All-Ireland final preview – Mayo News Football Podcast 2022 E29

On this week’s show, there is only one football match to talk about – Sunday’s All-Ireland football final between Galway and Kerry.

Host Rob Murphy is joined by Colin Sheridan of the Mayo News and Irish Examiner along with long-standing friend of the podcast and former Galway footballer Barry Cullinane.

In the show the panel dissect the final with a particular focus on what Galway will have to do to upset the odds and bring Sam west of the Shannon for the first time in 21 years.

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86 thoughts on “All-Ireland final preview – Mayo News Football Podcast 2022 E29

  1. I’ll be supporting Galway. I live there and could have to suck up a fair bit of slagging if they do it. Firstly I have a policy of supporting Connaught teams when it’s not us.
    I think a Galway win is also a better outcome for us. We’re always capable of beating them in Connaught and Kerry could be a team for the ages if they win. I remember supporting the Dubs in 2011 over Kerry. That didn’t turn out well for the other 31+ counties. I don’t like Jacks style but have to begrudgingly say he’s been successful before. Anything that put a stop to that lad’s gallop I’m all for. If I were to go by managers Jack is proven and PJ isn’t. PJ has made good strides and boosted his back room team so the basis is there but I fear a Kerry Galway dominance where Kerry if they win this year keep on winning, maybe not 6 in a row but plenty. So strategically I also prefer Galway.

  2. The head says Kerry based on how easily the sauntered through the Div 1 league. Like others I think Galway need to be well in the game after 20 or 25. Clifford faded 2nd half v Dubs albeit he probably had lost a fitness edge from his injury. Likewise O Shea had a great start and not so prominent thereafter. Galway are a good 3rd quarter team and if they’re close at half time I’d give them a great chance. If Kerry lead by 3 or more by start of Q4 they will likely pull away. Galway also finished most games poorly and even managed to concede a late goal again to Derry so they could lead late on and still blow it.
    Despite his pace, tricky forwards seem to still be able to get scores on Kelly, Stefan Campbell made one of his look quite easy. So Galway need a sweeper for Clifford. They also need a man marker on David Moran because his distribution is the best Kerry have. It made a big difference when he went off vs Dubs. Paudie Clifford made hay in the 2nd half v Dubs and O Brien also has a lot of pace if he starts (although his decision making is weaker than others on his team) so Galway will need a lot of pace in the half backs and very good backup from midfield and half forwards. At the other end Galway have forwards who can do damage. I’d say pass the ball wherever Morley isn’t because although Kerry rate him, he’s no Cian O Sullivan. Just keep bypassing him.
    Summing it all up Kerry by about 5 but if the game is in the melting pot closer to 50 50 call.

  3. Big words on Sean kelly, have to agree, he’s a phenomenal talent and a great guy

    Frontrunner for FOTY imo if galway get the job done

  4. Galway to win, Kerry havent beaten any full team yet, Cork were short a few, Mayo didnt have Donaghue and Conroy and the Dubs didnt have Con O Callaghan who would have scored a few points at least.

  5. A suggestion on the Ah Ref podcast of ‘talk’ that Paul Galvin might be on the Ray Dempsey ticket. Obviously not confirmed or anything, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s no truth in it. It’s interesting though. I’d love to see Galvin involved. He has always called out long-standing issues with Mayo and I’d like if he was involved to try remedy it.

    In 1936 when Mayo landed Sam they had no manager at all.

  6. Really hope Galway get the job done Sunday. It will be a real kick in the nuts to all involved in the Mayo setup over the last decade. Yes we made big progress but no management had the balls to get rid of the egos in the camp.
    And to that point I hope Dempsey gets the job, he’ll do a clean out of the dead wood. I don’t know will solan do the same. He backed off the job last time as he was told certain players wanted Horan. He should have stood his ground, got the job and get rid of the egos!

