Aidan O’Shea is our MOTM from yesterday’s game

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Yesterday’s clash with Dublin was as near as we’ve come so far ths summer to a full-throated Championship encounter. Man-on-man contests all over the pitch, the scoreboard ticking over from first to last and drama aplenty, in particular right at the death.

It was strange, then, to see that only two players who graced the turf at Dr Hyde Park yesterday were included in the GAA’s Football Team of the Week. This selection is, admittedly, an odd beast at the best of times but it was downright weird on this occasion.

Dublin’s excellent forward Cormac Costello and our tigerish attacker Ryan O’Donoghue both made the GAA’s first fifteen for the wweek. But the player you’ve now voted our Man of the Match from yesterday’s game – Aidan O’Shea – strangely didn’t make the cut.

He should have because – on a day where he became the player with most outfield appearances ever in the Championship, yesterday was his 90th in a Senior career that stretches back to 2009 – Aidan was at his rampaging best for us against Dublin. He was an excellent outlet for ball played inside and he repeatedly drove at the Dublin defence from further out. He even knocked over a free from out on the right wing to boot.

Aidan wins the MOTM award, having claimed 23% support in the poll. Ryan O’Donoghue (21%) and Tommy Conroy (19%) both attracted strong support in the voting as well, as was their due in light of the significant parts they both played in what was our best performance so far this year. Donnacha McHugh (12%), who did much to quell the influence of Brian Fenton, also picked up plenty of votes in the poll.

Well done to them – indeed, well done to all the lads who gave it everything yesterday – and well done in particular to Aidan O’Shea, our MOTM from yesterday’s game.

34 thoughts on “Aidan O’Shea is our MOTM from yesterday’s game

  1. Thought aidan looked so much better in compared to his previous games so far this season, i thought he has looked really rusty so far in terms of his handing but yesterday he won everything that went into him, like he must of been directly involved in half of our scores, one thing he did yesterday which he hasn’t been doing enough of is running directly at defenders like he’s nearly impossible to stop, how often he won frees or drew in 2/3 players and pooped it off to a runner hopefully he continues this type of performance on Saturday.

  2. Ontheroad good points there…….and not to mention that peach of a left footed converted free with a wall of blue giving him guff

  3. A powerful performance from Aido and well deserved acknowlegement from the fans.

    I was very impressed with his generousity and good nature in the immediate aftermath of the game. He had patience and time for the hordes of children surrounding him, signing jersies and smiling for selfies. It was clear to me that he was gutted that mayo didn’t hold on for the victory. If ever a draw felt like a loss, it was yesterday. The big man put a brave face on it though.

    Hopefully the entire team will process this lost opportunity quickly and reflect on the positives from the encounter with the aristocrats. Belief should not be an issue if we meet them again.

    No time to dwell, and onwards to the Derry challenge now and perhaps a tricky 6-day turn around will then be followed by an 8-day gap to a quarter final. We are capable of beating any team in the competition and some game management will be needed to progress to a semi. It won’t be easy, but it is possible.

  4. Well deserved , the man has some skills, the hand passing is pinpoint.

    ROD was exceptional also

  5. Good man Aido. Absolutely delighted for him, what a servant to Mayo football. Isn’t it great and unusual to see the top 3 nominees are all forwards. Our much maligned attack have been hitting decent scores this year. Interesting also that in 2012, 2021 and yesterday, the 3 times we have not lost to Dublin have all coincided with us not letting them score a goal. That is the key to giving us a chance against the supposed big boys. Throw in Kerry 2017 replay as well. So credit to the backs yesterday also.

  6. Aidan played well. Would be a super star if he could shoot like ROD TC CL JF or MR.
    ROD for me was MOTM. What a shooter

  7. Brilliant display…credit to all
    Should not let them score that last point though
    Heart break for them…Tyrone wouldn’t allow it….few tweeks and we could be there at the end
    Who was rte man of the match?

