Aidan O’Shea is our MOTM from yesterday’s game

Photo: Irish Examiner (Laszlo Geczo/Inpho)

The votes are in and counted for the MOTM poll on the Derry game. It’s a clear result too – Aidan O’Shea wins it with 22% support.

Aidan put in a full-hearted performance for us against the Oak Leaf County yesterday. As well as bagging two points, he was in the thick of the action from first to last, continually getting pulled and dragged for his troubles and receiving zero protection from an inexperienced referee who looked way out of his depth.

The yellow Aidan picked up after five minutes was a joke, as he was merely contesting a 50:50 ball. It wasn’t even a free, never mind a booking. And how Chrissy McKaigue didn’t pick up a black card for his rugby tackle on the Breaffy man in the second half remains a mystery.

Yesterday wasn’t any old game for Aidan either, as it was his hundredth National League appearance for the county. In addition, he’s now just a few matches away from overtaking his old teammate Andy Moran to become the player with most ever League and Championship appearances in the Green and Red. What a servant Aidan has been and continues to be for Mayo.

Others to features prominently in the MOTM poll were Jordan Flynn (17%), Jack Carney and Tommy Conroy (both on 11%) and Matthew Ruane (9%). Well done to all of them and, in particular, to Aidan O’Shea, our MOTM from yesterday’s game.

32 thoughts on “Aidan O’Shea is our MOTM from yesterday’s game

  1. Comhghairdeas do Aodan. He was awesome yesterday. In my opinion one of our better players for foireann Mhuigeo for over 15 years. 100 appearances for the County. Moreover a clean player despite his strength and power. He got a yellow card yesterday for a 50:50 tackle!

    On and of the field a true gentleman opening festival in Oilean Acla, sending a signed Mayo jersey/and a private message to a young lad suffering from cancer in Loch Garman – a huge fan obviously but never met the Wexford lad! Pure class!
    Go neiri leath i gcònai Aodan
    Mhuigeo Abú!

  2. Well deserved. Unbelievable commitment to the county. Wrongly yellow carded early in the game and constantly harassed. Derry player should have been black carded for foul on him into second half. We shouldn’t dream of starting a game without him imo.

  3. It’s at the point now where we will actually need to bring this up as a big media talking point in championship. Aidan must be black and blue after games. If you see the slow mo of the replays of him moving through traffic and he is being fouled fouled fouled. Defender must attempt to tackle the ball or can stand his ground.
    For the ref to be giving frees to Derry for hand on the shoulder but in the same game then free reign on Aidan.
    Aidan getting that kind of ref treatment can be anywhere from a 2-3 pts swing on the scoreboard.
    Very impressive for me yesterday was Aidan’s workrate for the full game.
    We need to be bloody leaving Aidan playing essentially 6.5 for the full game. To me it appeared he was under instruction to cover back and also attack. Why?
    How does Aidan end up in a 70 yard footrace with no. 12?
    Where is our structure?
    Kerry carried David Moran for years and he was not particularly mobile. But he was effective in the structure they had and the role he needed to play. Aidan could have been even more effective yesterday in a 6.5 role playing between midfield and centre back with a midfield selection jersey on his back.

  4. Well done Aido so well deserved he was treated so poorly by the ref tbh that ref was ridiculous and that rugby tackle on Aido was totally out of order to Aido is some servant to mayo puts up with so much. Well done to him on his 100th game.

    also when Tommy conroy was pulled back to by the ref don’t blame conroy for being furious and conroy never gets annoyed by refs decisions usually.

    Wasnt our day v Derry but few positives to take from it thought Mattie ruanne put in one of the best games I’ve seen from him in a good while and conroy def coming back to his old self.

    We were on derrys tails till the very end if we meet them again with paddy durcan, diarmuid o Connor, eoghan mc, coyne back we would beat them.

    And Aaron mcdonnell put in a good show for his first debut well done to him it’s not all bad with lots to improve on and monaghan game it is really just a challenge game.. Looking forward now to New York where it all starts!