  7. Puckout for a team with big egos and dead wood we haven’t been too bad in the last decade And if the reason you want Galway to win is that it will give a kick in the nuts to all those guys who did so much for Mayo football since 2011 then you have strange logic in my opinion. But each to their own. I wouldn’t know enough about Dempsey to know whether he will do as you wish. I know he was involved with some under age Mayo teams but don’t think he tasted All Ireland victories. True he did lead Knockmore to Co titles (a great achievement) but don’t remember them doing too well in Connacht Championship

  8. It doesn’t matter who Mayo appoint as manager.
    People will find fault with the selection.
    People couldn’t wait to get rid of Horan after the Tyrone defeat.The amount of abuse he got was criminal.
    Horan didn’t kick all these wides against Kerry.

    Ray Dempsey done a fine job with Knockmore last year, fair play to the man.
    They may not have won Connaught but Ray did his best with the team that he had.
    I hope Dempsey gets the job.

  9. Agree with that CarraigDubh.. that knockmore side are far from world beaters on paper, to win two county chships in a row with that side is fair going.. yet all people focus on is the failure in Connacht – there’s not one guaranteed mayo starter in that knockmore side. No right to be beating the breaffys, westports and ballintubbers – but Dempsey is getting the best out of his group of players, and that’s all you can ask of anyone…

  10. Great points re Dempsey and Knockmore. It’s true there definitely is no guaranteed Mayo starter on that Knockmore team (not yet anyway. Hopefully this might change with development), so kudos to Dempsey for getting the very very best out of them.

    This means a lot in terms of his ability. They continue to dispatch teams containing far better individual players. I don’t know much about him but that’s a solid starting point.

  11. Puckout,can you mabye leave the barstool commentary to idiots like Jimmy Sloyan.It has no place on this forum in my opinion.

  12. Hello All,

    I will be hoping for a Galway win.

    As regards the new Management I am hoping too. I sure would be happier if JH could stay on for a year in an official or unofficial capacity. If I was pushed would opt to gave Steven Rochford a chance because of his knowledge of the team and the set-up. A new man or woman would have an awful lot to figure out.

    It is not that the panel needs a drastic overhaul just yet, requiring a completely new perspective.

    Have no objections to an outside manager and back-up team, but I am waiting with bated? breath!

    As one who believes in player power, not keen on a a stalinist approach. I kinda sense that a happy camp is the most productive. Lee Keegan must be captain.?

  13. Kerry have named Gavin White but Moynihan out injured and no changes for Galway. Anyone else note the total focus by pundits discussing Galway on Damien, Rob, Cillian, Paul and Sean but Shane hardly getting mentioned. Its all set up for Shane to deliver his best ever in the maroon and white.

  14. I think Jack OConnor wont have forgotten Shane Walsh and he is the only one that matters…..however this is set for Galway….Kerry seem to have themselves back in the hotel with the cup.
    This is far from a forgone conclusion.Galway will be delighted

  15. Puckout hopes Galway win as a “fuck you” to Mayo, and he’s a mayo supporter!
    Liberal Role in the Tie, in 1936 people cycled to matches and had no electricity, so the relevance to today is zero.

  16. On the managerial position, I’ve always thought I’d love to see Rochford back in the job, because I thought he brought us closer than anyone and we played intelligently under him in the big games.
    But I don’t think the time is right for him now. It feels like a fresh face is needed to revitalise things. Not sure Dempsey, for all his qualities, will reignite things. I think it’s needs an outsider, but other than McGuinness or Jim Gavin, I don’t see who’d be better than Rochford or Dempsey.

  17. Puckout You are clueless. Calling some of the the Players who have represented our County ”Dead Wood”
    How dare you. If you had followed Mayo for the last 50 years you would appreciate the quality of the players who have represented our County for the last 10m years.

