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We’re all still basking in the afterglow of yesterday’s great win, with thoughts already starting to turn towards the final. The lead-in to the big day is always enjoyable and it’s a bandwagon onto which everyone wants to clamber.

In that respect we’re all in for an entertaining three weeks. There is, though, an aspect to the final build-up that Mayo GAA are not impressed with and know full well from previous experience is set to be exploited once more this year.

There’s a term in business called ambush marketing. Mayo GAA this morning issued a statement (which is here) alerting everyone to the existence of this type of carry-on which, which occurs every time we reach the final and which takes the form of unofficial fundraising events.

The organisers of these events claim that they’re raising funds that goes towards the training of the team. As Mayo GAA point out, however, it’s only money raised officially through the Cairde Mhaigheo fundraising umbrella that ends up in the team training pot.

This means that these unauthorised fundraising events are, in essence, fraudulent in nature. The money is being raised under false pretences and it won’t go where the organisers claim it will.

The advice from Mayo GAA is that if anyone is unsure as to whether a fundraising activity is legitimately contributing towards the team training fund they should they should contact the  County Board. This may be done by contacting any of the officers of the Executive or by calling (094) 925 0487 or else by emailing

21 thoughts on “Ambush marketing

  1. Indeed, if you see a person waving a USA biscuit tin in your face beware, there is no way a county like Mayo would act in such an amature way.

  2. By the way Willie Joe, my comments appear to be automatically going into moderation – didn’t think I was deserving of the naughty step!

  3. Exactly Liam next thing you’ll hear wild accusations of men on gates at club championship matches not issuing tickets or receipts. Crazy stuff. ?
    Poor form tho especially if been done by some of our own. That said if anyone wants to enter my draw for 10 lower Hogan tickets in aid of the the cause direct mail me BIC and IBANS and I will chalk ye down for entry for minimal fee :-p

  4. Did anyone else hear what O’Rourke just said? Something along the lines of “today’s game is the real thing, yesterday was just canon fodder…” or did I pick that up wrong?

  5. Witnessing the death of Blanket football. Cant win big games with that approch anymore, teams like Mayo and Dublin are just too good at keeping and moving the ball. Tyrone are an analog team playing in the digital age.

  6. To be fair to O’Rourke, he said that all the matches before Mayo v Kerry were cannon fodder. Sure, did you not know we were flavour of the month for less than 24 hours before the Dub love-in can resume in earnest.

  7. For a man of Mickey Hartes experience, how in gods name could you have any chance of competeing with Dublin with that system, but its to our advantage Dublin not tested again.

  8. why have tyrone not close down the space dublin are having a field day mayo need to be wary of that.

  9. Hard to argue with the way Dublin play, people say they haven’t been tested, reality is every game they play they put it to bed before half time, today is no different, hardly getting out of 2nd gear in the 2nd half, they don’t need to.

  10. Fuck mickey fuck Jim,Tyrone played into a trap.
    By Christ we won’t.
    That was the worst game in age’s.
    Dublin learned nothing
    Liam can we win this thing?
    Being in the sherry cabinet all day
    Jesus we are so close let’s finish it

  11. Tyrone were clueless…totally. I was surprised.

    Mayo are a much more physical and bigger team than Tyrone. The final wil be much, much closer than this.

    Dublin would have trounced Kerry in the final had they qualified. Huge team building underway down there.

  12. Pat Spillane.. “we have the privledge of watching probably the greatest team of all time”. Loving it, I hope they build Dublin up so much that they burst. Tyrone were abject poor and never laid a glove on a Dublin player. Truly awful spectacle to watch with 300 gazillion hand passes. Like him or loath him probably the last time we will see one of the greats of the game Cavannagh in a Tyrone jersey

  13. Dublin looked good as usual but Tyrone showed a ridiculous level of respect. I can’t see how giving up possession so easy from the kickout is anything but damage limitation strategy.

    Mayo won’t be affording that respect.

    The bench for Dublin was frightening. I’m sure Rochford will be alive to that but by god do I not envy him the task of planning for last 15-20mins…maybe key is to put all eggs on bring up 3-4 at that stage…I dunno. Will be interesting few weeks.

  14. I feel relieved at that statement by the County Board.

    Knowing that they accepted free money to get in a Commercial Director and maximise the opportunity of the next few weeks is satisfying.

    The days of the biscuit tin are over

  15. I thought Tyrone were a joke yesterday, everyone back like statues, P Andrews is not that good but given so much time on the ball, and yes Jim’s Robots will not be complacent – the best line ever was after championship draw J Cooper said Carlow will be a hard opposition, as for C.Board report last week mentioned they would be getting funding from Croke Park for the final

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