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It’s the day before the final, with that familiar feeling of excitement and nervousness – in my case still more the former than the latter, I’m happy to confirm – really starting to build. We’re awful close to it now.

But it being the day before, it’s a bit like Christmas Eve – a special day in its own right but one in which a whole pile of stuff needs to be sorted or otherwise the day after will be up in a heap. For many of you, that list might even include making the trip to the capital – with, no doubt, planes, trains and automobiles involved there – before the day is out. Sure, you might even makes it to Bowe’s later on and very welcome you’ll be if you do.

Yesterday was a fairly insane one here on the site, with five separate posts appearing (that’s only the second time this has happened in a single day) and hits topping out at 24,212, making it the second busiest day ever in terms of traffic.  Today, for me at least, is one I’ll be spending squarely on the offline side of things, with an U11 match on the agenda shortly and a million and one other things to get done afterwards.

There’s little to be added at this stage about tomorrow’s final. There’s a wad of coverage today in the nationals, I know, but, a bit like that home insurance ad where your man grows the rabbit ears, it’s all descending into incomprehensible yammering at this stage. I did, though, have to laugh at the ‘scoop’ in the Indo about Jim McGuinness supposedly coming on board to provide some advice (I’m not going to bother even sourcing the link to this), an alleged development which I’m reliably informed is 100% incorrect.

Right, that’s me done for the day before. Good luck with your own prep for tomorrow and maybe we might sup one or two together in Bowe’s before the night is out. Throw-in there, by the way, is anytime from nine. They serve ’till one in the morning but I intend to be at home in my leaba by then. Big, big, day for all of us tomorrow. Nearly there now.

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  1. God, Willie Joe, Martin Carney last night on Today FM said McGuinness had been down in Limerick last week and I’d heard it elsewhere before him too.
    Is it really 100% incorrect?
    I’ve actually enjoyed the build up but Christ, the nerves are beginning to kick in now.

  2. Willow Joe; that’s a strange one with mcguiness. angelina from mid west said the same on 2fm Thursday night?

  3. Dam Lawlor on NewsTalk sport complimented SR on his selection of back room team+ MC Guiness’s trip to Limerick!

  4. It’s complete bullshit, Rochford’s Brigade – this was confirmed to me this morning by a very reliable source and I’d heard the same from another good source the other day.

  5. for Mayo to win they must:
    1 to borrow a quote from the ODonovan brothers ,they must run like dogs for 75 minutes.

    2 no frees conceded within 50 metres

    3remember Dublin will not field any long kick outs .they break the ball down and attack
    from there.

    4 if Mayo win the toss play into the Hill in the second half.

    Im a great believer in fate .My first match was 1952 against Roscommon and my first in Croke Park was1955.Please let this be the year.It can happen.

  6. Gonna take a good rest day today as tomorrow is gonna be one hell of a hectic one!

    In 2013 i was sure we’d win (only time ever in a final really) but this year I’ve a different type of confidence. there’s definitely a performance in us and if aido, andy, coc and doc all turn up we have more than enough firepower to cause them some real bother. I trust rochford will have a plan. Moreso than previous managers in previous finals

    I suppose it’s a bit cliched and of the straw clutching school of analysis, but I just can’t feel but feel this is being set up for an ambush.

    Whatever though, I’m just glad to be there. This hope of possibly actually winning the all Ireland is great for the soul And I’m literally buzzing today. And if we lose?.then feck it we’ll be back again for another go in no time

    Haven’t voted in the poll yet but I actually think this could very well be a draw

  7. Well done that Bunch of Claremorris choristers…great clarity! Sinead37 you’ve been nurturing an unknown number of future supporters for the county. Best of luck to you and yours on the morrow….. and happy Christmas….and a happy New Year!!!

  8. Look, by way of light relief, and for no particular or helpful reason I’m going to share with all and sundry the funniest sentence out of the million I’ve read in the build up these past few weeks. Not sure where I came across it. It may have been on this very site, I don’t know.

    Diarmuid Connolly never had to take a free from a soft and craggy bogland.

  9. Yes I’d echo your comments there too Inbetweener, well done to you Sinead, that was great to see the Claremorris kids singing away! Fair play to you on all of the effort that you have put in for the cause….

    I see that Eoin Liston from Kerry in his piece in The Indo gives us a great chance of winning as well, I am glad to see that as he was one of the few neutral pundits that predicted that we would beat Tyrone. Roll on the game!

