Aidan O’Shea our MOTM from yesterday’s game

Photo: Mayo Advertiser/Sportsfile

The votes on the final Man of the Match poll of our 2017 League campaign are in and counted. There’s no doubt about the winner either – it’s Aidan O’Shea.

The big Breaffy man hasn’t started a match for us all year and there was only 25 minutes left to play at MacHale Park yesterday when he came off the bench to replace Danny Kirby. But what an impact he made.

Up until then, yesterday’s game was only going the one way. Michael Murphy was conducting operations for the visitors, who held a four-point lead and looked comfortably in control. Aidan’s introduction changed all that. Suddenly, Murphy was no longer running the show, as Aidan’s presence in the middle third provided us with the platform for greater urgency in attack.

The melee that broke out right under the stand was the real turning part in the contest. Aidan took a few clear punches to the head but once things calmed down it soon became obvious that we now had the upper hand in the contest. When Doherty walked for the kick in the nuts he gave Aidan soon afterwards, our dominance in the match became all but total.

It’s clear, then, that Aidan’s input was integral to yesterday’s win. He’s a very worthy winner of the MOTM award, with the others who featured prominently in the vote detailed below. Well done to all of them in helping to get us over the line yesterday.

109 thoughts on “Aidan O’Shea our MOTM from yesterday’s game

  1. I’ll tell you something Willie joe , this blog is top notch , the level of detail and work you put in is incredible

    It is a credit to you, keeps us all interested .

    Had a listen to the pod cast this evening , you should keep john Casey involved and maybe reach out to David Brady ,

  2. We got a very clear example of what Aidan brings to the team yesterday. He’ll always have his critics for whatever reason but the thing that stands out most is his temperament. It is outstanding. At one stage he had a Donegal fella actually chasing after him, off the ball, trying to hit him. A kick in the nads, a few shots in the jaw and countless other digs, both seen and unseen. We can only imagine the verbals. Good man Aidan, we’ll done.

  3. Great picture of a great warrior.. well done Aido.. good to have you back. Still can’t get over how Donegal completely lost the plot. Love Division 1 football just for the shear entertainment value alone.

  4. AOS is our top asset. His absence and return are both yet more proof of this. The best footballer in the land.
    Robbed of AIs that he, and Mayo, should have by crappy refs. He will be missed when he’s gone.
    I cannot understand why so many don’t seem to realise just how bloody good he is.

  5. Well done to Aidan, keep up the great work! It just shows that once you have one or both of the O’Sheas on the field of play, our ability to win possession goes up a serious notch. Once Aidan starting winning the ball we could then pour forward from all angles to really go at Donegal.

    For us too we have seen that in the last two games we did not concede any goals and subsequently we got the two vital wins. So for us, not conceding goals, winning more possession and then figuring out what to do with it will be the key things to work on going forward. Roll on the games!

  6. AOS is a great player who’ll win the hard ball and dominate possession in the middle third. The problem is too often we expect AOS to be a finisher in the final third of the field also. He can’t do it all but some expect him to. Hopefully this league campaign has given Rochford some more options in attack to take workload of AOS and Cillian

  7. Up to Aidan’s introduction Murphy was the alpha male on the pitch. Aidan put him in his place within minutes which seem to really upset the young Donegal Bulls, which in turn led to them losing the plot and handing Mayo the game! The photo above captures it perfectly, the man with the ball is in charge!

  8. Well done to Aiden on winning MOTM on Sunday. It is worth noting that we lost to two Ulster teams (Monaghan and Cavan) when Aiden wasn’t there. We beat two Ulster teams (Tyrone and Donegal) with Aiden on the pitch , but only after he was introduced. Without him we can’t manage to breach the blanket defence. What a footballer!!!

  9. Well,done Aiden @ well deserved ,man of match.His presence, changed the game in our favour.
    The middle third,winning possession,seems to be his best position ,@ possibly,a 2nd, halt,impact,player. ?
    I would also suggest, that Andy Moran, would be best as an impact, sub,with 20mins,left, his introduction, @ that, of Aiden,would have us finishing ,very strong.
    I would,suggest, playing ,Danny Kirby, at full forward, and I would have Andy, giving him ,one to one mentoring, on playing @ full forward, during training.
    Danny, could make a target man @ ball winning full forward @ we know he can score.We have other options at mid field @ he could fill in there, as well.
    Just a thought ?

  10. Aidan gave a massive lift to the team and the crowd and turned the game for us. He has something special about him. However, don’t expect him to run like a greyhound around the field for 70 minutes. He’s not build for that type of role.
    But let’s not forget Higgins either. His point in the second half was hard won and was a huge turning point as well. Hi pace and determined running caused big problems for Donegal. We need to use him better from now on. He is virtually unmarkable as an attacker. I would place him around midfield as a third midfielder. He would put in serious tackles and be lightning fast on the break forward. Now that Barret is back and Caff on the way we might be able to free him up a little more.

