Aidan O’Shea our MOTM from yesterday’s game


He might have got bugger all in the fair play department yesterday – suffering, for the umpteenth time, from seventy minutes of pulling and dragging with no protection at all from the ref – but that didn’t stop Aidan O’Shea from putting in a strong performance for us at Pearse Stadium yesterday.

On a day to forget for many of our players performance-wise, Aidan battled hard throughout and it’s no surprise you lot have voted him our Man of the Match from yesterday’s match against Galway. Aidan wins the MOTM vote for this game having secured 29% of the vote. Well done to him.

The main vote-getters in this particular MOTM poll were as follows:


295 thoughts on “Aidan O’Shea our MOTM from yesterday’s game

  1. Good to see David Brady calling out teams on it. They really need to put a player cam type thing on him to see what he has to put up with. His restraint is admirable.

  2. Aidan O’Shea takes dogs abuse on the pitch and off the pitch. He puts it all on the line for Mayo and is a top player and class act. Time everyone from Mayo stood up for him and gave the same commitment to him that he gives to Mayo.

  3. Aidan is in good shape for this time of year. He still had drive in his legs in the last few minutes. If you think back to this time last year Aidan hadn’t even played yet and simply wasn’t anywhere near this level of fitness.

  4. I’m tired of seeing Aidan being abused and ridden in so many games. His control and capacity to keep turning in such powerful performances is a credit to him. It’s also a characteristic of this Mayo team that I admire. I do not like cynical play from Mayo or any other team. But I love to see passion combined with talent… regardless of the league results so far this is what I love about Mayo football. Well done Aidan and I hope you get the support and respect you deserve from refs and linesmen and the Mayo county board. You are a mighty man. Maigheo go deo.

  5. Well done Aiden on restraining yourself yesterday, you drove conroy and comer mad when you refused to buy their crap. May can’t come soon enough and we will be there roaring you on.

  6. Yes he had a decent game yesterday but for a man of his size and strength he should not be knocked to the ground and allow himself be pulled along the ground like he was yesterday. He needs to really start ‘bullying’ players from the start and set the tone in the physical stakes.

  7. Should go to absolute war in May.
    Team along the lines of the below for the first 1/2 hour and hit everything that moves.







  8. Centerfield,

    Surely you have to have Boyle there as well, if I was going to war I would like both him and Keegan beside me..

  9. Well done Aiden. A credit to your county.
    How you keep playing with all the crap you have to put up with is beyond understanding.
    We’ll be roaring in May. Let’s all keep our heads up.

  10. Definitely MOTM yesterday and definitely should be a contender for Captain!! He gets dogs abuse on and off the pitch and even from our own supporters! He plays each game with the heart of a lion. He may not be the most skilful but definitely plays his heart out in all positions! He was pulled and dragged all over the pitch. it’s about time the Mayo County Board stood up for him! For me Paddy Durcan was a close second! We just weren’t good enough yesterday and the shambles at the end of the game was a pure disgrace with young kids watching on! It’s time to get back to football!!

  11. Think he had a good game yesterday, if he can stay fit and keep up the workrate he’s been playing with so far in the league he’ll be mighty in the Summer. I’m still convinced his best position for the team is to be in or around the HF line though. I definitely don’t agree that we need to revert back to the awful days of AOS and BM in the full forward line from the start though!

  12. Jammercee this is not about how we setup for the entire summer this is about giving these fellas a right dose of there own medicine for the first 25-30 minutes then the likes of Andy can be brought in off the bench

  13. Kirby over Kevin MC????
    Based on ??????
    Vaughan full back ? No Barrett ????
    Jason Doherty ?
    Big bird could be an option at some point in the FF line though I’ll give you that
    Also the last thing we need is to go in belting and picking up unnecessary suspensions. We will go in hard and relatively fair but keep the heads.
    What good did Cillian and Diarmuid do yday by losIng the heads?
    I expect a long summer for us again despite the neighsayers.
    Some of the Galway players reactions to a league win against a second string mayo team tells you all about their expectations for the year .

  14. Ah lads and lassies, get to the real issues, its time to call on all the people who watch and go to games, and love their county as I do Mayo, and the so called ex players, and the glasses brigade, that call themselves experts, and pundits, in RTE, Well if fair play was the norm, and referees were graded, and judged on their perfornance, it’s going to show up a lot of them for what they are.? Incompetenand and way off what’s required, and utter discrace to their proffescion, county, club, villiage, and country, last year’s all Ireland is a typical example. And who gets the Dublin v Donegal gig, Well enough said. Sorry Wille Joe, id love to sa what I really think, but it may get me in trouble.

  15. Change of tactics is definitely required for our next few games. Out slow build-up is not working, as it allows the opposition too much time to set up their defence and wait for the inevitable cheap turn-over before attacking us at pace and as we know it’s almost impossible to defend against fellas running at you from all angles. A more direct game plan could pay dividends were we to employ the long ball out of defence and hit the forwards where they would have at least a 50/50 chance of winning position and more importantly have a bit more space to work with. Anything is better than what we’ve witnessed this last few games where it’s almost impossible to score into a packed defence, especially when chasing the game. I’m surprised that Management is not at the very least trying to mix thing up a bit more and not have us so predictable. If we continue to play the way we are and Dublin will eat us alive and nobody wants that.

  16. O and by the way, well done Aidan on a fine performance in the most difficult of circumstances.

  17. Well done to Aidan, keep up the great work. A special mention for Paddy and Diarmuid as well. They are looking like two of our sharpest players at the moment, they have being involved in colleges football, so that’s probably the reason for that.

    It’s great to have a free weekend ahead. It should give us an opportunity to regroup and start to put some plans in place. It’s only 12 weeks until our meeting with Galway again, you could say that the season really only starts for us now.

  18. Paddy pulled up late as well on Sunday opposite the stand. Hobbled off. Hope it’s very minor

  19. That’s sickening to hear about Paddy, Mark. Hopefully he will be okay. The Mayo News should probably have some more info on the injury front today. It would be nice to see a few of our other injured and unavailable players coming back soon as well.

  20. Aidan is a great player who takes abuse on and off pitch too often.
    I still think it was one of those games where I don’t know if we should even of had a MOM poll it was bad. No one really stood out.
    I looked at hogan stand team of week and 3 galway vs none from mayo…enough said really

  21. Don’t worry lads. All will end well. 5 months ago we had how many all stars? They haven’t even warmed up yet.

    Galway won and deserved to win. They also did everything possibe to Stoke up the Mayo team who they seem to forget they have to face in May. They’ve made their bed and now they’ll have to lie in it. Mayo need to be challenged and Galway have laid down that challenge. I’d say all Mayo guns are trained on the May showdown.

  22. By the way where is Conor ó Shea? He’s a lad with some big day experience who I feel wouldn’t get bullied And what’s more he’s an Ó Shea

  23. Fair play to Aidan for his performance. On the abuse he gets. yes, its nasty at times but its more a sign of other teams fears that they target him. All big players from other counties (especially the big guys) are equally targetted. Its part of the win at all costs now and won’t be changed.

  24. Well done Aidan on a good display Sunday and unbelievable restraint as the target from ALL teams Mayo face at this stage.

    Team for Championship hopefully all fit.
    D Clarke

    O Donoghue
    Keegan (Man Mark Damian Comer)


    AOS (don’t think SOS will be back)

    Mc Loughlin

    Higgins (Sweeper to cover long ball and Walsh runs)

  25. “And what’s more he’s an Ó Shea”…dear god ah yeah sure while we’re at it let’s call all the brothers of our players onto the panel

  26. Glad to see David Brady coming out and speaking up for Aidan who I think is a hell of a lot further down the tracks than he was this time last year. At long last. It was hard lines when Lee Keegan – a current player – was the only man to come out and speak up for his teammate the week before and it hasn’t gone unnoticed that Eamon Fitzmaurice was right out there replying to him and defending his man.

    I’m not criticising Rochford for this – he has enough to be doing – but it’s high time we had a strategy, led by either the county board or the current management team to deal with stuff like this in the media like Dublin and Kerry clearly do. I don’t see them getting lambasted for standing up for their players but apparently, you can only do that if you’ve won an All-Ireland in recent years.

    We were rubbish on Sunday and that is a fact. Cillian was way out of line on Sunday and that is a fact. However it is not “whinging” or “blaming the ref” to insist on fair treatment that will protect players. The number of players sent off against us this year to date suggests that we are seen as fair game and the fact that we had a lad in theatre undergoing surgery last week suggests that linesmen and referees are simply not doing their jobs.

    On another note it does feel frustrating that more of our younger lads aren’t getting game time, but we’re missing the spine of our team at present and you can’t just fire in a bunch of new lads without a proper integration process. Once a few more of the regulars get back, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few more tweaks.

    Have to say, the prospect of meeting Dublin in two weeks is not appealing at this point in time, but the beauty of this Mayo team is that they tend to pleasantly surprise you when you least expect it, and I’m clinging to that hope for the 24th!

  27. galway got a great defensive coach in paddy tally
    they going to be a serious team in the next couple of years

  28. @Liam Jones: IMHO Conor O’Shea has yet to hit the heights expected in a Mayo senior jersey. Perhaps he will, he’s still very young, after all. But I think it’s a bit previous to suggest throwing in a young lad to solve our lack of physical presence just at the moment.

    This will probably only be solved by the return of leaders such as Leeroy, Vaughan, Barrett, SOS etc.

  29. It was embarrassing to hear a few Mayo ‘Supporters’ in the stand last Sunday shouting abuse at Cillian when he was going off. I really hope those people stay away in the future.

  30. Can it not be arranged to have a tv camera following Aiden O’Shea for the full 78 minutes of a match?

    Then edit the footage and send the “best bits” to “Who ate all the cakes” or some other clown in RTE.

    Surely this is possible in this day and age. Starting on Saturday week when “Dublin Joe’s saints in blue” come to town.

  31. Aidan is not on his own when it comes to being targeted Donegal have complained for years about Michael Murphy being targeted, ditto the Dubs with Connolly, Kerry with Galvin. All top teams have to deal with their best players being targeted. It’s a problem in the game for sure.

  32. Agreed Ocides1, Murphy gets a load of it, however squeaky wheels get the grease. Kerry weren’t shy about raising it and neither has Dublin or Donegal. Connolly was the master of his own downfall last year when he got banned, he reacted, pushed a linesman and you can’t do that.
    If nothing is said about the treatment Aido is subjected to, the refs will continue to ignore it.
    it’s a bit of disgrace really that a different set of rules apply to lads depending on their size, and the standard Ostrich approach of “dish them both out with Yellow cards, that will put an end to it” is such a cop out from the officials, it really questions their ability to apply the rules.

  33. The 4 cowboys pulled on the reins and came to a standstill at the top of the hill. They looked down on the shootout that was taking place below them.

    These 4 hombres weren’t here to fight today. They had ridden half a day to survey the landscape.

    Keegan leaned forward on his saddle. His eyes squinted a little tighter every time one of his possie took a cheap shot. “Sons of bitches” he growled between gritted teeth.

    “That Raccoons son of a skunk” hissed Seamie, reaching for his six shooter as he watched his brother dragged backwards through the mob.

    “This isn’t the day Seamie, not today”. Parsons knew that a bigger battle lay ahead.

    Higgins said nothing. He never did. He forgot nothing either. He scanned the battle scene one last time.

    Barrett side spat some well chewed tobacco out his mouth. The 4 hombres wheeled their mounts around spurred their horses and rode off towards the plain of the Yews.

    They rode together in silence. They all knew what had to be done.

  34. Great stuff Revelino!.

    I make that 5 hombres though. Leeroy, Seamie, Tom, Keith and Chrissy.

  35. Revellino..that is brilliant.bursted out laughing. Well finally David Brady spoke- where are the rest of the Mayo “media” and County Board? The Kildare Manager was out first thing on Monday morning re issues on their game on Sunday. And fair duce to him. At this stage Stephen Rochford needs to start highlighting the abuse Aiden in particular is getting. He is going to get injured or just walk away. What young man needs this hassle. I am worn from saying it. I still get vexed re media campaign v Leeroy in 2016. Is there anything we as supporters can do??

  36. Revellino, great stuff.. But you did forget Vaughan. He was sitting behind me in the stand…. If you throw in Andy and Harrison, you would have the ‘Magnificent Seven’

  37. Revellino, I always loved a good western and you sure as hell have the makings of a gooden there – looking forward to the shoot-out already 🙂

  38. Revellino..Super ..Between yourself and WJ with his moderation mash up the blog is really entertaining this week..

  39. AOS class act on and off the pitch. Tough enough to stand up for himself without sky digs and all the pathetic egos demonstrated by the average GAA player. Himself and Paddy Durcan standing out like sore thumbs in the team at moment with their leadership and levels of play. They are demonstration of what top players do . They are fit, available to play, performing well regardless of the time of year

  40. I’m actually worried about our type of response in May. We’ll still be only at 60% by then – based on last year’s approach. Meeting them in late July, I would be much more confident.