  10. Almost there indeed! So we have 2 Connaught finalists tomorrow. I heard Eamon Dunphy on Late Late last night running down our chances. Cue the bookies for a smallish wager on double tomorrow – it would help towards young lads registration fees! Anyway, I expect to be in Castlebar, via Galway of course Monday night! And I hope that Sinead will be invited on stage for a rousing rendition of “Stand up for the Mayo men… ” Was practising in shower earlier! Safe travelling, Agus go ndeirigh ..

  11. Dublin have only scored 5 goals this year. We have only conceded 3. It is likely that Dublin will score less goals against us than before. When it comes to points, in our last 4 championship matches against Dublin, Mayo have scored more points than Dublin in 3 of them.

    If you combine league and championship matches since 2011, Dublin have scored more points than we have on 4 occasions, while Mayo have outscored Dublin on points on 6 occasions. If you look at the points-only differential in those matches, Dublin are +13 whilst Mayo are +25.

    Therefore, in the past, Mayo teams haven’t had difficulty running up points totals against Dublin, and should conceivably concede less goals this time.

    All of this is of course entirely irrelevant in the context of tomorrow’s game, but I found it interesting nonetheless.

  12. If anybody is looking to make a few pound i see nice odds offered.

    First pint of the game. Lee Keegan. 66/1.

    Andy Moran to score first goal of game and Mayo to win. 25/1.

    Cillian O Connor to score first goal of game and Mayo to win. 20/1.

    I’d say this owl website could crash on Sunday evening and Willie Joe will have black smoke coming out of the machinery that runs this place. Cant find any odds on that though for some reason.!!

  13. Twas the night before the All Ireland
    When all through Mayo
    Not a creature was stirring
    Not even a crow
    The flags were hung on the rooftops with care
    In the hope that Sam would soon be there

    The children were nestled all snug in their beds
    With visions of Cillian with Sam in their heads
    And the wife made the sangwiches while I made the tae
    Hopin and prayin tomorrow’s our day

    I awoke in the morning with a feeling so sweet
    2016’s the year that won’t end in defeat
    The Dubs and their brilliance have filled all the pages
    But with Higgins and Keegan we’ve a team for the ages

    With O’Sheas and O’Connors and Moran it’s clear
    They’ll explode onto Croke Park and banish our fear
    Ferocious in the tackle and with lightning speed
    They’ll break the Dubs spirit in our hour of need

    So flock to Cole Park with your red and your green
    Show the whole country you’re proud to be seen
    Send out the word to foe and to friend
    2016’s the year when the famine will end

  14. Wonderful stuff Daithi65. I loved the ould sangwiches!!
    Check out Balla school on Facebook with their Mayo Abu Song. Just brill!

  15. Willie Joe in the interest of you enjoying the celebrations after I propose/suggest you don’t post anything after the game tomorrow
    As we will have won there should be no need for moderation either 🙂
    Mayo by 4
    Here. We. Go.

  16. A bartime conversation from the past came to mind the other day when someone was talking about what Mayo had to do to win an All-Ireland.
    The earlier conversation was about what would happen if you and a mate of yours were comfronted with a hungry lion on an African plain. The question at arose was “how fast would you have to run in order to survive?” The iPhone generation immediately googled the maximum running speed of a hungry lion and assumed that the answer would be anything in excess of this speed. However, the correct answer is that you just need to outrun your mate!
    A bit heartless, you might say, but nonetheless true.
    To win an All-Ireland, Mayo does not need something previously unseen, or a bit of anarchy or any other magic formula. We just need to outscore Dublin. One point to nil in the crappiest match ever played would be as good a win as shooting the lights out. It doesn’t have to be a classic. We don’t have to make a statement. We don’t need to run faster than the lion.
    We just need to be ahead of the Dubs when the final whistle sounds. And whatever way we get there will be fine with me.

    Time to finish the job.

    Keep the Faith!

  17. Are there many heading into the Hill tomorrow. Myself and a few.buddies stationed there. We will probably look to join up with a bigger crowd of Mayo supporters to make us a bit more vocal.

  18. Great to see the interest in and out of the county and especially in classrooms all over the country.It keeps us going.
    Im inclined to believe the McGuiness stuff is not true.
    we will do our best …you cant ask for any more.It may…just may…be enough this year.

