tickets were in 311? After texting a mate that has on, standing in queue from 9 this morning, 60 people ahead of him. His ticket is for 306, don’t know if he renewed for next year to get extra ticket, he was fairly pissed off. Our Croke Park tickets will be sent out to us, with our names printed on them! Much better run scheme.

  58. @ Mayo Mick

    Do you have the GAA season ticket. I have and I was in section 305 for both Donegal and Tyrone games? At 75 euros it does seem to be better value and better organised than the Cairde Mahigh Eo scheme especially with the seating group option.

  59. Christ lads we are only 2 weeks out from a double all Ireland final and all that is written about is antidisestablishmentarianism and political correctness. Can we get on with the really important matters like tickets and support and team selection. Can we organize getting a “Mayo Mayo” chant going on all 4 sides of the ground just BEFORE Mayo emerge on to the pitch. Something they will hear inside in the dressing room and in the tunnel. Can we get Joe Ruane into the dressing room to deliver the last rousing words at about 3pm to our lads before they come out. Can we get 1 person on each of the 4 sides of the ground to let off a red/green smoke flare while the parade is on. Can we get a huge red and green banner (like the canal end in 96) somewhere in the ground. Support like that would be worth a few points to our lads. Also Sean Burke, have you got a big banner made. Mayonaze are you bringing the big flag on to the hill?

  60. Lads, ye need to stand up to this, it’s a disgrace. I have put up a long, ranting post on the Mayo GAA Facebook page. I suggest others do similar. I’m a ST holder so it doesn’t affect me but that carry on is pathetic. Who has ended up getting the halfway line tickets?

  61. All tickets were in envolopes with names on them before hand so they were sorted through. One would wonder who got a center field tickets. Next year be my last year in it. Will go with the GAA season ticket instead.

  62. And it would be a great idea to get a huge Mayo chant going! We will need pockets all over the ground to get it going at the same time. I know it can happen on its own, but lets make it huge!

  63. Got my Tickets to day. Cairde – I thought that meant Friend- amhadan more like. Seats in 311 corner of davin lower and 714 same upper. Where have the 304, 5, 6 gone??
    I would ask that all offended parties make their views known to the county secretary Kevin O’Toole in writing by next friday at the latest I will be informing them that if thats all they think of me a loyal supporter I wont be contributing in future ;Mayo County Board
    Address: Elverys MacHale Park, Castlebar, Co. Mayo.
    Office number: 094-9250487

  64. @Crete Boom I have the season ticket since it started in 2009. Have 2 for the 2 nephews as well. I have group seating set up as well, 10 of us sitting together every match, brilliant job! (as long as ya don’t fall out with anyone 🙂 ) The Cairde Maigheo lads are being treated very badly, not alone have they to collect their tickets for every match in Mc Hale Park, also poor seats for final. All our tickets are e-mailed to our season ticket account for printing, our final golden tickets are also sent out and have our names printed on them!

  65. Sam linn is what I want and i for one am happy that Christ is linn also.

    Dont want to see this site hijacked over this so all I will say why not Chriost linn- whether you believe or not. It is the ones against us that worries me.

    Tickets as always will be a farce. 3 and four year olds will be all over the place while those who have followed Mayo (and Dublin)for over 50 years will have to watch at home. Does not seem fair to me.

    There will be people at the match who would not be able to name half the team and yet those who follow everywhere will be denied. It will happen to me. Too annoying and depressing to think about.

    Its merely another example of what is wrong with this country.

  66. I’ve been largely offline since early yesterday and so have only now seen the discussion about the crest. I think the point raised by Tariq has some merit in the wider debate about Ireland and multiculturalism but I don’t think here on this site (where mercifully we’ve been spared debates about politics and religion down the years) at this time is the appropriate location for it. As the more recent batch of comments about tickets has shown clearly, there are far more pressing issues to be discussed right now!

  67. Lads, is anyone here going to be standing on The Hill?

    And if so, by yourselves or with a group?

  68. From the sounds of what I’m hearing, Vincent Neary might have a tough few days opening up in front of him, there seems to be a huge amount of genuine anger out there this evening.

  69. @ Mayo Mick
    Myself and my Uncle have had them since last year and the are brilliant value I think. Free into the Club finals as well and I was able to get a Dublin cousin a prized ticket for the Kerry match with the offer they had running immediately after the Tyrone match. I have been in either section 304 or 305 of the lower Cusack for all the games I have been to in Croker.

    The Cairde tickets seem to be a money racket by the Co Board and unfortunately I would say we will be outnumbered 2 to 1 again by the Dubs like v Donegal last year. Still though we have a great chance to see Sam cross the Shannon and after the final is the time to take the Co Board to task for the finance farce over the last 3 years not before!

  70. Apologies to Tariq if i offended you. Your point is a valid one. Mayo together. Tickets. Collected today. 311 and 711. What the hell? Not amused.

  71. Tariq (i think you’ve mispelt your name, shouldn’t it be Trick). You don’t seem to know much about the religion I think you adhere to. Jesus Christ is one of the 6 most important
    prophets in this religion and therefore our county motto is indeed very inclusive – and your colour, green, features large on our jersey. In case you’re still not satisfied, the motto is going to change to ‘Sam Linn’ from 22 September and will remain in place for 1 year and most probably for a few years after that. Happy now?

    Best of luck to our Two great teams.

  72. @Jimflag – You’re right about getting the ‘Mayo Mayo’ chant going before the team comes out onto the pitch and anything else that will help the team. That’s our job from here on in if we’re lucky enough to be there on the day. Not sure if I will yet with no ticket sorted but won’t be found lacking if I get there. This is going to be a real battle on the pitch and we must not be found wanting when it comes to cheering the team on or waving flags or whatever from the stands.

  73. Tariq, if your young fella is handy and gets on the Mayo minor team, we’ll take a shot at changing the crest, but only if he is a gooch like scoring forward. If hes a back or a midfielder we’ll jog on thanks, we have loads of them and theres not much point changing the crest for another one, no offence like.

    John C, fair play for the research lad, but I hope you do realize you have written Martin Breheny’s articles for him the week of the All Ireland, when he manages to get 5 days outta the same point.
    I just hope he gives you the nod in the articles

  74. MoMaquire, I apologise to WJ and to the other posters, this subject is closed but you have decided to open it again with a direct challenging of my religious beliefs and you accuse me of being the false trickster. I did not make specific referencing to other religions other than to the Mayo GAA Christian slogan. Let me be most clear the Mayo slogan is a prayer to a prophet, in a prayer to anyone other than to God himself is a contradiction to the fundamental message of Islam and is an unforgivable sin. I am forced to point this out to you. This is why the slogan is problem, I did not want to bring this details into the forum but you left me without other choices. Again I apologise sincerely to all – May you have all the success in sorting out the ticketing.

  75. As for the disgruntled supports wondering where the 305, 306 tickets went? Surely you don’t need to ask. Every town and county councillor got an allocation, probably as part of their “good-bye” compensation.
    However, do not let this issue, (which was always going to happen because this is Ireland after all!) or Tariq comments above deflect us from OUR jobs. Getting as many as possible into Croker into whatever stand we can and roaring ourselves silent for our lads.
    P.S. Tariq, if you don’t like the shirt or crest or logo, well then don’t buy it or wear it. No one is begging you to. We wont be offended if you refuse to wear it.
    Hon Mayo.