  18. @Chesneychet one change to the Galway 26. Cathal Sweeney who was suspended for his role in the melee v Armagh is named on the bench in place of Johnny McGrath

  19. While i wouldntncall them dead wood i get what puckout is saying certain players on the team and panel were undroppable under Horan for example you had a player named on the panel for every game of the championship yet he didnt see one minute of game time. You had one or two others that seemed to be guaranteed their place on the team no matter what and how bad they were playing loo. In a way i hope Dempsey and Paul Galvin get the Mayo job two very strong ruthless charachters and Galvin comes from a culture of winning

  20. Galvin didn’t make much of an impression with Wexford before he packed it in. In fairness to him Covid caused issues . It would be a risk but with the dearth of suitable candidates maybe it is a risk worth taking. Was a top class footballer and has medals to prove it.

  21. Glorydays – it’s completely normal for players to be named on the bench and not used. There are 11 lads named on the bench but you only have 5 subs. I’d love to know who you think was undroppable under Horan considering the number of new players he brought through over the 4 years.

  22. Wide ball a couple of half forwards who couldnt score for a start. Sure they had great engines and were great at tracking back but did they trouble the scoreboard? I think not

  23. Who? Conor Loftus was dropped for the Monaghan game, came back in for Kildare and Kerry and scored a point in each. Bryan Walsh and Fionn McDonagh were injured. Fergal Boland did well against Kildare but offered little vs Kerry despite being on early in the 2nd half. I don’t see a brilliant half forward out there not being used.

  24. Will be watching match from behind couch. While have no love for either team, as Mayo man living in Galway, been a long year since we lost to them in Castlebar. And if they do lose on Sunday, I won’t be jumping on their grave. It long road without a turn, as figured this out a long time ago following mayo. But the Galway supporters don’t seem to know how to win with humility, and gracious in defeat

  25. Perhaps Puckout you should learn about respect and gratitude.
    How can you degrade our lads who have and are still representing our County so brilliantly.
    Who have given us the most amazing football games and dedicated so much of their youth and time to it all. And exciting semi’s and finals over the years.
    Will we see our type of exciting Final game on final day Sunday??
    Doubt it!!!!

  26. Some people are comparing Mayo’s final appearances to the upcoming final tomorrow.
    Just because we came close on a few occasions ( 16 and 17 ) doesn’t mean that Galway have no chance in the final.
    It will be interesting to see if the Galway forwards can score enough in tomorrows final to win.
    In 1998 Galway were down by 3 points at halftime and landed some great scores into the Canal End in 2nd half.
    In 2001 it was the 2nd half performance into the Hill16 end that won the final.
    This year they were good in 2nd half v Armagh and also v Derry.

    Maybe Kerry will gamble and try and kill them off early on ( a Jack O Connor trait ) but if doesn’t work than it will be there for Galway in the last 15 minutes, where most games are won or lost.


    If anyone wants to know why I won’t be cheering the roof down hoping for a galway win !
    A couple of days ago there was an incident of vandalism in the village linked to the final.
    I can’t understand this type of mentality. If mayos ever win the AI I will want to be at home. Not travelling to villages in neighbours counties. So forgive me if I’m not decked out in maroon and white tomorrow;)

  28. @Km79..Read the article..Look there will always be some (far too many) who lack the grace or intelligence and would willingly boast of doing such thing as “twisting the knife” in their close Neighbour’s and Rivals given the opportunity. I will still support Galway tomorrow regardless, because I realize that without “Rivals” their will be no game. ..In Connacht where ” Oliver Cromwell” sent so many of our Ancestors, or to Hell, or hopefully to Heaven, because his soldiers murdered so many of the Gaels of Ireland, around that time the line’s now known as ,”County Border’s” were drawn to divide the land of Gaelic Ireland and be stolen by Cromwell’s Officer’s, or the Aristocracy loyal to whatever despot, King or Queen of England it happened to be at that time…The line’s were not just drawn to divide the land up among the Murderous English Titled an entitled Aristocracy, but to divide the “Gael’s” of Ireland. .. There was nothing they feared more than a ‘United People’..At least if you see someone who claims to be a Galway fan, and would boast of “Twisting the Knife” especially in a newspaper.. You can know, that they nothing of the greater meaning of why the GAA was founded in 1884, and very little better the Ears!

