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Mike Connelly


There’s been plenty of debate on here since Sunday’s County Convention. I had intended to say something about this yesterday but never got the time to do so. I know it’s a bit late to be arriving to this particular party but I’ve just had a read of the various reports on the Convention in this week’s Mayo News (which, for anyone who’s interested, is well worth a look) and have a few brief thoughts to offer on it.

The main point, I guess, is to acknowledge the election of Mike Connelly as County Board Chairman and to wish him well in the role. Whatever about events in recent months, Mike has been on his way to becoming Chairman since he was elected Vice-Chairman a few years back and while the optics around the timing of his elevation to the top job may not have been hectic it needs to be recognised that this timing wasn’t of his, or indeed of Noel’s, choosing.

Now that it’s happened and the county’s on-field and off-field leadership teams are in place for 2015, it serves no useful purpose in failing to row in behind them.┬áThe carry-on over the last few months was certainly unedifying and the less than fulsome recognition of responsibility by County Board members was annoying – to say nothing of the shoot-the-messenger tone of the remarks made about criticisms levelled at them on social media – but I’d tend to agree with the argument┬áthat the elections held for the various positions on Sunday should mark the end-point for this particular saga.

It really is time to move on and while this doesn’t mean that all is now right with the world again, it should mean that the focus can switch back to where it needs to be, which is on the pitch and the team we all support. At the end of the day, if the Board members elected on Sunday (old faces as well as new ones) do an efficient job then it can only be of benefit to the team. Likewise, if the Board, the players and the supporters are all pulling in the one direction, our chances of success will be improved. It has, in many ways, been a bruising 2014 for us – here’s hoping for better things in the year to come.

18 thoughts on “After the Convention

  1. Agreed wj. Forget about county boards now and all that shite. Lets concentrate on the football now, getting behind the mgt and team with the hope that the 2/3 players we need will be added and ready for championship.

  2. We’ll know soon enough how successful both the on pitch and off pitch teams will be.
    The more I hear of one and the less I hear of the other the happier I will be!

  3. I’m sure the Co Board would like nothing better than we all get off their backs and go concentrate on football for a change. And isn’t that what we all want, get behind our team and dream that this could be the year. And for most Counties that will be the norm, except in our case, you get the feeling that sooner rather than later some controversy will arise to knock the wind out of our sails!

  4. As a source close to the inner workings of the Mayo Enigma allegedly stated after the Minors All Victory in 2013 “That should keep the bastsrds off our backs for a while”. Wouldn’t bet on it

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  6. Mayo McHale- I thought ya were supposed to report someone missing when they hadn’t been seen for 24hrs?? Its well passed that now!!!!!!!!

  7. Wensamsuun,

    It would appear that you have not being following the thread previous to this one where there has been much more comment since the convention than on this one.
    A question I asked and which was not answered by anybody is how well known was this bylaw requiring a nominee to write to the Co Board secretary confirming the intention to stand. In my previous experience [of c. 45 years in GAA admin] the normal practice is for the nominee to sihn the nomination form if he is intending to contest. This would appear to be the simplest practice saving the Co Board secretary an amount of work in record keeping. [A nomination form without a candidates signature could go straight to the bin]. I also, like others, wondered did every other nominee down the years follow this practice?

  8. Better WJ, I’d introduce Wensamsun to PJ and let him ask the questions face to face. Smart Alec hiding behind a pen name and for longer than 24 hours.

  9. Right on the money there John cuffe, hope Wensamsuun and his mates in the Co Board begin to put their house in order very soon, or we won’t be winning Sam anytime soon.

  10. we share the same club john it wouldn’t be very difficult to organise a meet up!!!! apologies WJ

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