    Billy Joe Padden good in MN today, though I don’t agree with all of it.

  41. Catcol, im only guessing here but Rochford has indicated that 13th of May is the big one , I have a feeling we might be a bit further on early summer compared to other years. Albeit Galway look to have our measure now at this stage , they are a lovely side and im looking forward to seeing them in the summer months , wouldnt put it past Galway to win the all Ireland soon ,once they get their tails up ,theyll have the belief , its in them .

  42. I’ve been pondering that match on the drive home from work tonight and am beginning to think that Galway have done little more than poke the bear.

    There’s little doubt now of a repeat of two years ago, when we turned up half asleep in Castlebar.

  43. Revilino I hear tell they’ll be a new sheriff in town by high noon in May a young champion cowboy from out sheepstealer county way old man Hanley’s boy

  44. That thar Hanley feller and his posse ain’t gonna take no sheeeat from no herrin chokers or no fancy fellers from dubalin , ya hear me now an hear me good!

  45. Okay Backdoorsam.

    Ole Jake Akehurst tickled the keys on the piano.
    The galway gringos were still celebrating, gambling and hurling abuse across the saloon. They had all but run their neighbours out of town.

    They were in the middle of a hoedown when the swinging doors burst open.

    The sunlight outlined his frame as he slowly walked to the middle of the counter, his head lowered.

    The music stopped, the place turned deathly quite.

    The bartenders trembling hand slid a whiskey bottle towards the stranger, but lead from the strangers gun shattered the bottle before it had reached halfway.

    The stranger slowly raised his head. The gringos saw the cold eyes staring at them through the mirror behind the bar.

    Their blood ran cold. It was Ole man Hanleys son, come back to pay his respects and settle some dues.

    His brothers gun felt good in his hand. By his reckoning not everyone was goin to make it home tonight. He had a score to settle.

  46. Jeepers glad I read through this thread, cheered me up no end after stumbling across some of the abuse toward Cillian on social media; he may have been wrong but the crap on social media is just pure gutter, hopefully that’s a corner turned for him :-).

    Re. Aidan, he amazes me, I really hope he is as mentally strong as he comes across, fair play to him always manages to keep his head.

    Keep up the good cheer guys & Thanks :-).

  47. I think mayo have more problems than many here seem to realize, over these past few years there has been Mayo, Dublin and Kerry as the king pins in the sport with Dublin at the top of the pile. I thought Galway were very fortunate to beat ye over the past two years in Connaught as I felt ye were better than them despite the fact that they scraped by ye on both occasions.

    Against Kerry last year they were naive in their defensive starategy allowing Kerry the option of the long ball in and the frailty of their back line seemed to affect or somehow infect the outfield players which led to a strangely anemic effort from their overall team and the game rarely if ever took fire. Mind you FitzMaurice clearly didn’t learn from the obvious chinks exposed by Galway. This year they are very defensive and are almost mirroring donegal of 2012. This is the reason that I think Mayo will struggle to overturn them on May13th. I don’t for one moment thing that Galway will win the All Ireland playing this style but I have a suspicion that Walsh is developing a strategy that will undermine Mayo and give them the provincial title. After that I believe he will change tac as he is too cute to take his army from Connaught and march on the capital with a formula that won’t lift the canister.

    The point I am making is that Mayo have some of the hardest backs in the game and Galway will be glad to leave them to their own devices while they frustrate your forwards. The players ye have coming back are top class but the likes of Andy or indeed Cillian will not thrive in that claustrophobic defensive furnace that Galway have been working on since last years limp exet from the championship.

    Mayo are screaming our for some fresh talent in their forward unit, how many occasions last Sunday would a competent kicker have popped over a point outside their inner defensive radius. Galway knew that mayo would flip flop and keep recycling the ball as too many of their forwards don’t have the confidence to have a crack, cillian and Diarmuid will as they are golden come the championship but these fringe lads are suffering from the fear of the Curley finger. Walsh is no fool and he clearly factored this very scenario into his game strategy.

    Last year Eamon Fitz was so worried about your running half forwards, indeed your middle eight that he told our half backs to follow their men thus opening an absolute prairie in front of our full back line and to the likes of Andy Moran this was like clubbing hooded dodos for Sunday lunch, he destroyed our ridiculously exposed back line as an instinctive assasin like him only needs sniff to switch your lights out.

    In the replay EF changed tactics only slightly by putting Paul Murphy in the tumbleweed but he still never protected this critical area and Murphy was redundant as the mayo outfield players could kick with ease into abundant space afforded to them. Coupled with this O Donoghue was warming a seat on the sideline and Keith Higgins was buzzing from the freedom of responsibility and was imposing his talents around the middle of the field adding to the mayo presence who were gleefully bossing the Kerry players who were so busy chasing their man that Rockford could have unfolded a directors chair and rested his boots on the back of a Kerry sub while enjoying watching his battle plan unfold much like Rommel did in Egypt in the early forty’s.

    Galway have a plan for Connaught and I think they will have a slightly different strategy beyond the provincial crown. Kerry too will not be so naive again and have grown significant new teeth for the year ahead. I thing this is your last chance saloon so I hope ye take every advantage in 2018, mayo have been warhorses these past seven years but age is now critically coming to the fore, ye have failed to uncover fresh talent in the forward section of your play yet again and this Achilles heel has thus far cost ye at least two championships.
    Good luck and I sincerely hope ye stay in the ring for 2019, if ye go down it will change the whole dynamic of Mayo football as ye will have to train so so early to try and do well in the early rounds of division two to get out of it and this effort will gave influence on your 2019 championship.
    Basically a nightmare for mayo football.

  48. Gamechanger

    It could happen that Mayo do the packed defense thing themselves. We will see what happens in the game against dublin but it certainly won’t be out and attack them like happened last September. Mayo may indeed slip back but sure that’s the way it goes. We are not dublin.

  49. MacHale Park is a very tight pitch and if Galway unload a duvet on May 13th it will be very tough to break down.

    Is it realistic to expect Andy and Keith Higgins to maintain performance levels from the last few years at their age?
    Chris Barrett and Seamie are still young enough but seem to be perennially injured at this time of year. There’s only so much abuse their bodies will take.

  50. I do think Brady was right to make the O Shea comments but maybe he should stop talking now.Just saying.

  51. You ran with something similar this time last year too Gamechanger10 which proved..well.. wrong! Whats to say this year and next year won’t be the same? We’re not naive to say this can be maintained forever.. it cant, but do you honestly think Rochford and crew stayed on with eyes only for what Galway does and dosn’t do? Some of what you say is right but if Galway are going to develop a new plan of a balanced attack and defense to be deployed after the Connaught final in the super 8 well then there fu×*ed now already. It takes Mayo, Kerry and Dublin all year to bring their brand of football to very high fluidity and when Kerry tried to change last year.. well we know how that worked. Its easy to drum out the same old tale of Mayo needs to unearth a forward and if that’s true then Kerry need to find a few defenders. There’s plenty of time yet.. dont you be worrying about Mayo and putting poor old Gaiway on a pedestal at the same time.. sheahh there”s no keeping up with ye 🙂

  52. Does anyone how many players are in the Mayo panel at the minute as there was meant to be a few dropped last week.Why are we not giving the best young forwards a chance, Where is Brian Reape, Ciaran Treacy, Peter Naughton, Alan Freeman, Ryan O’Donoghue, James Carr at least they might try and shoot.We had forwards playing the last day and they kept laying it off for someone else to shoot, how do you expect to score if you don’t shoot, the attack can’t seem to cope without Andy at all.Do we also need to look at other forwards in the county that have not been been given a fair chance such as Liam Irwin, Jack Reilly and James Shaughnessy there the top scorers from play in Mayo club football.The whole country is laughing at us in how we can’t seem to unearth one scoring forward.Look at Lee Brennan wasn’t in the Tyrone set up last year, finally brought in and given his chance by Mickey Harte and hes Tyrones best forward in the league to date. Rochford seems to have no faith in our youth at all, at least give them a chance. Cian Hanley should now also seriously be looked at.

  53. Good post Gamechanger.
    I wouldn’t rule us out of having found a forward or two by May 13th.
    My own view is that some lads are on a regime to gain muscle and strength. Hence they’re not in the matches. Lift/Recover, lift/recover for weeks. Lifting weights on the weekends so cant play Saturday/Sundays.
    Course could be wrong, but it would be a sensible thing to do strategy wise to really power up some of the taller lads in the forwards.

  54. In Rochford we trust he got it almost
    Spot on against Dublin last year and even though I’d like to see some of the young forwards being tried I believe he has a plan and it will work out but we are I’m afraid nearing the last chance salon as some of our warriors are pushing on

  55. You’re a very accurate poster Gamechanger (with exception of last week) . And although JP attempts to brighten it up a bit who is also a serious and well respected contributor here imo , , we cant escape it now . Ive heard there is a writer already jotting down bits for a book on this great team , themed on “the team that never won Sam” . Has to be the most tragic story in Irish sport surely.

  56. Sean burke he can easily change the the heading of never to finally.
    Its a bit early for that kind of talk.
    Lets just say if we cant un earth a new forward then rochford needs to get a couple of percent more out of the players from last year if he can do that and get maybe reape nally reegan loftus eod and coen to push for places then we will be in the mix again.

  57. Happy Valentines day to all the lovely ladies who visit the blog. I hope yea feel the love today 😉

  58. Revellino is a real Valentino. I guess he will be spending a little time in the flower shop today.
    Anyway I concur with his sentiments in wishing our well informed astute and articulate posters from the fairer sex, a very happy St Valentine’s day.
    Last time we won an all ireland, Valentine’s and Ash Wednesday fell on the same day. So keep the faith ….

  59. Think Boland will the forward to make the breakthrough this year plus in my opinion Higgins will be used in forward line this year. All is not lost, a sweeper systym will be in operation come championship.

  60. I’d say we are likely to see a bit more of Boland this year alright. Would be nice to see a few others. I know a lot of people keep mentioning Reape but from what I’ve read he’s been an unused sub in recent Sigerson games – something might not be right there.
    We could certainly do with bit of talent in the forwards, but I would not be getting too upset just yet. Doherty was clearly off his best last Sunday and I expect he will come good when it matters. Most will know of my grá for him as a player and my view is that when he plays well, collectively as a team we do better. Kevin Mc the same, wasn’t at his best but we all know what he can do.
    Also worth noting that outside of our front 6 the last day it was very much a makeshift make up – the only regular starters from 1-9 were Clarke, Boyle and Durcan. Take the likes of Harrison, Barrett, Higgins, Vaughan, Keegan, Parsons and Seamie out of any teams possible selection and you’re really going to make them struggle.

  61. Same old, same old.
    Mayo struggle in the league, look destined for relegation, their race is ran, too many miles on the clock, they’ve had their chance, no new forwards, backs too old, AOS taking too many selfies, no leaders, not ruthless enough, too soft, mentally weak, etc. etc. etc. Blah, fucking blah.
    So Gamechanger, we only beat Kerry because of Kerrys failings? Because Kerry let us? Not because tactically Rochford and Mayo taught Fitzmaurice a lesson and our forwards (remember those ones that are no good) ripped yer backs a new one. Not once but twice.
    And by your rationale, all of a sudden, Galway are that good that they can train for months on a defensive blanket to get them out of Connaught but then explode into light and color in Croke Park? Good luck with that.
    The fact is Mayo play a man to man defense because that is what is needed to win in Croke Park. That pitch is too big to cover in a defensive shield and then expect to score enough at the other end to beat Dublin, which is what is going to have to happen to win the All Ireland. Playing a man to man defense requires huge levels of fitness, mobility and stamina. Mayo have very little of that now. That will not be the case in May. Mark my words. That lack of fitness makes us doubly exposed during the early part of the year and that’s when you see the likes of Shane Walsh sprinting clear for 60 m down the middle of the field (untouched) to slot the ball over the bar. Do you think that will happen in May? I don’t.
    As regards our lack of forwards and talent coming through? I have seen enough in Treacy, McDonagh, Naughton and O’Donoghue to be very optimistic about the quality of forward on the fringes of this panel. This year will be too soon for those named above but 2019 will be their year. Also, I doubt if Rochford would have asked for another 2 years on top of his 1 remaining year if he felt there was nothing to work with.

