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I’m away from base on a work thing at the minute – though not far enough away to avoid the storm – but it’s worth giving a quick mention (and it’ll have to be just a quick one) to Aidan O’Shea’s interview, which has got plenty of coverage in the media. It’s not surprising that this generated as many column inches as it did, as Aidan talked not only about how last year panned out and his hopes for this year but he also gave his views on the increasingly thorny issue of concussion, an injury he has unfortunately plenty of experience of over the last few years.

If you haven’t seen any of the coverage yet, it’s definitely worth a look. The interview is covered in the Irish Times, Irish Independent, Irish Examiner, RTÉ and the GAA website, which also includes a video piece with him.

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  1. It’s interesting to hear Aidan’s take on it. We could point to lots of reasons why we didn’t win an all ireland including, bad luck, poor refereeing, failure to convert chances and so on. However, one common thread in all our failures was the concession of goals from the high ball into the ff line. It can happen to any team now and again but it seems to happen to us regularly. This issue has been debated here regularly and I’m not sure another go at it will throw any more light on the subject. But it certainly needs fixing or we will be targeted again!

  2. Once the senior panel is pared down for the league, I’m sure the management team will begin working on their strategy to tighten up on the defense as well as looking at other aspects of our style of play in recent years. While his comments on concussion are thought provoking and bring awareness to a very important issue, I’m not so sure that its wise for Aidan to be publicly commenting on our focus areas as a team in 2015 as I’d rather see him and the rest of the panel steadily develop a stronger defensive system on the football field over the coming months as opposed to in the media ether..

  3. In fairness 45, it’s nothing we didn’t already know … though it does sometimes feel like we’re an open book.
    And Cait, Aidan has done plenty of his talking on the pitch to date. I have no doubt he’ll continue to do so.

  4. I was a bit disappointed alright when I heard some of the comments, you just feel that like sometimes on the field, as well as off the field, we lack that bit of cuteness. I think that sometimes we are too honest in Mayo, Aidan just answered all of the questions asked truthfully. You’d reckon if a Kerry man was being interviewed he’d stick to the usual mantra, talk up the Dubs etc. and play down their own chances. Do not give anything away, stay under the radar, it seems to work for them. I remember Ger Power being interviewed once and he said that before an All-Ireland final when he was asked to do an interview, he’d say, (Ah just put me down for whatever I said last year). I thought his comment about the Dubs in the 2013 final (We played them off the pitch for the first 25 minutes) was not really the best thing to say. There was just no need to say it, I don’t see how saying that helps our cause in the future but sur what can you do. Say it in the dressing room to his own players but no else needs to hear that.

  5. Mayo won’t change their style that much. Just a bit more dominance at full back. Possibly a sticking taller centre back. Maybe subbing both wing backs to add energy n closing down speed. More speed in full forward line. Few small changes make us easily 2 or 3 points better than last year. I still think AOS is needed roaming around forward line to break through defences n win frees.

  6. 2012,2013 Mayo were as solid as any team around even the forwards were excellent in the turnover

  7. 2012,2013 Mayo were as solid in defence as any team around even the forwards were excellent in the turnovers however last year for whatever reason a huge amount of goals were conceded which can’t be allowed or repeated this year.

  8. AOS in the media a bit too much for me too. I don’t like hearing players this time of year. Good luck to the lad, he was obviously contacted for the interview and all that but I would still rather very little comment from the Mayo team.

    Aside anyone hear anything on delivery of Cairdre tickets (decided to renew after Christmas despite my protest a few months ago) and delivery/pick up of Jackets and the must awaited umbrella and beanie hat 😉 ?

  9. Steve, you won’t regret your decision on that ticket. A good year in store and this group of lads deserve your support.

  10. It does not matter one bit what anyone says off the field , it’s what they do on the field that counts, and aos has proved over the last few years he has got what it takes. So whatever happens it won’t be anything he said in a interview that makes the difference in a match

  11. Pj – they have my full support Cairdre ticket or not. Hotel booked for Killarney and can’t wait.

  12. Good man Steve, as someone said a few weeks ago, its a “sickness” with us Mayo headers!! 🙂 I’d Killarney (Tralee actually, fixture changed) last October!

  13. A new year. A new dawn. Let’s do our talking on the pitch. No medals given out for good and honest interviews. Too much media exposure on our part is good for (a) our oppositions and (b) the media. Let’s wise up.

  14. Very richly deserved. For me the watershed moment was v cork in 2011. We announced our presence as a serious team that day after quite a few tears of mediocrity and maintained it ever since. That was one of the most important games in modern mayo football history, and signified the new change of mindset everyone has spoken about.

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