  11. I’m still chuckling over Sunday.

    That picture paints a thousand words (though your own words are pretty good too Willie Joe). O’Shea, ball in hand facing up to McBrearty (remember that wee lad whom Jim McGuinness protected from travelling to Dublin to face the wolves on the CCCC some years ago), the other participants ready for action, and the faces of wonder on the kids.

    I know subs often change a game dramatically – they usually nip in for goals, or score a couple of vital points – think Kilkenny hurlers as classic examples. However, I’m struggling to remember someone whose sheer presence made such an impact. He handled little enough ball, and didn’t score; took far more punishment than he dished out, yet he lifted the team, brought the crowd, as Keith Duggan said, from full volume to anarchy, and suckered Donegal into a reckless phase that completely distracted them. His presence also brought out the very nasty side of Murphy, that, great footballer though he is, undoes a lot of his good work.

  12. Well played AOS. The right man in the right place. Someone’s doing something right.

  13. Toe to hand, I agree. The league is second to none for entertainment and there is nothing like regular competitive football.

    It really is a sad state of affairs and a bit of an embarrassment to the GAA when our main competition pales in comparison to our secondary one.

  14. Congrats to Aiden. So well deserved.
    What a photo that is! To the left the big boys facing him not having a clue what to do only sledge, and on the right the small boys in awe observing their hero, and the gladiator in the middle in full control of it all. Pure Class.

  15. Well done Aiden Oshea well deserved too…..I have to mention Colm Gooch Cooper probably the best player of our time …Defo up there with Ciaran Mc Aiden and Cillian….
    Thanks for the memories or nightmares even….enjoy your retirement Gooch….

  16. Before the league game against Dublin I bumped into a man who had had a decent run in a Mayo jersey many moons ago. .Asked him if he had heard anything about when O Shea was back.” Look how we are playing without him” was the reply.( We had beaten Kerry and the Rossies at this point). Well we have all seen now what a Mayo team looks like with and without Aidan..

  17. Regina The jeolesy that surrounds the OShea family is unreal. I have come up against my self at every turn in the road. You do not have to leave the parish to encounter it either. Fact is they are great guys and we should be so proud of them all.

  18. It was the sign of the man that AOS is when he spent the off season in another sports off season.
    If he was reading this I would tell him to enjoy the praise it is deserved. Try to remember it when a certain section of our fans get anxious and go looking for a person to blame later on in the season. I would say that to Kevin Keane too.

  19. I was sat immediately in front of the Donegal subs on Sundays, it was clear to me on hearing the Donegal Subs verbals, that Donegal had planned to put AOS into his box if and when he made his expected appearance, . and their planned methods of curtailing the big man had nothing whatsoever to do with football. But unfortunately for Donegal, they became a victim of their own thuggery. I was delighted to see a Donegal player sent off, for what it was, a definite Red Card, their should be been more Red Cards for Donegal players, who completely lost their heads, the plot and the match., Last night I watched s 25min or so of Mayo Mick s. YouTube Video on the link provided on this blog. You might hear some Donegal voices getting revved up, encouraging Michael Murphy to take the head clean off AOS,. Multiply that by 10,thats what it was like in front of the Donegal subs. The last time I heard anything like that was in Pearce Stadium, when the Galway were urging on their players in particular Damien Comer, to take the head off this time Lee Keegan,,. Damien done his best, and Lee eventually got sent off. But Comer done nothing positive. during the match, was held scoreless and kept well in his box by Kevin Keane… This last two weeks, as a result of assaults on AOS, one Tyrone player has severed a one match suspension and another Donegal player will have to serve the same. One or two more should have serve similar suspensions, but let’s hope that outright thuggery on AOS, starts to cost the teams and player’s involved in such incidences..

  20. Jeez we’re some bunch. The beatification of AOS continues at pace following his 2nd cameo. I for one was arguing a while back in favour of keeping him on the sideline as an impact sub as we couldn’t figure out how best to use him and his distribution in the forwards wasn’t quick enough. His 2 best performances were as a midfielder vs Donegal in 2013 and again in the compromise rules where he was the stand out player for Ireland. He’s had many more including the demolition of Sligo. Donegal have moved Murphy out field because they had a similar problem. However AIDO isn’t a centre forward because he doesn’t spread the ball around like Keith, Kevin Mc and Cillian (sometimes). So the solution might seem to play him 11 and use 3 midfielders with SOS or Tom P as sweeper and either Keith or Kevin Mc as 2nd sweeper (my preference is Keith as K Mc is very handy looping in from the right for scores where Regan hasn’t fully found his feet). In that role Cillian might fill the hole at 11 as needed with Andy and Kevin Mc inside. Alternating with Kevin Mc also coming out at times as he’s our best distributer.

