Aidan is okay

Mayo supporters have been waiting nervously the best part of a week to hear news about Aidan O’Shea’s well-being, following the injury the Breaffy man picked up last Tuesday evening in the first collective training session undertaken this year by the senior panel.

News about Aidan began to filter out earlier this evening and when it did it was positive. First reported on Midwest a few hours ago, John Fogarty in the Irish Examiner has a piece online this evening (here) stating that a scan has confirmed Aidan suffered no ligament damage to his knee. There’ll be more on this story, no doubt, in the local papers tomorrow.

Regardless where you stand on the debate that’s been ebbing and flowing on here all week about where to play Aidan and whether or not it now makes sense to consider him as an impact sub, this evening’s news that he’s okay will be welcomed by Mayo fans everywhere. We’ve a big season of football ahead of us this year and we need our big men back for it. After this too-large scare, it’s great to know that Aidan will, once again, be fit and ready to do battle for his county.

PS: Colin Sheridan in today’s Irish Examiner nailed how many of us feel about Aidan and his outsized contribution to the cause down the years. You can read that here.

With the football returning soon, the Mayo GAA Lotto is worth a whirl. A jackpot prize of €10,100 is on offer in tonight’s draw and you can play the Lotto here.

33 thoughts on “Aidan is okay

  1. Colin got it spot on. You don’t know what you have until it might be taken away from you.

    Huge player for Mayo. And has been for over a decade. We’re much lesser side without him.

  2. Best news to hear on a Monday. The thoughts of being without Aidan for the whole season was just the pitts. Onwards and upwards.

  3. This has made my evening, to read this breaking news. Relief!
    It goes to show that there is the highest regard for him when I asked the question yesterday on the previous page. It kick-started an overwhelmingly positive debate on Aidan’s value to Mayo, and the huge contribution he has made to the cause.
    I am looking forward to the Summer again. Great news.

  4. That really is great news. He always puts in a steady shift. He has a huge impact on the team.

  5. Aidan @ 11(float from 45/65), Lee @14(stays inside the 30), Mullin @ 8/9(free license), Cillian @15(as Lee) Boyle/Harrison @ 3(stay put) & P Durcan at 6(primarily defense but can move forward when game permits). We build our team around that this year and we’re in a positive position.

    Really looking forward to football again, the AIF seems like a lifetime ago.

    I think we’re in much better shape than last year.

  6. Mighty stuff. It would have been devestating to Aidan as well as ourselves if he had to miss part or all of the season. A great lift for the panel and management as well.

  7. Mayo13BG, Lee at 14?? Really!!! Not a hope of that ever happening. Also Aidos days at 11 are long over, he will be lining out at ff when championship starts.

  8. @mayomad, why not? Would you have said the same re AOS @3 v Kerry a few years ago. Lee would be fantastic at 14, natural ball winner in the air or on the ground, can kick points off either foot so ideal for the advanced mark, he’d keep any full back occupied and give 13/15 the space needed to play around. Plus is ideal as the first line of defence too based on past attributes.

  9. Great news n like said above Sheridan nailed it in his column in examiner…100%

  10. Delighted to hear the news about Aidan, he is such a fantastic player and has delivered consistently for Mayo over the last decade.

  11. Huge news on Aidan! I think sometimes in the muck-raking over the All-Ireland defeats and the debate over where best to play him we forget how much work he gets through and how much ball he wins around the middle. We’ll definitely be the poorer for it when he eventually decides to hang up his boots.

  12. Is it between Eir Sports and Tg4 for coverage of the national league? They both announced their list of fixtures today. No mention of Gaago anywhere.

  13. I think all Mayo supporters breathed a collective sigh with that news! Aido always does trojan work. I remember going to league matches a few years ago – it was actually stressful the abuse Aiden was getting (sledging and physical hits) and no frees. It was just free reign on him. I don”t know how he coped. Really enjoyed Colin Sheridan’s article. Did anyone tune into Kevin McStay’s interview on Off the Ball – just shocking again to hear how he was treated by the former chairman. I am reading Mark Butler’s piece in Mayo News and I fully agree with him that its all about the money and that big business and generous benefactors are needed to bring sam maguire to Mayo. Finally – any word on number of tiles sold?

  14. I see our game with westmeath will be televised according to a schedule on the journal. Either TG4 or Eir will carry that one.

    There are also fixtures to be determined so we might get another one televised if we are lucky.

    I suppose in Div 2 we cannot hope to get the same exposure as past years. Another reason we need to get back up to Div 1 straight away.

  15. Its looking like Gaago are covering the games which aren’t being shown live on Eir or Tg4. That’s what the is saying at least.

  16. Hey folks, I know it’s likely there’ll be no crowds allowed at games this year, but I was wondering if anyone knows if there’s any plans for the Cairde Mhaigheo season tickets for 2021? Thanks

  17. All of us in Mayo breathing huge sighs of relief yest with Aiden’s great news, could not imagine our team without him. A huge presence, and his NON reaction to the abuse and lack of respect he gets as a great player is just phenomenal and an example to all.

  18. Liberal – why would they bring out season tickets when there probably won’t be crowds allowed at games.

  19. Stephen Cowley. Gaago Uk shows all league games that’s on Ireland plus others.

  20. I know Just a Thought, was just wondering if anyone has had any communication with them or heard anything.

  21. Fantastic news about Aidan. Great to have him available……on his day he’s close to unmarkable and his workmate is huge.
    All in all with the vaccine administration really speeding up and restrictions slowly to be lifted, the second half of summer could be magic yet. We may see bums on seats to cheer Mayo on yet come championship.
    On a side note, with a nowtv subscription does anyone know if it’s possible to watch eir sports?

  22. I was wondering about eir sport too. There doesn’t seem to be any easy way to get it. Even though I’d be willing to take out a month’s subscription.

  23. wide ball , if you have Broadband get a Firestick , and you will have all sport Stations including Eir sport and GAA Go. with every match,

  24. Great news going forward, we need Aidan from the very start, and in form, because of the straight knock out in championship,,

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