And now for the spoken word

audiobooWith the championship almost upon us again, it is, I think, time for another technical innovation on this humble site.  The other day I came across a service called Audioboo, which (I’m paraphrasing here) is to podcasting in the way that Twitter is to blogging.  I’ve had a notion for some time about trying to do some podcasts (having taken part in a few non-GAA ones myself in the past) but getting this organised has always seemed to be a pain in the hole I could do without, not least given my limited tech-savviness. This little baby, however, strikes me as a nice way to dip one’s toe in these particular waters.

Audioboo is an iPhone application and, having joined the church of iPhone devotees a few months back, it’s one I was able to set up and use without any bother.  The application is a bit like a digital dictaphone, which enables you to record an audio piece (which, in the vernacular, is called a ‘boo’; God, I wish they’d stop letting children name these technical advances) of up to three minutes in length.  Having done this, you then upload it – directly from your iPhone, like – and, if you’ve hooked up your Audioboo account with your Twitter account (I’ve already done this), a link to the audio piece will then appear as a Twitter update as soon as you upload it.  I did a test piece last night and I must say that it worked a treat.

That’s kinda neat, I think, and so what I’m planning to do for future matches is to record a post-match audio summary, right after the final whistle has blown, and a link to the resultant audio ramblings should then be accessible on the site from the Twitter updates panel within minutes of the match ending.  I’m not planning on doing carefully sculpted audio pieces in the style of the great Michael O’ Muircheartaigh – which, let’s face it, would be like trying to take on Seamus Heaney in the art of poetry writing – but instead to provide an of-the-moment audio snapshot while one’s dander is still up and where the whiff of cordite is still in the air.  I think this will obviously work best for matches that I’m at (though, if we get to Croke Park, I might have to hold off till Tommy Fleming’s post-match warblings are done with) but I’m going to try it out from home for the New York game, providing there’s radio coverage from Midwest for that one.

Anyway, that’s the plan.  If it works, it’ll mean that there’ll be audio up there along with words, pictures and video clips – a sort of multimedia extravanganza. Let’s see how it pans out.

4 thoughts on “And now for the spoken word

  1. Fair play to you Willie Joe – I don’t think any county has as good a resource as this website.

    We are working on providing updates from NYC on the Club Mayo website via twitter so more to follow there!

  2. Hi Willie Joe, you sound pretty techie to me. I think mini-podcasts are a great idea. I agree with CM you deserve credit for providing a great resource for the Mayo Community. Keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks, CM – I’m planning on using those Twitter updates from NYC, along with the live commentary from Midwest (there will be commentary, won’t there?) to keep me informed of developments from Gaelic Park.

    Thanks, too, Viv. I’m not much of a tecchie but some of the stuff that’s out there now is so easy to use that it’s easy to masquerade as one!

  4. WJ, Looking forward to the boo reports. Thanks again for the great coverage of the Mayo games via blog, tweets, boo etc. much appreciated by all especially those of us who cant attend the matches in person.


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