  21. Does anyone think that The Gooch would like to holiday in Mayo …. just for the summer??

  22. @pj..never understood the mindset behind some supporters when it comes to some of our own players and never will…

  23. Have always been amazed at the way Aidan manages to keep his head under every type of abuse, physical & mental. Happy for him that he’s come out well out of the small amount of time he had in the league. He certainly doesn’t for 1 minute deserve the abuse he gets from our very own fans, it’s a disgrace. Jealousy’s a b*t*h & if you’ve nothing good to say – say nothing at all. Up Mayo.

  24. The self restraint that Aidan O’Shea shows is one of his greatest strengths. A lesser man would react and have build up a collection of red cards by now. The lack of protection he gets from referees and linesmen is a disgrace to the GAA. He is a great servant of Mayo football and deserves nothing less than the full hearted support of everyone who follows this team.
    On another now I am sorry to see the retirement of the Gooch. Watching him play at his best was always a pleasure. it was watching a genius at work except of course when we were on the receiving end in 04, 06 and 11.

  25. We have serious footballers in Mayo.Aidan one of the best but unsure if he is the very best.Anyway team is what is important.
    We tend on this blog to be too negative when losing and then swinging with pendulum when we win.I actually think we didnt play that well when we won or that badly when we lost with exception of Dublin which was awful.
    Lets hope it was a lot of shaping and the true stuff is yet to come!

  26. I wonder are we having a “Mayo player of the league campaign” vote on here?

    Or a “Mayo goal of the league season” vote. Oops. Maybe hold off on that one.

    Anyway. Such thuggery on display the last 2 Sundays and most of it gone unpunished. They could have finished with 12 players. Then again Cormac and Deegan are some double act.

  27. That game was ugly but a great result in the end. I was disappointed with Donegal in the second half, the blanket defence rugby league style. They were a disgrace to their county the way they behaved.
    Great to stay up yet again and the league has served up some great football but for me it is scandalous that they couldn’t honour the league by having the two best teams in the final and give them 2 weeks before playing it. The final should be between Dublin and Monaghan and another great game it would be. After all Monaghan beat both Mayo and Kerry away from home and drew with Donegal. Crazy stuff. It’s got to be the result before points difference in future. Or give 3 points for a win, there were quite a few draws ( blanket defences). In that case it might have been Kerry or ourselves.

  28. Okay, okay – I give in! I’ll look at putting up a Mayo player of the League poll tomorrow or the day after. Think it’ll have to be on the basis of a shortlist, though, so leave it with me for now.

  29. Oh god, is it going to go quiet here over the next few weeks?! Thought that would happen over the winter and we were kept going!!!!! Don’t really want any more scandals but seriously how am I to survive until May 21st?!!! Will have to make do with Buntus/Academy on Saturday mornings.

  30. And league finals next weekend but it’s not the same as ‘everything Mayo’. We have been spoiled really for years. I dread the day it ends. I’ll have to go to rehab when that happens. Could be a few joining me from here! On that cheery note goodnight and god bless Mayo Gaa Blog and Mayo team.

  31. I think aiden may have benefitted greatly by taking up basketball during the winter and getting his mind off our championship woes. Certainly his performance on Sunday was a breath of fresh air.
    On the subject of our younger players [2016 and 17 U21”s,] I would not be giving up hope on them yet. Drier, pacier ground of summer may suit them. It strikes me as somewhat nonsensical the way some supporters invest such belief in individual young players and then, when they fail to come up to expectations, condemn them out of hand. It is an age old saying that you cannot put an old head on young shoulders. Today things have moved on a bit and it is also true that you cannot put old shoulders on young bodies.

  32. Willie Joe, what about a best ‘new comer’ as well as ‘best league player’? Only a taught, entirely up to your good self. Then again, what criteria would decide exactly what a’ new comer ‘is? Maybe a player that actually hasn’t started a championship match for Mayo yet? It would be a pretty short list this year, which is a bit of a pity,. But who knows, now that we are out of the U21. Championship maybe Matthew Ruane and Sharoize Akram might get a sniff of the senior panel in the near future??? !

  33. Just one name is sufficient to put up for Mayo player of the league and that is David Clarke. He kept us in countless games in the league and is one of the main reasons we are still in Division 1. Well done Aidan on winning man of the match what a collusus he proved to be coming on against Donegal these are truly great times to be a Mayo supporter Sinead keep me a seat in Rehab I’ll surely need to join you when this rollercoaster ends but long may it last.

  34. HSE an interesting one alright. Philly McMahon taking umbridge at the physicality of the game? I can only hope whatever Philly said he did so with a elephant sized tongue in his cheek. Philly BITES ffs. Fitzmaurice refers to the Lee Keegan character assassination of last year and to a general imbalance in refereeing that we all know is there for a good while now and let’s be honest, it has favoured one team more than any other! I’ve went on about it before but the MDMA tackle on Cillian O’Connor in last year’s all Ireland was one of the worst I’ve seen. The accidental but tactical foul on Donie too? Ya, it’s well documented here and elsewhere but with Fitzmaurice blathering on about it in the days before a national title is decided might help balance the imbalance. It’s all a muddle. Morning rant over. Eat your porridge Joe, g’ lad.

