Aidan O’Shea our MOTM from yesterday’s game


It’s the qualifiers so things have to be done a bit differently. I know you were probably expecting to feast on the Sunday papers now but I’m still in the west, the old internet connection is as wobbly as our rearguard was for periods last night and I’ve other metaphorical fish to fry at the minute.

I want to stick up another poll – and will do so once I’m done with this post – so that means the MOTM poll, which I usually leave running for the whole day after a game, has on this occasion to be guillotined. Not to worry, the result was never in doubt in this one, as you can see from below.  

Aidan O’Shea was an absolute colossus for us in last night’s game. It was as if he was visibly carrying the team – and our collective hopes – on his back, as he repeatedly took the game to Derry. He also took a frightful amount of punishment, getting pulled dragged, kicked and punched – and getting bugger all in the way of protection from that useless article of a ref – but he kept coming back for more and kept driving us on.

Well done, Aido, that was a pure masterclass of a performance. Well done too to Conor Loftus for that astonishing goal that hauled us back into it late in normal time and to all the other lads for working like demons to get us over the line in what was, by any measure, an enthralling championship battle.

22 thoughts on “Aidan O’Shea our MOTM from yesterday’s game

  1. He put in a serious shift. The groin injury seems to have cleared up. Hope we get Meath. Up Mayo

  2. Well done to Aidan, keep up the great work. It’s great that his fitness is improving, as we would have been in even bigger trouble if he was still struggling with his injury in these games.

  3. Won every battle that came his way. Guaranteed every throw ball and drove us forward.

    What astonishes me is that he never reacts to the constant abuse – dragged, kicked and mauled to the ground most of the time.

    High time his own people acknowledge this. We’re not in the same league without him.

  4. I’m many ways for me this was Aidans biggest ever performance for us, especially when everything is taken into context. For starters, the nonsense from the media and abuse he gets on and off field, something which sadly is ever present. But most importantly, given the way he carried the fight all day (when our shooters were in utter meltdown) is a testament to him, especially given the enormity of yesterday’s match and pressure he must have been under. This says so much. We’d have been beaten without him. Simple as that.

    What pleased me even more than his brilliant play was the way he rallied the lads around him. THIS is exactly what is needed. That kind of leadership is priceless to any team.

  5. AOS was definitely MOTM yesterday, the problem being the media and some supporters expect him to deliver this type of performance all the time – which is not possible. Other players need to shoulder the leadership if we are to progress.

  6. Seeing aido play like that gives me hope going forward. There are not many teams that can live with the big man when he’s in that form.

  7. Massive game from Aidan. I didnt think he would have that duration of fitness in him and this display from him is very encouraging.
    Deegan ….he’s a celebrity ref. All smiles and how are the lads. Much like Dickie Murphy who gave no protection in hurling. Quit the pally pally nonsense and ref the bloody game.

  8. With Aidan O Shea playing for mayo we have a chance of winning without him our chaces of winning is poor he was like a tank driving forward nothing could stop him look at the league games against donegal and tyrone says it all

  9. I didn’t make it to the match but watched it on TV, you could see Aidan encouraging and lifting the team , it was great to see and gives me hope going forward , always love watching him play as he draws defenders to him , delighted he had a great game , hopefully he can build on that. Great to see loftus coming on and doing so well , he carries no mental baggage , would love to see Kirby getting more game time, I noticed he got a big cheer as he entered the pitch , I take it this was the supporters way of telling rochford we want to see more of him, I still have faith in this team , they showed great heart and determination , I don’t have great faith in management. Anyway we go again .

  10. Yes, yesterday Aido was immense…definitely MotM.. Parsons and Clarke would make the shortlist! Hope we get Donegal in Castlebar, now that would be a fixture to whet the appetite.. It would draw easily in excess of 20K if it were held in Castlebar.. No venue in Donegal could hope to cater for the anticipated crowds…To be fair to Donegal they turn up to support their team… 11K+ at the match yesterday, with live television.. And hardly a Derry fan to be seen, fair play to those Derry fans who did turn up.. I wonder how that attendance figure compares to the other match’s yesterday without live TV talking keeping how ever many fans away the stadium… Last year Derry went out after extra time to an excellent Tipperary team, in what also a thriller.. So I’m sure it was a long and lonely trip northwards for the Oakleaf….. As I write ‘Ger Loughlane’ has described the Wexford fan’s as ‘Wexicans’.. No doubt taking the line from an equally passionate hurling man’ John Mullane ‘… Shame RTE can’t seem to find someone with a bit of’ ‘Passion ‘ and colour in helping with their description of Gaelic-football… Brolly has become a parody of himself, Carney and Carr would try to describe’ paint drying’ as ‘risk taking’… Whelan seems to have one eye’ what would be pleasing to Jim Gavin’ with the same reverence as a teenage member of the ‘Legion of Mary’ would have for the Parish Priest in the 1950s.

