All-Stars for Lee and Aidan, YFOTY for Diarmuid

All-Stars Football 2015


The 2015 All-Star bash is currently underway and this year’s All-Star football team was announced a short time ago. For a change, there wasn’t a single surprise in this year’s awards and, as expected, we’ve got two players on the team – Lee Keegan at wing-back and Aidan O’Shea at full-forward.

It’s Lee’s third All-Star award, cementing his place as the best no.5 in the business. Aidan, meanwhile, wins his second All-Star, having picked up his first at midfield in 2013.

Full details on this year’s All-Star team are here.

There were no surprises either in the Player of the Years prizes, where Diarmuid O’Connor picked up the Young Footballer of the Year award. It’s a gong his older brother Cillian won twice and they’ll have to find a bit more room on the mantlepiece in the O’Connor household for the one picked up by Diarmuid tonight.

Congrats to all three lads on their well-deserved awards.

36 thoughts on “All-Stars for Lee and Aidan, YFOTY for Diarmuid

  1. Glad to be 50% wrong on the All Stars. Well done Aido – and Leroy of course.

    Brilliant for Diarmaid too – and I think here Pat & Noel have to get credit for bringing him on over the year.

  2. Richly deserved by all 3. Can’t help but feel we will win a lot more next year after winning Sam

  3. Well done to the three lads on their awards.

    I would of had Philly McMahon as poty . That’s the only one I’d disagree .

  4. Well done to the lads. Lee becomes the second Mayo player after Keith Higgins to win a third award. Its a great achievement for Aidan to win an award in a second position at full-forward. The future is bright with the likes of Diarmuid in our team. Roll on the FBD league!

  5. Philly McMahon not winning the player of the year the only surprise but the GPA couldn’t give it to him with the black cloud surrounding him. Without taking away from Diarmuid O’Connors award the other nominations weren’t the strongest which tells me few young players stood out in this years championship.

  6. Well done to the boys, the OConnors must be very proud to have had 2 ypoty winners in the house. I am thankful they wear our jersey and are as good and driven as they are, the future is bright.

  7. Well done to the lads. Michael Lyster quizzing Diarmuid with the same questions as Cillian in the past…why can’t and can Mayo get over the line…? Answer of course we fucking can. Roll on 2016.

  8. Congrats to Aidan and Lee on a great achievement. Multiple All Star winners the future looks bright. Had we got a bit further this year there were several more Mayo men lining up for the award. To get an nomination for the award is a great achievement, to be presented with the award is magic.. Well done to Diarmuid also. The O’Connor brothers are a credit to their family and their parish. Three YPOY awards in one house in a hallowed corner of Mayo, is enough to lift the drooping human spirits on a damp night in November.

  9. Tony O Connor must be proud of another of his sons getting YPOY award. Well done to Diarmuid also Lee and Aiden.

  10. Well done Aidan, Lee and Diarmuid on their awards lots of people on here saying the future is bright I fully agree with them the last five years has been fantastic it has been a privelege to follow this Mayo team and they’re not finished yet

  11. Delighted for the boys on their awards but can’t hide my joy to the fact that Philly didn’t get POTY. if ever a man didn’t deserve an award for his behaviour in one game in particular it’s Philly! No prob with jack mc well done him!!!

  12. Two all stars was what we deserved and Leeroy and Aiden were the deserving winners, Also well done DOC definitely a deserved reward Cait cant believe you forgot Aido in your congrats.

  13. Well done to all the Mayo lads who won tonight and I am delighted with what we were awarded…I have to be honest I thought all the players deserved the awards….great to see it.

    Kind Regards,
    Martin the Dub

  14. Delighted for the Boys, all well deserved and especially for big Aidan, as I was afraid he might loose out. On the other hand ,am I the only one surprised that Diarmuid Connolly didn’t get an All Star ?

  15. Congrats to our three lads for their awards. Very much deserved.

    It wouldn’t have been amiss for Diarmuid to have been awarded a regular All Star as well.

  16. Its an interesting one that no one from last year’s All-Star team won one this year. I’m sure a few of the Mayo lads like Cillian, Keith and Boyler etc. will be determined to get back up on that stage next year.

  17. Mayo McHale Diarmuid Connolly would have got one if I were handing them out. He is still their main man and one of the biggest obstacles their opponents have to overcome. Without him they would not be the same team. IMO

  18. well done to the Mayo lads, particularly Diarmuid. The O’Connors are an absolute credit to their county and apart from their obvious skill, they appear to have the perfect attitude and temperament to go all the way. Jack McCaffrey reminded us just how good Diarmuid’s displays was against the eventual (and deserving) player of the year.
    On another note, great to see Martin the Dub give his usual gracious comments. So refreshing instead of bashing other counties as happens far too often.

  19. congrats lads, all well deserved

    cant wait for next year, at least 8 all stars as we will be all ireland champions

  20. How grudging can some people be? We had three very talented Mayo players win awards at the All-Stars last night, and yet some on here only saw fit to mention only one player and that was in the context of demeaning his achievement. For feck sake, even Martin the Dub came was on to say well done to the lads.

  21. P durcan is going to be some footballer.plays at a very high tempo good foot passer shooting needs to be improved on but he has some potential!
    Castlebar weren’t great today they can be thankful for 3 ist half goals and kirby shouldn’t have stood as he took about 7/8 steps!
    Hard to see them beating for any new players from castlebar for Mayo I cannot see anyone else than what is already in panel breaking through.they have a lot of players that are very good players but that but short of what required at county level.

  22. Just back home from the Hyde. Castlebar were convincing winners in the end but will have to step up in a big way against Corofin. Clann’s defence was, luckily for Castlebar, as porous as I have seen early on while Tom Cunniffe was outstanding for Castlebar. Too many frees were conceded to Clann and Shine accepted gratefully in the first half with wind advantage.He was not so hot in the second against the wind. The Hyde pitch looked good from the stand but was very soft underfoot. It needs major drainage and probably a lot of subsequent work to bring it up to standard.

  23. It looked after the opening 3mins when 2-0 to 0-0 that Castlebar would run away with it but TBH it less than impressive performance after that from Castlebar and they will know full well a repeat of the 60 mins performance today won’t be good enough to topple Corofin.

    Question marks on two of the Castlebar goals, the first one looked like a quick free inside the 13metre line and Kirby looked to have taken more than allowed steps. With five mins to go Tom Cunniffe was lucky he didn’t concede a penalty with a foot block.

    AndyD i think D Shine scored more points in the 2nd half than first? Castlebar has a better spread of scorers 8 v 4 i think.

  24. Cannot understand why castlebar don’t start Cian Costello he’s a very good need your best players on pitch from start.a time might come when it to late to be bringing him on.

  25. Well done to the Mitchels today back again in a Connacht Final. The result was never in doubt. Costello and Durcan are coming good and are very effective coming in when the game starts to open up. Corofin will be a step up from that I believe but you would never know.

  26. Good to see the 3 guys winning their awards, Lee Keegan now on 3, only 2nd Mayo player to win 3 and in my opinion, had he not been sent off in drawn match last year v Kerry he would now be on 4 as in many people’s eyes he was player of the year up to All Ireland Semi Final last year.

  27. Keegan a genuine pedigree defender and crucial to the future of Mayo football. I’m glad O’Shea picked up an award too as he had a huge impact this season and the matches against Dublin were more about tactical failings than his output.

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