  35. Joet1480 – I wouldn’t hold out too much hope for balance, though Fitzmaurice was right to highlight what he has done.
    All we have to do is look at how the media rallied with the protective blanket around Connolly last year after the Leinster game vs Westmeath, with the narrative that the poor innocent lad was being targeted and needed protection.

    Contrast that with the treatment that Aido received from Tyrone and Donegal, who upon getting a kick in the nut sack was accused of simulation, with most of the national media suggesting the red card given for said kick was of the soft variety.

    Imagine if a Dub was subjected to similar treatment, how the media uproar would ensure that any 50/50 calls would be made in their favour?. All you have to do is look at Keegan’s Black card in the replay last year – Deegan couldn’t wait to get Leroy off the pitch, and took the first excuse given .

  36. Yeah joet, it’s great to see this been highlighted, that the Dubs are certainly no angels and are as cynical or even more cynical than any team.

    It’s good that it’s the Kerry manager highlighting this too as if it was a Mayo person we would be labelled as whingers again. It’ll be interesting to see how this will play out in the coming days.

  37. Fair play to fitzmorris. Why shouldn’t we say it. It worked on lee Keegan last year and it will work again and again and again unless other people stand up to it. Unfortunately for the dubs the Kerry mafia have a fair few pundits out there, need to start fighting back cos it seems to be a tactic of dub GAA now to use the media to gain an advantage.

  38. I read poor auld Paul Currant (yes, I didn’t correct the auto text on purpose ) is feeling it necessary to highlight his “personal” angst at the silly tricks being perpetrated by all teams other than Dublin and conicidentally in the lead up to a League final involving his team.
    It’s so obviously apparent what’s going on and if we and all other football counties don’t push back on this narrative it will inevitably come to be seen as the truth.
    Fair dues to Fitz Maurice for calling it like it is. I see no reason why Rochford shouldn’t follow up with his support for Fitz Maurice if asked for a reaction.

  39. Gonna be awful quiet here for the next while! Anyone know of any challenge matches Mayo are playing in the next while that supporters can attend?

  40. Regarding Fitzmaurice, he is 100% correct and fair play to him for bringing up the anti-keegan campaign. He also suggested they cheated us in the 2013 final. This is a Kerry manager, highlighting injustices done to mayo (he didn’t mention limerick)

    If only our manager or county board would stand up for our own. Until they do, we can only expect the same treatment from officials. The have no motivation to do things any differently. Doing or saying nothing, changes nothing.

  41. good idea Jamercee,i would be interested in also knowing about upcoming challenge matches,its too long until the 21st of May.

    fair play to Fitzmaurice,although i cant see it making any difference to be honest,it was good of him to mention us in in request for fairness across the board,but as usual i think it is like flogging a dead horse!

  42. While Fitzmaurice comments are correct don’t mistake the Keegan comment as doing Mayo a favour or anything like that. He mentioned Keegan as an example and is trying to influence the ref and media for his own team.

  43. Yes, Fitzmaurice is adopting the Fergie tactic – getting in the preemptive strike, us against the world, refs out to get us, opposition are bastards and so on.

    He’s right.

    Rochy has been far too accommodating in this arena and has to develop a much harder edge, coming up to big matches, any matches. A Louth friend of mine instanced Ger Canning signing off after the replay with something like, ‘thanks Stephen – as always’. That, said my friend was proof positive that Mayo are softies, a jibe that is forever doing the rounds. I disagreed at the time, but he may have a point.

    Gentleman Jim doesn’t have to do this because he has so many volunteers doing it for him, and the paper will not refuse Dublin ink.

  44. Fair play to Fitzmaurice for someone who stays v quiet on these issues.It is good he has highlighted it and mentioned Lee in final, not that it will make a difference.
    Tks WJ and all the bloggers here in last few weeks for it all, podcasts, etc alto difficult at times. It did shorten the winter.
    God bless our team and they are a miracle group of guys to come back year on year to give us plenty to chat about. Take care all.

  45. The only county football on will be the minors followed by the juniors.
    The minors take on Longford this Saturday at 17:30. They are having a steady season so far.
    Then the juniors at the start of May I think will be interesting. There should be a decent pick available of U22’s.

  46. Agree with posters above Willie Joe – think a player of the league poll would be a good idea

  47. Fitzmaurice is being cute, nothing more.
    There’s a big game with Dublin coming up, so he’s deflecting recent Kerry criticism on to them. We’re just being used as the bait.
    No doubt if we end up playing Kerry this year in the semi, he’d be happy to use the Dubs as apparent evidence of our skullduggery. He’ll probably be trotting out the same old shite about Keegan and others. But only in that oh so cute Kerry way that we all find so endearing…
    He doesn’t care either way, it’s all about the next game and gaining whatever advantage he can whilst pressurizing the officials.