  76. We have 5 croke park season tickets in our house,myself,my wife and 3 children all with 100% attendance.We get great seats in croke park,always 305 or 306.You need 60% attendance to qualify for a final ticket but because of all the family’s huge interest in this brilliant Mayo team we have travelled to all the games including a late night in Newry and an early morning trip to Cork.I saw people in croke park for the Tyrone and Donegal games with caoirde Maigheo tickets complaining among themselves about the bad seats they got.I didn’t see any of them in Cork or Newry,then again they didn’t need to go to boost their attendance,just pay up and your guaranteed your ticket,no need to attend a game.Its simple really,if you want a good seat buy a croke park season ticket,attend the games and get a good seat all for €75 and not €200.Lastly regardless of where your seat is get your arse on it well before the minor game on the 22nd and roar like your life depends on it,Mayo for the DOUBLE,you know we can

  77. Congratulations to the young Mayo hurlers. You just started the ball rolling for a wild September

    Well done and it’s nice to see a good spread of clubs supplying the team.

  78. Is there any chance of getting Elverys to hand out flags to Mayo fans on the way in like Bank of Ireland do at rugby games. It would be terrific advertising for them if their name was on the flags and would also make it a sea of green and red.

  79. Thank you jimogmayo I know that you did not intend to cause offence. I sincerely hope you get the better tickets. I am happy to close this matter now, hopefully there will be a chance to discuss this again later in year.

    Abu Mayo

  80. Cod…I already contacted seaofredandgreen and made a similar suggestion

    At an American Football game, I essentially saw them hand out 1ft square pieces of fabric in the teams 2 colors and hand them out at every entrance to the stadium. Hold both of them up and you have the same effect as a flag without having to make a flag or carry it around all day

    I would be willing to make a €100 donation to get it started. Unfortunately I just started a new job and cant make it over…otherwise I organize it meself.

    I also suggested they round up some “volunteers” to go around the pubs with bullhorns and round people up to get into the minor game in time

  81. I doubt it, they won’t put any mayo flags up in the ballina store because they dont want to offend anyone not from Mayo.
    Or so they say

    Sponsor the bleddy county and then don’t put the flags up on the window?

  82. Mo Maguire – nasty comment and an insult to Tariq. He has a very valid point and has commented with great respect on the issue. I agree with him and I feel that quite a few of the bloggers have been sarcastic and derisory to him.
    You are all entitled to your beliefs but me being just as good a Mayo person as any of you I feel you are lowering the standards I would hold for this proud County.
    I agree that this is most likely not the best time to discuss it, if such a discussion is at all possible with some of the infantile comments that are being passed.

  83. Congrats to our Minor hurlers who won what is, I am told, our first All Ireland Minor C title today in Ballinamore against Monaghan. Not sure about the score but may have been
    1 = 12 to 0 = 8.
    An omen for a good September hopefully!

  84. Oh for gods sake (pun not intended) just put the crest thing to one side, we are lucky enough to be able to still talk football in September lets keep it that way.

  85. Sean Burke, for CHRISTS sake I hope to GOD that this is the end of this GOD FORSAKEN talk of crests. For the love of JESUS let that be the end of it.

    AMEN to that.

  86. Hi All,
    I hope you don’t mind a Dub commenting and I hope I don’t offend anyone but just 2 points to make. Just on the stats etc…on this article, and its excellent, but we won in 2011 thinking we would win the next year with the same team, now we have a new manager, 8 new players and that’s just in 2 years so its not always a run of Sam’s if you win the first one in a while. And Willie Joe I am sorry to bring this one up but I have read about the Hill 16 allocation of tickets etc…and taking over the Hill….to be honest I was 10 years old in 1983 when we played Cork in the semi final in the drawn game. Meself and me Da where in the Upper Cusack and at half time there was massive trouble on the Hill with the Dubs and the Gardaí. I said to my Da will we be okay and he assured me we would. The second half was awesome and history tells that story but my point is I have 2 memories of that day, the awesome match and we won the replay but then the trouble. Times have changed thank God but don’t be worrying about Hill tickets just ensure you enjoy the game and if the kids are there with you that they have a great experience and don’t see any hassle.

    Best of luck to Mayo.
    Kind Regards,

  87. WJ what a fantastic site you run! I have lurked and enjoyed the banter for years. After today’s discussions I have to add my tuppence worth.
    It is understandable that the hard core faithfull are a bit taken aback by the sudden appearence of questions regarding the crest, especially at a time like this when every hour between now and the 22nd are like an eternity.
    Sometimes newcomers, or even children can pause almost naive questions that we never considered ourselves, questions that can pause very fundamental challenges to our beliefs and values. Tariq (or who ever you are!) has pointed out something which many of us never noticed before – fair play to him, But Tariq, my friend, this is not the time or place. The lads are driven to disstraction with the anticpation of the big match and the search for tickets. Let it go at least for now, I don’t think anyone really meant to be offensive, regardless of how ill judged some of the comments directed at you were. We are all Mayo supporters here and you and all new Irish are most welcome to support our teams. Maybe after we are sick of celebrating the best year in Mayo history, this topic could be revisited. WJ might consider facilitating this, maybe a poll or in a restricted forum. In anycase, I wish you well , but right now lets focus completely on getting our colours tickets and voices ready for the day of days!

    Sam Linn!

  88. Speaking of the supporters job in the stadium, we have to make sure the linesmen and match officials don’t let the opposition away with things. I remember last year McFadden tried to steal a load of yards for a free and we gave the linesman such stink that he brought the free back to where it was supposed to be.

    Look at this pic of Connolly in the Kerry match for the equalising point. Are we going to let them allow this?:

  89. Good man mairtin

    I think the whole Mayo team could hang up the boots if they win this one and id be ok with it.
    The hill with dubs can be intimidating unless you are able to stand up for yourself if trouble starts. Martin, you yourself and 99 % of Dublin fans are sound skins, still, that leaves 10,000 pricks in Dublin that might have issues.

    Any news from the Dublin camp?

  90. Jaysus i went of to Wicklow for a few days hiking and i missed d a load of conversation:)

  91. I have just finished going through the posts for this John Cuffe contribution and I have to tell Tariq that Mayo is not unique having Christian connotations on its crest. I am not an expert in county crests but I do know that both Longford and Westmeath feature the spires of their respective Roman Catholic cathedrals on theirs. He should also be aware that while Ireland has become more secular in recent years it is not long ago that it was almost exclusively Catholic as far as decision making and influence was concerned. Change comes slowly unless by violent revolution and if by revolution then it goes to an opposite extreme. While the GAA aims for inclusion of all sectors and traditions it is very strongly for inclusion into an Irish/Gaelic Ireland. Otherwise we would have Union Jacks flying alongside the Tricolor at matches in Northern Ireland [and perhaps southern Ireland too as there are many British living here] That would cause more trouble than a Rangers shirt at a hurling match, believe me. Tariq should accept the crest as being reflective of our historical tradition and understand that old traditions die very slowly. I myself have no allegiance to any religious denomination believing that they are at the root of more trouble and evil than good even if sometimes they do have good influences.

  92. I’m not to sure about the hill it can be dodgy enough place. Dublin have more than their share of the one day fan. Like has already been said most Dublin fans are sound and good natured people. But when things start to go downhill for them in two weeks time and they know that there is no way back. It might not be the best place to be, if you have kids in tow. There all sound if their winning but that won’t be happening.

    Personally I’ll stand on me head in the furthest far flung corner, just as long as I’m there.
    I’m on the hunt and I’ll find a way. I booked the hotel months ago, that bit worked out well. Now I need to get in the gate.

    “Come On Mayo!!!”

  93. Was in mchale park today to collect my co called great ticket, got there at 12.30, didnt get in till 3 and was presented with a ticket for section 312. Mayo have played 16 competive games in 2013 so far and i, and many others that i know and recognise, have attended them all.
    To be presented with a seat like this in the corner/end of croke park for the 17th and final game of the year is nothing short of an insult.

  94. Good post AndyD. Love the last sentence. ” they are at the root of more trouble and evil than good even if sometimes they do have good influences.”

