All quiet on the western front

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I’m in Mayo and the bloody place is deserted. It really does feel as if the whole county is over in London this weekend. I hope you all have tickets for the game.

Back here I’ll have to make do tomorrow with the verdant countryside, the nice warm weather and the match commentary on Midwest. There are, it must be said, far worse ways to spend a Sunday.

There’s not much more to report ahead of tomorrow, to be honest – we’re raging favourites to win, all the papers say we will and I’m surely not alone in expecting us to do the business in Ruislip with quite a bit to spare.

As I won’t be at the match tomorrow there’ll be no post-match audio report but I will have the MOTM poll up pretty soon after the final whistle sounds in Ruislip and I’ll also have a match report, of sorts, a bit later on tomorrow evening.

Wherever you’re planning to be tomorrow and however you’re planning to follow our first championship clash of 2016, have a good one. Up Mayo!

19 thoughts on “All quiet on the western front

  1. Not so quiet on the western front tonight. Well done to Connacht rugby. A taste of what’s to come Hon Mayo the west’s awake

  2. Come on Mayo – lets keep ‘The Wests Awake’ spirit going following Connachts great win today – 2016 will be our year – believe!

  3. Yip over here in oxford arms.Half Mayo here…not all sober either.

    Hon mayo

  4. Look it this is a gaa blog not a rugby blog congrats to Connacht though a series achievement for them hence rugby would be the 4th most popular sport in Ireland and the 3rd in the west!
    Just shows what the underdogs can achieve on and off the pitch and Connacht win today can go down to a small group of fans who fought to keep rugby alive in the west of Ireland and it also a big 2 fingers up to the hob nobs( not the biscuit variety) in the irfu!
    If you truly believe in something and the right structures are put in place anything can happen

  5. And that is also so true Aidan in the reverse…..stale structures end in tears anguish frustration and indifference. What a joy to behold was that victory last night and how instructive as you say!
    Sun is burning away at the fog here this morning as a symbolic gesture to our warriors in London … that they may reap their just rewards today and scortch a trail to the outstretched arms of Sam Maguire next Septembet!

  6. So here we go again. Things so quiet since our unconvincing league campaign but the serious business starts now. Bit concerned about those injuries with Galway coming to visit in 3 weeks. So just get over today with no more knocks and move on. Big shout to Connacht Rugby. What a performance and achievement. Just shows what hard work belief and good management can bring.

  7. Feels like summer is here at last and there is a bit of heat to warm the old bones. First run out of the Green and Red in my old stomping ground. Lived in London for 7 years but never made it to Ruislip. Mayo will win and the margin does not really matter. Seems to be some concern over injuries but I would see it more as resting some players and giving others a run out. Rocheford probably wants to play cards close to chest in the run up to the Galway game. I live in Galway and there is hardly a mention of the football from anyone. Galway will have learned a lot from last year in Pearse stadium so should have a better plan for McHale Park. Congrats to Connacht on a fantastic win playing rugby as it should be played. A great example of what belief can achieve against all the odds. Will be tuning in to Midwest so hopefully no slip ups this year.

  8. Anybody seen an owl biscuit tin anywhere in a drinking establishment this weekend yet?

    I have not seen one myself yet. Very disappointing.

    We seem to have a lot of hamstring problems. It was imperative that we kept Cillian and Diarmuid fit this summer and i see one of them is already gone before the first match.

    Ah feck it anyway.

  9. Firstly i want to compliment you willie joe on doing great work. Love looking through the comments and making a few myself lol. Another championship underway and the dream begins once more. Who knows this year we might make it.

    Every game to be taken at its merit and Mayo will afford lots of respect to My old home London. Mayo will win. I dont think we should have to many problems. But games are not won on paper. They are won or lost on the field. So lets do the business and head into june preparing for Galway.

    This year i believe we need a stronger bench to call on in the white heat of battle. Last year i felt we were a few impact players short so im hoping this year we will have some new talent coming off the bench. The u21s are a great bunch of guys with a knack of winning. Im trusting rochy to bring in who he feels is ready. Im also delighted to see the 2 Garrymore men in the panel. 2real warriors. Nally accounted himself well during the league. Crowe was injured but i think he is good footballer. 2 very strong guys also. Mayo dont want for power. My god we do have some serious power. Evan Regan is coming along nicely as is harrison. All in all i think were looking towards the stronger panel u need if u have serious aspirations of winning sam.

  10. Good man C2! I can see yerself scoring a few as well.
    The blooming clocks seem to be gone v slow. What time will 3 o’clock be here at all at all?
    Nice little interview with E Regan on the Mayo Now mag. but no mention about goals in London !

  11. Best of luck to the team today. A good, positive performance with few errors and a bench that adds to the game when they are introduced. Keeping the easy goals to zero is important too. Mayo to win.

  12. It’s the calm before the storm on here today. . The important that g is we see evidence of a game plan and that we come through with no new injury worries in what may be a physical encounter. The weeks training camp will also be very important. Hopefully Evan Regan will put up a bit of a score to give him conference for next game.

  13. Best of luck to all the team and management.

    Hopefully we keep a clean sheet and avoid any more injuries. Mayo by 10

  14. Best of luck to Mayo in this year’s championship – let’s hope this is the year. With the next round only 3 weeks away, any changes that Rochford wants to introduce to our style of play should be evident today, with only a bit of fine tuning left to do. One thing I’d love to see is a big improvement in our kick passing. Last year, the dubs were able to shape whatever type of pass was needed: high, low, diagonal, for a teamate to run onto rather than directly at him, etc, while all we were able to do, especially our midfielders, was hoof inaccurate ball in to Aidan, usually resulting in cheaply turning over hard won possession. This is one area we have to work on if we want to be in the shake-up in September. Anyway, hoping for a good overall performance and win today.

    Well done to Connacht yesterday, as mentioned already, they not only won but did it playing the most attractive rugby I’ve seen any Irish team play in a long time.

    Willie Joe enjoy your rothiocht today and if you’re wearing shorts, mind yourself on the creabhars and sceartains.

    Lastly, safe journey there and back to all the Mayo fans.

  15. Hello Inbetweener,

    Yes, i was a little out but the the overall picture was good. Nice to see a few extra getting game time. Also deighted thar Andy Moan and Alan Dillon got a point each to keep them motivated for this year. I don’t know about goal attempts as followed the scores on mayogaa twitter.

    This Management are sending out the right singles, imo.

    C. 2.

    p.s. I could not score a goal to save my life.

  16. Well done Mayo but you wouldnt know what was going on in that game with the density of commentators who were scrambling to throw in their h’apeworth…..continuity was nil! Not pleasant!
    I had them down for a 14 pt win but not 15 wides!
    Much scope for improvement and good work by the newbies !

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