    Facts. No losing All Ireland finalist scored as much in a final and yet lost.
    Facts. No winning All Ireland finalist had a higher shot conversion % in a final as Dublin did. And they needed to.

    To all those who are quick to dig the grave of Mayo football, put down the shovels. We are not ready for the timber suit just yet.

  62. Tell me if I’m missing something posters, but last Sunday’s game was notable for: Mayo’s dire performance; Galway’s sensible if predictable game plan; very poor reffing (but what’s new?); Cillian’s out of order (way out of order) hit. Diarmuid deserved to go for 2 offences, but they weren’t overly malicious, nor was Conroy’s.

    But looking at the media reaction you would think this was a Donnybrook from start to finish. Yes a lot of guys got ‘involved’ near the end, but what was in it? Very little, and it provoked little discussion in our group. Yet no comparable reaction to the Kerry filth last week, from start to finish. There was a real and nasty edge to that one, which was, to my eyes, entirely absent from last Sunday’s match. The lack of Mayo robustness (in the best sense) was what I missed.

  63. Should have mentioned the persistent fouling of Aido of course, but Galway ‘only’ doing what every county has a God given right to do.

  64. Ontheditch says:
    February 14, 2018 at 9:42 am
    Last time we won an all ireland, Valentine’s and Ash Wednesday fell on the same day. So keep the faith …

    As the Donald might say:

    FAKE NEWS. Ash Wednesday 1951 was Feb 7th.

  65. In reply to Pebblesmiller Pearse stadium pitch Is slightly longer and wider
    than croke park pitch Mchale park pitch is one the smaller pitch area
    so I think it will suit Galway to Play Mayo in Castlebar

  66. I wish to offer my condoloscenes to the Moran Family on the death of Vincent Moran father of Andy

  67. @Gamechanger,
    While some of your observations regarding ourselves are accurate, I join a few others in thinking it’s a bit early to start writing the obitury for us just yet. The following was written by Aiden O’Shea last October;
    “You can probably write what next season is going to look like for us, up to the championship. We’ll win games in the league that people expect us to lose and lose games that we should win. There will probably be one hammering and everyone will say that’s us done for the season. You’re going to have boys back late, boys in Dublin who won’t be training with us. When we get to championship we just seem to be a different animal.”
    As regards Kevin Walsh, I would wait till the conclusion of this years championship before laying the laurel wreath on his head if I was you. I can tell you that many very keen minds within Galway football have grave misgivings about Walsh and his approach. The Corofin players in particular view the county training as less sophisticated than their club training and are far from chomping to return to the county set up.

  68. Well said Pebbles. One pedantic thing: Galway scored 2-13 in losing the ’73 final to Cork. I think it’s just them and Mayo ’17 sharing that record though.

    Mayo’s championship team is ‘way better’ than Kerry’s at the moment, as demonstrated twice in August. (I put ‘way better’ in quotes as that’s what Tomás Ó Sé said on TV the night of the AISF replay.)

    Mayo are not fit yet. Mayo spend the first 5-6 months of every calendar year increasing fitness, aiming to peak in August. We’ve seen the early-season turgid displays time and again, only for things to slowly pick up in the later rounds of the league.

    We’ll be beaten by Dublin. So will everyone else. But I would expect us to beat Kildare and Tyrone.

    As for May 13th – It would be good to win it. But if Mayo lose, can anyone really say that this team is finished, considering what they’ve done in the last two years?

  69. Good news on Lee,and Tom, Shamie,so the future looks a lot brighter,along side Ciansreturn,one thing that has me puzzled though is this idea that we have these footballers that would improve us if only our management,who i believe is the best in the country would give them a chance,could anyone explain why they would not if they are good enough

  70. Anyone else think that Mayo should be very defensive for the dub game? I would let aos and diarmuid sit it out, cillian is out already and maybe a break from the big hits dubalin will be dishing out might be no harm for the 3 of them. Mayo won’t be beating dublin but they could frustrate them with a packed defense and a low score game. Since our bucks don’t have the fitness to match the everfit dubs at this stage why try to run the pitch?
    Any word on the return of Cian Hanley ? He’s a young lad but his pro sport experience and fitness would be welcomed in the camp I would imagine. Fingers crossed he will play a part for the county.

  71. I’ll see your pedantic point, DavyJ, and raise it! The 1973 final was an 80-minute one (the finals were 80 minutes from 1970 to 1974 inclusive), which makes our 1-16 last September the highest losing tally in a 70-minute decider.

  72. Actually,.. Saint Valintines day may have fallen on the 7th February 1951.. But by 2018, Valintines Day is February 14th.. The Vatican has relegated the former ‘Saint’.. & unfortunately he is not considered as a’ Saint’ anymore,.. Neither is the generous ‘Saint Nicholas’.. Poor auld Santa Clause has likewise been demoted…(2 of my favourite former’ Saints’)… ‘Saint’ Patrick was never even Cannonised in the first place…. But the good news is that ‘Saint Stephen’ is still very much a Saint. (& one of the best Saints) …. And Mayo won’t be relegated like ‘Santa’ & ‘Valintine’ …Furthermore we all know that, ‘Aiden O’Shea’ is an un’Cannonised Saint with all that he has put up with, he has ‘Amazing Grace’ … Happy ‘Ash Wednesday’ everyone!… &… Saint Valintines Day, whatever your into!

  73. Anyone know if Mayo are playing a challenge this weekend for the break in the League? The Connacht FBD final between Galway and Roscommon is on Sunday in the Hyde.

  74. I wouldn’t attempt to outdo you for pedantry when it comes to Mayo GAA, WJ. (Meant as a compliment by the way!)

  75. Pebblesmeller and Liam,
    I am not in any way being disrespectful to the Mayo team, in fact I think they are a fantastic team as they have the hearts of lions and simply refuse to bow to anyone. The point I’m making is that like any battle ship you have to have pumps that can keep ahead of the inrushing water, time and time again Mayo have failed to land a killer punch with their forward line and that is because they need at least one more player that can manufacture as score from a mere glint of a chance.

    Now in 2018 ye go to war again in three months with more or less the same attacking unit that came up short in the past two years. Hanly could well be the one that that finally tips the scale for ye and If he is happy days but that doesn’t alter the fact that Andy Moran is your best forward and he is thirty four years of age. I have said it here many times before he has that killer instinct that all the greats have but ye have only one forward of that caliber. Ye have several good forwards but they lack pace and thus their threat is dulled.

    Against Galway Andy and the other inside forwards will be cocooned in maroon jerseys because Galway know ye are not known for your long range kicking and they are willing to wait for Mayo errors and hit ye on the counter. Dublin took Tyrone apart last year by never bringing the ball into the tackle and constantly hand passing and kicking to others who were out of range of the voracious Tyrone players who put all their money on this one tactic. The Dubs also constantly made probing runs while this was going on and the moment one of those runners had any space a ball was pinged to him. This was a total match plan practiced for the Tyrone team and once they started open up a lead Tyrone had to abandon the trenches and try to play outside of their game plan the dubs just walloped them.

    Every team has to play a system that they believe will give them an advantage over another side. Do you think that galway will play as they are playing now later in the championship ?? No way as they know they will be found out but by God they will use aspects of the current defensive system as their defense in 2017 looked like sardine fishermen after being handed a whale net, lessons learned.

    Regarding our demise at mayo hands in 2017 as I have previously stated, I felt that his defensive structure played right into Mayo’s hands. Rockford pulled his men back and the Kerry backs were totally isolated which was meat and drink to the Mayo forwards and they scored heavily from that blunder (as you said tore us a new one). Imagine if Rockford gave Kerry that much room in front of the likes of Geaney, O Donoghue,Clifford, Donaghy and BJ Keane ?? They would cause absolute havoc and mayhem. I don’t think Fitzmaurice will leave our full back line exposed to a team like Mayo any time soon again as if he does it will be lights out. Rockford is a gutsy manager and he personally put a lot on the line last year with some of his moves, he certainly wiped Eamon fitz’s Eye particularly in the replay. I like brave managers but I think he has less than either Fitzmaurice or Gavin have this year by way of forward options. For this reason he is going to go straight for the front door as to negotiate that shark tank for a third year on the trot would be almost undoable, but I guess that has been said about mayo before ?.
    Galway are a team on the up as indeed are donegal now that Bonner is allowing them to play football the way they can. McBrearty is the most inform forward forward in the country at the moment and could cause ye untold problems, when we played them they had no Michael Murphy and were unfortunate in the extreme not to take at least one point from the game.

    Good luck against the Dubs, I think ye should use one of Mickey Hearts tricks and say a decade of the Rosary or maybe two !!!

  76. Not condoning Cillians actions,but as he went to retrieve the ball that went out over the sideline,Kerin turned towards him, (away from the ball) to prevent the quick kick and to no doubt start another shomozzle-2 wrongs etc.

  77. Gamechanger10. You say at 34 Andy Moran was our best forward. He was also better than any of the Kerry fowards. In fact he was better than any.forward in the country, wasn’t he player of the year.
    Stick with Donaghy and we’ll stick with Andy. Bring back the Gooch if yea want, we’re keeping Andy.
    You said we’ve come up short. We actually didn’t. We just happened playing a very good team and unfortunately one of their biggest supporters was the man who reffed it.
    If you don’t think so go back and.look at.the match. Have a look at our forwards too while your examining the.referees display. They were brilliant. Up Mayo.

  78. Aidan O Shea, a class player. His response to provokation admirable and a super example to young and old. Take no heed of those who suggest you should retaliate. If you did you could kill someone. And the result…a red card and a law case you would lose. Keep responding as you are doing. That will get them. And hopefully the refs will see the light soon and linesmen and umpires too. You are marvellous, a credit to yourself and your family. Keep it up. It’s the only civilised way. Good luck.

  79. Liam Irwin apparently will be playing his club football for North London Shamrocks this year, that would explain why he wasn’t given a run out in the FBD and currently not part of the senior panel.

  80. Any chance of another verse or a “chant” Revillino for the day thats in it!! You got our spirits up after Sunday’s defeat! And then Gamechanger came along and ruined it!!!! If it true, as said earlier on thread that our Crossmaglen man is being banished to the Stands, we may need to do a protest too!

  81. @Gamechanger10

    It is an interesting argument you bring up about this Mayo team and employing 12 or 13 men behind the ball to stall us during the summer!! I was thinking of the teams that have done this to us and the most recent example was Tyrone in 2015!! We won the day and the main problem for Tyrone that day was our attacking backs of Keegan, Boyle, Higgins and Vaughan were let loose to run from deep!!
    Personally I would love if Galway and Kerry do this against us as all of the above should be flying by summertime and while Kerry have cracking young forwards like Burns, O’Shea and Clifford keep an eye for our new cohort of attacking young backs in Akram, Hall & Plunkett!!

  82. John Casey is on twitter on about mayoforsam 18 – no danger he would be on defending our players or highlighting the unfair targetting of Aiden. I swear I despair.

  83. Why them good for nothin double crossin yerra fellars comin on here tryin to dampen our spirits why the good Mister Parsons and his posse gonna beat them good come Summer

  84. Just an idle thought, How about big banners for may 13th, and all our games really, and unfold them right where the cameras are, and the action is, demanding that our players receive fair play and protection, highlighting Aido as an example, Just a thought,

  85. Adam Gallagher scored 0-4(2f) for NUIG tonight and Conor Loftus got 0-3(1f) for DIT. Danny Kirby and Stephen Brennan were the other Mayo players who started.

  86. Ha ha backdoorsam, I can assure you that it is not my intention to dampen anyone’s spirits here, this a forum where people have an exchange of a point of view plain and simple. Will Kerry or Mayo reach the All Ireland Final ??? Like most hear I have a season ticket to avoid pleading and begging come September 2nd if I am so lucky for my team to reach that date on the football callinder, most here have the same expectations and that is the wonderful thing about sport.

    We are all dreamers and mine differ very little from yours..

  87. The hombres had reached the plain of the Yews.
    Horses watered and foddered they settled around the campfire, chewed some dry bacon and washed it down with black coffee.

    Heads resting back on well worn saddles and wrapped in heavy blankets, they stared up at the clear starlit sky.
    No sound but the odd call from a Coyote. One by one they drifted off to sleep.

    Keegan heard a crack. It was nearby. He rolled away from the fire, grabbed his six shooter and panther like, snuck into the bushes. He hunkered down and waited and watched.

    He spied the dark figure, guns drawn, slowly make his way towards his sleeping hombres.
    “That’s far enough asshole” Keegan warned.
    The dark figure froze.