  95. Made mess of my last post. AndyD his issue is with the specific words which he says is a prayer that causes his faith problems. I think pictures of crosses and churches would not be an issue. As far as I can see we’re the only ones with a prayer on our crest! Oh God why can’t I let this go! sorry all.

  96. I got section 311. I’m still yet to talk to anyone who got a decent seat or anyone that is happy about the Cairde tickets. With the amount of money we have spent supporting the team this year (€200 membership for this year, about €200 on the championship games so far, €200 on next year’s membership and €160 for two final tickets, not to mention travel expenses) you’d think they would look after us a little bit better. Disappointed is an understatement.

  97. If you are not happy with your ticket contact me and I’ll take it. I’m still struggling to find a ticket.

  98. Lads &lasies,

    Just an observation, read all the above posts. That’s what’s wrong with mayo and not just it’s gaa community but with mayo people in general, a load of jealous, begrudging, self- centered, hypocrites. Our team is in the all-Ireland final and whether your are sitting in row x or z, does it matter, if your not happy with your seat allocation then pass it on to the next person, who would be grateful for the chance of a ticket. Look at those statistics again and confirm that yes as a county and people we are second class, losers. I for one am glad I don’t live amongst you anymore, you don’t know how priveledged you are! The mayo diaspora is what is alive and fighting in life and in this forum. You have lost the will to fight, if you ever had it, for what is a birth right. You don’t need to show the white feather, because you don’t know what that means in its true context . Mayo winning an all-Ireland to us is not just a realization of our dreams but to some of us a return to bygone years and memories of loved ones gone but not forgotten. When we were children and always winners. In sport, in life, do your best and thatvisvall that can be asked of you. God speed agus BEIGH DIA AGUS CHIOST LINN.

  99. Okay. First of all nobody writes like that, second of all “trick, I had yiz” third why would anyone on the eve of an all Ireland bring this up? In the name of all we have endured in mayo, the spectre of the church for good or ill has defined us and is part of our heritage. Do you regret the sight of an abbey ruin on the road to Kiltimagh or the memory of the abbey in Belleek? When I go back to mayo this time of year and the banners have “dia agus muire linn” (Main street ballyhaunis) on them, I know where it came from and what it means, I’ve kissed that crest a thousand times, and ironed it and repaired it. I’m no holy joe and have if anything mostly disdain for the clergy given recent past. But its familiarity and timelessness is just like seeing something from your youth and it reminds you of who you were and who you are when its easy to lose focus. I’m put out because this is a site that is comprised of fair minded mayo folk who live and let live so this carry on is treated with respect, just in case. It’s the type of respect that we are renowned for and I would never change it, but these weeks are perhaps the time to focus on us and the team, not some philosophical tangent orchestrated for purposes of distraction. Mayo for Sam dia Agus muire linn

  100. Great post Andy D. Pebblesmeller called it right awhile ago. Look to satisfy all persuasions, religous and others, I have a plan.

    After we win Sam we ‘ll build a massive pyre in the middle of Croke park and on we should throw. Every single geansai, hat, scarf, and flag that bears the offensive crest.

    That’s just to get her going. For fuel we can throw every parish priest that ever blessed a county team heading up to Croker. Every Irish Mother who placed a Padre Pio pin or card in any communal travelling vehicle, (bicycles are excluded) heading to any game should go straight on top of priests.

    That pyre she’s getting high now.

    Also and without exception any scrap of GAA literature, programme or otherwise that knowingly and willfully exhaults the name of Jesus or a christian God in connection to any GAA game, on they go, ya bigotted bastards.

    I have to include “The loud Prayers” who invoke the name of a christian god in a communal place with the direct and devious intent of attempting to have a christian diety affect the result through divine intervention. Keep that stuff to yourself. There’s loads of room for ye.

    We will save the top slot for Mickey Harte, By God, there’d be great burning in them eyebrows.

    I just broke me own rule with the god thing. You can fire me on on top of the quare ones. I was never that mad about priests.

    Come On Mayo!!!”

  101. Excellent post Joe! There was no words about God etc on the 50/51 shirts? Maybe its put a jinks on us.

    Sam Linn!

  102. Exile that’s a bit harsh now. I was an exile myself for many a year part of that diaspora. There are good people here and good people over there. There are assholes here and assholes over there. These things never change. There’s no need for that bull talk about “”being glad that your not living amongst us anymore”

    That’ attitude reflects badly on you. Don’t use broad strokes when stating something so malicious about your County people.

    We’re not perfect by any stretch and that’s for sure. I have seen alot in my time and I can say that for the most part these people on this site deserve more respect.


    “Come On Mayo!!!”

  103. Any update on COC?

    No ticket to be had for love or money, though hope springs eternal. I hope you all have good fortune in getting one.

  104. Hahaha, your last two posts were brilliant Joe Ruane and your dead right, bless your cotton socks 🙂

  105. They’re wool tonight Samantha C. I can’t bless them publicly for the obvious reasons I wasn’t aware of until I awoke this morning. To hell with it, I’m for the pyre in two weeks time for my earlier indiscretions. The socks are officially blessed now. Mickey Harte move your eyebrows over a small bitten, socks and all are comming through.

    “Come On Mayo!!!”

  106. Exiled………………………Your title and the content of your blog suggests that you were banished. We are all entitled to have a rant but the generalizations that you’ve spewed in yours is an insult to the people of the whole county. I am of the diaspora, it was a choice I had to make a long time ago (when opportunity and work was scarce) but in or after making that move has and could never make me turn my back on my county or it’s people and spurn them because of it.
    In fact the opposite is the case for me and I’d say the majority of the Mayo diaspora, that ‘even the savage loves his native shore’………………..If you don’t get the feeling when you fly over the Shannon and see below ahead the Green and Red county and with great gra inside for it and to be amongst your own in moments, then you are missing life itself.
    I kinda agree with you however on the tickets issue, there are very many who would squeeze into the most inhospitable parts of Croke Park and stand in freezing snow or pissed wet to the skin if they could only get a ticket for this AI.
    That said I also agree with those who have contributed and followed all year and who get fobbed off with the cheapest but only after having to commit to next year beforehand. There is a big question of ethics there ‘pig in a bag’ stuff.
    It is those that are involved in this sort of behavior that your post should have been aimed at Exile not the victims.
    On the other matter of the crest/prayer …………I emigrated to to a different country but would never expect or want that country to change it’s traditions or customs to suit me, that I feel would be tantamount to intolerance on my behalf……And as the saying goes, No matter who’s your God, they all lead to heaven’.
    For me it’s Croist Linn

    MaighEo Abu

  107. Been observing this thread…..seems tension is high and we have some folks stoking the fire too.

    Two things, everyone with a ticket secured, should relax and know that they will be present to witness a bit of history.

    Second, we have God on our side, so lets not do anything to piss him off before the 22’nd.

  108. Cairde Maigh Eo members are more than entitled to feel hard done by after this latest shambles. They have contributed more financially as a group than any other supporters directly to the Mayo County Board, and to say that they should just sit back and accept it because they are “lucky enough to be there” is a total insult.

    And luck has nothing to do with it. Like Season Ticket holders (Myself being one, not a CM member), we made sure than in the event Mayo get to an All Ireland final, that we wouldn’t have to look for tickets. Luck has nothing to do with it. CM members deserve far more respect than they have been shown.

  109. Joe Ruane, you are a marvel. Proposing to start a second inquisition with roles reversed at one moment and then speaking sense to Exiled.
    I also got section 311 tickets, one upper deck and one lower deck, and hearing that people who had the basic Croke Park season ticket have central section tickets did not amuse me. I originally had the Croke Park ticket but joined Cairde Maigh Eo when it was launched to support the county. Being based outside the county and fully involved with my local club I do not get to see many club games in Mayo. When some years ago my home club was involved in their only county final I missed it because of involvement in my local club where I live. I do not go along with griping about county councillors etc getting special treatment as I believe there are far more so called important people all over the country being looked after before county councillors etc. And I’m not talking just about sponsors etc here. But I do believe that there needs to be more transparency in handling All Ireland final tickets both at national and county level. Has anybody got the gumption to bring motions to county conventions on the issue? It would be interesting to see the reaction from the powers that be.

