Andy gets the armband

After rotating the title amongst a number of senior players this year, James Horan has now handed the captain’s armband to Ballaghadereen’s Andy Moran for the remainder of 2012. The Mayo News broke the story today and the same paper also carries an exclusive interview with the newly-appointed Mayo skipper.

Andy will be a popular choice as captain and it’s obvious that he’s a natural leader on the pitch. He was vice-captain last year – Ballina Stephenites’ David Clarke has been handed that role this year – and his excellent form in 2012, which culminated in a richly-deserved All-Star award, marked him out then as one of our real key men.

At 28, Andy – who, by my reckoning, first appeared for the senior team while still in his teens in a league match against Down up in Newcastle way back in February 2003 – is now a highly experienced and consistently effective player on the inter-county scene. Having recovered well from a broken leg suffered last autumn, another big year is now expected from the Ballagh man.

You get the feeling that, with that happy-go-lucky demeanour he always tends to project, the Mayo captaincy is a responsibility Andy will bear lightly while using it to bring the best out of those around him. In that sense, he’s the perfect choice for the job. Best of luck with it, Andy.

8 thoughts on “Andy gets the armband

  1. A lot of lads are turning into leaders
    for us.My choice would be Donie,
    but having said that,I have no doubt
    that Andy will be a superb General.
    He leads by example and typifies
    that ‘Never-say-die’ attitude that is
    becoming part of Team Mayo.

  2. Logical choice is Andy – – – as with his command of the English language he appears to be the ideal man to be making the acceptance speech on the third Sunday in September. Good forward thinking by James.

  3. god bless you Samuel Maguire…worried about who makes the AI speach in sept,i love

  4. Mister Mayor is very pleased with this selection by JH. Andy is an inspirational player who is respected within the panel and feared by the opposition for his determination, skill and neve-say-die attitude to the game. He will lead by example, exactly as JH wants it!

  5. Have believed for quite a while that Andy plays & behaves as if he’s captain anyway. He will wear this honour very lightly. It may also have an unexpected bonus for us in that I think Alan Dillon will be liberated to express himself fully. Thought he looked a bit constrained by it last year. Expect a hugely focused year from Alan now that this has been sorted out. A great choice by James, possibly our best captain since Noel Connolly. Important to remember that Andy will have been immersed in the Ballagh tradition of winning captaincy since he was a boy. Good times are imminent!

  6. Good vibes from Andy on Newstalk, not falling into the trap of “This is a new improved different Mayo” the type of nonsense media hacks love, and your man tried to get him onto – re; paul galvins comments on ” the great shape the Mayo boys were in da last day ” Good man Andy, keep it simple.

  7. Going to be great to see Andy lift a Trophy in Croker! This bunch of lads are LEGENDS already! And may i offer 51 “bottles” of Congratulations to all…. Sorry, are some of ye superstitious?

  8. Agree with an ciotog, it didn’t matter if they didn’t give him the armband officially, he’d still be the captain. Natural born leader. Hope he gets to make a few acceptance speeches now!

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