    It was Ole man Hanleys son.
    He had taken care of business in the saloon alright, but thought it best to leave town, Pronto.

    Keegan handed Hankey a cup of strong coffee and woke the sleeping party. They sat around the fire chewing bacco and recounted the days events.

    They liked Hanley.
    He like them, had the courage to look death in the eyes.
    They made a pact between them.
    Scores to settle.

    Keegan, Barrett, Seamie, Higgins, Parsons and Hanley, lay around the fire.
    They thought about their pact, knowing each other would give their lives.

    They drifted back to sleep somewhere between Nephin and Lough Conn on the plain of the Yews.

  88. Re comments on Valentine’s Day/Ash Wednesday from Mugger and On the Ditch (and John Casey on Twitter): I’ve checked, (University of Bamberg web site), on Easter dates from 1901.

    The the dates when the two coincided are:

    1923 (Dublin won)
    1934 (Galway)
    1945 (Cork)
    2018 ?

    So Jim Gavin might be permitting himself a wintry smile over the course of the day, unless, as I suspect, the penitential side of Jim is trumping the more festive one.

  89. Gamechanger you raise a lot of interesting points and as they say ‘doctors differ and patients die’. One thing I would agree on is that McBrearty is a class act but like Conor McManus he is just one player which brings me to my point.. what makes Dublin, Mayo, Kerry and Tyrone the top 4 teams in the Country at this moment? Answer = their collective, not just the brilliance of individual players, not even the quality of the starting 15 but the whole squad and this why Dublin are winning All-Ireland. Dublin as you say never brought the ball into the tackle against Tyrone and in the blink of an eye the blanket was dead, long live the system. That was the All – Ireland semi-final in Croke Parke. Mayo tried this against Galway and as I’ve said previously I think this is the wrong time of year to be going all out with this type of system in freezing conditions on a heavy pitch. But Rochford thinks otherwise and maybe he has a point.. familiarity and all that. Galway were the better team on the day, they deployed the winning tactics and they did what they set out to do and that was win the game. If you want to read into the game more than that can you riddle me this? With a Galway goal keeper almost afraid to kick out the ball to a second string Mayo midfield, a midfield that Roscommon dominated in last year’s Connaught final, how are they going to get primary possession, how are they not going to make mistakes on the short kick outs when mayo push up and how are they going to run the ball from defense for the whole game. It will all be very interesting to see how it pans out. There’s a lot of football to be played between now and then.

  90. mayoviking…. Please dont make us a laughing stock, ..How embarrassing for the players , something a little child would suggest .

  91. An interesting fact I saw today – the last time Mayo scored more than the opposition in an all Ireland final – they won the match. I see form Hoganstand Lee, Tom P and Seamie are close to comeback.

  92. Actually South Mayo.Exile they drew the match I think. mention the 2 own goals we scored for Dublin a couple of all irelands ago. Not sure was it the drawn game or the replay but we scored more than them and didn’t win.

  93. Well said Pebblesmeller and Revellino.
    If you went back to this time last year and the year before on the blog, exactly the same doom and gloom from the same people. As far as Kerry are concerned last year, I don’t know much but I could see we have been the better team since 2014 and about time we proved that and got 5/6 points clear of officials. Needed and need to do the same to Dublin. Shouldn’t have to but we do and looks like more than ever this year abd prob got every team we meet. Sickening.
    I agree with resting lads for the Dublin game and just playing ultra defensively to frustrate and keep score down. We are going to lose anyway so what’s the point in risking Aidan and others being battered. Dubs won’t want to lay into the lads they don’t know as much. Do what Kerry did – send all the young newbies out and let them be as rotten they want.
    Revellino, you are brilliant. I would just love to see what your valentine got today! I’m sure you have one/two/more hearts in your pocket with your way with words 😉 Definitely spices things up here anyway! Not that it had needed to get any hotter in here in the past two weeks!!!!!! Love the cowboy one. The Mayo News/Western people should have you doing a little GAA piece each week – like the cowboy one that continues on each week. I’d read it!

  94. WJ has the copyright to that one 🙂 I gave her a cactus for valentines. I’m still picking the thorns out of me arse.

  95. Revellino, the sequel continued in the time it took me to write my post!! You will have abbook written by morning!!

  96. Revelhino

    That is great penmanship. Do you do it for a living? Were the impossible to happen you would be called on to write the movie.

  97. Sorry norris, as I said just an idle thought, didnt think it would rattle ur cage like that. We wil be a laughing stock, and a embarrassment if we dont stand up for ourselves, and call it for what it is, instead of being embarrassed about it, highlight it is all im saying.

  98. Nah Dave. I enjoy the crack on the blog. I work in a medical company in Galway. You can imagine this week, I need to have some madness goin on in the head. I’ve been asked a good few times how did the match go at the weekend and stuff like that. Good natured fun and most of the Galway people I deal with are very good natured. It’ll change for a spell in mid may for a week or 2 but c’est la vie.

  99. In answer to Toe to hand about Galways midfield been weak I do.nt think they will
    play the same players in mid field that played on sunday if Fiontan Ocurroin is back from
    leg injury he and Ronan Steed the Corofin man might play together or Paul Conroy
    plus they got T Flynn as well they be well able to win their own kick outs i think we getting
    carried away thinking that Galway are the same team as last year they improving all the time
    im worried

  100. All respect gamechanger i know we lost the game in castlebar but i seen plenty of chinks in yere armour on that seem like a sound skin but would be confident meeting ye later on with our ageing team

  101. Great Stuff.. @Revellino.. .the plot is thickening nicely! … @South Mayo Exile, the last time Mayo scored more than the opposition in an All Ireland final, We drew the match….!

  102. Some brilliant ideas ,I love the one with the banners, media might not pick up on it though. Maybe we should protest march from castlebar to Dublin . ” what do we want ,protection for aido , when do we want it , now now now.

    Sarcasm is not good but come on some of ye are getting ridiculous. The elephant in the room is mayo supporters are finding it hard to deal with the recent realisation that the fun is soon to end , there might be one last hurrah personally I dont know either way, convincing arguments for both sides to it for one more run .
    But make no mistake though the next crop are a pale shadow in comparison to the present warriors . You can tart that up any way you want with all sorts of fancy make up and comical stories to pretend you’re oozing confidence , truth is a barron spell is inevitable.

    Heres a very truthful tale , coming out of salthil in 2013 , I turned to shake the hand of my brother in law and good friend who is Galway through and through . His words back to me will always stay with me as it wasnt bitterness nor hatred after such a humiliating experience for Galway ” welldone but we will still win an All Ireland before Mayo will”

    And they will , thats the sikening thing about it ,just like 98.

  103. Mayomagic I see that on the latest transfers list, a big loss to Breaffy for the there Moclair cup hopes for 2018, really could have been a top player if he was more disciplined and got his body right, knows where the posts are, hopefully we him back with Breaffy in the near future.
    I also see Brian Gallagher has transferred back from New York to Claremorris, he really should be called in and looked at, looking at our midfield options at present,a better footballer than Jason Gibbons and Seamie O’Shea in my opinion and has a great left foot, he played on a strong New York team the last 2 seasons against Sligo and Roscommon. Definitely the best midfielder outside of the Mayo panel at this moment.

  104. Sean Burke, that Galway guy was really clutching at straws. I could have said to some Galway guys coming out of Salthill on Sunday – ‘well done, but we’ll still win a match in Croke Park before you lot do’ (if I had thought of it!), but it would have given me little consolation. Or say, if Leitrim hammered us in a championship match, we have 3 all Irelands and would probably win the big one before they do, but would it give me any consolation? Absolutely none.

  105. Have any of you seen the post on Facebook by the ‘Galway Footballers Homepage’ re Cillian?
    It has a pic of Comer shaking hands with a fan and Cillian getting the red card with a statement saying ‘you’re captain should be a good role model & should lead by example …. maybe Cillian could learn a thing or two’ – pathetic and if memory serves me correctly it’s not too long ago they’re own Captain was shown a red card!
    Sure must be a bitter crowd running that page for them!

  106. I’v done no research but I’m going to guess that very few of us give a sh*t about any of those facebook pages including the Mayo one.

  107. Nailed it there, JP. There’s so much stuff out there at this stage to get insulted about that you’d have little time for doing anything else if you go looking at muck like that.

  108. Revillino- you should be on Broadway! Sooo funny!! Your verses are always the best when Leeroy is the star…just like on the field of play!!

  109. I should be on stage Goagain. The next stagecoach out of town.

    Laugh at the negative facebiok posts or ignore them. It’s the best response. If we weren’t a threat they wouldn’t be bothered.

  110. Your not testing any of the stuff at the medical facility Revilino by any chance? The site usually descends down the rabbit hole in the period between league and championship, this is a record early start for diverse ramblings on Two Mules for Sister Sara..

  111. No Liam. No testing. I just watched the clip there from DavyJ. What a scene. A classic from Clint. They should show it in Mchale park in May just before throw in and lock the gates so the neighbours can’t leave. I think we’ll all have to wear Ponchos to that match.

  112. “Seamie, yea can’t whistle for shit”, Parsons remarked.
    “He can’t shit while he’s whistlen either” Barrett chimed in.

    Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. The lasoo circled, almost dancing at the end of Keegans arm. He slowly open his hand. The noose settled around the stump a full 20 paces away. He pulled hard on the rope. The noose tightened round the old stump.

    A loud crack from a single rifle shot cut through the air. Keegan felt the tension leave the rope he was holding. The bullet had severed the rope and splintered the old stump.

    The deadly marksman was lowering his rifle when they turned to see where the shot had come from.

    The marksman and his sidekick mounted their horses and rode towards the camp.

    As they neared the camp, one by one the hombres faces lit up.

    Moran and Vaughan dismounted and exchanged pleasentries with the hombres. Old friends.

    They sat around the fire and told tall tales until sundown.

    Seamie looked around as the campfire danced on all the faces. Keegan, Barrett, Parsons, Higgins, Hanley, Moran and Vaughan. His face betrayed a big grin.

    He knew reckoning day was drawing closer and them neighbouring sons m bitches were goin to to pay for what they did to his brother. He fell to sleep contented.

  113. Confirmed this morning:

    TONY McENTEE has been hit with an eight-week ban, while Mayo and Galway have both had €4,000 fines proposed after last Sunday’s NFL clash.

    Cillian O’Connor has also received a one-match ban following his injury-time red card for a high elbow on Eoghan Kerin.

  114. Not surprised McAntee got a ban , the hood over the head ,tightened to cover the face ,ffs like , I thought the peace process had broken down for a minute.

  115. Hope it is just a 8 week match ban & he can still be involved in training—his involvement improved our defensive play last year,

  116. McEntee can have no complaints. It’s a real bug near of mine seeing selectors /management getting involved with players on the field of play

  117. Did Kerry get fined €4000 for 3 red cards and a broken jaw in Castlebar.
    Did monaghan get fined for 2 Reds in Clones.
    I’m failing to see the difference or do rules only apply to some counties.

  118. Done Deal to be fair it was a bit of a brawl involving multiple players and sideline players.
    As soon as it happened it was known there would be repercussions.

  119. Were the 2 penalties imposed, the ban and the fine, for 2 separate infringements ??

    Was the ban specifically for coming on the field ?? and the fine for the brawl ??

  120. I think there a lot of silly banter starting to come in this
    blog in reply to Catcol comparing Galway to
    Galway are in 3 place with 9 all Irelands won in football only Kerry
    and Dublin have won more be it a lot more Tipperary
    Wexford hurling countys have more football all Ireland
    than us Galway have won more football not to mention hurling
    than all the other countys in connacht you could also throw in donegal
    aswell I live in london i meet people from every other county on a daily
    basis they laugh at us going on about the great players we have and
    no all Ireland won do we think Kerry or any other Suscessful would doing
    the same rant over

  121. Coc banned! I’m glad he’s off for the dubs game and hope aos is benched by Rochford too. Put out a team of runners with the instruction to not leave their own half of the field and stick like glue to every dub that comes inside the 45 m line, this is not a game Mayo will be winning so why let the opposition enjoy the win? 6 points to 3 just to annoy them. It would be a good defending exercise that may be needed in a game with time winding down and Mayo with a 1 point lead later in the year.
    Any word on the youngster returning from oz?

