Alan’s the man + challenge against Antrim

James Horan announced yesterday that Alan Dillon will captain the team for this year’s championship campaign.  Both Alan and Andy Moran took turns in the role over the course of the seven league matches and it was always going to be one or the other of them that would get the armband for the summer.  Both had valid claims to the position and it’s not hard to see why James said that “it was a hard call to make”.  Best of luck, Alan – here’s hoping you’ll have some silverware to hoist in your new role.

The last Mayo captain to do any such hoisting is also, according to JH, not out of the running for a place in this year’s championship squad.  In that Mayo News report linked above, James clarifies that Trevor Mortimer has not as yet been deemed surplus to requirements for the summer and that, along with “a few other players”, he’ll be assessed over the next few weeks.  I still think it’d be a bit of a surprise if he made the cut at this stage.

With the days stretching, the temperatures rising and the whitethorn coming into bloom, this can only mean one thing:  yes folks, the Challenge Match season is once again upon us.  First up is a meeting with Antrim at Gilmartin Park, Kiltimagh, at 2.30 pm on May 1st.

Good to see Paddy Mac bringing home the bacon – after all, what’s the point in being king if you can’t shower some munificence on your locality?  It’s nice to see inter-county action returning to the Kiltimagh venue, which I have a bit of a soft spot for seeing as it’s one of the very few grounds in the county where I once got to display my less than silken footballing skills.

Ballintubber is the next venue slated for a challenge match (there’s a pattern here, isn’t there?) with Offaly the possible opponents on Saturday, 14th May.  There’ll be others too, no doubt, over the next few weeks.

16 thoughts on “Alan’s the man + challenge against Antrim

  1. Progress at last. The last few years many challenge games were played with a zeal the Fatima Secrets would have been proud of. Games v Laois and Offaly or was it Westmeath were played on a need to know basis.
    I like my captains back the field, driving from the rear. We know know that Dillon, Moran, Doherty and Freeman will be four of the forwards. Squeeze in from the following McLoughlin, O Shea, Campbell or Trevor for the other two spots. No free taker amid them.

  2. Im not sure what you mean by a pattern Willie Joe (no offence taken) but the Mayo challenge game in Ballintubber is to mark the official opening of Ballintubber Resource & Community Grounds on May 14th. I think it might be Mayo’s last run out before the opening Connacht Championship game against London in Ruslip on May 29th.

  3. Dont apologise Willie Joe thought it was a fair assumption Kiltimagh and Ballintubber. Both clubs have great facilities and deserve to be supported. Though have to say that Hohn O mahony’s love affir with Shrule players is now being foloowe bg James Horan’s affiars with Ballintubber players. Cillian O Connor being a case in point far too young to be on a Mayo senior squad, needs to go through under 21 first. Remember the last minor to be brought into the senior squad at 18 one Shane Nally from garrymore. Where he is now as regards the senior squad. Do we ever learn in this county?

  4. There definitely is a pattern WJ. First a Ballintubber manager. Then a load of them in the league squad, now a Ballintubber captain. A handy challenge in Ballintubber. Wait until you see, John Feeney will be centre-half back against Galway.

  5. So county champs by mere fluke………..give Jamsie some credit.Hard work and commitment by a lot of determined people brought the Moclair cup Abbeyside, and any of the trialists deserved their run ..but fair play to ya MayoMan you’re makin sure the old Begrudgery Flag will never gather cobwebs!Give it a rest good ladeen

  6. Oh Gawd, what have I started now? Joke – it was a joke, an early morning one but still a joke. And I’m pretty sure MayoMan’s comment was very much of the tongue-in-cheek variety as well …

  7. Cora will be corner-forward too. Wait and see. And Elverys will be ran out of McHale Park and Corrigan’s Store will be the new sponsors. Might as well change our county colours to red and white too.

  8. Its good to see the challenge matches moving around the county there are a lot of really good clubs that have great facilities.They deserve a chance to host a game.Alan Dillon is a good choice for captain, although I would have chosen Andy Moran.Hard to argue with either.

  9. Cillian O Connor has much more talent than Nally.He will be a star and im no fan of Ballintubber!

  10. the queen and obama are havn reception in the Centre and Willie ‘n Kate are exchangin vows in t’Abbey!!!!

  11. Aidan O’Shea played championship in New York a month before his 19th birthday and a month before his Leaving Cert.

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