  8. Aos is pivotal to everything that s good about mayo. He was a threat all day long. Should always be kept on the field as is humanly possible. As I have posted before I’ve never doubted the players. They have proved in 20 and 21 that they are good enough. . Its the style of football that I was never happy with as most supporters would agree. But yesterday was brilliant. Front foot football at last. Urgency. And yes they might have got a goal but we had more goal chances than they did. . So here’s to a new approach and long may it last. Well done Kevin mcstay

  9. AOS played as well as he has for 10 years.
    Don’t think he got caught in possession once and overcame an attempted clothes line as well (ref played advantage but didn’t give a card)

    In general, I though Mayos attack was 100% improved from previous matches – I really liked the constant dummy runs from out side to in, which gave the space for O Donohue and Conroy to come around on the loop

    I was also impressed with the tactics to bring O Shea, Conroy and O donoghue out to the 45 at times so Dublins best defenders werent in position when Mayo broke through the massed defence.
    Beating the likes of fitzimons out on the 45 and having a run at Con O Callaghan on the D gives a much better chance of a score.

    Conroy had his man in all sorts of trouble and would love to see him isolated inside a bit more.

    McHugh really did a job on Fenton and McBrien the same on O Callaghan. That gave us every chance. We were left short in defence though as we didn’t have a marker for Costello. One to fix for the next day (hopefully we get another crack at them in the final)

  10. What a legend! He has done more for Mayo football than anyone else over the last 10 years! A true sportsman on the pitch despite all the abuse. Great example to everyone. Good man Aido, so well deserved.

  11. Brilliant on Sunday and full deserved man of the match.
    One thing that made a huge difference to this though – a referee finally gave him frees when he was fouled. In the GAA, we too often see scenarios where bigger lads have to be fouled twice as badly as smaller lads to warrant a free. Ref the last day actually gave him the frees when he was being pulled and dragged! Well done Aido.

  12. Aido now has the role of Daddy of the team. ;ong may his form and wellbeing continue, because teams get a huge lift when he’s not on the team and exploit his absence.
    Well deserved mom.

  13. Well Done Aidan O’Shea ?. 90 Championship Appearance For Mayo since 2009. The most maligned player of his Generation, but in reality the big man is a Legend. On the few occasions I have had the pleasure of meeting him he is a pure Gentleman off the field. Aidan is to Mayo what David Clifford is to Kerry. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the game because I was at the Non Event in Portlaoise. Kerry V Louth. When Mayo play attacking football these players are as good as any team and are certainly in the top 2 or 3 in the Country. Aidan deserves an All Ireland Medal?. This is the year. Dublin, Donegal, Mayo, any of the 3 can win Sam this year. Kerry Are probably in 4th place but won’t get past a Semi Final. No midfield and a poor defence.

  14. Brilliant display from Aidan,the whole team,and of course the management team,I am pleased to see that some posters who claimed that Stephen Rochford was running the show,now acknowledge that Kevin is the manager,

  15. Nothing between the top 3 in the list but I thought Tommy edged on combination of scores from play and scoring frees won.

  16. Eamon – I’ve edited your comment, just to correct the point about when Aidan started for Mayo. It was 2009 – he made his Championship debut that May in New York, a month before sitting his Leaving Cert. An incredible servant for the county.

  17. Eamon Ó Corcora, welcome back. Hope you are keeping well. Thanks for the kind remarks about Aidan – yes, the man is a fine bit of stuff indeed.
    But don’t be bigging us up now! We have perilous waters to navigate this weekend and should we emerge in one piece from that, it’ll be another voyage through a cavernous canyon the following week. The nerves would want to be good.
    Ye must be feeling a bit on edge as ye wait to get stuck in proper into the Championship. No one is under any illusions about how good and determined Kerry is. I hope we are both still standing for a few games more.

  18. Tricky one for the management with such a short turnaround to the Derry game and unbelievable that this same silly format was used again this was great to see the change to a much more direct attacking game plan and Rory brickendens kick pass into Ryan was beautifully executed.Of course everyone knows Kevin mcstay is the manager but I don’t think anyone knew he had any connection with corofin but anyway the much improved approach and performance has definitely lifted everyone’s spirits

  19. AOS very well deserved, just keeps getting better, and nothing like a blue jersey to whet the appetite. I have to say I found this one very difficult to decide however. The lads were great right across the field, man to man, to a man, they all did their jobs. Three high energy games one week after another is a big ask so hopefully COC, DOC and FB back week after next will help.