  122. A straight red is an automatic 1 game ban so there is nothing new in Cillians suspension. Regarding that incident with Cillian, Kerin knew exactly what he was doing, i.e. running across the front of Cillian to slow him down from taking the line ball. Kerin knew what he was at and got what he deserved. I’m not saying it is right, and Cillian deserves his red card and 1 game ban, but I’m still glad he did it.
    To be honest, I would gladly contribute to a “Fine Fund” to help pay these fines. When our players are not going to get protection from incompetent refs and resort to “protecting” themselves and dealing with these incidents themselves, then I will set-up a direct debit this minute. As for McEntee, fair play to him. Like Cillian and Diarmuid, I hope he does likewise again.
    Mayo have to lay out a marker to all comers, if you are going to come for us with that attitude then you better expect to be on the receiving end of serious hits. Fuck em all. Fuck the refs and the GAA also. We have waited long enough this year alone for the refs/linesmen/umpires to do their jobs (our opponents have 6 reds in 3 league games against us so far with one of our players having to get his jaw rewired) and it is well past time we stood up for ourselves.
    On May 13th I hope to Christ Mayo wait in the tunnel outside the Galway dressing room and set a fucking marker down there and then. No refs, no cameras, no sly digs. Just man on man. As Kieran McGeaney once said, “you wanna fight, we’ll fight. Ya wanna play football, we’ll play football”.

  123. probably just as well COC is banned given the poison and vitriol that would have to be endured from the Dubs fans.

  124. Again it seems these rules only apply to certain counties.
    And what about the ref? Where is his punishment for not taking control of the game from the off.

    Surely this will only be more motivation for our lads once May rolls around, beating Galway…well it just can’t come soon enough!

  125. I think this all doesn’t warrant our ire.
    – Cillian got his ban, as deserved
    – McEntee got his ban, as deserved
    – Rolling around in these multi-player brawls uses up the clock and ruins the game as a spectacle
    – The biggest issue left for the GAA in terms of how the game looks are these multi player pushing and shoving and teams taking up to 9 yellow cards.
    They really should look into something like all yellows after the 3rd yellow are a black. The second black card should be not replacable not the fourth as it stands!!
    Another one is the pushing and shoving contest. The initiator should be yellow carded and any official can call it.
    Finally they really need to take their cue from baskteball and AFL, yellow card fouls, black card fouls they all should be a close in free such as from the 21.

  126. Black cards.are a.bit of a joke anyway.
    You can have a second string player out on the pitch impeding players from scoring and when their black carded after the damage is done you can replace the culprit with the 1st choice player.
    For teams with depth on the sidelines black cards are a liscence to go out and make cynial fouls. It makes no difference to them because they replace like with like.

  127. It is what it is and we can’t really have any complaints. I would say that the little runt Kerin was instrumental in getting McCurry sent off when Galway played Tyrone. I also remember him constantly pushing Andy Moran two years ago in McHale Park when he came on. I’m not condoning violence but a well timed shoulder in May that leaves his lugs about two inches closer together wouldn’t go astray.

  128. I hope we bring more to the Galway match in May than a sense of revenge. We failed last year to pay them back for 2016. The reality is Galway are much more skilled and physical than a few years back when we dominated them. It feels like a lifetime ago, for instance, since Boylers bone crunching shoulder on his man. It’s just not as easy to do anymore now that Galway have caught up, and that’s no shame in that on our part. I’m still believe there’ll be a reaction from us on 13th May because pride will have been dented last week. I hope to God we destroy them. We need the heavies back very quickly and I hope they follow Revellinos script!

  129. Btw
    The reason AOS should sit out the dublin game is that the chance of winning is virtually zero and just to cause annoyance we could play a different style game and not have our available better players like him on the pitch. Just to mix it up a bit and create mayhem on all sides, put out a team that can run and hassle and not worry about the result.

  130. An outsiders point of view.

    For a forum that on one hand is only half jokingly talking about protest marches and banners to protect their players (fair enough imo) to saying that Kerin got what he deserved. Kerin did not deserve an elbow to the cheek from Cillian O’Connor, weather he was indulging in the dark arts or not, a lad taking the field of play doesn’t deserve an elbow to the face. He’s developing into a very capable corner back. Mayo supporters were rightly up in arms after what happened to Evan Regan, but ye can’t have yer cake and eat it on this one.

    On the game itself, it was average enough fare and about what you would expect for this time of year. If I was a Mayo man I wouldn’t be one bit worried with the result, ye have a team that has been there and done that. Galway on the other hand Galway did need to show up in this years league, and thankfully for us the results have gone our way. If we don’t improve our late summer form these three victories in February will be virtually worthless though.

    On a wider note, like many Galwegians I have strong Mayo roots and this team Mayo team is one I really admire. Ours is a strange rivalry, the counties are so intermixed and we have a virtually identical Connacht title count and head to head count going back to the 19th century in Gaelic Football. As is the case at the moment, when one team is up, the other will raise their game for it, as their is always zero fear between Galway and Mayo teams. However I would hate to see the rivalry going down a bitter northern style/Roscommon hatred. There’s just no need for it.

    Like everyone else, I’m looking forward to the 13th of May, Mayo will be back to full tilt as they will have to be if their going to win.Thankfully for us, 2013 is fading away in the rear view mirror, long may it stay there. Galway aren’t going to win the All Ireland this year, but I hope Mayo can.

  131. A Year till Sunday.. I think it’s obvious that Mayo have enough enemies influencing thing’s in official GAA… The GAA is about as objective as ‘Politician’ on the take… They didn’t like the way Lee Keegan and many other’s on this blog were critical of the ‘Kerry’ cynical fouling and downright skullduggery that helped them win the match in Castlebar…Of course I appreciate that Kerry played some fantastic offensive skilled football as well.. BUT I think the GAA expect the Mayo GAA public to know its place and turn a blind eye to outright skullduggery and venerate the greatness of the hierarchy in Situ, eg Dublin and Kerry… But we have to be objective about it… Cillian most definitely deserved his red card and suspension… He didn’t do himself or Mayo any favors.. He can now expect even more provocation from opposition defender’s in match’s to come,..He needs to learn from AOS and Andy, who too get unwanted and unwarranted attention, but maintain their discipline throughout, there are bigger fish to fry on the bigger day’s to come.. .. We will need our better player’s on the pitch.. We the Mayo supporter’s need to continue to keep highlighting the pure hypocrisy of the attitude of official GAA…. Where is the fine for Kerry and their skullduggery in Castlebar recently?.. Where is the sideline ban for Kerry’s Hassett,? (he spent more time on the pitch than some of the Kerry players,) , Where was the Straight Red Card for Shanaghan after his appalling dangerous tackle on Evan Regan.? … Where was the protection for AOS against both Galway and Kerry? ,.. The rules state that that ‘Sledging’ is a black card offence, and NO EXCEPTION was made in the case of AOS .. In an article recently in the Examiner, very critical of Cynical play in general in the Gaelic-football,.. Aiden is rightly praised for his discipline and sportsmanship in circumstances of extreme provocation… I wouldn’t say that Mayo have no chance against Dublin on Saturday week… We always have a chance, even if it’s a long shot… Two years ago, with an even more depleted team than we currently have available, on an awful night weather wise in Castlebar we were beaten by previously flying Dublin by a mere two point’s… There is always hope!

  132. Pebblesmeller .. “Kerin got what he deserved” an elbow to his head.. You’re totally wrong, nobody ever deserves anything like that on a a playing pitch and he got the straight red.. And its the same for any other challenge similar to it so dont start going on about other examples as id say the same if a Galway player elbowed an opponent twice in the one game.. And Mc Entee deserves his ban also as i agree 100%with Sean Burkes comment above regarding that situation.

  133. Tuamstar,
    Anybody who has played the game, at any level, particularly in a niggly tense affair, where a lot of stuff is kicking off all over the field, knows only too well that if you run across someone’s path, as Kerin did, can fully expect a belt of some sort or another. Don’t be so naive as to think Kerin was surprised when he got hit. Cillian offended, was caught and red carded. As per the rule book. It’s no big deal. The authorities deemed it a category 1 offence which merits a 1 game ban. However, it wasn’t Kerins 1st provocation in the game and I stand by what I said, he had it coming. Don’t go around the pitch like the “Big I Am” starting things and then be surprised when you are nailed.
    As for McEntee, he was maor uisce and entitled to be on the pitch, however he overstepped the mark by getting involved. Like Cillian he did the crime and will do the time. End of. We move on. However, I seem to remember a member of the Galway sideline dragging Keegan towards the hoarding in MacHale Park during last year’s schmozzle, so don’t lecture Mayo as to the behaviour of our sideline.
    In addition to all of this, people would want to waken up and realise that football is a fiercely competitive, highly aggressive game nowadays. Played by hugely competitve players who will do whatever it takes to win, e.g. the numurous off the ball incidents last Sunday, including Conroys cowardly shoulder into Cillians back and his earlier stamp across the achilles of Cillian when he was on the ground. That’s the reality of the game, like it or not. It’s up to the authorities to clean it up and police it far better than they are at the minute.
    Until they do, it’s hit or be hit. I stand by what I said earlier, opponents are obviously targeting Mayo so it’s time to timber up.

  134. Keepmovingforward, a fairly educated comment! Pebble, agree with some points you make, however just to clarify was it not Damien Comer who dragged Keegan into the hoardings? It is a tough game etc etc but when a player aims the elbow at an opponents temple/ head area that is taking it a step to far. Some of the tackles seen lately are bordering on assault and its only a matter of time before someone gets seriously injured and by serious i mean even worse that a fractured facial bone. As i have stated before i have a lot of connections to Mayo and Mayo football ,so I’d prefer if people didnt jump down my throat if i make a comment here, by using Tuamstar i probably bring it on.. Any chance i could change it Willie Joe to maybe Ballina Star ?? ?

  135. Will those who think Kerins deserved what cillian did cop on a bit. Kerins did what any decent defender would do, block the attacker from taking a quick sideline, happens a dozen times a game and Id expect every mayo player to do the same, there was no justification in what Cillian did, end of.

  136. It’s clearer than ever after Mayo’s last two games that something needs to done urgently to clean up the game and put the emphasis back on skill, speed, fitness courage etc etc all the positives things about Gaelic football. I’m no fan of pulling and dragging, mouthing and goading and dirty tricks and I don’t think too many players are either. But if it’s being done to you then what choice is there only to give it back with interest.
    The challenge is to get at the real culprits – those who take it upon themselves to start. Officials at a game need to be given the power to stop the play long enough to identify the individual, (perhaps, at IC level, with the aid of a video ref).Then punish him with a black card, a one match ban and a free on the 20m line or something like that to act as a deterrent. Of course mistakes will be made and avoiding them is a real problem too but change has to come. It’s simply not good enough as it is!
    All I want is that my grandchildren can enjoy playing what is essentially ia great team sport and not be subjected to the kind of thuggish behaviour I have seen lately. That’s not too much to expect is it?

  137. Ya I think it’s Roscommon that Galway are playing this weekend…at least I thunk it anyway Tuamstar.?

  138. I’m sorry Gamechanger, I really enjoy your posts on here (even though I absolutely disagree with your first one above) but I have to say this or I’ll burst. It’s Rochford, Not Rockford. ROCH-ford. (Nor is it Roachford, or any other derivative). It’s been two years plus now, please can we at least get the manager’s name right. Sorry, I had to get that off my chest! But to be fair you’re forgiven for being one of the most interesting contributors on here always – I like the outside view. Tuamstar likewise. (You are from the real home of football in Galway after all).

    Sean Burke the ould doom and gloom is getting a bit wearisome. Cheer up! Sure we may as well throw in the town this year while we’re at it. But I have a funny feeling I’ll see you above in Newbridge as per, so I don’t think you really mean it. Yer Galway buddy was stung and was biting back, I’d have said the same myself in his shoes to get the dig in. It doesn’t mean there’s any truth to it and I’d still wager we’ll win one before them. Mind you, I’m still not over ’98 myself.

    Actually happy that Cillian gets to sit this one out. As someone else said above the vitriol he’d have to take on the pitch would do no-one any good, least of all himself so he’s better off out of it. Cillian is a good guy; he’s taken a serious amount of flak in the past week but as with everything else, people forget there are real people behind the player personas and every single one of those lads has their own shit to deal with away from football. (I probably should remind myself of this the next time I’m talking about Diarmuid Connolly or Philly McMahon). Turning on them when they’re off form is unfair but the amount of our own who are quick to deride him and write his sporting obituary would make you hurl. That’s Mayo for you though, it has always been thus. But he will be targeted from now on and needs to get his head together. And ‘m sure he will.