  19. Nice to see Mayo supporters going through Roscommon Town earlier. Plenty of red and green to be seen.

  20. Should be a great day tomorrow but not weather wise it seems…the last week in Dublin has been pretty warm and sunny and the weather is nice today as well…approx.19 degrees with no wind. The rain will complicate things for both teams especially Dublin’s running game. Will be difficult for free takers also.

    I feel all of the pressure is on Mayo at this stage. A lot of these Dublin players have three All-Ireland winners medals so they have been there and done that. Mayo don’t have that luxury…they don’t have any winners medals yet…. and history plays a massive role here I feel.

    If the weather happens to be dry tomorrow I think Mayo will be in a lot of bother. If it is a wet day I think Mayo have a good chance of going all the way…just my gut feeling.

    Overall I still think Dublin have the better squad but the ‘best teams’ don’t always win the finals either.

  21. First final I’ve missed, so cheer and roar for me tomorrow.

    Flight to Knock for Monday morning was booked a few weeks ago though, no way I’m missing the homecoming. Monday morning will be the best hangover I’ve ever had.

    We will win.

    Up Mayo

  22. That would make sense, Willie Joe. Meeting him a weekend before a final, in a week in which you’d do very little training wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense.
    The frees thing will be huge. If Mayo can rediscover their disciplined tackling of a few years ago, and stop the huge concession of frees, they’ll be right in there. If they keep conceding the amount of frees they have all year, it’s hard to see them winning.
    I hope, and think, they’ll will.
    I’m tired of listening to David Brady on the airwaves. He’s embarrassing at times.
    Getting more and more nervous as the hours go by.

  23. I going that feeling Mayo could beat Dublin and do with a good bit to spare might be totally wrong Mayo are be totally written off c o Connor is due a big game.

  24. Exactly Fourgoal!
    But sure look it! Until sometime during the match tomorrow and maybe we might have to wait till the very last minute anyone can say anything on here. There are all sorts of possible outcomes.
    A very amusing blog there was sometime during the Galway match … prob after they scored the goal!! All comments up to then were very OTT in our favour! Remember? And then appeared reality for the first time with the comment…” Fucked”!!!!! I don’t know who was responsible but he was bang on then. So I’m thinking some such time will arrive tomorrow too when it ll be either that or nothing…. I’m hoping it’ll be the latter. Who ll be bothered to blog or check?? I hope!

  25. This will be my last time checking in to the blog before the match tmro. I hope the next time I check in we’ll be All Ireland Champions. It’s a big ask but can be done.

    As supporters please everyone be loud, make a point of being more vocal particularly at times when things might seem to be going against us.

    Keep the faith. Up Mayo.

  26. “Sometimes the most difficult roads lead to the most beautiful destinations”Anon.Enjoy the ride folks!

  27. The concession of frees is one thing but how many times this summer has one of our players given lip to the ref over the award of a free, only to have the bloody thing moved forward maybe 20 yards. Tomorrow, Dean Rock would step up and say thank you very much for making that easier for me.

    Christ lads, the ref wont change his mind. Just back away and get on with it. No back chat to the ref. We’ve done it a lot all summer. The number of frees moved forward needs to be cut to zero tomorrow. Hope that is drilled in to our fellas.

    Any badgering of the ref should be left to the terraces.

  28. Home now and resting up for tomorrow.
    Dublin will play their game the way they want to and it will be up to us to disrupt that. If we hold them to around 12 to 14 scores (a massive ask) we can win. Anything more than that and our chances diminish greatly.
    I don’t blame anyone outside of Mayo for not giving us a chance, Dublin are excellent and in excellent form but they will have to play for 75 mins tomorrow and earn it.
    If we win, we don’t know how well react, if we lose, we’ll be back again next year and try again. This is a championship team and will remain so for a while more what with the AI U21 lads coming through this year and next.
    I think our unpredictability is a huge factor and will be key. Anyway, safe travels everyone and Hup Mayo!

  29. As a 100% dub supporter I just want to say if we are to be beaten then I am delighted it will be by Mayo. Gracious supporters and in Aiden O Shea a true legend n a gentleman as well.