  29. True that LeanTimes
    I suppose it’s worse in border villages
    I’ll be happy for the truly loyal supporters and players who have soldiered for so long for them like Paul Conroy. I just won’t admit it out loud in company 😀

    Hope it’s a good game anyways

  30. It takes a lot to win a final, as we know.
    This is one of the things we’ve learned over the years.
    Whoever wins will have earned it, having extra mettle to push over that line.

  31. Its on a day like today that the penny drops about all the great days Mayo players give us win or lose. Hopefully more to come and maybe we make it to a final again soon. Good luck to Galway tomorrow. For one day I will park my dislike and support connacht.

  32. Galway definitely have a real chance, neither Padraig Joyce nor Cian O’Neill are shy retiring types, they will have Galway confident that they can win. Galway will be defensive and will need at least two of the full forward line to shine but if this happens then they can have a right go.

    Kerry will have benefited from the win over Dublin but will not want a tight finish just in case things fall the wrong way for them. I do not particularly like Jack O’Connor but he is a very good manager, hope Galway win as I think that it could delay a potential run of Kerry successes.

  33. Mortified for that lady “twisting the knife”. If Mayo won I would immediately think of my late uncle who saw ye win as a lad in 51. Maybe the border brings out craic initially that turns bitter over time I dont know. Its not appropriate to ethos of GAA. Jesus since 1884 Galway and Mayo have 12 AI between them its not exactly cup overflowing is it.

  34. No other county should wish or support another county to win the All-Ireland, especially when it’s your main rival. All this love being shown for Galway, and it would be good for Connaught etc doesn’t mean a thing to me. Someone on this Blog some time ago (may have been Revellino – please correct me if I’m wrong) told a story about every Mayo final he went to he always seen the same 2 guys from Galway who surprize, surprize had tickets in the arse pockets for the match and were only going so they could enjoy seeing Mayo lose. That’s my experience too over the years of the bad-mindedness that Galway people have towards us with regard to football. Do Mayo people seriously believe that Galway wanted Mayo to win any of the All-Ireland finals we were in because I don’t. Their false hard luck pity on us soon subsides and they revert to type and just can’t wait to get the digs in, about next year, etc when they will win it again before we do, and so on. Anyone that has spent time around the football strongholds in Galway will know what I mean. They may well fluke a win tomorrow playing that dire shawl football, have the luck with them, and of course, if they’re the better team on the day.
    If that does happen then we have no choice but to follow Sir Alex Ferguson’s words “ Our job now is to support the new manager, to keep that Mob down the road quiet, and knock them off their Fooking Perch”.

  35. Chesneychet, that statistic of 12 AIs between Mayo and Galway since 1884 is sobering and interesting, indeed.
    I will support Galway tomorrow.

  36. Yes Swallow its really to hell or to Connacht with Spillane wetting himself at fancy dans or bottlers. Even with Rossies 2 AI Connacht teams have a paltry return. I bought that book there from Mayo bookseller last week for the holidays”will Galway beat Mayo” will make for an interesting read as Im sadly not old enough to have seen the 3 in a row team and know little about the Mayo teams of that era who ive heard were very close to the 3 in a row team.

  37. Yes Chesneychet, we will be all belting out the west’s awake at 3 30 tomorrow. Go and do the business!

  38. @ mayo4ever, the quote is
    “I’d also like to remind you that when we had bad times here the club stood by me, the players stood by me, and your job now is to stand by our new manager. That is important.”
    Pointless comparing rivalry in soccer to that in Gaelic, totally different imo.
    Great to see so many Galway flags, most of them new, from headford to Galway city.
    Every Galway player will have to bring their A game to Croke Park, and if they do, they are in with a real chance. Influence of comer is huge.
    Galway, be glad to get us, but were with you all the way tomorrow…

  39. To be fair to that lady there are a good few Numptys over the Shrule/Kilmaine side also, I’d leave them at it, embarrassing.