  5. Fair, play AOS on man of match. He was very good yesterday. I have said it earlier today re the yellow card he received. The challenge won the ball. He had a free run at goal. It was not a free , never mind a yellow card. It has been going on for years, because he is a big strong man , all referees, not just the ref yesterday seem to think he can be assaulted, and not given frees . It is totally ridiculous. Fair play to you AOS.

  6. Well done Aidan, brilliant servant to the county. Going strong since 2009 and giving his best as always. As regards structure JP, its the way football has gone. Guys are expected to get up and down the field. We saw full back Brickendon down in the Derry square while full forward Conroy was defending up in our own square. The Derry corner back, a brilliant player has bagged 4 goals in this years league, only 2 less than we have scored overall in the league.

  7. Congratulations,an outstanding player for Mayo,hopefully he will stay fit for the final,and deservedly won Sam

  8. I voted for Aidan yesterday as it was fully deserved. He was awesome everywhere in the field. He thoroughly deserved his selection as man of the match. It’s a shame other lads didn’t show as much as Aidan did yesterday. It was almost like they were told to go out and lose the game!
    As regards Refs and Aidan being fouled he does not get any Protection from the Match Officials , Refs, linesmen or Umpires. He’s not a dirty player that yellow card was a disgrace. I who’ve been saying it for years why can’t we leave Aidan on the edge of the small square in a triangle with RoD and Tommy either side off him?
    Look what happened yesterday on the rare occasions when the ball was kicked passed in quickly over the blanket? Tommy should have scored a goal(in my opinion he was fouled), other chances were missed also.
    The Referee was at fault for Mayo missing two other goal chances pulling back the play with a Free when both Tommy and Aido were through on goal.
    There is a lot to work on , a lot of questions for Management starting with a Goalkeepers Kick out strategy., getting rid of this lateral hand passing / back passing when in scoring areas and generally passing the parcel. These problems must be addressed NOW.
    Positives were Aidan’s performance, Mattie getting better, Paul Toweys performance , Aaron Mc Donnell and Tommy getting on the ball more.
    I hope Management can come up with a Plan to use Aidans Strenght in fielding and passing in the future to help Mayo win games.

  9. A superb player for Mayo for so long, when he hangs up the boots he will be missed.

    We’ve 6 PTS and are safe. Yesterday was a project game that we could have won. We went hammer and tongs at the league last year and it didn’t help.

    The defensive structure was there for the first few games when we had our strongest players in those positions.

    Test again v Monaghan then the panel is cut.

    The real business starts in May.

  10. I thought Jordan Flynn was absent for long periods of the game.
    The ball over the top caused a lot of problems for Derry.
    Other teams will have learnt.
    Fair play to our management team for spotting it.

  11. Good man Aidan. Like most things in life, his true value will only be missed when he’s gone. Time for Keegan now to wake up and start using his platform and highlight the hits he takes every game with no free kick, literally lads do be hanging off him. Crazy stuff. I’d rest him and alot of the others against Monaghan.

    @Corick Bridge, I really do wonder about some of your posts…”hopefully he’ll stay fit for the final”…. Or “we’ll win easy against Derry by 6 points” If its tongue in cheek optimism then fair enough but its really starting to look like your on the wind up in here.

    I know you’ll respond with the “I’ve been following Mayo football for sixty years”…Which is irrelevant really as I could be Kate Middleton, who sat on the sky remote in 2014 and ended up watching the replay in limerick by accident – hooked ever since.

    If it is pure optimism then I take my hat off to you. Takes seirious belief to hope Aido will be a fit for the final, with the league not even finished…..

  12. Aidan was extraordinary last Saturday. I have said Aidan was past it in previous comments but he certainly proved me wrong. He had fire in his belly and was a leader on the field. He seems to be fitter and hungrier than I have seen in a long time. Good on ye Aidan. A very positive note on a day that was not our best.

