Aidan O’Shea suffers knee injury

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Just one collective training session done so far and we’ve suffered what looks to be the county’s first significant player injury of the year.

The Mayo News is reporting (here) that last year’s captain Aidan O’Shea picked up what is being described as “a worrying knee injury” at the first collective training session of the year, which was undertaken by the senior panel yesterday evening. According to the report, the Breaffy man “sustained the injury innocuously during a training game” and he was able to walk off the pitch afterwards.

If the three-times All-Star is sidelined for an extended period of time he’d obviously be a huge loss to us. He’s been an ever-present in the team for the Championship since 2012, and in the years since then he’s appeared in 58 consecutive Championship games.

This is just the kind of football-related news we could have done without as preparations start to ramp up ahead of the return to action next month. It’s not clear as yet how serious this injury is but, according to the report above, it’s serious enough to merit Aidan getting a scan done on it. Hopefully it won’t prove to be as bad as it sounds.

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  1. He is not needed till the Connaught final he will be ok, more important who was taking take in that training session was Boyle , Harrison or Doherty taking a full part and any newcomers to the squad.

  2. It’s good to see Boyle , Harrison and Doherty taking part In the training , Great to have them back .Aiden will be fine

  3. A OS out will make us look at other options. I agree he is a great player but he has never proved it at all Ireland final level. I think a lot of the blame goes to the way he is used eg bringing him to midfield for throw ins and letting him take frees and sideline kicks when he should be around the square. Division 2 will not be easy

  4. If Aido is out for the season we’ll be in big bother. Our best tackler and fielder of a ball by a mile. If he hadnt dropped back into MF for the last 20 mins of the Galway game, we’d a been bet.

  5. Aidan is one of these players whose value to the team will not be fully appreciated until he is gone.

  6. Speedy recovery Aidan. One of our best players over the past 12 years. He has been pivotal in taking us through the qualifiers on many occasions! Yes, I agree that he probably did not perform to his full potential in the All Ireland’s but as someone said above we will really miss him when he is out! Go neiri leis agus foireann Mhuigheo i gconai

  7. 58 consecutive championship games says it all. We couldn’t have done without Aidan over the past decade. He has on occasions almost single handedly turned games in our favour.

    I hope he has a speedy recovery.

  8. Hope he’s not seriously injured and we get to see him over the Summer, one of the best in Ireland in full flight, from a Galway fan

  9. Agree with Jr, he’s not sustainable at midfield for 80 mins, we need to look at other options. As was said by Billy Joe Padden, the men that need to get us out of division two are the young guns not the tried and tested. I wish him a speedy recovery, and hopefully he will be back fit when he is needed.
    It will be a disaster if we do not get out of division two an absolute disaster. Nothing is won there! The next two years will be crucial in how we manage our players, we can’t have a starting team of AOS, Leeroy, Boyle, Doc, Kevin Mac all on at the same time. Any county including Dublin would shit themselves if they saw the likes of AOS and Leeroy coming off the bench.
    Despite what we think is better or worse coming through, we have to persist in developing a young pacey team in all areas. We have the athletes, the jury is still out if we have enough out and out footballers.
    To wrap it up, I regret to here his injury, but we should not need him until a potential Connacht final. If we are relying on him to get us out of division two we’re fucked. Its up to the younger players.

  10. Aidan has been a giant for us for a decade now. No coincidence that it has been our most successful decade. Hoping this is not too serious! Get well soon Big Fella

  11. Tough to hear of Aiden’s injury. Just awful for him and the panel – he does so much work. Hope he makes a good recovery. It is only when he is NOT on the field, that some people will truly realise how important he is to us. I am really gutted this evening.

  12. Ah no this is just our luck!. Here’s hoping and praying he’ll be ok. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  13. I don’t think he has played 58 chsip games on the bounce….pretty sure he missed Sligo at home in 2017.

    Still massive loss if absent….never underestimate his ability to win and maintain dirty ball…and break tackles.

  14. @James Fleming is that a hope or expectation that Aidan will be fine. Even a PCL would keep him out for 3 months and out of the Connacht championship

  15. The Machale park surface claims yet another knee injury! Doc x2 Aido, Boyle, and Tom P in the last few yrs, im sure their is more. Seriously that surface cannot be ripped up quick enough.

  16. Hopefully he’ll be fine and its just a knock. I hear he walked off the pitch but you can’t always count on that being a good sign. I remember Van Dijk walked off the pitch for Liverpool after doing his ACL last year.

  17. If we assume you slow down a slight % every year post 30 and we assume the game speeds up slightly every year. Then we do need to think about having most of the starters under 30 and an impact bench of over 30s. There’s a power in having no weaknesses in straight up pace and stamina for the first 3/4s of the game.

  18. Peculiar that Kyle Coney who was Mom in the minor final that Aiden played in never made it with Tyrone
    Best wishes to Aido

  19. Spotlight – Aidan did play in that 2017 game against Sligo but he didn’t start that match. That Mayo News report says he made 58 consecutive appearances for us in the Championship which would include coming on as a sub.

    Jr – Kyle Coney has played for Tyrone at senior level but has been bedevilled by injury down the years.

  20. Let’s just wait and see what a scan reveals before we all get worked up.
    If it’s knee it coukd vary from any number of things from simple sprain (2 week job) to minor ligament damage (4-6 weeks ish) to the dreaded ACL (season ender). Let’s wait and see

    In general I worry about an absolute avalanche of injuries for all teams this season, with the sudden starter pistol to the season

  21. @jr Kyle coney was an interesting case alright, one of the greatest underage players I ever seen.
    I hadn’t been as excited about a youngster til Clifford rocked up

    Thought we were looking at a generational talent but it never happened for him at senior level. Just goes to show people should never get carried away over prodigious underage talent like that

  22. Kyle was indeed beset with injuries. Also he was unfortunate to be playing on a Tyrone system. Could have would have done better in a more football oriented team than Tyrone I believe.

  23. Mayo without O Shea might be a good thing. He is a powerful man and strikes fear in most teams, but he slows the game down and spends a lot of time taking free kicks and line balls ,which he is very poor at. Hasn’t got the pace for midfield anymore and wont stay at full forward when picked there, maybe his own decision or Management , I don’t know.. However bringing him on at Full Forward for last 20 minutes would strike fear in any team, as Mayo would know from Donaghy coming on against them in games. A fast moving Mayo team with quick transfer of ball is the way forward. Let the likes of Mullen and Conroy and D O Connor be the future of Mayo Football.

  24. Culmore, there’s no indication in that Mayo News report that Boyler or Jason Doc were at the session. It just mentions them and their injuries.

    As for Aido, his lay offs were like lightning last year if I remember correctly.

  25. Part of Aidan taking frees and sidelines is about him coming onto the ball with two passes again unmarked.

  26. To clarify above, the freetaker is not marked for a few passes after a free is taken or sideline.

  27. Mayomagic we don’t know how serious the injury is yet to Aiden so we have to be optimistic

  28. Culmore if you think Mayo without AOS could be a good thing you must me a dub or galway man etc who has relocated to Mayo

  29. Bad News . Hopefully the injury is not as bad as was first thought & You Will Recover Quickly Big Fellow. Aidan is a great Player & a real Gentleman off the Field .

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