  30. First final that I won’t be at tomorrow. I like thousands others cod get my hands on that elusive piece of paper.
    We have a huge task ahead of us. But the mantra this year is always to believe that we can succeed. Reminds me of when the devil approached a beliver and said you won’t survive the storm. A bit like Dublin and every pundit saying that we have no chance.
    The believer had faith and replied to the devil ” I AM THE STORM”

  31. St Pats Oldie, we will all be part of the ‘Storm’ tomorrow, whether there or not! For those of you who like to look to the Holy Bible for inspiration. THE BOOK OF SAMUEL, (Maybe that who Sam Maguire was called after). The giant of the Philistines, (Maybe that’s who Philly McMahon is called after! Anyway Chapter 17,.. David defeats Golaith.. Sinead 37…your efforts are to be appreciated and applauded, everyone join in the chorus tomorrow. Biden Daithi, loved the poem, Brilliant Stuff!

  32. Sorry Daihi, should be no Biden in the last sentence, I think I had started to write brilliant. Predictive Text!

  33. 20 hrs to go and here we go to Croker to watch once again the Mayo team of our time.
    A team that are and will be legends forever.
    We thank them for all that they have given us.
    Thanks too to Stephen and management, to past managements too for all their input to this great team.
    To all the great Mayo people involved in GAA and supporters who are no longer with us,
    we remember you especially,with special mention to GregMaher who will be laid to rest an hour before throw in in C.P. and remembering too all of the 50’51’ players who are in their eternal home. Be with us all tomorrow in spirit and thank you all for passing on the memories of great Mayo football days.
    We’ll raise the roof of CP and chant Sinead’s words ‘Stand up for the Mayo boys’ when they come onto the field.
    Good luck to everyone involved tomorrow and most of all safe travelling to the East and back West again.
    Came accross these few lines during the week;

    ‘Focus of attention in the present moment, the only one you can really live in,… at the heart of doing anything well
    Focus means not dwelling on the past, either on mistakes or glories; it means not being so caught up in the future, either its fears or its dreams, that my full attention is taken from the present”
    Enjoy every moment everyone!!

  34. So Martin Carney couldn’t keep his mouth shut on the last word last night I see on hogan stand. The man lives in castlebar/breaffy so why bring camp secrets to media attention? Can’t listen to the man on the radio….or when hes on commentary….He breaks too many fences by sitting on them

  35. John Casey on the Six One news said DOC was 100% fit but sure he’d say that anyway I suppose. Hopefully another bullshit eve of final rumour. There’s always a few flying around!

  36. Rumours are part and parcel of all Ireland final eve. Some Mayo pundits just can’t help themselves on the Nationals turning us into a laughing stock. That aside safe traveling all ( heard there was an accident near kinnegad earlier on today) and hopefully we will all be crossing the Shannon on the way home with Sam. Up Mayo !

  37. As we are here to contest another All-Ireland final. The number one question this Mayo team has to ask themselves, before going out onto Croke Park on sunday is: Are we here to play in an All-Ireland final, or are we here to win the All-Ireland. Mayo need to believe they can do it. The minute you settle for less than you deserve
    you will get even less than you settled for. We must put relentless pressure on Cluxton
    for the kickouts. we must be strong on the tackles, stop them on their tracks when they run at us. Our three big men: Tom Parsons, Aiden O’Shea & Seamus O’Shea must control in and around the midfield area, and help out in defence if we are to beat Dublin.We cannot afford to play in spurts & expect to win. A high level of intensity must be maintained for the entire game. They can’t take the foot off the pedal. Our forwards must impose maximum pressure on the Dublin backs, when they are coming out with the ball. lets try not to argue with the referee’s decisions. Dont play too
    conservative, & dont be afraid to go for long range points, and drop a few high balls into the square,you never know what can happen when you take some risks. I believe if we apply all of the above, We will win the All-Ireland.

  38. I was lucky enough to get a ticket and am heading to the big smoke in the morning, I am not nervous just anxious to get going. I firmly believe we will win. We are going to do this, we are mayo we are in this together. Bring the noise and the colour. Thanks WJ for everything you do, this blog is the only thing that kept me sane this last 4 weeks and for years before. UP MAYO

  39. Our form has been very patchy and disjointed all year. However, when we came up against Tyrone, where another loose performance would have meant certain defeat, we saw an entirely different Mayo. Instead of players not being sure of what they were supposed to be doing, we witnessed a calm, disciplined performance. This suggests that game intelligence and adaptability, which has been the one missing component in our game over the last 5 years, is now playing a more important role and I believe will take us half way there.