  20. What a servant and what a record to have and will add to it no doubt, the abuse he gets sometimes is totally unwarranted and total nonsense. You have to really admire his mental strength.

    A dangerous animal when he plays like that – more of it please !

    On a side note and I’ve said it on another thread the MOM poll seems unfair on this occasion (in a good way) as most players had a top top performances…

  21. The point into the “Hyde Hill” was a thing of beauty. Makes Aido a lot more dangerous and open to taking Marks.
    Thought his physicality was immense on Sunday. Hand passing was sublime too. A legend there is no doubt.

  22. I never understood the abuse O’Shea got ( I know a lot from our support unfortunately ) He got it from all counties including his own. The family in Castlebar tell me he’s an absolute gentleman. I will admit that I was one of the ones the past few years, who asked the family down West why do you keep playing him. Thought in intercounty terms his best years were behind him. But what a performance against us. A Colossus. There’s times you don’t mind admitting you’re wrong. As a Dublin fan, I want us to win. But more importantly the first love is the game. So you want all the top counties to be strong. And see lots of top players at their best. Congratulations Aido. Fine performance.

  23. Back to the same drum I’ve been beating. Lads give up there time. Make massive sacrifice s. And the hierarchy of the gaa some who played the game at this level expect lads to hit it 3 weeks in a row. A 5 day break is the ultimate insult. Is the championship ser up to favour the top team s

  24. Craggy – to make it worse- if we lose this weekend or the following weekend – we will be waiting a full seven months before our next compeditive game.

  25. Southmayo Exile – yes, this focusses my mind.
    I don’t want us knocked out anytime soon. Our Championship hasn’t got started properly yet.
    I can only hope that Mayo have planned for the top teams – including Derry – knowing that we wanted to be at the business end. This part of the Championship is where we see ourselves now.

    Maybe part of the reason McStay was so peeved at the final whistle is that he might have thought getting into the quarter final by the direct route would mean that we had opposition that mightn’t be one of the top teams. And thus we might have an easier route to the semi finals.

    I agree with others – this system doesn’t have a lot of fairness built into it. If you finish down your group you have an uphill battle all the way to proceed deep into the Championship.

    But Mayo are strange animals and luck has a way of falling right sometimes. Maybe things will fall well for us if we manage our exertion, stay fit, healthy and avoid injuries.

    I see James O’Donoghue on the Football Pod fancies Derry to beat us.

  26. @swallow swoops not a surprised James o Donoghue a kerry one is backing Derry over us.. They never ever back us to win anything so feck em.

  27. Great display by Aiden, he is like the old ad for Timex watches, he takes a licking and keeps on ticking. incredibly strong and brave, good hand passer and tackler. He is often criticized for not scoring much but he has a big impact on the game. He is extremely durable and hardly ever injured and his record of championship games played speaks for itself .He showed Sunday that he can play an entire game.

  28. Well we are going to have to be a top top top team 3 weekend s in a row. Sunday will have taken alot out of the players. Who could come in and give a rest to the lads that started. Only 3 I’d say. Doc. Loftus and hessian. We need as many as we can. Boland unavailable again just when we need him.

  29. Well done Aidan. What a man. Delighted we have him in our team and we will definitely miss him when he’s gone. How he has never lost the head with all the abuse he takes is unbelievable. A true sportsman.

  30. Congrats Aidan and well deserved and was my MOTM. He was immense, not in a glamorous headline grabbing way, but he was hugely effective, gaining possession, holding possession, controlling the game like a quarter-back, setting up scoring chances, winning frees etc-he seemed to be everywhere for the entire game. My other two picks were Ryan and Donnacha. I would just like also to give special mention to Brick, who had a really good game. His long range kick passing is a potent weapon-I can remember at least two beauties and one also fisted pass to set up Mattie for a point.

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