Alan Freeman our MOTM from yesterday

Alan Freeman

Photo: Mayo Mick

The votes are in and counted and it was an easy one to tot up too as Alan Freeman garnered a resounding 65% share of all votes cast (192 in total) and so he’s the clear winner of the MOTM award from yesterday’s game. Congrats to the Aghamore man on winning this prestigious gong and congrats too to Lee Keegan for a second podium finish (with 16% of the vote) as well as to Jason Doherty who also secures an honourable mention on this occasion by attracting 7% of the poll.

12 thoughts on “Alan Freeman our MOTM from yesterday

  1. Excellent performance by freezer. Well done…He earned it! Now, he’s gotta push on and nail that spot down for the year.

  2. Well done Alan Freeman and congrats to you too. I hope that this award does not turn into the kiss of death award, remember Adam Gallagher won the award after the last match and look what happened to him in the Kerry game! Its like in the Premier League, you find that the Manager who wins the Manager of the Month Award usually goes on to have a few bad results the following month! All joking aside, I think that he showed great leadership qualities in the final quarter of the game, fair play to him. Also at this stage I think that we should try to leave the 2012 and 2013 finals in the past. IMO Donegal were the best team in Ireland in 2012, they beat Tyrone, Kerry, Cork and Mayo to win the All-Ireland. While the best team we beat was Dublin. That year they had 8 players selected as All-Stars. Also again in 2013 IMO, Dublin were the best team in Ireland. They only lost one game in the League or the Championship. They won 6 All-Stars awards. We won 4 All-Star awards both years. You’d hope that this year we’d like to maybe have at least 6 players who are considered the best players in their positions. If we do this, then we would be in with a great chance of winning some major silverware. The two finals were games we could have won but not should have won, hopefully this year will be different!

  3. Sure we’re still talking about ’96, Hope Springs Eternal – fat chance of leaving these two aside any time soon – unless we do the biz this year of course 😉

  4. Yeah Mayo McHale, that’s the story of Mayo football I suppose, coulda, shoulda !

  5. Yeah Anne-Marie, sur if that ball hadn’t hopped over the ball in 1996, we’d have won about ten All-Irelands by now, we’d have had at least one five-in-a-row in there too !

  6. I meant to add this to the above post as well, both Donegal and Dublin were very lucky in terms of the injury free runs that they had in 2012 and 2013, you’d hope that this year we will have the same luck on the injury front. As in both years we lost key men to injuries. You’d think with a fully fit squad this year, that would be a major help.

  7. This poll seems to be working, as Freeman,Keegan and Doherty were the best last Sunday, good to see such a true reflection.

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