    The bit of craic and slagging is mostly good humoured however and I’ve no issue with giving it out or taking it. I remember the 15 or so Shrule lads in Varleys in Headford decked out in Meath jerseys for the 01 final. Most of them went to school in Headford and that’s all it was, a bit of craic. I doubt their shouting for us tomorrow either LOL

  40. Mood in North Mayo today: Be nice to see Galway now win for the West and Connacht, and stop Clifford and the boys winning Sam

    Mood in South Mayo today : Hope Kerry hammer the bastards and we dont see them in a final for another 21 years.

  41. Best wishes to the legendary Kilkenny Hurling Manager, Brian Cody on his surprising retirement from the Inter County Game today. . The most successful and probably longest serving Inter County Manager of all Codes of all time…

  42. I always supported Galway when they came out of Connacht in the past but 2016 changed things for me when they put signs on the poles on the way into castlebar. I don’t mind a bit of slagging but that crossed the line. That Took a bit of planning?

  43. You’re wrong Sam og –
    From North Mayo – Kerry for Sam, Galway for shame

  44. My mood has swung a couple of times on who id prefer win tbh , its shite for Mayo either way though i dont ever get this line, be a great day for the west . Yeah , theyll be swinging from the rafters all over Mayo tomorrow if Galway win sam , who will be ? How does it benefit us ?

    our only concern is getting a new management team in place , fook the AIF . if theres a good womens soccer game on the tv at the same time, ill watch it instead if not ill go for a long walk along Malahide beach , yes i am a bitter man.

  45. “People say going out in a match that ‘we’re prepared to die to win this game’, but that’s a dangerous thing to say. You should never say you’re prepared to die to win. You should always be prepared to kill to win a game. That’s the difference”

    Brian Cody

  46. On a personal level I have some good friends from Galway so for them I would be happy for . But as a Mayo supporter I’d be absolutely fucking sickened if they won . Our biggest rivals in Connaught. All the finals we have been in and not come away with the prize . Don’t you worry the Galway folk (not all of course not all ) will be quick to remind us of their success and our failings if they get the job done tomorrow ?

  47. @ Sean Bourke, it would highten the atmosphere in next years campaign if all ireland champions were in connacht. Yes i agree, putting a management team together is our priority but we can take a day off tomorrow and enjoy the final. Womens soccer??? Your stretching it there. Not bitter, just frustrated that none of our great teams got over the line and the wait continues for another year.

  48. All this bitterness will just eat you up. Why not be mature, and let it go.. Que Sara, Sara.. was our motto in Jarlaths. Think of the children – show good example. After all it’s just a game….

  49. As you said Sean, isn’t it fitting that the Meath gems of ’96 will be honoured tomorrow. Regardless of tomorrow’s outcome, there’s no good in it for us, and our focus should indeed be on getting new management and getting our own house in order.

    That said, I’ll be glued to RTE at 3.30pm tomorrow. Fact. I’ll probably want Galway to win in real-time but no doubt we’ll all have mixed emotions afterwards if they do get the job done.

  50. @Sean, it would be great for the ” West ” if Galway were to win tomorrow, simply because it shows that it is possible, us long time Mayo supporters have maybe given up at this stage, the journey started out in 89 when we were teenagers, now over the half Century and all the big day defeats, it seems that we are not destined to have our day in the Sun.

    Can the Galway swagger come good tomorrow?
    Remember Kerry were very shaky when Dublin started to make a comeback in the semi.
    Galway goalie also shaky in a few games so far.

    They have that few things that can swing the game late on.

