All momentum with Green reform option

The GAA’s Central Council are due to meet this weekend to consider the two Championship structure reform proposals that were put forward by a working group the association convened in the wake of last year’s Special Congress, which saw the radical Proposal B narrowly fail to gain the required 60% support.

As you may recall from a piece I did on this before Christmas (here), the two proposals under consideration now have been colour-coded. The Red proposal retains the League-as-Championship approach of Proposal B while the Green option would keep the National League and provincial Championships as they are, followed by a round-robin phase to get to the knockout stages of the Sam Maguire and Tailteann Cups.

Ahead of this weekend’s Central Council meeting it appears that all the momentum is now behind the Green proposal. This would guarantee a minimum of four Championship matches for every county – at least one in the provincial Championship followed by three round-robin matches (and more for counties who then progress to the knockout stages of the Sam Maguire and Tailteann Cups).

RTÉ’s Damien Lawlor reported yesterday (here) that Provincial Council heavyweights are lining up to support the steady-as-she-goes Green proposal. That’s not surprising as under this option the provincial Championships would be retained pretty much as they are at present.

What’s somewhat more surprising is that the GPA have today also come out in favour of the Green proposal. They led the charge on the Proposal B option last year so it’s a significant shift in their part to be weighing in behind the less radical Green option this time.

As GPA CEO Tom Parsons explained today (RTÉ report here), when members were asked for their opinion on the reform proposals 70% of inter-county squads expressed support for the Green proposal. The GPA has now written to county boards to let them know this.

In light of these developments, it now appears all but certain that the Green option for Championship reform will be voted through at Congress next month. If this happens, the 2023 football Championship would be played off under the new structure.

20 thoughts on “All momentum with Green reform option

  1. WJ – is that correct that it would be implemented for 2022 championship? I understood that it would come in for 2023

  2. Huge opportunity missed. Felt the proposal put forward by Sean Kelly would have been a great one for the game. That green option is just deck chairs on the titanic stuff.
    Knockout then Round Robin before knockout? Sounds an awful lot like the super 8s.
    Very disappointing.

  3. You are, of course, correct Doc! I’ve just fallen straight into the I’ve-forgotten-what-year-this-is hole. By 2022 I thought I meant next year … I’ll correct it right away.

  4. Round robin was proven by the super 8s to only have decent matches in the third round if both teams were in a win and qualify scenario, it didnt always happen.
    It’s amazing so many highly paid honours maths grads involved in this are overlooking the travesty of regular dead rubbers in a 4 game round Robin.
    Dead rubbers in our championship in the height of summer.
    Microwave a steak there and call it quality.
    Whistling past the graveyard. What a long and boring season that would be.
    League, provincials, Round robin, All Ireland knockout series.

  5. Agree with the posters above, if the green option comes to pass it will probably result in several dead rubbers, much like the Super 8’s did.

    A knockout championship has worked well over the past two years (particularly for us, seeing as we got to the final both years) but this will never be retained because of the lack of greenbacks for the GAA.

  6. Im trying to see how the Green Proposal differs in the current format?
    Only difference is some teams that get knocked out at later stages of championship will play in a B Championship ?

  7. I find it strange the GPA jumped ship to the Green proposal. Red was the improved plan B.
    Also the naming gave away which proposal would get backed.

  8. Anyone know how much longer we’re going to be left with the Sos Uisce ? Is it in for the rest of the year ?

  9. Hopefully sos uisce here to stay in my opinion.
    Referee has enough to do without controlling maor uisces running here there and everywhere. Particularly annoying at under age level

  10. Really don’t see the merit of the Green. Provincial finalists straight through to knockouts stages, but could have a situation where all heavy hitters are on one side of the draw in the provinces & thus potentially only one of those teams may make the last 16? Nonsense.

    Does anyone know how the other 8 teams in last 16 are determined via league placings? Is it all division 1 teams plus whatever division 2 teams are next on list, and haven’t qualified via provincial final? As always, GAA making a mountain out of a molehill

    Red Proposal was an improvement on the flaws of Proposal B, and as such I think should have been the one to go forward. Simple & straightforward

  11. @Mayo Focus, I heard it explained Yesterday. It would take me many sentences for me to explain.
    Which is in essence a dead duck straight out the gate?

  12. Missed a trick not getting Paul Galvin involved. He’s joining up with Kildare. Very good tactically

  13. Moose79 . Maybe PG is good tactically hard to know given his lack of top level coaching experience.
    But the unnecessary media attention he would bring would surely outweight any tactical knowledge.
    We”ll see what will happen in Kildare and the other counties that assembled these box office backroom teams.Lots of egos!

  14. you could have Einstein & Freud in the backroom team but what good would it be if they arent listened too also the fact they are both dead probably woulnt help!

  15. Have the vast majority of GAA players (club players) been forgotten in all this again?

    The first club games in Mayo start on St Patrick’s weekends and are due to finish the Halloween bank holiday! That’s a ridiculously long season.

    You have the situation now where teams are aiming to peak for league and then again for championship. The demands, hours and lifestyle being put on club players is I fear is driving many players away from the game.

    Good piece by Ger Flanagan in the Western People highlighting this.

  16. @reek neither has c mc. Galvin has won all Ireland’s and I remember 10 years ago he questioned mayos tactics of over using attacking half backs saying it crowded out the forwards. We are still doing that. We need a plan B. But as glorydays says he wouldn’t be listened to anyway.

  17. Good on Kildare with bringing in Paul Galvin. I wish we would try something new or have a bit of fresh thinking. Tipperary have announced their panels in both football and hurling, that is what Mayo should be doing. Anyone know any of the new Breaffy management, Im not familiar with the names announced tonight.

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