  48. The point I’m making Dan is, why don’t we do the same. Do you think the Dubs or Fitz would even bother doing it if they thought it didn’t work. I’m not naive enough to think, he was trying to do mayo a favor, but it does help when another county manager raises these issues.

  49. Whatever about fitzmaurice motives, as kerry manager to come out publicly with such a strong statement which is factual is a big call. No doubt it will get brushed aside in media an the dubs will push some other agenda while looking like victims. The power and influence that they hold over the media should not be underestimated.

  50. plenty of football for the next three weekends, the club leagues are on and the mayo players will be playing in them. why not go and support your local club and give them some support also. some clubs have fantastic support but many others could do with a lift.

  51. Exactly Dan! It shows weakness in my eyes. Leave the mudslinging to ex players and pundits.

  52. The gas thing is that when a Kerry man says there was a orchestrated campaign against Lee, people will believe it but when a lot of Mayo people were saying it, nobody believed us!

    I’d say the reason that Fitzmaurice brought us into the equation was that if he just mentioned Kerry instances against the Dubs, then the Dubs would say it was only sour grapes because Kerry have not beaten Dublin in a long time. So we were used in a way that it would not seem like sour grapes on Kerry’s behalf.

  53. Well done AOS on the performance against Donegal. Needs to bring that form and determination through to the Championship now for long periods if we are to compete at the business end. One swallow doesn’t make a Summer. Sort out the forward line and you never know.

  54. FBDinashui….simulation it’s called nowadays but prick acting and various other terms were used in my time and if you happened to get a low dug to the doodas you wouldn’t even let on or you wouldn’t be long left on the pitch if you showed any sign of what has become this wonderful modern trait. It just wasn’t part of the game.Football it used to be but now it would be more aptly described as pantomime presented on a green stage for the thousands of paying and laughing spectators! Actions are all exaggerated for the viewing public….the essence of pantomime,but it does belittle the idea of the game. It’s all great fun if you had nothing better to do, but sit back a bit and have a look….it’s all a shambles. If the amount of football played in many of the games in this league was recorded there would surely be an extra half hour called for to compensate people and players for their trouble.So many times I wonder how so little can happen for the duration of a half or even a full game.
    Also it was was amusing in Castlebar on Sun to see players not only running into stone walls as usual but now they’ve got a big taste for ending up in stone walked corners! Reminded me of soccer….up the sides to get the cross in. It is redundant football and so it will remain for as far into the future as i care to look! And let me add …..victory is hollow in these circumstances. If a horse or cow was in the state that Gaelic football is in at present,a vet would be called in with a big dose of some kind or maybe even a syringe. However the vetting agents of the Gaa are so blinkered that they are obliviously still whistling off down into the burnhouse!
    Fair dues to the Kerry manager for taking the trouble of high lighting Keegans case of last year….a very smart and well measured intervention on his part…. makes one wonder how we have to wait for a Kerryman to do it for us or anyone.

  55. No I do see your point tonyk and you’re right that it’s not something any of our managers or board have ever really got involved in.
    I remember James Horan did occasionally throw out a few ‘mind game’ type comments, particularly about officials (I seem to recall some comments about “Dublin Joe” before our semi win over them). He would also defend us against certain accusations thrown our way. Can’t think of anyone else really who has done that though.

    HSE is spot on above. Fitzmaurice mentioned us so as not to seem overly bitter about their recent record with the Dubs. He’s trying to make it more about Dublin bias over all other counties, rather than just against Kerry.
    A bit rich, a Kerry man complaining about media bias!

  56. It’s not good for any other county Dublin having control of the media. Wether it be Kerry, Roscommon or London manager, whatever the motivation, I don’t care. It needs to be highlighted. They have enough of an advantage as it is.

  57. Surely the point about Fitzmaurice’s intervention is that it has the potential to provide some benefit to Mayo’s senior footballers somewhere down the line (however small) and that in itself has to taken seen as a positive.

  58. Fitzmaurice,.. coming out saying it as it indeed is, is to be welcomed. And its good soap opera for the rest of us , but don’t be fooled by the Kerryman, nothing naive about Kerry men. I can remember the narrative before the 1997, All Ireland final, none other than the great, and normally publicity shy ‘Mick O’ Connell ‘ coming out on the Newspaper, I forget which newspaper, and’ looking for protection from the referee for the National Treasure and one of the nicest people anyone would ever meet, Maurice Fitzgerald…apparently according to the narrative Maurice had been the victim of some complete thuggery, without the protection of the referees up to that point. Maurice Fitzgerald was surly a great Foward, but he sure got some very soft frees awarded , in the same All Ireland final .. Referee’s are only human, and most like ourselves, addicted to the GAA, none are immune to the subconscious ‘brain washing’ that the big team’s can bring to the national consciousness……Is an ‘assault’ on Aiden O’Shea less of a sending off offence, than any other player?.. Can you imagine a ref given a last minute penalty against Dublin, with Dublin only 2 points to the good,?. Or indeed against Killkenny in hurling?… If the same rules applied for ‘Danny Kirby’ as the player’s of Tyrone and Donegal, how many ‘Ulster’ players would be facing a suspension now?… Don’t be fooled, it’s not a level playing field… But I am still looking forward to the League final, should be a good ‘double header’ “….. If any of ye posters and readers, have ‘Mayo Season tickets’ don’t forget you can download and print off your ‘Free’ ticket entitling you to entry into the league finals, but do so, before Friday, when the free offer ends.