  110. Tensions are high because lots of people are antsy about the whole thing. We could be champions for the first time in most of our lifetimes, bigger to a lot of us than Ireland winning the World Cup I think.
    Maybe a day or two away from the forums might calm things, I’m having dreams and restless sleep these nights. Crazy for a buck the age of me but there I go.

  111. AndyD,we have the basic Croke Park ticket for 3 reasons.No 1 if we were to buy 5 caoirde Maigheo tickets they would cost us €1000 which we cannot afford(ripp off)so we got 5 Croke Park tickets which cost €180.No 2,when going to club games we would prefer to give the money direct to the club than give it to a disfunctional county board.No 3,as we are going to every game hail rain or shine it suits us fine as with the Croke Park tickets we can sit together as a family,supporting our county as we want too
    Maigheo Abu

  112. Can’t be sure if it was on here or somewhere else I saw it but as I understand it there are 1300 people with Caoirde Maigheo tickets.I know at least 5 who are not going to renew them because of the crap seats they get when it comes to the final and from reading the posts there will be a lot more,they are all going to go for Croke Park tickets and easy to see why,if you go to club games pay at the gate and don’t give it to the county board .
    Mayo for the double,get in early and support them
    Maigheo Abu

  113. Everyone should relax and enjoy the buildup! I was just back and forth there with a couple of lads from Cork; they’re heading to Croke Park Sunday with great excitement, anticipation and confidence. I’m wishin them well, as I do the Clare bucks.
    The All Ireland Hurling Final, a truly unique Irish event.

    Two weeks from today, we’ll be experiencing similar excitement, anticipation and confidence. I’m flying in for this one, have no ticket yet, but confidence is high that I will get at least one, possibly two. I plan to stick around a couple of days after too, for I don’t want to miss Sam’s journey back west. Like I said, confidence is high.

    Back to the tickets, many of you might have already secured tickets through CM or HQ’s ST plan and fair play to you for that. However, now that your sorted, I encourage everyone to up the ante to try and secure tickets for other mayo ppl. At this stage, if you havent the promise of one, chances of getting a ticket from your club will be slim to none, and as they say, “slim is out of town”. Therefore, you must look outside the proverbial box that is Mayo. Go through your contacts list and look for folks that live in other counties. They get tickets too…. and depending on how well you know them ( or if they like you) they might just do a deal with you. The people who come to mind are, college friends, work colleagues, girlfriends, boyfriends ( Ex’s matter too), family, in laws , out laws, cousins etc….

    The point is, you must scour the country, leave no stone unturned. Donegal did it last year and it i believe made a difference for them on final day. If you are sorted, fair play, if your not then keep trying and broaden your search. When you do get yours, ask for another and see what happens, leave no stone unturned, then do the right thing and sort some other worthy supporter out.

    Like I said, I’m flying home for this one, I’m not sorted yet, but I’m scouring the country ( and the globe mind you) and confidence is high. Even if i dont get a ticket, It’ll still be worth the trip to visit me family, me cousins, aunts, uncles, friends and the village i grew up in. Everyone should do the same!

  114. ‘Criost Linn’ may be a newish slogan on our sacred jersey but as part of our culture,has been with us for years..’god willing the cow will calve easy’,’god speed ye on the journey’ ‘with gods help we’ll get a good price for the bullock”thank god for the lovely weather’. its part of our DNA, and no-one of any creed colour or denomination is going to change that.sorry for the rant,, mayo for Sam!

  115. Agree with you there Mister Mayo leave no stone unturned … I’ve a season ticket but Havent had an email yet about my ticket but will in a few days I presume … But I’m still hounding everyone that ever promised me one. We need as many Mayo supporters as possible there for the 22nd!!! This day 2 weeks this day 2 weeks this day 2 weeks ….

  116. Agreed, Mister Mayor. It’s time for everyone to calm down here – things are bordering on getting out of hand at this stage. I regard the discussion in the crest closed at this stage and the advice I’d have to those who aren’t happy with their ticket allocation would be to take their concerns up directly with those running the scheme.

  117. I agree 100% with mister mayor. I am disappointed with my CM ticket and the county board will feel my rath after the final. Just something I though there, if its a draw there could be interesting times ahead with a second ticket allocation to go through.

    Anyway just cause I have a ticket does not mean the search stops. I got friends from Chicago to Sydney coming home for this game and I will try and source as many tickets as possible. We need a sea of green and red inside croke park on the 22nd. The dubs won’t have it all to themselves.

  118. What odds does your ticket selection matter when we are all looking up at the Hogan from the pitch watching Andy and the lads lifting the Sam Maguire Cup over their heads .

  119. Christ, it’s going to be a long 2 weeks judging by most of this thread!

    I know we’re all a bit tense in the run up to the final, but we’re still all in this together.
    We need unity. All of us. Management, players, supporters. All of us. We manage that and we’ll be heading west with the pot.

  120. While it is good to see Tariq supporting Mayo, he is out of order questioning our County Crest. Has he written to the UK, Danish, Swedish Governments etc asking them to remove the Christian crosses from their flags? What if I requested that Pakistan, Iran and other Muslim countries remove the title “Islamic Republic” from their official names? I agree this is not the site to be discussing this topic. I hope more people like Tariq support Mayo but we are not going to change hundreds of years of Irish culture to please a few. It is a shame to read about the Cairde tickets but I would sit anywhere just to be there (except the HIll). Most Dublin fans are sound but the bad element in the HIll seems to bring out the worst in the other DUb fans on the HIll. I feel it will be some battle on the 22nd and this match certainly won’t be won until the final whistle is blown.

  121. Regards the “disfunctional county board” I have to point out that the officers are not the board. The board are the club delegates plus the officers, I do not know how many delegates a club is entitled to send to a board meeting but I think the usual is two. If so the club delegates outnumber the officers by quite a bit. I know it is a common practice to confuse the officers [the Executive, who probably make most routine decisions and make recommendations to the full board] but it is the full board who have to take responsibility for all decisions. To often club delegates are not asked to take responsibility for these decisions and too often it suits them not to. Also too often clubs do not give any thought to who they select as a club delegate, often sending Johnny “because sure he likes going to meetings anyway” It is 45 years since I went to my first county board meeting and I have been involved in four boards since then [admittedly none were Mayo] so I do have a bit of experience.
    Regards the poster who has five Croke Park season tickets I have absolutely no problem with that or with anybody who has just one. It’s great to have your support. I’m sure that in these times there are an awful lot of great supporters who struggle to have any ticket and I am not going to try to belittle them in any way. But neither do I like snide comments about Cairde Maigh Eo holders or those who give an awful lot of time and thought into running county board affairs. Without them we would all be sitting on our arse, probably on a bar stool, saying somebody should do something.

  122. “Mayo God Help Us!” how I hated those words when spoken by smart arses trying to be funny on learning i was from Mayo. Then one day I read the crest. It said “Dia agus Muire Linn”. Translated from an old Irish invocation that stretched across history, it came across as different, it was holistic and it asked for a blessing. Those that insulted me tried to twist the words but they could not translate the invocation properly.They were the idiots not us.