    A year til Sunday, hear hear. It’s hard not to get irate or be annoyed but we’ve already gone down that road with the Dubs and I actually for the first time in many years am tempted to sit a game out. Not because I think we’ll lose (although to be fair I think we’ll lose) but because of the animosity between the two sets of supporters. There’s always a certain amount of the Dub die-hards and they are a joy to be around but you can bet your life there’ll be a significant cohort down for the piss-up in Westport looking to wind us up and rub our noses in it. Banter is banter but it’s crossed a line in recent years (and I’m way too quick to take the bait). Mind you I’m not sure I could stay away either.

    McEntee got what he deserved unfortunately. It’s a pity Hassett didn’t get it the week before, Guckian last year, Dunne every f**king year and many more along with them.

    Liam, you’re a tonic.

  139. Fair enough Anne Marie , I will of course be supporting them every game as all supporters do . Im just not convinced, we have been at this sloppy league form then great championship form the last few years (questionable last year surely) that we can keep achieving such heights from such lows . We all are aware of how close Derry, Cork and Roscommon came to beating us , kerry were hardly that far away either in drawn game. We rode our luck at times. Can we be as unconvincing again and not get caught out , I doubt it. Last two games have been really poor efforts . Of course there are positives , we have some of the finest footballers in the country to come back into the fold yet, AOS looks brilliant for this time of year, Hanley might yet have a role , O donoghue might free higgins for a forward role, Rockford is a damn good manager and Id strongly believe he still thinks its very possible.

  140. Donedeal. Cast your mind to the replay in Limerick, at the following co board meeting a delegate asked if they had objected to the venue. a board official replied, Croke park owes us money so if we had objected its quite possible they would with hold the cash . So Croke park knows they can walk all over Mayo Gaa.

  141. Christ!-a man cuts across your path to prevent your legit right to take a sideline ball, so….you stand like a bollox and let it happen????-what reaction did young Kerin expect?.As I’ve said above,Cil was ott ,but ffs I can bloody well understand it.May think better the next time our full forward is coming at full tilt!

  142. I don’t think there will be half the shenanigans in May. The reason Galway were at that crap is because they had the game in the bag. Galway will be under serious pressure in May, they’ll be breathing through their assholes by the time Mayo finish with them.

  143. I know you only said it in jest (at least I hope so), Tuamstar, but there’s obviously no need to change the name you use to post here. The day that Galway and Mayo GAA people can’t have a civilised conversation about football here or anywhere else – where both sides can express their views fully and fairly – will be a sad one indeed. In that regard, I’d echo A Year till Sunday’s hope that the rivalry doesn’t go the way others have gone in recent years. As Anne-Marie has noted, there’s been a fair bit of animosity in recent years between some sections of Dublin and Mayo supporters, which I’ve found sad and depressing in roughly enough measure, not least given that the vitriol aimed at us by a minority online is so unrepresentative of the many decent Dublin GAA people I know.

  144. Here here WJ. Well said. Keep your handle Tuamstar and be proud of it. You’ve always come across as a decent aul skin. I might even buy yea a pint in May when we bate yea in Castlebar.

  145. Centerfield, it doesnt matter who threw Cillian to the ground. In the incident where he got red, Kerins was blocking a path to the ball like all good defenders do to stop a quick sideline kick. Saying he deserved it is just daft. As you suggesting Cillian hit him in retaliation to being thrown to the ground? Well he deserves alot more than a one match ban if thats the case.

  146. The Bad bunch are nearly back.

    A Parson, not a preachers son
    On either side he wore a gun

    Barrett built like granite boulder
    A gun strapped under either shoulder

    If Vaughan got into a twist
    He could split an oak tree with his fist

    Hanley came, a new recruit
    A widow maker in his boot

    They say Higgins fastest man in town
    He’d let them go then track them down

    If whenever they had just one shot
    Andy pulls his trigger then watch them rot

    Any man starin in Seamies eyes
    He suffers first and then he dies

    Ya’ll take heed of Keegans warning
    Cause chances are you won’t see morning.

  147. Ann-Marie I had no idea it was coming out like that ,,, I would do a few apt emojis but I don’t how to post them on this blog. I can assure you I was typing Rochford but predictive text was playing tricks on me, when I scan read the text my powers of observation failed me and Rockford passed as Rochford.

    I can assure you that I will pay full attention from this post forward. You are clearly a demon for detail you would have been a good sidekick for Jim Rockford himself.

    On a point of interest Ann-Marie what aspects of my post did you find so disagreeable, in Kerry most people with a healthy understanding of the game felt that we surrendered a shocking amount ground and space in our halfback line as a result of EF. trying to track and stop your strong runners. So much in fact that he created a massive opportunity for your middle eight to exploit his committal or over emphasis on stopping your perceived main threat that he naively stripped our defensive structure and gave Mayo the opportunity to kick into ridiculous amounts of space in front of our full back line and present a fatal amount of low hanging fruit . Your strongest card was used very wisely used by Rochford but not the way EF expected, that’s what makes a smart and instinctive general.

  148. Fine funds and players deserving an elbow to the head, christ. Embarrassing reading that stuff.

    Cillian, Diarmuid and Tony McEntee didn’t prove anything by what they last Sunday. It was costly to us and is an example of what we shouldn’t do in May, or any other game for that matter. Diarmuid got a black card against Monaghan too so he’s one off a suspension now.

    Don’t see the point resting Aidan against Dublin? He’s one of the few players in decent form and we don’t want it to be a hammering.

  149. Only kidding alright lads, I’ll pop in now and again before May, next weekend’s games will tell us more about all four teams Mayo Galway Kerry and Dublin , I’m happily in Crossmolina this weekend at a family do, the banter is all good but everybody will be looking forward to the big one in May..

  150. For the first yellow, Diarmuid won the ball cleanly but he tackled a bit high and with a closed fist. If his timing was off slightly it could have been ugly – definite yellow. The 2nd one was crazy. He was never getting anywhere near the ball and the game was over anyway.

  151. Cillian and Diarmuid did prove something last Sunday. They proved that enough is enough and Mayo are not going to stand by and be bullied by anyone. If you dish it out to us, we’ll give it back in spades.
    McEntees actions, while from the media and fans perspective don’t look great and he was rightly banned. Inside that Mayo dressing room, however, those players will know that he’s fully committed to them, he is one of them and has their back. Those players will go through granite for him now cos he stood by them. When the shit hit the fan he was there. That’s the way it works.
    You can paint it up any snowflake colour you want about how unsightly it looks and won’t anyone think of the kids etc, but that “one for all, all for one” “one in, all in” attitude is worth it’s weight in gold behind those dressing room doors. Anyone that has been on the field of play when a melee develops in to a fracas and all hell breaks lose will know exactly. You’ll always remember the lads that stood back and you’ll never forget the lads that went to battle with you! That’s team spirit.
    It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, granted. But all winning teams are forged in the heat of battle. Galway may well, in the long term, have been wiser to see out the game without the provocation as they were streets ahead of Mayo on the field. Their antics may just have poked a sleeping bear. The thing is, the bear won’t be asleep on May 13th. He’ll be well awake and hungry.

  152. Fair enough on McEntee. It was a stupid thing to do but in a strange way it’s great seeing how passionate he is about his adopted county.

    I disagree about Cillian and Diarmuid. Cillian is not liked by opposition counties and is a big target for online trolls. In these early league games, which are meaningless in the grand scheme of things, he really needs to keep his head down and focus on football. You can be sure that Kerrin will now try to wind him up in May to see if he’ll react again.

  153. Wideball,I’d say Cillian is not lyin awake worried about online trolls…or worried about young Kerin for that matter.He has proved time after time that in the white heat of battle, that you could not ask for a better General

  154. I certainly hope he takes no heed of the online rubbish. However, referees are only human at the end of the day and will have picked up on his bad publicity during the week. Could come back to haunt us in championship.

  155. My Team for Dublin
    1.Robbie Hennelly
    2.Eoin O’Donoghue
    3.Caolan Crowe/Ger McDonagh
    4.Brendan Harrison
    5.Colm Boyle Captain
    6.Shane Nally
    7.Paddy Durcan
    8.Tom Parsons
    9.Aidan O’Shea
    10.Kevin McLoughlin
    11.Jason Doherty freetaker
    12.Diarmuid O’Connor
    13.Conor Loftus/Neil Douglas
    14.Andy Moran
    15.Ciaran Treacy has serious pace for the Dubs

  156. good Looking team there TH worth a try for a few games , this crack of putting on players for last minute no good , give a player two full games and after that you should know if he is worth his place on team and even panel . Seems like the old day again when it was harder to get off the Mayo panel that to get on it. The panel should not be for life , just as long as you are good enough to stay on it .

  157. I think Doherty is wasted in the half forward line. He should be inside with Andy winning ball and laying it off like the championship last year. I’d like to see Boland or Adam Gallagher get a game at half forward.

  158. I’d also keep playing Loftus inside for the rest of the league regardless of his poor showing last weekend. He’s the forward most likely to step up this season. We need to be smarter in how he’s used and know his limitations. Andy or Jason should be winning the hard dirty ball with Conor coming on the loop.

  159. Conor definitely needs to start more regularly.. On a side is Derek o Mahoney the ref who had the recent Mayo Kerry game? He is after making a howler of a desision in sending of a Corofin player after 26 seconds in todays club semi final.. A scandalous call…

  160. Just seen the incident now, Tuamstar. Bit of a howler alright but the real villain here is the Moorefield lad who acted like he’d been shot in the head when Farragher didn’t even touch him. A disgraceful bit of cheating. Fair play to Corofin to win it with fourteen men and, for sure, that red will be overturned for the final.

  161. I’ve just watched the Sigerson final live on youtubeTG4. Great service with entertaining comments coming in all through the game. Adam Gallagher had a great game for NUIG scoring a wonderful goal after getting a pass from young Finnerty (presumably “Larry’s” son). UCD won and Steven Coen showed up quite well. The commentators mentioned him in the list of players in line for man of the match.

  162. I’m always surprised at the amount of criticism Stephen Coen comes in for. He’s captained his county to Minor and U21 All Ireland victories and has just captained UCD to a Sigerson Cup. Must be just lucky I suppose.

  163. Adam Gallagher was very good. Best I’v seen from a Mayo forward in a major final in a long time. We need to be starting Adam on that evidence.

  164. Adam gallagher had an exelent game. Scored 1-3 netted a fine goal. Definite option for the dublin match. Thought stevan coen was decent

  165. Does Adam Gallagher still do cross country running? Was explained to me a couple of years ago that this is why he stands out this time of year.

  166. No he’s not combining athletics and high level GAA. His standing out today was all about football and not about fitness.

  167. Great stuff there Pebbles and agree 100% on McEntee. You can’t go around saying ‘this is great’, but it displays passion and commitment and is worth any amount of talking. His commitment to Mayo’s cause for 3 years now is amazing, not even to mention the amount of travelling involved.

  168. Agree with you Liam… a lot of “fans” are downright nasty re Coen. Cant understand it as he always gives 100% to the cause.

  169. I still think Evan will play a part for us this summer. It will be hard for him as it will have seriously impacted his training but it’s still possibly a long summer and he’ll soon be back running at the very least with the squad. There’s plenty time. The last two matches showed how little our forwards are showing and in fairness to Evan he was going fairly well prior to injury. It’s still there for him and I hope he gets his place back asap. I’d like to see Adam in also – he looked lively in the cameo in Monaghan bar the nervy shot dropped short. I wouldn’t mind that one bit though, Paddy Durcan and plenty other seasoned veterans have done the same and went on to prove themselves.
    Adam has more physicality to than some of the other forwards. The lack of height in the forward line was initially worrying for me this year but come summer it might not play as big a part. We managed without it last year – with the likes of Andy and Jason winning a ton of ball out in front. I believe Evan, Adam and possibly Dougie could do similarly. Who’d have thought after the Derry match in castlebar last year that we’d end up in the AI final and to have the second highest scoring success rate ever in an AI final, losing only to our opposing the day. It’s an outrageous achievement really when you consider how comical the shooting was in MacHale Park that day. A team controls its destiny and journey and it bugs me when some posters saying ‘Ah it’s gone, it’s over, we’ve missed our chance’, etc etc. I don’t believe for a second that Lee or Keith or Aidan et al feel that way about it so why should we?
    Of course we still haven’t got there, but remember people were writing this team off as far back as 2013 but they’ve defied all the odds ever since and it’s now 2018.

  170. Liam and JG.People react to what they see on the field they don’t just give out about someone for no reason.At Inter county senior level for Mayo so far Stephen Coen has never really impressed me, he has made numerous silly skill errors in games, he also lacks pace for a top centre half back, has hit some really bad wides from easy chances.He reminds me alot of Carles Puyol of Barcelona a very average footballer who captained some great teams.He really needs to step it up for Mayo if hes to get a starting 15 place come the summer.
    As for Adam Gallagher ,thought he really put his hand up for a jersey today.looked hungry and demanded ball.hit some lovely kick passes.Adam has the full skill package maybe lacks a bit of pace and could bring more aggression to his game, but I was well impressed with him today, he could well fill Cillians spot next Saturday against the Dubs.