  59. Ocides.

    You must be a new face in here? i havent seen your name before.
    Anyways, you”ll need to trawl back to the papers from the days leading up to the replayed final in 2016. It was a joke, ex dublin peole being given free run at it, running Lee Keegan down as much as they could and we all seen firsthand how Maurice Deegan bought the rubbish being sold. Keegan was going to be a significant factor in deciding where Sam Maguire resided for the winter, he scored a goal worthy of any All Ireland final and was then sent off for not much. Lee is no angel but then look at o gara, connolly, mcmahon etc, etc , etc. etc in that replay.
    Its over with now, and we have moved on but its not forgotten and wont be forgotten anytime soon .Keegan was player of the year by a country mile, what else would he have done in that replay?

  60. I know inbetweener, but a kick in the nads is a kick in the nads and I’ll challenge any mad to stay standing after being on the receiving end of last Sundays toe poke to the crotch of this blogs man of the match.
    As regards things back in your day, well I suppose things have moved on. Sure thankfully now we don’t even have to saw off limbs that have been infected with gangrene or the likes.

  61. Nice of freespoonwiththetub to rate gooch up there with cillian o Connor and big aiden. Wonder does he think Spillane is as good as Andy Moran!!

  62. I know FBD but if it was a right dacent wallop he wouldn’t have been running around the place like a rabbit immediately after. Maybe he got what you de call a tip but anyway it’s the intension in the mind of the culprit that counts….I agree.
    And indeed a lot of things have moved on since my time but I see a lot of things have gone in the opposite direction as well, but we won’t venture there! Cheers.

  63. Ger71 – To be fair to Andy, he doesn’t talks out of his Arse, which is in sharp contrast to Spillane, who uses his hole as his preferred method of verbal delivery.
    Spillane was probably a better footballer (marginally) than Andy, but I doubt he’d last long in the modern game.

  64. MAYO ‘S next big game is the minor championship game versus GALWAY minors on 29/04/2017 in mchale park. no time as yet .the losers are out of the championship.We need a huge support for mayo at this game for i think it will be a close game,and the home venue and huge support could tip the scales in mayo’s favour.IT would be a shame for the minors to exit championship in april…

  65. Guys,
    Ye are all getting bogged down with the “poor us” type of analysis. All matches are won on the pitch, if a Mayo player gets a very harsh black card ( as Lee Keegan in the All Ireland final ) then its up to the other guys to lift their efforts and win it even more for the guy that was sent off.
    Lets hope a few new referees get to ref some big games in the forth coming championship.

  66. Yes Ger71 and Willie joe was better than Jack O Shea and big Tom Byrne was better than the bomber Liston and Castlebar is a better town than Tralee and Westport is better than Kilarney and Eugene Lavin was better than any Kerry goalkeaper because they probably had nothing to do…..

  67. I think some of ye need to take a deep breath and step back for a minute. RTE, Dublin, and you know what even Referee’s did not cost us any All Ireland. Fact is we have had plenty of chances to close the deal down the years and failed.

    Many will say we have not been good enough but why do we keep getting to finals? Mental issues….maybe? Fact is the only controllable is inside the white lines and we need to look at that instead and not keep focusing and harping back to F$*%*ing Limerick and he done this or he said that.

  68. Fitzmaurice’s comments may be after-the-fact and self-serving but it doesn’t mean it’s not pretty sensational to hear an inter-county boss be so candid. The vast majority of managers would allude to this sort of sort but never actually say it – he just fucking blurted it as fact! That’s unheard of in fairness. And I don’t think the fuss being made out of it by posters here is overboard.
    The Dubs are highly organised and use everything at their disposal, including their army of pundits. Curran and Gavin were team-mates in the 90s, Curran was a selector when Gavin was Dublin U21 manager, and he also managed the U21 team of Gavin’s club Round Tower, Clondalkin in the mid-noughties. They are long-standing friends who socialise together regularly enough so anyone who doesn’t think Curran’s comments weren’t straight from Gavin is being very naive indeed, in my opinion. Is there any chance that Rochford would have a word with DB, Bille Joe, Horan, Mort or any of our boys in the media and get them to stir the shit in out favour occasionally? I can’t think of a single instance where It thought this was happening. We’re just not orchestrated on that front – Kerry and the Dubs are – that’s the lesson. Actually, never mind Dublin and Kerry – it’s five fucking years since arsehole Brolly batted for Donegal on RTE radio a few days out from the final…

  69. Does anyone know what club is Annagh Rovers? I think it is Aghamore with maybe a club amalgamated in at minor?
    For the first time I see them listed in the minor results played this week where they had a good win in Division one.
    It is interesting to see Louisburgh up in Division one of minor. I can’t recall the last time they were a division one minor team.