    Today it has morphed as “Criost Linn”. Personally I never even noticed it but I take exception to this bullshit multiculturalism that has gripped this little country of ours where we the native Irish seem to have to give up every vestige of our heritage and history to make people who came here feel included. Most Mayo people don’t notice the motto but by Christ I resent anyone daring to tell me as an Erris man, Mayo man and a Blacksod man who witnessed my uncle, aunts, granduncles and relations go to navvy and slave across the oceans that we should give up our history and heritage to suit those who don’t fully grasp what and who we are as a people. Leave the crest alone and leave our heritage alone. The damn place is still called Ireland and Mayo is Mayo with its Green and Red, craggy mountains…you know the rest

  123. No way should Mayo or any county change their heritage to suit another nationality coming to live here. We wouldn’t except the, to do it for us. Indeed if you showed yourself to be Christian in some middle eastern cou tries, you wouldn’t keep your head for long.

    The Mayo Diapora is probably larger and more scattered around the world than any other county in Ireland. I hope those coming home have a safe trip and witness history being made. And what a win would do for those scattered all over who can’t make it home but have green and red blood plumbing through their heart.

  124. WJ – I have no doubt that those who are unhappy with the cairde maigheo ticket situation will take it up with those running the scheme – but that is no reason to not discuss it here too.

    If it is not discussed on public forums like this one then people who may be considering investing in a season ticket will not understand what they can get for their money.

    At the moment a €75 GAA season ticket gets you a ticket or the right to buy a ticket for every game, the right to buy a ticket for the final and – if you go as a group with season tickets – the option to sit together in great seats in the middle of the Cusack Stand on finals day.

    If you choose a cairde maigheo ticket you get to spend €200 instead of €75 and on final day you get moved to the corner of the stadium and must sit on your own. If you’ve gone to matches with a young child or an elderly family member with medical issues and sat with them all year, on final day you must sit separately in a completely different part of Croke Park and the young child or elderly person must be left to sit on their own unassisted for the entire afternoon.

    It is important that the general Mayo supporting public are aware of the ‘rewards’ that are on offer by choosing to support the county board and Mayo GAA with their season ticket purchase rather than going for the far less expensive GAA ticket. This will help everyone to make informed decisions in future as I have no doubt people now will.

  125. As a season ticket holder 100% attendance myself. AndyD you said in an earlier post that you wouldnt be amused if people with basis croke park tockets had central section. Should people with 100% attendance not be entitled to a central section if we get it. Why do you think you deserve a better seat or viewing position then me. For me it’s about the game ill just be happy to be there so stop complaining and be grateful you got a ticket, plenty more people would love a seat in croke park all Ireland final day.

  126. Thanks, AndyD, for bringing a bit of balance to an increasingly tetchy and fairly one-sided debate about the ticket allocation process. For my own part, I’m happy with the two Cusack Stand tickets I’ve got (311 and 711 like most others) and I’m glad that this is as onerous as the ticket hunt is going to get for me this year. I recall clearly hunting furiously for tickets for previous finals we were in (always with success but that included at least one fairly close call) but this year, as well as last, I haven’t had to hunt at all due to my Cairde Mhaigheo membership.

    If you’re a member of the Croke Park scheme and have got better tickets, then fair play to you and having met the 60% threshold (which doesn’t apply for Cairde Mhaigheo, in the same way that there’s no right to get a second ticket from one membership) no-one can say you don’t deserve it. As I said in the comments earlier on, those Cairde Mhaigheo members who aren’t happy with the tickets they’ve got should take their grievances up directly with the County Board, though I think it’s fair to say that any such complaints will need to be couched in more reasonable language than that used by some here.

    I’d like to draw a line on that particular discussion now – I know from experience here that any discussion about All-Ireland final tickets is bound to generate more heat than light and I think we’ve had enough of that already. Also I think I’ve said already that the debate about the crest and multiculturalism and all that has gone far enough so I’d be grateful if we could end that one too.

    So what’s on the agenda for discussion, then? Well, we’ve two All-Ireland finals to look forward to a fortnight from now …

  127. Well WJ! To add light rather than heat to the ticket debate I have to say I joined the CM scheme to support the county NOT to get preferential treatment in relation to tickets. I work for my club so getting a ticket is not an issue for me.
    However, I fear that by not getting good tickets from Croke Park the scheme could unravel and that would be a pity.

  128. Well said Willie Joe, it’s going to be a long two weeks and both CM and ST will have their bums on seats and when Mayo win we won’t care what seats we had.

  129. Just wondering when did the gaa start giving out tickets for season ticket holders. The brother is a season ticket holder and hadn’t heard anything back yet

  130. WJ, I know you’ve closed the crest debate but i’d like to issue an apology. I was 100% convinced Tariq was a Dub WUM and that’s who my comments were directed at. If as now seems likely Tariq is genuine, I apologise for any offence caused. One or two other contributors were also upset so sorry to them too.

  131. ST holders don’t have tickets yet, don’t know where we will be seated could be down beside CM but ill be there so ill be happy. We need to forget about seating arrangements and concentrate on getting behind our county.

  132. @ Derm, last year I think they were delivered between Wednesday to Friday of the weekend before. Last year they were in 304 and 305.

  133. If I remember rightly, last year Croke Park sent out the tickets about 10 days before the final. We were in 305. I’d say we’ll get the e-mail tomorrow or Tuesday, once the hurling is finished.

  134. It looks like anyone looking for tickets should take advice from the Cork hurling fans! Watching the hurling final, looks like its 3 to 1 in favour of the Rebels fans.

  135. Nice article John, but I don’t know what comfort we can take from been the best at loosing all Irelands. I think you are a little OTT in your rant on multiculturism – these people come here, often with similar tales of hardship as our own. Maybe judging from the tone of some of what as been posted here it would be no harm to refresh our gene pool a bit.

  136. Feel sorry for the Cork hurlers, they were denied an All-Ireland there at the end, 28 extra seconds played by the reff. Reff probably told to play for the draw, if the game is in the balance so the gaa can make more money, shocking stuff.

  137. They shoulda had a man sent off and played the whole second half a man down, they have nothing to complain about.

  138. Regardless off that, they were still denied the win by the reff, 2 mins added on, equalising point in 2:28. Just so typical of the gaa, reffs probably briefed to ensure a match goes to a replay if its close in injury time.

  139. Juan are you serious.Clare deserved draw.xtra time at refs discretion. Sending off someone for dangerous play is not!Cork can have no complaints.
    Tariq has some cheek thats all ill say.
    Well done to hurlers .great win.
    Tickets ….croker full of small children today while people following Mayo for years at home.It is not fair.

  140. Juan, it would be a shame if Clare had lost; the better team for most of the match with a few very important dubious decisions given against them. At the end, a fair result.

    Joe Ruane, that pyre of your’s – there would be a terrible smell- people would be dropping dead from the fumes-Have you consulted Health and Safety?
    You can’t be too careful!!!

  141. There was nothing dubious about it, 2 minutes was the minimum amount of time to be added on, the referee was right to allow the play develop

  142. Agree totally with John Cuffe re multiculturism

    Tradition is important and our motto is our motto!

    And tickets? Is it beyond us to devise a fair system. I think asking people who supported all their lives is wrong. Kids of 5 and 6 and 7 have plenty of time.

    I really dont understand those complaining about type of ticket. I would settle for ANY and there is no bad seat in CRoker when Mayo win,as they will.

    Queues in Castlebar yesterday had to be seen to be believed!

