All-Star Andy back in the New Year

What with all the doom and gloom around the Mayo GAA scene at the minute (not to mention the country as a whole with yet another dose of austerity to hit us in the upcoming budget) it’s good to see that there’s some positive news out there as well at the minute.

In this respect, it’s great to learn that Andy Moran, who broke the fibula bone in his left leg while training for the International Rules series back in September, is well on his way to recovery and that, according to James Horan, he should be ready for action again towards the end of January. He should certainly be okay for our opening NFL match away to Laois at the start of February.

By the way, in case you haven’t yet seen it, that report above also contains a link to an absolutely hilarious out-take clip on YouTube involving Andy that was doing the rounds a few weeks back. Just the job for a dull Friday afternoon.

11 thoughts on “All-Star Andy back in the New Year

  1. Are you sure that’s not Buzz from Hardy Bucks? if the football does not work out for Moran, he will get a part with those boys.

    I see where Martin Breheny was giving out stink about Leitrim getting a handy draw in Connacht thus facilitating their run to the All Ireland series. What next, will he attack Limerick and Clare because they only have to beat Cork and Kerry to reach the last 12.

    My son said I should clean my glasses. he doesn’t think Breheny was talking about Leitrim. Now I wonder who was Breheny having a kick at then?

  2. In relation to Breheny did he say anything that wasnt true? We have a handy draw next year. From our viewpoint its grand, but put yourself in the position of someone supporting a county in Ulster or especially Leinster. The fact that the current situation suits Kerry and Cork as well as us does not make it right.

  3. Personally I have no problem with Breheny saying what he said. Its a pity he didn’t say it back in 1997 when Kerry won an All Ireland beating Tipp, Clare, Cavan and Mayo. A pity he didn’t say this year when Kerry got to a final beating Tipp, Limerick, losing to Cork, beating Limerick again thus not leaving Munster and finally Mayo.

    Breheny has had a Paulian conversion. This summer according to men who are well paid for their opinions, Mayo were junk bond status. So personally I resent this cheap shot from Breheny on picking us out. We didn’t make the draw. In the interests of fairplay he might have mentioned the plight of Limerick and Clare as well who are wedged between Cork and Kerry. Fair play is applicable to Mayo as well. Tired of being kicked around and us like fcking sheep tip toeing around the intelligentsia.

  4. In relation to Breheny,it isn’t the first time we’ve had to endure his tired journo drivel-sad to think he gets paid for it.

  5. Agreed that Breheny should have mentioned Cork and Kerry. However it doesn’t change the fact that the All Ireland draw is lop sided and makes it easier for Counties like Galway (remember the soft path in 1998), Mayo, Cork and Kerry to make progress to the final.

  6. The only point is this. Martin Breheny has twice in the last month mentioned Mayo as the example of the unfairness of the system. Fair journalism journalism would have mentioned others. To him this seems to be an event that occurred overnight and that Mayo have conspired to get a soft draw. That is insulting Leitrim who did what we failed to do last time out…beat Sligo. Also last time out against them(Leitrim) we scraped a one point win but made an All Ireland final. I say again, we are judged like no other county and we cannot win with the media.

  7. Andy Moran on the way back. That’s good for Mayo.
    Mayo have every chance of coming out of Connacht next year. Nothing is easy but that is the luck of the OPEN draw. It gives everyone a fair chance and it it a great incentive to any WEAK county to up their game if the draw is favourable. Any team not meeting Mayo until the Connacht final should get them motivated to put in an extra effort. The open draw is the best thing that hit GAA. Keep the Provincials Finals but only allow the BACK DOOR within the Provincial setup only. One team should come out of each province into an All Ireland Semi Final

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