  51. I am at the horns of a dilemna wondering who to shout for tomorrow. At the end of the day i will shout for and hope GALWAY win the final. I think if KERRY win it they could dominate for a few years and could beat MAYO in finals in the coming years so the best result is a GALWAY win.
    ON mayo’s next manager we should go for a new manager and not go back for Rochford. We went back and gave two terms to JOHN O MAHONEY, JOHN MAUGHAUN ,PAT HOLMES and JAMES HORAN and it all ended in disappointment. STEPHEN ROCHFORD should have won two all-irelands in 2016 and 2017 but narrowly failed on both occasions so hopefully the mayo county board stop this nonsense and go with a new managers.The players are defnitly in mayo to win the sam maguire cup soon.

  52. Our record is really terrible when you look at the Roll of honour, 3 All Irelands for a County that Gaelic football is by far the most participated sport, while Galway have 9, its embarrasing to say the very least, feels slightly cringy to call ourselves a big football county with this very embarrassing statistic, Christ it must have been depressing to be a Mayo supporter from 1956 to 1984 we only won 3 Connacht titles 1967,1969 and 1981 in that period. Just 3 titles in 28 years out of a 5 County Province.Was emigration the main factor in this period or just very bad organistion from County Boards at the time?

  53. Have we even began looking at candidates for the Mayo top job yet?
    Have we a committee put together t;o seek out candidates yet?
    If so who is on the committee?
    I haven’t heard a peep about any of it yet, but maybe we won’t get to hear anything.
    I hope we go with a Mayo person but with outside experience on backroom team.

  54. Claremorris done well beat knockmore by 3 points in knockmore, any other results, players that stood out in league games

  55. Please please Mayo supporters get behind Galway Tmw on the Galway Panel is a young lad from Salthill called Cathal Sweeney his Grandfather was a Native of Knock and a Mayo Gaa Legend called John Morley Rip
    So I get there is a few morans giving a bit of a slagging but for god sake are ye going to be shouting for pateen spillanes gang instead of your neighbours and many of ye have relatives in the town of the tribes.
    Still haven’t a ticket going up to Quinn’s in hope

  56. Think the backroom team that Dempsey, Solan and Rochford have with them will and should be the deciding factor of them getting the job.
    Can they land a big name Number 2 like Donie Buckley, Jason Sherlock, Aidan O’Rourke,Mickey Moran, or Enda McGinley?
    Another name worth going after would be Mark Ingle ,Paddy Andrews mentioned on a podcast that he was the man that turned the Dubs from a good team into a Great team.Hes a basketball coach in DCU.
    If we are serious about winning Sam we have to go for these someone of these names, Paddy Tally and Cian O’Neill both in final tomorrow in there 1st year coaching Galway and Kerry.

  57. Reading this blog reminds me there is a small minority of very bitter Mayo supporters. All the best to Galway tomorrow. Up the West. Kerry bate a depleted Mayo and Dublin. Let’s see how they fare against a full strength Galway 5 to 15.

  58. Gerry lads in Galway are saying the Hideout on North Circular Road down from big tree to get a ticket. Good Luck

  59. And theres no bitter fans in Galway, the snapchat stories of Galway fans celebrating Dublin beating Mayo in 2017 in Ballygar and Barnaderg.If anything theres more hatred for Mayo by Galway supporters particulrly in North you think Kerry would shout for Cork in an All Ireland final?? Do it for Munster and the South , no wonder we win nothing wishing our neighbours and arch rivals to win Sam after us fucking up last year.

  60. Thats it Sam og exactly. We’ve had our chances and couldn’t do it, particularly against a very beatable Tyrone team last year. No one else to blame except ourselves. There is a serious arrogance in the Kerry management and players which could do with a good trimming.

  61. Some interesting results in the league tonight. Louisburg drawing with Ballina, Claremorris beating Knockmore, Ballinrobe with a win vs Breaffy. Mayo Gaels losing tonight but having a good campaign, Aghamore also losing but with one game to go are top of the table.
    From a county perspective that gives hope that there are some players in these clubs that are worth looking at. There is very few squad members from all these clubs at the moment so hopefully there are one or two. In addition Castlebar are coming along nicely – big win vs Westport tonight. Was Paddy there only player on Mayo panel for championship this year

  62. Williamston Gerry, isn’t Johnny Heaneys dad from Hollymount as well I think?
    I lived in Galway for years and got the slagging as well but for me I hope they win it. It could be a tough day for them especially if Kerry hit the ground running but I really do wish Galway well.
    Shane Walsh is a class player and I hope tomorrow he shows his class on the biggest day of them all.
    We will be back again ourselves next year and hungrier than ever!!