  143. John,
    The very interesting table of statistics you produced started me thinking.
    The first thought was to question why we have such a low success rate in finals. A partial answer came last week during a conversation with an ardent supporter of the Buffalo Bills American football team. Like us, they have a very poor record in finals: they managed to lose four Super Bowls in a row: God knows how we would feel if we lost four All Ireland finals in a row! One of the main reasons for Buffalo Bills’ poor record in finals is that at one stage it was much easier for them to get to finals than it was for most of their competitors. If we are honest, the same is true of Mayo. Based purely on numbers (and ignoring the artificial boost to the number of competitors in the province by including London and New York), it is easier to win out in Connacht than in the other provinces and so the quality of teams winning through in Connacht is on average lower than those winning through in other provinces. (I realise that my thesis fails to explain Kerry’s phenomenal success, but the exception proves the rule.)
    It follows from this analysis that the main reason why we haven’t won more often is that we simply weren’t good enough, not because we are a county of chokers or whatever. I believe that the current Mayo team is definitely good enough and that we will win on merit.
    The second thought that crossed my mind is that today’s younger crop of Mayo supporters have no inkling of how bad it was when “more mature” supporters like me where young. We didn’t win a single Connacht title between 1955 and 1967 and none at all during the 1970s. We didn’t make an All Ireland final between 1951 and 1989 and my main recollection of the few times we made it to Croke Park during all those years is of being on the receiving end of unmerciful thrashings. Thankfully we really are in a new era nowadays, particularly under James Horan as manager. Of course, all of this will be of little consolation if we don’t win in two weeks’ time!

  144. @john griffin/joe mc

    Lads im not arguing that Cork were a better team or anything like that, but regardless of who played better or who deserved it etc, Cork were still one point up deep into added time, yet the reff alllowed an extra 30 seconds resulting in a equalising score. God forbid (if thats ok with you Tariq) that we are in a similar situation on the 22nd, in fairness lads there would be war if the reff played an extra 30secs and Dublin equalised.

  145. I think Clare have been robbed by that referee. Once again we see you can do what you like in the first 15 minutes of a final as the referee will never show red.
    I thought Cork got a few soft frees to keep them in the game and the extra time is supposed to be at least the amount on the board, not exactly the amount.
    Should Mayo try and take advantage of this All Ireland final special refereeing arrangement and Kennelly someone at the throw in?

  146. Thats a fair point Juan. Have to admit id go mad! Had enough of dodgy refs in 96!

    agree with Red Raw Rotten though Davy’s persecution complex and half saying things more than a bit grating.

  147. Davy in general has always been more than a bit grating. I still think they were hard done today.

  148. Juan – hasn’t the ref discretion as to the exact time he blows the whistle? Swings and roundabouts, balance, and fair-play all come into this. Why didn’t the ref sent off the Cork player who hit the Clare lad on the head with his hurley, a red card offence? Was that fair to Clare? He also gave two frees to Cork, which they scored, and should never have been given.
    So, wasn’t a draw a fair result? Actually it was fairer to Cork. Now remember, I am completely neutral, with no axe to grind!!!

  149. John Cuffe – I expected your post was pointing towards me. How I regret that I have unintentionally caused unnecessary offence to the native Irish people. I feel like I collided into some other bodies party. This is not my plan I simply suggested that the removal of sectarian Christian prayer from the Mayo GAA shirt would make it more easier for the not aboriginal Mayo peoples to also own the mayo GAA shirt. I ask for no other changes I do not want to rob your vestige of heritage or your history I need nothing from you. I am proudest Irish man who loves this country. You are so very lucky you are the child of this country, but I had long struggle to be accepted and to beg to become Irish man, and to earn my Irish citizen now I am Irish and my children speak the Irish language – who is the most Irish of us two? You are right, I don’t know all the Irish history but I am learning more each day. I am sorry and shocked that some of your family experienced hardship and the slavery, this was not right. But the people who come to Ireland did not cause this. I live in the south east of the Mayo county I have many best friends in Mayo and in Roscommon and Galway counties. I feel mostly welcomed included and respected and at home here.

    Sorry WJ for again mentioning this topic. Thank you very much Mo Maguire for sincere apology

  150. Ok, I won’t pretend I’m not biased here (I have many Cork relations), but I said the word “robbed” after the final whistle. But having watched it again, who was actually “robbed”?

    I’m sick of big games being decided by what most of us would see as questionable decisions. All that people around me were talking about today was the referee.

    I thought he favoured Cork with many decisions, but the game should still have been blown up after the Clare goalies puck out (two wrongs and all that…)
    It’s about time we looked at taking the time keeping aspect of a game out of the ref’s hands.

    Fair enough, Clare would have probably won with a better ref, but why is this what we are talking about after a fantastic game of hurling.

    I really hope we’re not talking about something similar in 2 weeks time (unless it’s to our benefit of course!)

  151. Hello Nephin.
    After sixty odd years I would rather win by fair means not foul. I hope Dublin feel the same.

  152. Sam4Mayo and Nephin – So you both approve of John Cuffes xenophobic tantrum? Well done my brave Irish boyos! Us “native” Irish are well protected from the influence of foreign interlopers while you are around! Well done! I’d say the site is now cleansed for good of non natives. Shame on you lads, get your knuckles off the ground! I was never more ashamed to be a Mayo man.

  153. Hard luck Clare, they had it won. Just shows that the goal is king
    I wonder how will Clare players look at it, left behind or happy to be still in the mix?
    Well, I watched our own semi again,
    We battered all before us all summer, not a lot of mistakes or errors until this game. It’s very intersting to watch, we should really have battered Tyrone into the ground.
    I ll say no more about the game other than we will need to finish a lot more chances with a score.
    Any word on cillian?

  154. Regardig the hurling match, Now that is what I would call a clear definition of a “slow whistle”.

    FFS lads, cop on now, we have two All Ireland’s to win Sunday week..

    Please just drop the discussion on the crest/multiculturalism etc…this blog is about FOOTBALL and following the up and downs of our Mayo team.

  155. Juan are you actually having a laugh, saying the ref cost cork an All Ireland?!

    The ref was so biased in favour of cork it was unbelievable. Firstly Shane o Neill should have had a straight red early on for a wild pull across a fellas head. The ref kept cork in touch in the first half especially with some very soft frees, as for the time at the end, well the ref said AT LEAST 2 mins of extra time. Its not soccer where the exact amount of injury time to be played is announced. Some people dont seem to realise that. Given that cork took 35 seconds to hit the sideline cut awarded during injury time and the corner back hit the equaliser 2:28 seconds into injury time, the ref was 100% correct to play that amount of extra time. Only the most biased of cork fans would try to argue that point.

    As for the match itself, there are I feel some lessons for mayo, it is incredibly difficult to get over the line for the first time in a major final. We have seen this time and time again across multiple sports. I felt Clare lost their temperament slightly in the last 25 mins as the finishing line drew nearer, missing scoreable frees etc. The more “traditional” side, cork, never panicked and despite Clare being the much better team over all, couldn’t finish them off. If mayo hold a narrow lead with ten minutes to go, cool heads and composure will be critical, it’s just all about not getting spooked as the finish line draws nearer.

  156. All – that’s it on the crest/multi-culturalism debate. Enough is enough is enough as the song goes.

    On time added on in yesterday’s final, personally I think it was the least Clare deserved. I’d agree with Mac’s left boot that the ref did precious few favours to Clare throughout the game. Some have asked how we’d feel in similar circumstances – well, I just looked back over the last few minutes of our 2012 semi-final with Dublin and in that match the ref called five minutes added time and then didn’t blow the final whistle until 76.44!

  157. Good point WJ, and methinks only then because they were allowed their obligatory one last chance and when that didnt come off he had to blow it.
    Same yesterday with Cork, the only option from that sideline cut was to go in field and pass the ball around to wind the clock down, thats very dangerous in hurling and very hard to do. If it had got into 73 onwards and Cork still had the sliothar he would have blown it up.
    He was always going to give Clare one last chance from the puck out, thats the way it goes. If that sideline cut had gone over, Clare would have been going for a goal, and he would have let it continue for a minute or so.
    In fairness, dailylight robbery if Cork had won it, but that happens sometimes.