  171. Agree with posters above. Adam needs a decent run in the league. He has never given anything less than 100% any time he has been handed the green & red jersey at Minor, U21 or in the ridiculously limited game time he’s been given at Senior (under three successive managers ???). A seriously talented footballer who needs to be coached and developed for success at the highest level.

  172. TH thats a fair and accurate critique of Coen’s performances for the Mayo seniors to date. Room for improvement for definite. Hes only 22 so hopefully it will come to pass for him.

  173. Grainne Uaile Adam Gallagher showed up well today, on an NUIG team that had a blend of Galway/Mayo/Sligo talent. The player you mentioned young Eoin Finnerty is from Mountbellew “Stars” – a really good forward prospect too. I know there was a lot of handbags the last day, but I can honestly say, that by and large, because of the nature of football coaching, Mayo and Galway teams go out to play football in a positive manner. By the way, is there truth in the rumour that Mayo want to re-patriate Rob Finnerty (son of Lar)?

  174. Apologies, WJ, said in jest really. The day Galway – Mayo supporters can’t have a bit of banter is the day you “pull up the ladders”.

  175. @Man of Aran …You mustn’t have seen the promo on RTE Six One… News and Sport last Friday week… It’s how Galway now, want Anthony Finnerty to play with the Tribesmen…. Only Joking but.. Antony is supporting Galway while his son Robert is involved….

  176. Agree with Liam ‘re Stephen last summer really played well and Will again this year,whilst I know that we all have different opinions on players surely the guys that are them three or more times a week must have better ideas than us,on A Gallagher i believe he has all the skills but lacks pace which becomes more important on a dry sod

  177. Adam gallagher has the makings of a good forward but over the years he seems to run out of steam fairly easy.
    Maybe its down to injuries but if he could get this sort he will be pushing for a place in the future.
    Coen rarely plays in centre half back because of the way the game has gone,yes he has made a few mistakes and has been caught for pace but has had good days in the jersey too.
    He was very impressive when came on against kerry in the replay last year,maher came on and tried to bully him which didnt work.
    Cant understand till this day what maher was at when down 5 points maybe gamechanger can enlighten me.
    Coen is diffenitly one for the future just its one of the best defences in the country to nail down a spot.

  178. Liberal role. If evan regan has his jaw wired , thats no solid foods for four to six weeks, id hazzard a guess in todays world of strength and conditioning requirements for county football that would as good as rule you out for the season at this time of year.

  179. Sean – it’s never been confirmed that Evan broke his jaw (my understanding is that he didn’t and that it was a facial bone fracture) so recovery time should, thankfully, be a bit faster.

  180. I just listened to Kerry Radio commentary on the Kerry Monaghan match. The lads are giving out yards about the ref Cormac Reilly who they feel is screwing Kerry and favouring the opposition.

  181. It just shows how up and down results are at this time of the year. We beat Monaghan and lost to Kerry but Monaghan beat Kerry today. Galway lost to Roscommon today after beating us last weekend although I don’t know what kind of teams both teams had out.

    At this time of the year its often more about attitude than anything else so lets hope that we will see the right attitude from us next weekend compared to the last two weekends, which I expect to see. We can easily rattle the Dubs then and see where that takes us. The season really only starts next weekend!

  182. Agree hopesprings about how unpredictable teams are, Kerry beaten today but will still be a different animal at home to us next Sunday. The Galway team today was totally different to last week, 13 changes to the starting 15 from last week.. Taking next weeks game v Dublin out of the equation Mayo will realistically need to beat 2 out of the last 3 teams they have left..

  183. Team I would like to see taking the field this year
    R Hennelly
    C Barrett
    B Harrison
    E O Donaghue
    L Keegan
    S Coen
    P Durcan
    A O Shea
    T Parsons
    K McLaughlin
    J Doherty
    D O Connor
    F Boland
    C O Connor
    C Loftus.
    with subs – Boyle, Higgins , Vaughan, Defence. S O Shea S Nally midfield and sub forwards Freeman , Regan , Moran . and Clarke for sub keeper because of his kick outs not up to standard on occasions

  184. People are going over the top again as regarding todays League results.Kildare and Donegal are both on 0 points and Tyrone on 2 points. We have to play both of them with alot of our main players due back and much improved fitness levels as these games go on.People might say I am daft, but I can actually see Mayo giving Dublin a real tough game next week, that is providing Tom Parsons and Andy Moran both start too.

  185. Whilst i am not worried about mayo and if we go down or not….lets not forget there are 4 more games left….and a real possibility of us finishing level on points with monaghan or a number of other teams for that matter…but should ourselves on monaghan finish level on least we have beaten them already…doesnt this count…the head to head…

  186. The 24 you mentioned, 23 were all on the panel last year Freeman the odd one out so we can’t really call him a newby. The remaining members were

    Crowe Cafferkey Newcombe Drake C o Shea B Moran
    Evan Regan

    I still like to think we can get a couple out of this list
    In the long run I see Akram Ruane Carr Gallagher and Reape making the jump Even Cian Hanley if he is available. In the interim I think Gallagher is ahead of the rest and a better bet than Freeman for this year

    K Keane
    G McDonagh/ S Cunniffe
    S Duffy
    J Stretton / M Plunkett
    M Hall
    S Akram
    M Ruane
    J Gibbons
    N Douglas / F McDonagh
    J Carr
    A Gallagher
    P Naughton
    B Reape
    C Treacy

    A few others worth mentioning Brian Gallagher Claremorris, Jack Reilly Charlestown and I’m not sure why we can discard Darren Coen when inside forwards s are so rare a bread that we are constantly to convert players that are not natural to it.

    Don’t see Boland or loftus as true inside forwards they are better suit as half forwards. Boland has a great engine and covers a lot of ground putting him in. Corner forward won’t suit his game. I like to see 2-3 changes to last years panel to brighten things up

  187. Sean Burke you clearly love the dubs. You’re forever on about how you admire them. Would you maybe give the Mayo team a small chance, you know, of making a game of it on our home pitch in Castlebar. This group of players have shown no fear of Dublin in the past. Why should we expect this to change next weekend.

  188. Th

    I’m just kidding with you about being daft. On the game itself, Mayo are a long way from full power and a win is very remote. That’s all.
    I can see how you think we could spring a surprise victory over them but don’t forget the depth of dublins panel and how fit they are, that will be where they would shred our lads in an open shootout type game. Or maybe I’m daft!

  189. Paddy Neilan (Roscommon) will be the ref for the Mayo v Dublin game on Saturday night. Jim didn’t like him for the NFL final last year will he seek a replacement?

  190. Apologies WJ. I guess I did play the man. My patience just snapped with the Dublin Dublin Dublin brigade.

  191. I’m an optimist and I think if we get out of Castlebar next week with half a hammering it will be a good performance. Someone said we usually put it up to the Dubs. We do in the championship with our full squad and when we’re flying fit.

    Regardless of the scoreline it would be nice to see our lads putting together a structured display.

    I’d love to see our inexperienced lads getting a run out as I think it would be an eye opener as to the levels they have to aim for in the future.

    I don’t think it serves much purpose throwing on lads that are returning from long spells out and injuries. Whoever is on the pitch against the Dubs next week, are in for some gut busting to try and keep pace with them.

    Whatever score they rack up I’d like to see us scoring about 1 – 15 with the most of that coming from play.

    We have to use this next league game as a prep game for the remaining 3 league games and to make sure we get the points out of those 3 to remain in the division.

    That’s my optimistic outlook for next weekend.

  192. People talking about hammerings/half hammerings/beatings next week need to get real to where we stand.

    Our score difference is -7. Tyrone are -8. Donegal are -7 and Kildare are -9. All have played the Dubs.

    Donegal will beat Kildare. Tyrone and themselves meet which puts more points on the board for at least one of them. They will both fancy their chances against Monaghan too.

    at this stage there is a strong possibility of more than 2 teams finishing on 6 points. if we can get that far a hammering will likely relegate us on score difference.

    So the options are 7 points, or some big wins along the way. A hammering will make 5 points from our last 3 games a necessity and that would be hard to see after our last two performances, and given our awful record in Donegal who have been unlucky so far.

  193. Good points there Ger Bohan.

    I sometimes wonder if we are alert to the points difference issue. Even when a match is going away from us, we should be straining to make the result as close as possible. That should be key against Dublin. Not that I’ve given up hope; we should have beaten them in the corresponding match two years ago when we were coming from a dire opener against Cork.

    Looked again at the first half against Galway and thought we weren’t too bad. Two points down at half time was a good position. But Galway’s tactics are obvious – try to kill us in the third quarter with a number of quick points and then sit back. This is exactly what they did – and we seemed totally unprepared for it.

    Just hope there has been a lot of work done, both physical and mental, in the two-week break.

  194. Revellino – I think that will be a tall order from play at this time of the year and against Dublin. In your three games thus far in the league ye have scored 0.13 to Monaghan’s 0.12, mayo got five from open play while Monaghan scored seven of their points from play. Mayo scored 2.09 to Kerry’s 1.15, Mayo scored 1.02 from play and Kerry scored 1.14 from play. Ye scored 0.11 to Galway’s 1.13 and Mayo got 0.04 from play and Galway got 1.10 from play.

    That reads in the last three games Mayo scored 2.33 out of which 1.11 came from open play and the three teams Mayo played against scored a combined 2.40 of which 2.31 came from open play. There are many ways to look at that stat, your backs won’t be happy considering Mayo have probably the best defense in the game but it also highlights the loss of the likes of Keegan and Higgins and others who usually make life very difficult for opposing forwards.

    In any event it would be worrisome having only kicked 1.11 in open play but on the other side two of those teams played very defensive football and Kerry also sounded the retreat in the last twenty minutes when we were reduced to 13 players. Monaghan put a halt to Kerry’s gallop yesterday but we played very poor football in the opening half and allowed them to almost put the game beyond reach. To be fair to our young lads they stood up and fought bravely and with a pinch of good fortune we could have taken one if not the two points on offer. Hopefully from our perspective we can pick up another two points against either Galway or Kildare as there slim pickings between Dublin and Tyrone away.

    This loss has dented your chances of survival I know but I think Mayo will get the necessary results and survive but it will be tight. Once ye get a few of your warhorses out of the stable and back in the game the afore mentioned stats will alter dramatically as your game plan takes shape for the summer. I hope their return to full fitness is close as division one football vital for the top teams. Good luck against the Dubs on Saturday night and I hope ye pull of a shock result and come away with a win, it will be difficult I know but if history has thought us anything it is that you simply don’t write off this Mayo team.

  195. It would be a mistake to think Mayo can attack the dubs and outscore them and win this Saturday. I’d play it defensively and keep the margin as low as possible. Mayo are on equal footing as the rest of the division 1 teams, they will get points against the others with a bit of luck and a good game plan in place. As far as who to appoint as captain, AOS is the epitome of calm and collected, that’s what a captain should be.
    In the galway game a mayo player was face down on the ground and a galway player was putting the sole of his boot on the ankle of the mayo man, he was going to push down and do damage until he was pushed away ( but not hit, punched or choked) and given an earful by AOS.
    Did anyone else spot that incident? I thought it was a very telling moment, coc, diarmuid and others would have nailed him and I would have applauded them but AOS was much calmer in the heat of the battle.

  196. Your correct Gamechanger10.

    Our return from open play has been disappointing to date.

    With some of our torpedoes in defense out over recent weeks, it has highlighted where our scoring has been coming from. Their blitzes from deep has opened up teams and games for us in the past. I was hoping with these guys out we would have been forced in to engineering scores from midfield forward. So far this has not happened.

    It points to us been over dependent on our brilliant defense. I just wish we were not as one dimensional.

    With the FBD long over and approaching half way in the league its now or never for some of our forwards to put their hands up and show if they have the courage, skill and guile to really step up and make a case for Rochford to include them in his plans.

    I’m afraid if they cannot cut the cheese in the league its not going to be easy or creditable for him to be throwing them on in championship matches.

    I think although he hasn’t lit up the pitch so far this year, C Loftus did show us last season that he has a football brain and the skill to take and create scores.

    Some of the posters on the blog have named several other young lads that they have been disappointed not to have seen, getting a good run. I wouldn’t pretend to be as well up on the club scene as plenty of the people on here, but having heard some of the names put forward, I would love to have seen them given a proper run out.