  63. Personnally I dont really care either way who wins tomorrow. Respect for Galway if they can do it being underdogs. Looking forward to a good game but sad to think this is the last of intercounty action for months and months.
    its so weird an All Ireland final in July.

    With all this spare time maybe they can bring back Railway Cup competition. Market proper they would be a desire for it.

  64. Yes pull hard there is a connection and young finnerty.
    I heard the captain of the Galway minors dad passed away a few days ago .he was at the Hyde that night.that put it in real world

  65. Only discovered that Cathal Sweeney , a sub on the Galway team today, is a grandson of the late great John Morley

  66. Best me to it Williamstown Gerry! All the best today

    Williamstown – now there’s a proud footballing area!

  67. Looking forward – Rory Byrne and Donnacha McHugh were also on the Mayo panel for championship.

  68. Would Kerry people shout for Cork, would Derry people shout for Tyrone, would Cork people shout for Kerry?
    The answer is No! Mayo people trying to be too nice as usual. it’s beyond time we showed some ruthlessness!
    Shout for Galway if you want, but don’t try to say other people are bitter if they choose not to.

  69. Interesting statistic: over the past 20 years (starting with ’02) Kerry have won 5 All Irelands and lost 6. They’ve nearly lost as much as Mayo who’ve lost 8 in that period.

  70. Kerry’s Twos Hoodoo
    Whilst Kerry have won 15 All Irelands in the past 50 years, none have been won in a year ending in 2. Indeed some of the most memorable games have been shock Kerry defeats in those years.
    1972-beaten by Offaly in the All Ireland Final
    1982-beaten again by Offaly in the 5 in a row attempt
    1992-shocked by Clare in the Munster Final
    2002-beaten by Armagh in the All Ireland Final
    2012-beaten by Cork in the Munster Final
    2022-will the hoodoo continue or will it end

  71. @Williamstown Gerry, I am hearing that there will be tickets floating around today before the game, some are saying it’s not sold out, I’m tempted to go myself, great Sunny and windy day here in Dublin it could get the game of the year.

  72. Delighted for you, Williamstown Gerry! Good on you. Now go enjoy that game.
    Although I’m not mad shouting for either side, I will be supporting Galway. I also hope Shane Walsh has a chance to shine today.

  73. Come on down Mayo88
    I have a big rain jacket leaving baile Liam but it’s nice going through dunboyne 3 bits of bashes on the motorway around apple green

  74. Some posters definitely coming across as bitter and immature. I’m hoping the Connacht team wins and it has nothing to do with “trying to be too nice” wherever that notion is coming from. I’d also like to see Clifford win a few AI medals, just not today or whenever we come up against them which will be in the not-so-distant future.

  75. 2014 was a watershed for me. Since then I’ve developed a bitter hate for Kerry football. That saga trumps any nasty comments our Galway neighbours might say about us. I can get over the Galway comments. Up Galway today. They’re more friend than foe.

  76. Each to their own of course . But it’s things like “I’d like to see Clifford win a few all Irelands “ that’s definitely in the too nice category. How about I want Cillian to win all Ireland medals instead , I honestly couldn’t care less about what Clifford wins or doesn’t win . That’s not bitter , it’s a competitive sport fgs . GAA people can be awfully dishonest about their well wishes and what have ya

  77. Not too many in the country would begrudge Clifford,Walsh etc an all ireland.was avoiding all talk of this final till a couple of days ago but hard not get sucked in.wouldnt mind to see Galway do it,can’t bring myself to have any such feeling about Kerry doing so,as one poster said,2014 is still fresh in memory.

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