  158. I thought Clare were the better team overall – it just shows the importance of goals at crucial times in the game. This is something we should keep in mind for two weeks time – both conceding and scoring. The ref is entitled to play 2.28 or 2.59 or 3.21 or whatever when the board is put up for 2 mins. This could be for a number of reasons 1) the ref thinks 2 mins 15 secs are justified as injury time throughout the game in normal time, the board will go up as 2 mins 2) the ref sees additional injury time in the intervening period between him communicating the injury time to the 4th official and the end of normal time 3) the ref sees additional injury time during the injury time period that was already indicated.

    To be honest considering that 28 secs isn’t much extra time any, or all, 3 of those could have contributed yesterday. What the ref isn’t allowed to is play LESS the 2 mins or magic up 2 or 3 mins on top of that without obvious long stoppages in play under points 2) and 3) above.

    Great win for the minor hurlers on Saturday. There is a lot of slow, long building going into hurling in the county starting right at underage which is the correct way to go about it. Great to see it beginning to bear fruit.

    On the CM tickets it’s a shame to hear that the tickets are in a bad position (although I did expect that for the 2nd seat tickets). I guess the problem here is the communication between the County Board and Croke Park. It seems the block (311) is allocated for the CM tickets. Croke Park allocates in blocks the tickets, this is why the central season ticket holders get good tickets. The tickets around the middle of the pitch on the Hogan side go to players from all 4 teams, officials, media, the 25 yr anniversary team. Sponsors get most of the premium tickets. After that you are left with the upper tiers, the edges of the lower tiers, the Hill and the Davin. These are the tickets that go around the country to the competing counties and the clubs. The county board should have made prearrangements with CP to attempt to get the best possible tickets long before the finals. But in all honesty the best they could hope for is the centre of either upper tier or the edges of the lower tiers.

  159. A lot of Cairde tickets last yr were Lr Cusack near tHe middle of the field. What has changed in a year?

  160. Guys

    I think it’s time for the real debate to begin.

    Before the quarter final & semi, when anyone asked me were Mayo going to win, my answer was consistent.
    “We do not have an option, We HAVE to win!!”

    My opinion is and will remain the same for the final, we have no choice, but to win this game, failure is not an option.
    This, I believe is also the psychology of the Mayo team & management.

    We will win game 6, end of!!!!

  161. I don’t know what has changed in a year – obviously as I said between Croke Park and the Co Board this should have been sorted a long time ago. The only I think could have changed would be that there is a large extra number of Season Ticket holders in 2013 compared to 2012.

  162. Tony,

    I agree that we have no option other than win, we are at the peak of our powers today. If our powers are enough to beat Dublin is another thing entirely though, nobody has a right or deserves to win, it’s earned on the field in those 70 minutes. Clare yesterday were a better team and look what happened, it’s not a case of them not deserving it but rather earning it, which they didn’t, no goals and it cost them the allireland because next time Cork will be tuned in.
    There’s a few serious personnel calls to be made by jh next week, some fellas might not be operating at 100% and against Dublin it will show up very fast. The defense is sound as is midfield, it’s up front the questions have to be asked. We can put out a player on the field that is known as a scorer but his defensive capabilities are non existent, do we go with him over someone that kicks a lot of wides but can defend from his forward position?
    I think if Mayo can have CoC on the field to kick frees it would be a huge bonus after the shambles that happened with the frees against Tyrone, and I mean a shambles.
    It’s hard to see him being ok though, really hard if he actually did dislocate his shoulder.
    From what I hear there’s not a lot of tickets going our way so we can expect to be outnumbered again in a final, this is where we really need to pull together. We need to get the message out that any Mayo person in the stadium needs a flag and to be shouting as loud as they can, we are really n the lions den for this game and after beating Dublin the last 2 times in championship they will want to win this even more.
    I have been on reservoirdubs site, just checking on the vibe, it looks like we are just there to kick the ball out to them, I’d say overconfident, that Kerry game may have been a blessing for us such is the confidence of the dub fans.

    Still no ticket myself but hopeful as ever, I will scour the place and likely end up in a pub somewhere near the grounds. Im ok with watching it in Timbuktu as long as the result is right and even missing the welcome home thing, I think a win would just give me peace in my mind.
    Any word on CoC?
    If he’s playing my front six to start

    K mc dillon Higgins
    Freeman CoC conroy

    I’m torn about Andy, he looked sluggish the last day bar a few times on shortkickouts, Enda varley, another I’m not sure about. Though I have no doubt that he could turn on a show for us, will he do it when it’s needed most?

    I have huge time and respect for all involved with Mayo and the work they put into this game, it’s when the Sam is sitting there in the stands with green and red bunting on one of the handles on Sunday week that we need our in form players on the field.

  163. Lads, was anyone watching the hurling match’s from the US or Canada via Premium Sports web streaming subscription yesterday?
    The performance was terrible…video was unwatchable. I, as many did, just switched off and went to Marty Morrissey on the wireless…

    PS said the problem was in Dublin and apparently there was little they could do about it…therefore I’m curious to know if any of you who were watching in any of the Irish Pubs or Irish Pubs in US or Canada experienced a similar experience? (Pubs and Irish Clubs get a satellite feed, not an internet streaming feed) For this to happen on All Ireland Final Day was disappointing and shocking really. They best have it sorted and tested well in advance of our football final day.

  164. I know what you’re saying David regarding the free-taking being a bit of a shambles but I’m not sure COC would have helped. Freeman scored 3 out of 4 that COC would definitely have hit, plus the penalty. Hennelly hit one no one else could have hit. McLoughlin missed one no intercounty player should miss (on his side, 14 yrds out). The other frees missed were well out on the right hand side of the pitch – up until now I haven’t seen COC taking these frees for us – usually McL takes them but was having such an off-day that Varley attempted them.

  165. Tonyk says:
    My opinion is and will remain the same for the final, we have no choice, but to win this game, failure is not an option.
    This, I believe is also the psychology of the Mayo team & management.

    I agree with above. If we lost another final how would it effect the psychology of this team and Mayo supporters in general. Yeah we would re-group an come back but loosing another final….I can’t even bear the thought.

    On another note – Why are Mayo getting 200 tickets less overall than last year? Disgrace if true but something that was told to me by officials from two different clubs.
    No extra minor allocation…..we are going to be well outnumbered if that’s the case even worse than last year.

  166. I think if Cillian is playing the next day, on the free kicks he should drift across to take any free’s on his right boot even if they are on the wrong side for him (right hand side of the goals. Unless the are at an extreme acute angle for a right footer then Mc Loughlin or Varley (unlikely to start though) could take them. Maurice Sheridan used to kick nearly every free for Mayo off the ground regardless of the angle. I think Cillian is now at that level in terms of accuracy.

    For example any free in the same position that Mc Loughlin missed the last day on the 14 yard line should be taken by Cillian/Freeman. To win an all Ireland final you need 85% conversion rate minimum. A repeat of some of the freetaking debacles that we saw in the league without COC, and we will be going home empty handed.

  167. Mac

    Dead right. Sort out the free taking and don’t up up like omadawns coming home with no cup again.
    Are doc and Coen fit?
    I think doc will get a shout if he’s fit, at some stage of the game.

  168. I watch the league semi again on youtube last night. Mayo lacked intensity that day and still had 4 very good goal opportunities and took none. Dublin had about the same and took 2, plus Clarke had 2 fantastic saves.

    that was the difference that day and I would expect the same in 2 weeks. Hennelly will have to play out of his skin and our backs cannot give away the same simple turnovers which gave Tyrone a foothold in the game. Our forwards must be clinical.

    On the intensity, Dublin haven’t met a team like mayo yet. Kerry were brilliant, their speed & accuracy opened up the dubs time and again. Mayo are different, we will force the dubs into making mistakes and it is at this point we need to take our scores.
    Also, when our intensity in the tackle drops, which it will, we need to focus on the play.

    Dublin’s most effect ball against Kerry was the diagonal into the space between the middle and the half back line. This is vaughan territory, so seamie will be required to fall back here as opposed to caff or barrett leaving space for mannion et al to run in at pace.