  70. It’s got to be in or around Ballyhaunis, JP – the parish of Annagh comprises the town of Ballyhaunis and a few miles in either direction out from it.

  71. Quick question for everyone on the subject of a Player of the League poll. I’ve just done a tot of the main vote-getters in the seven MOTM polls and the shortlist that pops out from that is (in alphabetical order) Fergal Boland, David Clarke, Paddy Durcan, Cillian O’Connor and Tom Parsons. Does that sound okay as a shortlist for the poll?

  72. I didn’t see Aghamore or Ballyhaunis listed in the divisons and Annagh rovers result is listed on the Aghamore twitter feed. So I would assume Aghamore and Ballyhaunis have amalgamated at minor.
    Other teams of note at minor.
    – Balla have continued their strength at minor. That is an unreal turnaround story going on at underage in that club.
    – Westport have the numbers to tog two teams at minor.
    – Knockmore, Castlebar, Breaffy all producing strong minor teams.
    – Swinford look to be getting back on their feet after a very rocky patch at underage.

  73. I nearly missed the posts of Gamechanger and Sinabhuil of April 4th. Well put the two of you. You have a clear picture of the invidious canker that has swarmed onto the Gaelic fields of the country from Croke Park to every parish north and South. I have compared it to true pantomime where the masses are gathered together and invited to witness and cheer on what they are led to believe is a state of the art game. We all know it’s a self perpetuating shambles but we have the invested authorities talking it up and the analysts and well paid commentators doing likewise through pure self interest. It’s not their function to do otherwise of course.However do we have to forever wait for the Curia to shake itself and take action to cure the rot that is eating into the very core of the game. If the shambles of McHale Park and many other places is not seen for what it is then surely creeping disaffection will in time bring it all to a straggling and sad state. As has been mentioned by Sinabhuil 5/7 aside soccer has become a much more attractive pastime for a lot of young fellas who are living in a time where they have more control and say over what they spend their time at.
    Our footballers who give of themselves so entirely deserve a better vehicle than a pantomime stage to display their rare and golden skills! The onus is on those who are of discerning minds to provide the proper atmosphere for the game. Many ex players know where things are heading and express their opinions quietly. Those ex players who are often called on to shout stop dare not for they too have their snouts in the troughs of profit at the expense of having anything to do with lifting the veil on the debacle that’s taking place underneath. If you feed rubbish the body will succumb and the mentality becomes irredeemable!
    So come on ye gurus and see the light! Leave the pantomime for Christmas time and instead invest in the finer more liberating elevating genre of football theatre that we know is there.

  74. Not a bad shortlist there Willie Joe. The player who i think will walk it is included anyway.

  75. Willie Joe – that sounds like an accurate list of names for the player of the league

    need some debate going here ha, long time until the Sligo game

  76. In almost every other team-sport, the pre-eminent competition is run on a league basis and secondary ones are knockout. The GAA is of course an exception, perhaps its time for it to get-in-line.

  77. WJ …I would also add Shane Nally Danny Kirby Lee Keegan Colm Boyle and Keith Higgins as they all played a kot of ball in the league and its good to see new lads coming through….

  78. A lot of ball and were prominent in our wins espeacially against Tyrone and Donegal….i meant to say….

  79. Inbetweener, Paidi O Se’s strike on Dinny Allen is the worst Instadent I’ve seen (caught on camera) of a clear Red Card but the ref told them to shake hands and get on with the game. Now these ex players of the past you referee to are making out it was all lovely high fielding kick passing football with not a ounce of violence in it……….Nonsense!! It’s nostalgia on overdrive more like.

  80. I want the emphasis on ‘short’ regarding the shortlist, Freespoonwitneverytub, so I don’t think an expanded list is needed. For the record, the next five who would have featured in an expanded list, given the votes cast in the seven MOTM polls, would have been Kevin McLoughlin, Keith Higgins, Donie Newcombe, Andy Moran and Lee Keegan (in that order).

  81. No problem WJ….I will probably vote for one of the lads on your list all the same….

  82. I’d add Kevin Mc and Keith Higgins to the shortlist, but thats a personal view.
    Kevin Mc has definetly been one of our most consistent performers, while perhaps not standing out over and above the rest in any particular game.
    Don’t think I saw him have a bad game, not sure I could say the same for the rest.

