All-Ireland final review – Mayo News Football Podcast 2022 E30

The Championship is over for this year and the Sam Maguire is back in the Kingdom. Kerry were deserving winners of last Sunday’s All-Ireland final, in which Galway put it up to them impressively in the first half before Jack O’Connor’s team came back strongly after the break to win by four points.

In this episode of the Mayo News Football Podcast Rob Murphy is joined once again by Barry Cullinane and by Billy Joe Padden to review Sunday’s decider. As he looks back on Sunday’s game, Barry provides an All-Ireland final perspective that Mayo supporters know so well, combining as it does hope, pride and disappointment. 

The lads review the final in detail, focusing on what went right for Galway, especially in that opening half, why certain players didn’t fire well on the day and how Kerry got on top in the contest during the final quarter.

In the clubhouse section of the podcast, available exclusively to our club members on Patreon, the panel looks ahead to next year and ponders how the Connacht Championship might play out. 

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5 thoughts on “All-Ireland final review – Mayo News Football Podcast 2022 E30

    Credit must go to PJ , so good with his communication to the Galway public. If Horan did one thing wrong this year
    it was his very poor communication with the public. Galway are not faraway , if PJ can find a few more squad players and mend ties with a few players like Ian Burke, Adrian Varley and Michael Daly they will not be far away, Galway club football is very strong at present in comparison to Mayo ,Mountbellew ,Moycullen, Corofin and Salthill are all better teams than the best club in Mayo Knockmore at present.

  2. He’s a great communicator alright. Full of confidence in a likeable way. His interviews are more natural than 99% of the other intercounty managers.

  3. Yes – I have great time for Joyce, took the job (a fairly un-glamourous role at the time) for all the right reasons, and has been willing to try new things and learn from others as much as possible since. Certainly not afraid to acknowledge any deficiencies he has or delegate to others. Even as a player he shunned the limelight and was always the ultimate club-man, even when he was one of the top superstars in the country

    While I think he went OTT with some of his comments about the controversial free on Sunday, I believe his heart is generally in the right place, he’s an honest hard-working family man – and a proud, passionate Barnaderg and Galway man – who wears his heart on his sleeve, and is not afraid to shoot from the hip.. I find his attitude in interviews refreshing in this overly PC era we find ourselves living in.. he’s certainly no PR robot like 90+% of players and managers in the modern game

  4. Kevin McStay name in the hat ..
    Super backroom team …
    Sign him up … my preferred candidate by a long shot with that backroom team

  5. Yep. McStay with Roch & Co. Easy decision in my opinion. But whoever takes over the Mayo team has a lot of work to do.

    Agree with above posts. Joyce and Galway are buzzing at moment. Living in G City, everyone is really happy now where G football is at. Clubs in great nick. Minor all ireland champs, won the u20 2 years ago and several other undertage teams got to finals. Real feeling in Galway that the big one will be won in next 2 to 3 years.

    Mayo needs to get its act together. Someone commented recently, we’ve not had an impressive, comprehensive 70 minute display in senior championship since beat d’gal in 2019.

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