  13. Congratulations Aidan, well deserved and was my MOTM-Jordan and Jack were in my top three. He was immense yesterday, covered every blade of grass, never shirked or wilted, even when Derry were giving us a lesson. He was pulled, dragged and rugby tackled, as is usual and, again, as usual, got little or nothing from the referee-I think his size has something to do with, as referees seem to think that he should be able to look after himself. I never understood the criticism against him, especially by some Mayo supporters and I never went along with the notion that he can’t last a full game-I don’t know if this is to do with his size or age or both, but this should be put to bed after yesterday, as he was still going strong after 75 minutes of hard slog on soft ground. He still makes the first 15 for me and is another that will only be properly appreciated by some after he hangs up his boots. An unbelievable servant to Mayo football and rarely injured as well.

  14. Aidan played way above what I thought he was capable of the weekend. When he was chasing down no. 12 at the end, so he didn’t close the gap, but I was really suprised Aidan was able to keep with a cross country runner type build of player in the last few minutes.

  15. Aiden deserves the height of respect. For all the doubters watch his game closely.
    I still cannot figure why he is not confined to as close as possible to the opposition goal.

    He would keep one and possibly two defenders from moving forward. But for some strange reason this is not part of the strategy. He would also conserve energy. Simple stuff I would have thought.

  16. Did Aidan not do his best work around the middle? I think Aidan has a simpler role he is more comfortable in at midfield. Personally I’d love Aidan to be a defensive midfielder who goes between our 45 and the halfway line.
    If possible he’d stay away from the wings. So when the likes of Ciaran McFaul try to break forward central they get a nice physical tashte.
    Think Aidan would make teams reluctant at trying to run through our centre.

  17. Well done Aidan well deserved. Played well all through but I’d love to know why so often he’s out the field taking long range frees into the square instead of being in the square receiving the ball.. Something else that deserves more of a mention is the 2 passes in quick succession from Ryan into the full forward line. They were top drawer stuff and if they were delivered by paudie clifford or ciaran kilkenny they would be drolling over it on tv. Regarding the game i wouldn’t be panicking yet

  18. Well done Aidan.without doubt one of our greatest ever players .it is extremely strange that none of our lads in the media have ever called out the outrageous abuse he receives in games.I would have to agree with Margie regarding corricks posts which are getting increasingly bizarre “hope he is fit for the final and deservedly won Sam “.Really……….

  19. Well deserved he had a great game. But for God Sake give him a role and dont have him running the length of the field after young lads throlughout a game. Have him as an out and out full forward never going outside the 30 metre line or else a defensive midfielder staying between the two 45s just like Jim McGuinness did with Neil Gallagher in 2012 when he just stayed around midfield and was used to direct play from there with little running around the field.

  20. Corick is providing light relief around here. I think he is parodying ourselves with our Mayo for Sam talk on and off. We might lighten up about it and it can also bring in a touch of lightness that one day we might win Sam even if it is not today. I don’t think Corick means us to take his words seriously.

    Echoing JP, I was astounded and full of pride to see Aidan chasing down Derry’s no. 12 towards the end of the game. I could hardly believe that Aidan could keep up so well with that player although he didn’t catch him.

    I just wanted to add – I heard last year, maybe it was on the podcast, that it is not always a matter of catching up with a player. It is still useful to track your player back even if you don’t have pace. The player ahead of you knows you or someone is chasing him. The person making the point said this makes all the difference. I have watched out for that since and I think the player is a bit uneasy that he is being followed and doesn’t have complacency. In conclusion, therefore – bravo Aidan!

  21. Agree with all the positive comments about Aido. A true role model for all young players and respected all over the Country not alone for his football but for the time he gives to young supporters from all counties. He has received plenty of criticism on here over the years but I guess it’s because of his size people expect him to win every ball or is it something to do with small man syndrome. We are certainly a weaker team without him.
    On the match itself I was surprised at how good Derry were and did anyone else think they were like Mayo in their prime a few years ago running straight at defence while we were more like Derry of a few years ago sideways and backwards except for the small period we went direct and threw caution to the wind.