    The other half necessary for success is the level of physicality we are prepared to use, and if we are able to sustain it for 76 minutes. I live in the UAE where we have players from every corner of Ireland, including All Ireland winners, and the common theme when discussing Mayo’s lack of success is that we don’t have enough warriors/fighters/battlers in our team – more than before but still not enough.

    Finals are rarely pretty and the winners are nearly always the teams which have the greater number of players who are prepared to scrap to the death for the cause. We have a few players in this category, Colm Boyle, Lee Keegan and Diarmuid O’Connor being the obvious ones, but we need more. Tipperary had 18 Colm Boyles playing for them 2 weeks ago, are now All Ireland champions and this is what we need tomorrow if Sam Maguire is to make a long awaited visit to Mayo.

    Best of luck to the Mayo team and may the return home for the Mayo supporters be the happiest trip of your lives.

    Willie Joe, thanks for all the work you put into running this forum, those of us living abroad would be lost without it.

  40. Yes I would also like to add my voice to
    that an thank WJ for this wonderful blog
    Have a safe trip everyone and to all who got tickets roar your hearts out and
    Be proud of your team, win, lose, or draw, they don’t owe us anything!
    Good night an god bless from Suffolk!
    Maigheo Abu!

  41. Lots Damo !!

    Good lock tomorrow I like every person living outside the capital wish ye the best. If ye play outside yourselves and get the rub of the green ye might just end the famine of 65 years. If ye win there won’t be a dry eye in the nation be it celebratory or those of the heartbreaking sense of loss.

    Logic suggests ye should have fallen on so many hurrles but ye managed to produce the necessary effort to claw over the line, sometimes winners need luck to grease sticky doors to fulfil the breakthrough to Valhalla.

    I won’t be able to eat or drink tomorrow before the game but if ye do it !! it’s down to the best takeaway to order my favourite celebratory meal,, GOD BLESS AND LOTS OF LUCK AND FORTUNE IN THE BREAKING BALL. In the middle that’s where it will be won as if ye cough up possession easily it’s going to be difficult to exert your game on them. Possession control will dictate where Sam rests tomorrow night.

    I have a feeling “IT IS TIME”

  42. Agreed Gamechanger…the decisive events will occur in the middle. Who wins those wins the game!

  43. Mayo will win this tomorrow. This is the game they have been planning for all year, its the game this team is set up for. It wont be a full 70mins of high intensity football, thats simply not sustainable. I can tactics and a display similar to McHale park last feb with 2-3 10min spells of high intensity attacking thrown in.

    Parsons will not start I think, Dillon or Loftus will start and will operate on the half forward line marking Cian OSullivan. Early in the second half we will see Parsons, Coen, COS, coming in to inject pace and mobility. Its not one plan and tactic we will see tomorrow but several at different stages of the game.

  44. This is the greatest Mayo team of all time and tomorrow they will have their chance to fight for THE ALL IRELAND they deserve I am sure they know that and will give it all to achieve it, as MAYO SUPPORTERS in croke park Tomorrow we must give them full support for all of the Match. COME ON MAYO

  45. Dubs writing us off on Ceili House, have bought AOS line hook, line and sinker. Mayo a Team in decline, Dubs best team ever ….

  46. Borrowing from Michael’s line earlier in this thread.
    Forget that you are playing in an All Ireland Final. Just go out to win the match.
    We’ll handle the consequences later!

  47. i am just sitting down to watch UP FOR THE MATCH. THE FORECAST is rain for the match which will suit mayo more so than dublin.I call on every supporter to cheer the team on whether mayo are 7 points up or 7 points down,and keep cheering and supporting loudly until the final whistle sounds.SAFE travelling to everybody.

  48. Late word that Mark McCaffrey from Westport was lording it down in limerick and is named on the subs tomorrow

  49. It’s the 18th of September, 2016 but we’ve been here before? More than anything, outside my families health and we’ll being, I want Mayo to win tomorrow. I cannot even begin to explain what it would mean to me.
    I have an old faded photo of my Dad and a few of his friends outside Croke Park on the 23rd September, 1951 and by the smiles on their faces I can only guess it was after the final whistle. My deepest hope is that tomorrow evening the smiles are there again after 65 years. Safe travelling to all.