    Also, Dillon & Mc loughlin will need to pressure the ball into the Dublin half forward line. Remember the lacey, murphy combo last year.

    Focus for 75 minutes and there will be no reason why we can’t do this.

  169. Just got my ST email won’t settle until I have the tickets in my hand. Steve if what you said is true and we will be outnumbered again this year it makes it even more important for us all to have flags and banners and save our voices. We need to be seen and heard on the 22nd.

  170. The reason you arer getting crap tickets is because the dubs are in it, even on the season ticket website it points out that you will most lightly be seated in upper cusack if dubs are in final as they have all the lower covered in there season tickets.

  171. Just a thought on the hurling final replay…see they are scheduled to replay on Saturday Sept 28th, throw in at 5 PM…I’ve no problem with the date…but don’t understand why 5 PM..which brings me to my next question and why this is important to us..

    What if the senior football final ends in a draw? Do we know when a replay would take place? If not, why not?
    Why is this so ambiguous with the GAA? why not publicize it ahead of time?

    If a replay is to be needed, plan it and communicate it, well in advance, so supporters and other interested parties can plan accordingly.

  172. Dublin season tickets sold out in 2010 for their lower cusack allocation any dub with season ticket got after 2010 is seated in upper cusack.

  173. Got my email. As you can see no specific about where in the Cusack. We will wait and see.

    GAA Season Ticket 2013

    ST Account:

    GAA Football All-Ireland Championship Final:

    CROKE PARK, 22nd September 2013

    Mayo v Dublin


    Thanks to your strong attedance at your County’s fixtures in the GAA Championship and Allianz Leagues in 2013 you have qualified to purchase an All-Ireland Final ticket. The GAA Season Ticket is the GAA’s way of thanking the dedicated supporter so well done and thank you!

    The full list of Season Ticket(s) that qualify on your Season Ticket account are listed at the end of this email. We have sent this email to the main Account holder’s email address only so please inform your family and friends who have qualified.


    Tickets are €80 each. You will be seated in the Cusack Stand. You can ‘Opt Out’ if you wish. The cut-off time is midnight tonight, Monday 9th September 2013. (Hill 16 Season Ticket holders- €40)

    Please confirm that your payment card details are correct. We will be processing payment tomorrow, Tuesday (10th September) and if your card is out of date we cannot send you your ticket(s). Click here for a simple Userguide to Update Payment Details. PLEASE ENSURE ALL CARD DETAILS ARE UP TO DATE TO ENSURE SEATS ARE ASSIGNED TOGETHER.

    Your All-Ireland Final ticket will be posted to you using the shipping address details on your Online Account so please make sure that is up to date also. (Hill 16 Season Ticket holders will also receive ticket(s) by post) ACCOUNT LOG IN- click here

    Well done again and if you have any queries, let us know by email to – qualified Season Tickets are listed below.

  174. Lovely piece by Michael Foley in yesterdays S. Times “A Game for the ages” in which he wax’s lyrical about the Dubs great performance to beat Kerry,culminating in his predicting that; “How Dublin won will nourish them for the next few weeks…..putting them within reach of an all Ireland title that will lift them into the company of the best Dublin teams of all time…… ” Giddy times to be a Dublin supporter Michael and if that isn’t Grist to the Mayo Mill.

  175. The time for the hurling replay is determined by the guards. They felt that they did not want excessive traffic in Dublin city at mid day on a Saturday according to the RTE sports report.
    I can’t help feeling that they are being short changed by not getting the Sunday. Maybe Davy has a point about the “little fish”.
    Are we the little fish for the next day?

  176. @ Dan Next year they are taking the time out of the referees hands. Motion 24 was passes at Congress for a “public time clock to be introduced in Croke Park and in all Grounds used for Provincial and All-Ireland Series Senior Football Championship games. The clock will be stopped during the game during certain stoppages of play, and the end of the game shall be signalled by a hooter.”

    @ Mister Mayor The GAA master calendar is published every year for the following year in like October or November or something. Search “GAA Master Fixture Schedule Booklet 2013” and you’ll find it. The replay would be on the weekend of the 5th/6th October. The hurling replay was always scheduled to be on the Saturday.

    @ Up for the match I checked a few tickets I could find for matches involving the Dubs and Mayo (either against each other or on the same day) and your right, it’s all Sections like 302 and 308. I’m after firing off a somewhat tetchy email to the Season Ticket crowd asking for info.

  177. @ Red Raw Rotten You think they should have bumped the Ladies Final off their Sunday date for the second year running?

  178. @ Digits, good man…I never knew there was a master schedule…sure enough, in the event of a football draw…the replay would be October 5’th or 6’th

  179. All Dubs with season tickets prior to 2010 have theirs in Lower Cusack, those who got them after are in the Upper Cusack. Will be interesting to see where the Mayo season tickets are located, will tell a tale!

  180. Hello Digits.
    Absolutely bump the ladies final out of there or give the girls the Saturday. I’m not sexist but the ladies football final is not the equal of the senior hurling final. Their crowd size wouldn’t cause too much traffic congestion either so the throw in could be whatever time they liked.

  181. Our STs for Dublin last year were lower Cusack, why on earth would they put us in upper this time?

  182. Maybe all the season tickets were not used by the dubs last year, and that wasnt a sell out this is different as everyone will want to go

  183. Just been on that dublin site(reservoirdubs) they seem fairly downbeat and honest with there comments.
    And no talk of religion or any nosense like that.

  184. Up for the match,

    Are you kidding? They are anything but downbeat. League champions and all that, topped by being victors in the game of the millennia there 2 weeks ago, it’s hard not to be certain of victory against Mayo.
    Have another look at their website, the All Ireland Final postings in particular. Not too much downbeat lads in there.

  185. “Absolutely bump the ladies final out of there or give the girls the Saturday”, well if that is not a sexist remark what is? Why move the ladies football fixtures? If it was the camogie final I could see some logic in looking at moving it to accomodate a hurling replay. But why move the final from a completely different sporting code just to accomodate a hurling replay? Irrespective of the crowd size the ladies assocation are as entitled to their final day in Croke park just as much as the senior mens football and hurling. The ladies association are already badly treated enough from Croke Park (in relation to its inclusion withing the footballing association) never mind “bumped” out of their final.
    Just for your ignorance, there is every bit as much work, effort and commitment put into ladies football as there is with mens (minus the egos and bullshit politics that sometimes is common with the mens game), and with a fraction of the resources and support being made available to those trying to promote, educate and coach at all levels within ladies football.

  186. Christ WJ, I think you need to invoke a bit of technology and bring down the barriers on this particular thread. It meandering a bit now and is getting, God help us, Hogan Stand like.

    Anyway, just to add to the meandering….if Mayo are to take anything from the hurling final its Clare’s inability to panic and their ability to stick to the game plan.
    Any time Cork got a goal, Clare just went right back at it as if nothing had happened, another team could have panicked and gone in a different direction and ended up losing.

  187. Agree with east cork-a lot of drivel on here lately,over 200 comments an feck all to do with John C’s original post or the match itself

  188. We are like a river, “meandering” along. It’s good to meander. Many a man developed a high voice from “meandering”

  189. WJ, you’re being called ‘Christ’ now; (east cork exile). That’s some progress. You should be Wiliam Joseph from now on!!! Fame at last.

  190. Joe McQuillan announced as ref for the big game.
    Don’t like it, thought Coldrick would get it.
    I’d be very afraid of him trying to over compensate on account of what Brollix said last year.

  191. Just saw that Horan’s Brigage….need to chew on it….but…honestly, shouldnt really make any difference if we play to our potential.

  192. Agree with Mister Mayor. If we do our thing it wouldn’t matter if Brendan O’Carroll was the ref in my opinion.

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