  11. AOS is a complete credit to Mayo. I live in England. Was done on the breaffy pitch every day back in May with my young son kickung ball on the pitch. Aidan met my lad , gave him great time, gave him one of his shirts and made unbelievable memories for my son.

    He was immense yesterday and mayo fans need to appreciate him while they have him, any chance of mayo success this year will rely on him keeping fit and maintaining the appetite displayed yesterday.

    Well don Aidan, well deserved

  12. Well deserved Aiden. Terrific game and rallied all around him. We’d all be in tears today without Aiden yest. Onwards and upwards.

  13. AOS MOTM. Of course he is. Time and time again he takes the fight to the opposition and the ref and wins. We know the abuse he gets from all quarters but we don’t know how it feels or where it goes but he still fights on. A word too for another man, COC with nine points. What a man to have on your side, we’re blessed with these fellas.
    I wonder how or will the GAA sanction McGuckin for that eye gouge. There’s no interpretation or opinion needed regarding the incident. At the end of the day the top men blather on about the players and how they contribute and it all seems like ould bullshit rhetoric unless they act on this proof. It’s terrible and a man’s life could be turned upside down after an incident like that. Gggrrrrr, the blood boils

  14. Another word for COC …
    Some criminal wastefullness throughout yesterday evening.

  15. Congrats to Adian O’Shea,well deserved I am delighted for him,also thanks Connor Loftus, great to see a young player stepping up and taking the game by the scureff of the neck ,I hope the management has learned a thing or two from this game,I have the greatest respect for A. Moran but in fairness he was lacking in pace towards the end,I think it’s time to give Andy the roll of an impact sub,well done to all we got the result,now roll on next game,a few concerns ,will we be without Durcan and Keegan,??? A big gap in our defense? Hon MAYO

  16. Couldn’t agree more on the MOTM vote. A giant of a man in every sense of the word. Amazing character too, never gets riled, never retaliates despite the untold amount of pulling, holding, dragging and double teaming he has to put up with day in day out. A credit to the county and the game.

  17. The one line is where mayo have excellent cover is their hb line…..
    Say mayo are without keegan & Durkan. … the choices are … Boyle plus two of higgins, nally, coen, vaughan, & mcgloghlin.

  18. Hope Rochy has learned his lesson in that we never go into a big game without Aidan O’shea and colm Boyle again.Any word on Mayo appealing Paddy Durcans red card,looked harsh enough.

  19. @JC well said JC. A nice story that needs to be told. Fully concur with your thoughts re Aiden O Shea.

  20. We had a great game last eve. – watched it on tv
    Exciting. The Mayo boys have to believe in themselves and keep working hard. This team has given us so much enjoyment and owe us nothing – they owe themselves silver ware. Go for it and take no notice of the Dublin media. Like the goverment they think of nobody else
    but the Dubs.

  21. Great story JC.
    There are loads more like it I am sure.
    I reckon your son has plenty of room for growth in that shirt!

  22. I read and love these blogs but have never commented until now, to me and to a load of other people in the stand the solution is obvious, forwards, all six of them should not be more than 30 yards out from the opposing goalkeeper when is kicking the ball out, only when we pressed and made the Derry goalie kick long did we achieve any success, Parsons and the 2 O’Sheas’s will win enough ball at midfield ! Ger has been a stalwart and loathe as I am to say it as a Ballina man, his day is done, he was never the best under the high ball but could compensate for that because of his speed and ability to read the game, alas, his speed is not what it used to be, he was roasted in the first half ! We by all accounts have tacticians in our back=room team, are these the same tacticians that dropped an All-Star goalie for the replay last year and decided to drop the most tenacious defender we have in Colm Boyle for the Galway game this year, for crying out loud, let the lads play their game, as footballers they know what they are about, let them play for God’s sake, it’s not that long ago when Lee was sent off against Kerry when we saw what Mayo footballers can do if they are let play ! We will hopefully not underestimate Clare, they are solid but we are far, far better than them, if I am rambling, I apologise, Mayo football is all I care about really and I really feel that we can, believe it or not, go the whole way this year, just let the lads play !

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