  83. One name on shortlist will probably romp home and although they won’t make shortlist thought Kirby and Nally fared well in league..Thought Kirby might fall away during the league but he seems to be well up for it..

  84. Ye can add the entire panel to the list. It wont make any difference because its a one horse race

  85. JP, quite right great stuff going on in louisburgh and balla annagh rovers is algamation between aghamore and Ballyhaunis , which is is quite unusual , as both are big clubs. and makes the east Mayo championship very unsided,as Kiltimagh Moy Davitts Ballaghadereen. Eastern Gaels and Swinford trying to compete with amalgamations

  86. The mayo fellas in the media are very nice indeed. Lovely lads surely. There’s Billie Joe there on the telly the other evening now, with Michael Blysther, noddin and agreein with everything that came his way. Martin Carney, a gentleman, I’m sure, tows the line tightly also. Brady, as far as I can see, is about the only one who called/calls it as it is but not at the expense of his own one man comedy show. Mc Stay very rarely, kinda, sorta sometimes maybe did call it but maybe he knew he’d be in an even hotter seat himself someday and wouldn’t mind a bitta softness from his old buddies in Telefis Eireann. Still, beside Kevin we have no neck Whelan delivering to us chapter and verse the gospels according to Philly, Diarmuid, Denis and Stephen with not even a slight tinge of irony in his message. We have plenty of people in the various media who could ruffle a few feathers and stir things up but they don’t. God only knows why.

  87. Comparing Andy Moran or COC to Spillane? Are you serious? Spillane was a brilliant player and would do well in any era. Shite commentator but in a different league than anything we produced on the pitch,

  88. ThomasG …..bang on there!
    Things haven’t improved much.
    Joet 1480…..You know well yourself.

  89. joel,

    I think those losses in the finals leaves any Mayo man that even questions things in rte wide open to ridicule. We haven’t a leg to stand on. Win Sam and we can say what we want and defend ourselves. Meanwhile, I think we can live in the hope that our players and management are working on it.

  90. Ocides1, I wasn’t really suggesting that JH couldn’t take care of himself while he was IN THE JOB, in fact I think he was defiant as fuck and brilliant at calling out bullshit then. But as a pundit I think he’s been much more diplomatic in defence of or arguing for Mayo. Just the sense I’ve felt off him over the past couple of seasons.
    Rochford to be fair to him doesn’t roll over or anything but he just seems a bit meek when he could be more aggressive.
    My point really was though to do with Mayomen in the media generally and how the Dubs and the cute hoors tend to rally around when the shit hits the fan over something, our lads don’t seem to wear the green-and-red-tinted glasses so much and just call it objectively. For example – and I must say I needed the refresher from Willie Joe (10:54pm in comments for ”Poll: who was our Player of the League for 2017?”) on the Keegan-Connolly saga about how some of our our lads (none of the ones I mentioned, mind) leapt to Leeroy’s defence – if it that was ex-Kerry/Dublin players, they wouldn’t have been defending Leeroy … instead they’d be attacking Connolly for being a thug on many occasions in the past, which he has been, and putting the focus on him.
    The GAA Hour podcast was really good on this today.

  91. Unfortunately our guys in the media often say things that do more harm to our team than good. Remember before Mayo played Galway last year James Horan made some comments like: ‘The gap between Mayo and Galway is getting wider’. He probably said this on the back of us winning the All-Ireland U21 title and Galway again not making it up to Division 1. When Galway beat Mayo, as the Mayo supporters were walking out of the stadium some young Galway supporters was shouting at the top of their voices ‘Where is the fucking gap now’. Michael Conroy made some comments before the game as well. Something like ‘Galway don’t believe that they can beat Mayo’. We have had plenty of instances of this in the past. Liam McHale was making comments about Dublin’s Ger Brennan before the 2013 final for example. We need our guys to bat for our team and not against it.

    An interesting article here in relation to this:

    One quote from the article: For so long, Dublin weren’t signed up to the one-for-all-and-one-for-all idea. There would always be one or two former players or managers who wouldn’t read from the script (that remains the case in Mayo).

  92. HSE – that is indeed a great article by John Fogarty. He always tells it like it is, in fairness to him.

  93. Another one from this morning’s papers: Colm Keys (always excellent too) in the Indo talking about what Fitzmaurice had to say about Dublin and looking at the three specific examples cited – here.

  94. Yeah FDBinashui and WJ, it’s great that at least these issues are now getting an airing in the media. For example, it’s a new one to see a picture of a Dublin player grabbing another player around the neck been shown in The Indo, rather than constantly seeing pictures of a Dublin player with a ripped jersey and usually a Mayo player holding onto the ripped jersey, i.e. the Dubs been portrayed as having players who are targeted rather than it often been the other way around. So even if one or two big decisions go against Dublin in future games, that would normally go for them, then it will have been worth Eamonn Fitzmaurice’s time making the comments that he did this week.

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