All-Ireland group stage draw on at 3pm today

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Just a quick reminder that the All-Ireland SFC group stage draw takes place at 3pm today. The draw will be streamed live on the GAA Now channel (here) with the groups for both the Sam Maguire and Tailteann Cups being picked.

Details of the seedings for both competitions are here.

Depending on how Sunday’s Connacht final goes we’ll either be a first or second seed in the group stage and once this afternoon’s draw is made we’ll know what our group will look like under both scenarios.

30 thoughts on “All-Ireland group stage draw on at 3pm today

  1. It’s madness having the draw before the prov finals. Could completely change how teams/management approach this Sunday based on the favourability of a draw they get, especially if you have the situation where prov runner up has more favourable group then prov winner, then its back to playing silly beggars again

  2. A potential group of Armagh, Derry and Cavan for the winners might change plans slightly..

  3. You’re right, Supermac. Galway were in that very position last year – knowing that if they won Connacht they’d be in a tougher group than if they lost. They still won but what happened them afterwards could well have ramifications for Sunday, depending how the draw goes today.

  4. In other news, the crammed timeline and load seems to be taking a toll on players, in the past few days Padraig McGrogan (derry), paddy lynch (cavan) and Barry o’hagan (down) all with acl injuries ruling them out for a year.
    It’s another reason why it’s imperative to top the group, the load is too much to be going week on week

  5. Win on Sunday and there is a 66% chance we will play Derry or Tyrone at home in game 1 of the group phase. Defeat on Sunday and there is a 66% chance we play Dublin or Kerry in game 3 of the group phase at a neutral venue….I think!!!

  6. @richardmgd: It’d be 50% chance of Tyrone or Derry and 50% of Roscommon or Monaghan as 1st seeds. Provincial ties other than finals aren’t excluded from the group stages, so can easily see Mayo/Roscommon or Donegal/Derry matched up again.

    Spot on for the implications of 2nd seed (home to 4th, away to 3rd & then neutral with 1st seeds in the final round). We can’t draw Galway as 1sts so 66% of Dublin/Kerry with the other 33% on Donegal/Armagh (which isn’t exactly a soft draw either).

  7. We shouldn’t have any fear what group we are in. Let’s win on Sunday regardless of where it puts us. Connacht Champions still stands for something.
    1st v 2nd at neutral venue is important to us given our record in castlebar.

  8. As i posted on another thread it’s the timing of the 1st group game that is the problem. If they wait until after the provincial finals to make the draw the connacht and munster teams would only have 6 or 7 days notice of their group and then try organise everything in that time line would be even more crazy than the present situation. Regarding the game Sunday I’m going for a mayo win.

  9. @rock.if they make the draw on Monday leinster and ulster would be in the same position as we are this week.

  10. If draw was left till the Monday after all finals were played, some teams might have only five days to plan an away game that might involve an overnight stay, try booking a Hotel for a party of about 50 at five days notice.

  11. I hope we don’t have folks on here after 3 saying we’d be better of losing on Sunday ! always want to come out on top against the neighbours lets keep that mindset and whatever the draw brings it brings. Remember last years looked ok on paper so underestimate nothing in our path that should be the mantra

  12. Having the draws today gives the 3rd and 4th seeded teams a clear advantage as they can plan out the next 6 weeks and start preparing and analysing opponents or potential opponents immediately. We benefited from this last year with our ambush on Kerry. Realistically if the draw were to take place after the Leinster and Ulster finals we might have only 6 days to prepare for our first group game against a Derry or Tyrone. I am happy enough to get it out of the way today. Its not ideal but that’s the trade off with the condensed spring championship format.

  13. Agreed Darky

    Winning on Sunday is huge and should remain a top priority, would do serious damage to galway and Joyce and bring about silverware too. Far too long since connacht was won.
    It’s a poor mentality if you are subconsciously indifferent to losing if it meant an easier route.

    Fear no one and take on all comers (including Damien :-p)

  14. And so, the shadow boxing shall continue. Damned if they do or don’t, l know, but the powers that be need to look long and hard at themselves.

  15. Just watch. Dublin to end up in a soft group again.

    It will be Dublin, Clare, Roscommon, Westmeath. Guaranteed. They are like man city, they never seem to get a tough draw

  16. Still have a stand ticket for sale
    Will sell for 30 euro or nearest offer (face value 35)
    Sold out stand

  17. Ha I wouldn’t go that far Mark Dempsey but they do tend to be quite lucky in these things

    “Money begets money” as they say

  18. It’s so predictable so if we loose we are in a group with dubs, rossies if we win we are in a group with ulster runner ups and derry and westmeath…

  19. I think you could argue that group two is slightly easier. The presence of Derry as third seeds in group one is a big factor.

  20. Am I right thinking if we win it’s Derry at home.
    Lose and we have Dubs in a neutral venue.

  21. Think Kerry will be the only cats purring after that draw. Some dodgy encounters coming up

  22. Some cracking games:
    Win: Derry – home, Westmeath – away, Armagh/Donegal- neutral
    Lose: Cavan – home, Roscommon – away, Dublin – neutral

  23. Obviously, Mayo don’t want to lose but if they do they’ll have an easier group than if they win. First game home to Cavan should be a win, away again to the Rossies (not easy but Mayo should win that too) and the Dublin game would likely be in Tullamore or Portlaoise (great occasion by the way!) and gives them a good chance.

    Whereas, Mayo beat Galway and they have to play a rested and wounded Derry on the tight Castlebar pitch (Derry likely favorites there). Then, away to Westmeath who will relish having a go at Mayo in Mullingar. Finally, neutral venue (likely Longford or Cavan) versus Armagh which would be a dog fight playing a potentially big quarter final match.

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