  50. Joet1480,
    Great days are never forgotten. In 2071 I hope someone will look at a photo of smiling Mayo fans outside Croke Park but I hope there will be many happy snaps of supporters celebrating victory in the intervening years,, 65 years is a nighty long time ,,

  51. So sad to hear the legendary Padraic Carney will miss the final because of his broken leg. This means that only the great Paddy Prendergast of the ’51 team will be there not alone to receive his Lifetime Achievement Award but to hand over the mantle of the 51 team to Cillian O’Connor and join with him later in lifting Sam. What a picture that will make for Monday morning’s paper!

    I wholeheartedly agree with an earlier poster that if we do win the toss we make sure we play into Hill 16 in the SECOND half. We must most importantly concede as few frees as possible inside the 55 yard line, and let’s provide the team with a SIXTEENTH man by ROARING them CONTINUOUSLY on for the full 74 minutes!!!

    Mayo for Sam! C’mon Mayo! C’mon Mayo!! Up MAY-O-O-O-O!!!!

  52. Absolutely sick with nerves

    Not looking forward to tomorrow at all. It’s going to be utter torture.

    Saying that, I believe we can, and will, win this one.

    Up Mayo!!!

  53. All good children should be asleep by now, or Santa might not come! Coladh Samh agus Maigh Eo Abu!

  54. i would swap hogan ticket for 2 hill or 2 nally tickets all traveling to game lets be extra careful i think sam is going to cross the shannon the best of luck to our brilant team win loose or draw u have given us great times good luck

  55. I can’t sleep. I’d be off up in the car now just to get the journey over with only I have to give lads lifts.

    I have such massive gratitude to this team, every single one of the panel thank you for this journey the last few years, also to the likes of Horan, caff, Feeney, cunniff and Mickey Conroy you won’t be forgotten today should we be victorious you were all a part of that.

  56. This one is for every Mayo footballer ever.For our fathers and all those who took us to our forst maych , for all the mayo people male and female down through the years and for all who have stood proud for the green and red down through the years.
    No county and I mean no.county deserves it more……itmust be our turn now.

  57. Lots of people not sleeping. Now let’s go make some fucking noise. This team deserves and needs all the support we can give and remember if things aren’t going well that’s when we need to be loudest. HON MAYO

  58. Woke up very early feeling very nervous , trying my best to get rid of the feeling , telling myself to just go and enjoy it , easier said than done ! Up Mayo

  59. Awake an hour already on the road shortly safe travelling all, there will be bonfires to guide us home tonight UP MAYO

  60. Well here we go folks safe traveling. They will be talking about today a hundred years from now. Very proud of this team and every supporter

  61. Just woke up. I’m amazed I managed 5 hours sleep, the few beers watching some old matches definitely helped. Have never felt goosebumps like this.

    “Today could be the best day of our lives”

  62. Same as that was an utter torture of a night ,

    We will need a huge day , please god this will be the day

  63. It’s here. Time to rally the troops, get a feed and cheer on our warriors. This is it. I believe. We all believe. Let’s make this one count.

  64. Safe travelling to all making the pilgrimage. It’s a beautiful, bright, clear morning in Dublin.
    Today could be the day we look back on for the rest of time.

  65. A beautiful sunny morning here on the east coast. Hard to believe the forecast is for such a wet afternoon. Hopefully the lads have been training with the sprinklers on for the last few days… Come on Mayo!!!

  66. I intend to leave that place with little or no voice this evening. We should life the lads onto the pitch at 3.05pm.

    Safe travelling everyone.

  67. Raining in Mayo . Best of luck to the team . Hitting the road now for Dublin , UP MAYO . Best of luck to the Team.

  68. Best of luck to all supporters at the match,safe journey,enjoy the celebrations afterwards,and this team is magical in Stephen and his management team we thrust,we will win by at least six,up Mayo

  69. Go neiri le foireann Mhuigeo inniu. Silim go mbeidh Sam ag teacht trasna no Sionnainne amarach le cunadh De. Mile buiochas WJ as och an blog iontach seo. Go neiri leath i gconai.
    Mhuigeo abu!

  70. It’s going to be the best day of all of our lives
    Enjoy every single waking moment.
    Lets all remember Greg today another great Mayo warrior. May he rest in peace and may all Mayo players and great supporters gone before us be with us today in spirit.
    Thank you Mayo team for giving us this day and great days in the past and more to come.
    On the road. Very wet.
    Safe travelling to all.

  71. A wet day is just what we need. We’re used to nice soft days in Mayo whereas the Dubs shrink when it rains! This is our day, I feel it in my bones!

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