  22. Dead right @Swallow swoop….when you’re being chased down you are concentrating more on ball control and don’t have as much time to scan the horizon, make the killer pass….I was trying to remember how that move ended, but can’t.
    Just to echo I think Aiden has loads to offer. I do love the way he breaks up play between the 45’s. Equally would love If he could be left inside.
    It has been a conundrum for several managers now.

  23. SwallowSwoops,you are correct,I have enjoyed many,many years following Mayo,at this stage I believe that we need to be more light hearted in our expectations

  24. @2 hops: “I was trying to remember how that move ended, but can’t.”

    Cassidy kept glancing over his right shoulder at the noise of someone barrelling after him and couldn’t find a longer range/penetrating pass. Ended the run near our 20 with a simply lay off to Rodgers on a loop. Rodgers went for a shot just inside our D but a great block down from Mattie prevented it and after some messy stuff (a throw ball for CMcC trapping the ball between his legs and some scrambling by both sides) we turned it over winning a free down the field on our 40.

  25. See I think a really valid point in selection and usage of players is the question “What highly probable impact can I get from the player?”.
    With that in mind we really need to be thinking “What role is the player comfortable in?”.
    Be honest with yourselves now. Big championship game.
    Are we likely to get more impact from Aidan as an out and out full forward or as a defensive midfielder?
    It’s much more likely as a defensive midfielder.
    In that role he can stay in a two round bales of space and just be a real “**ck you know one gets through my corridor today.”.
    So no more big gallopers like Ciaran McFaul or James Mccarthy cutting through. Aidan is then a fresher kickout option.
    If we lock that down, then teams are reacting to us. That’s what you want. Now you have a key attacking threat nullified. Brilliant. Aidan doesn’t need to assist or score if he only delivers that impactful defensive presence central in our defence. It has to be central. I don’t want to see Aidan within 20 yards of the wings ever.

  26. Actually voted for Paul Towey on this one, because I felt he changed the dynamic of the match. That said, I agree with nearly all of what has been said. Swallow, you are absolutely right about his chase. I was thinking just that as it was happening and saying, fair play Aido, you’re behind but you’re not giving up, and that Derry b***** won’t be relaxed knowing you are stalking him. and not that far behind.

    I mentioned a few things he did against the Rossies last week: just after half time, the hit on their 24, the subsequent throw in, which he caught with one hand, and with two or three hanging out of him earned a free (which Reape put wide).

  27. Well done to Aiden, a great effort, never gave up even when the game seemed lost. Aiden has been a remarkably durable player gets dogs abuse rarely if ever injured or retaliates. He played out field most of the game and yet some are saying keep him on the edge of the square. He is never good inside his best work has always been outfield. Of course ball into him has never been good and in that respect ROD influence when moved to center forward was noteworthy. His ability to see an opening and make the exact pass was excellent. But if ROD moves out what about Boland. Moving him to wing forward would mean 2 small men in one line and we seem to like 2 midfield types on the wings to help midfield.

  28. A great servant and looks like he is coming into peak fitness. I like others am caught between where to play him – he never seems to stay in the forward line where I’d like him to be full time. A defensive midfielder role also suits but I feel that depends on opposition we are playing plus there is the croke park factor. As the old saying goes I prefer to be looking at him that looking for him….we still need him but the game plan for him needs to be tailored for every team we play, more so than any other player we have. A MOTM performance against a Galway, Dublin, Kerry he should be capable of if the plan for him is right…

  29. Totally deserved. A warrior that doesn’t always get credit for carrying the load he does. He is having some of his best days in Mayo shirt right now, long may it continue!

  30. I was also very impressed to see Aidan chasing the Derry no. 12 half the length of the pitch towards the end of the game and not losing ground on him. What kind of spuds are they feeding him at all?

  31. His Best game all year. Typical Bombastic runs that none could handle. Took the 2 points well and was unlucky with decisions against him. Met him the one time and as all can see and absolute warrior and gent on and off the pitch.
    Well done Ado, I pray you get the Celtic Cross you richly deserve.

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