Aidan in Oz

AOS v Tyrone NFL 2009Hogan Stand has a report (which, by the looks of it, was culled from the Star) about how Aidan O’Shea’s Aussie rules trial is progressing.  The report states that, with next Wednesday’s deadline for international rookie signings just around the corner (so it is – sure, it’s Thursday night already Down Under), Aidan could [emphasis added] come under pressure to sign”.

I suppose it could have stopped raining over on this side of the world by next Wednesday too but until the day itself arrives, we won’t know.  The same goes for what happens with young Aidan in the Antipodes: we’ll know soon enough what the immediate future holds there, even if it could be a while before there’s clarity on what the Breaffy youngster’s longer-term plans might be.

By the way, the same report also has a quote from that ratbag Ricky Nixon (an unusually coy one it must be said) but the less said about that gent, the better.

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  1. Word on the street is O’Shea will be home for the replay of the Mitchels-Breaffy game. Thats coming from lads in St Geralds so it might be true!

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