    Our defense have really brought us to the level we have been at for the past number of years. Some of our forwards have had stellar seasons as well and there aren’t any of the team that haven’t worked their butts off. I don’t think its any coincidence that many of the games that have hung in the balance have gone our way because of scores from our defense.

    So far our forwards haven’t shown the slickness as a unit to engineer scores.

    I remember been at the 96 semi final and Nestor and Casey seemed to criss cross over and back the pitch. It totally unhinged Kerry on the day. I think the forwards need to start creating space to begin with and this will give them the chance to work with the ball or take their scores. So far we’ve given way too much ball in to forwards who are very tightly marked. They are not even 50 / 50 balls. Its not the fault of the player giving the ball in. Its up to the lads inside to create the space to receive good ball.

  197. Lol Bohola , in reality I love nothing not even people , my only love is Mayo . Im just going off form so far , we have been playing pretty disjointed stuff and only for the narrow win in Clones, we would be 1/10 to go down . Looking back on the Galway game , we had more of the ball than them but totally lacking in sustaining any sort of momentum in the game , lathergic , predictable stuff , slow, ponderous. This team are not beyond totally ripping up the form book and even beat the dubs . But like I said we can only go by what we have seen to date and the jacks are capable of turning on championship type pace from what I have seen during their games.

  198. I did see it Dave, but not on the day itself, and only afterwards when I watched the tg4 recording afterwards. Its as plain as day for anyone to watch. Galway are coming out with the ball from defence and loose possesion around midfield on 32.48 minutes. Cillian gathers and is pushed to the ground by the galway no.8, yes comer, he pushes Cillian again and knocks him off balance and the referee gives a free. Comer then follows on and between 32.49 and 32.51 looks down and intentionally stands on Cillians achilles turning his ankle sideways. Aiden O’Sea seeing this pushes Comer away and to the ground. Aiden then stands over Comer and gives him a lecture. The ref was looking directly at this the whole time and when he seen Comer play acting that he had been hit in the head and rolling on the ground he told him to get up sharpish and moved the free forward. I didn’t mention it till now because it’s this shirt sit that is putting me off GAA football. It is only a matter of time before someone gets really badly injured and I mean a lot worse than a facial fracture and it may not be a Mayo player that gets hurt and could easily a Mayo player that causes the injury. The problem is not with the players, they are coached to do this whether people deny it or not, it is the gaa gaelic football that is rotten to the core with this endemic cynicism and the appallingly bad officiating of matches that is the problem. But we know this and worse no one will do anything about it until it’s too late. Goodnight

  199. Apologies mistaken identity no.8 was Paul Conroy. But like I say I don’t blame the player this goes on all the time

  200. Outside the Pale,… Cian H might be trying to get a ticket for the match… Supposedly????… Anyways you have to play in at least one club match, even if it’s only for a minute, before you can play for the County… Remember Séanie Johnson of Cavan, He decided to play football for Kildare a few years ago ,.. He came on as a sub in some Kildare inter club hurling match for a few minutes, and only then was he fully legal to play with football Kildare County!… Strange but True!

  201. @leantimes- sure Hanley is from Mayo

    Why would he need to play a club game ??

    Ciaran Tracey ment to be going well

  202. Had high hopes for Brian Reape this year. However, if he was good enough, he’d surely be playing a bit by now? It would be great to see him get a run but maybe his fitness/attitude/ability are simply not up to scratch, who knows?? Another alarm bell was when I heard he was sitting on a sigerson cup bench recently. Substitutes on a sigerson cup team aren’t going to turn into all Ireland match winners in a few months. The same could be said of Michael Hall and Danny Kirby actually.
    Injuries could explain the above examples of course. But that hasn’t been clarified by anyone as far as I know.

  203. Very dissapointed with Rochford in dropping Young Brian Reape and Michael Plunkett.He was by far the best player in the Intermediate championship in the county last year and Mayo under 21s top scorer v Galway.Hopefully Brian puts his head down now with Moy Davitts and works his way back into the panel, he has the ability to be a top forward if he works hard.
    This only leaves Ciaran Treacy from Ballina as the only option as a new scoring forward, half the county has been talking about him ,be great to see him get his chance, would also like to see Adam Gallagher too after his Sigerson cup final performance.

  204. How are the county panel numbers decided ? Are they cut due to financial constraints or is each county panel required to have the same number of players on their panel ?

  205. At least some really positive news in Mayo football this morning.The County board announced details last night of a new coaching committe.Ciaran McDonald, David Heaney, Kevin O’Neill, Alan Dillon and Austin O’Malley are going to be coaching a Mayo academy panel.Its a pity Rochy wudn’t persuade his old clubmate to be forwards coach of our Senior team like Stephen O’Neill is doing at Tyrone now and Maurice Fitz at Kerry.

  206. There’s a very obvious problem on the horizon now with American clubs seeing an opportunity to make good offers to a large portion of our younger panellists. Jobs are hard got in the summer and we are very conservative in giving gametime or panel places.
    Who is going to hang around for the summer and turn down lucrative American offers when there seems to be a conservative selection policy regarding younger players?
    We don’t seem to be looking at 2019 or 2020 at all. Playing each season in a win or bust manner as we seem to be doing will badly undermine development into next year and the year after.

  207. Wide Ball – it’s best wait till official announcements are made about whether or not individual players are/aren’t on the panel. The Mayo News has confirmed today that “a number of players” have been released from the squad in recent days, including Kevin Keane, Michael Plunkett and Brian Reape. As far as I can see, they’re the only three names specifically mentioned in this regard.

    TH – cop yourself on FFS. If you want to make bullshit remarks like that, go find another platform to make them on.

  208. Where is David Drake and Conor O’Shea?? With 8 or 9 first teamers out injured, these guys should be automatic starters based on last years performances, and their standing in the squad pecking order. Are they injured or what?
    Danny Kirby is another one in this bracket. He’s played sigerson last week, so based on last season, surely he’s close to a start this weekend. If not, why not?

  209. A big thank you to any player who might find themselves out of the panel. They would have worked as hard as any of the players who are still there. A tough time of the year for these guys and I’m sure it’s very tough on the manager as well having to give them the news. Depending on how things play out with injuries and circumstances maybe 1 or 2 will get a call back before the season is done. Best of luck to all that are still there.

  210. Team I’d like to see for the weekend:

    A O’Shea
    D O’Connor
    A Gallagher

    With game time also given to Akram, Stretton, Boland, Nally and A Moran.

  211. Disappointed to hear that about Reape. Don’t know much about the lad, but had high hopes based on what a few posters here had said. His scoring record alone was cause for optimism.

    I agree totally with you there JP. I was hoping to see a few more of the young lads given a proper run out in the league, Reape and Treacy especially.
    Playing poorly and getting beaten in the league is one thing, but it would be easier to take and more understandable if we were trying out a few of the younger lads. At least they’d be getting experience.
    It’s done Kerry and Donegal no harm to thrown in some lads for experience.
    Donegal mightn’t have any league points yet, but they’re playing some decent stuff and their younger guys are getting some invaluable senior experience.

    That for me is the main disappointment from the league, rather than the so far pretty shitty performances.

  212. Erris Head – Harrison and Durcan are both major doubts for this one according to the Mayo News today. Crowe and Nally most likely replacements on your fifteen? Also I can’t see us going with both Loftus and Gallagher in the FF line, Andy a more likelier starter there.

  213. I’d echo JP’s sentiments. With the way the game has developed, I think most people now see that the chances of a young player making a bolt from club football straight into county is remote. Most lads need 2/3 years on the panel to develop physically to meet the demands of the current game. To this end I think there are at least 3/4 players on the 2017 panel who have just not shown enough improvement to justify their continued inclusion on the 2018 panel. Another raft of talented young players will hit across the atlantic this summer because they know they either won’t get a call up to the county or if they do then they have no meaningful chance of seeing game time. The criminal neglect of the county underage structures between 2012 and 2017 is already showing the results that many predicted, with a lack of developed talent coming through to senior and while the current proposals in the coaching set up are to be applauded, it will be a good few years before todays U17’s are ready for senior action. On one hand I’m disappointed that more young talent isn’t being brought into the panel for development, while on the other hand I’m very worried that the reason they are not being brought on is because they simply aren’t there.

  214. I was hoping Reape would have been the fresh new blood we badly needed but as Larry Duff pointed out, if you’re on the bench for Sigerson then it’s going to be a tough call to expect a start for County.
    We have no clue whats going on in the background, how they are showing in training or any of that so we have to assume that Rochford has good reason to drop the lads he has dropped from the Panel.
    It can’t be nice for any of them either but that’s the way it has to be.

  215. I dunno, I just get the feeling Galway are backing their recent U21s and we are not.
    There wasn’t any big gap between our U21s in 2017, that’s a myth. We were missing Seamus Cunniffe, Jack Reilly and Matthew Ruane was half fit just back from injury. Those were three of the final year U21s and would have been relied on as core players.

  216. Alan Freeman has also been released from the Mayo panel according to John Melvin in the Connaught Telegraph, he also states that Cian Hanley is set to link up with the panel shortly.

  217. A bit surprising Hanley is linking up so soon when he hasn’t played for Ballagh while Reape has been playing very well for his club and is released from the panel that doesn’t make a lot of sense to be honest.

  218. Mayomagic I expect Cian will line out for Ballaghadareen in the pre season East mayo cup games starting Sunday and County Senior League in the coming weeks.Hes going to have a very high level of fitness and conditioning coming from professional outfit like Brisbane Lions.
    I was in Bekan today to watch the Connacht schools A semi final where Rice College beat a well fancied St Jarlaths team coached by Michael Meehan on a scoreline of 2-16 to 1-13.
    It was a very impressive performance, one thing that struck me about Rice college was the size of there team, nearly every player 1 to 15 was over 6 foot and looked much stronger than the St Jarlaths players.Football in Westport is booming at the moment.Hopefully this means we will field a very strong Mayo minor team this year as we have not won a Connacht title since 2014.

  219. Cian is traveling home mostly because he couldn’t get over his injury problems. He should play for Ballagh first, impress at club level and then called up to the county panel. Rice college also reached the league final but lost it narrowly to St Attractas so a chance to gain revenge there now.

  220. Thats fantastic to hear about rice college. You cannot move forward without useful youth. Schools football is the foundation.

  221. Mayomagic Cian said in his statement leaving Brisbane Lions it was for personal reasons he was leaving.I am sure if he was injured he would not be rushed into the Mayo panel.

  222. Ger Bohan, Connaught Telegraph said to link up shortly with the panel which as i stated earlier is a bit surprising.

  223. Any updates on the development squad from last year?
    Matthew Ruane?
    James Carr-injured earlier I believe
    Brian Reape-dropped
    Adam Gallagher-still involved
    Seamus Cunniffe?
    These are the lads who should be making in roads this year. Alan Freeman gone from the panel as well. A lovely lad but I really hope that a potential new player wasn’t kept off the panel to give him a last chance. Looks like the combination of the talent in Westport together with James Horan taking over at the perfect time should see exciting times ahead. Shoulf benefit the club and county scene in the coming years.

  224. Hanley was fit & playing all last year. He was given a year extension to his rookie contract last December but obviously decided against seeing it out.

    I don’t agree with letting Reape go but it would be foolish not to give Hanley a chance.

  225. Lads might not be willing to commit , its not for every young fella, it takes some doing in fairness.

  226. Hanley made his decision to return and I’m sure it wasn’t for the weather. The current panel were millimeters short of Sam this past 2 years, maybe he wants to see if he is able to add those millimeters in some way or other. Whether he does it doesn’t remains to be seen but even if he does it’s going to take time for him to adjust to the pitch conditions, round ball and a million other things. It’s great too, to hear that Leroy is back training.

  227. Very happy to see some of the team we enjoyed so much last year getting back again after injuries. The only big problem I have is Refs.and opposing players think A.O’ a robot and should take the pulling and dragging and “should shut up + put up with all that is thrown at him.i

  228. Exactly Sean – there is huge expectation there but it’s not for every young lad and given the committment that’s required that’s fair enough; it’s their choice. Even if it’d frustrate the hell out of you looking at who we could have in contention or indeed could have had down the years.

    All the best to Cian Hanley, whatever he decides to do and however he progresses. It’d be damn nice if he could (a) join the panel (b) get game time (c) consistently play well (d) nail down a starting place or at least a spot on the first 21 (e) perform for us on the big days (f) contribute meaningfully to an All-Ireland win. That’s a hell of a lot of ‘ifs’, yet there seems to be almost an expectation that this is how it will play out … not exactly realistic or fair on the lad.

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