Andy leaving Leitrim

Photo: Irish Examiner (Ben McShane/Sportsfile)

Andy Moran yesterday stepped away from his first job in inter-county football management, having completed three years in charge of Leitrim.

From the trauma of last year’s penalty shoot-out loss to New York in Gaelic Park, Andy guided the county to National League promotion this year, following which they advanced from the group stage in the Tailteann Cup, eventually losing out to Wicklow in the preliminary quarter-final.

It’s no wonder, then, that Leitrim GAA said yesterday that Andy departs the manager’s role leaving the county in “a much improved position”. Andy also had warm words for his former charges, praising their dedication and commitment, despite the many obstacles – among them population and location – they face.

The Footballer of the Year for 2017 has often been mentioned as a possible future Mayo manager and, while there’s no vacancy for that position right now, there will be at some future point. Where Andy goes next will, as a result, be worth watching.

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  1. I’m not sure about how well he’s done at Leitrim. I’d say he brings a great atmosphere to a team but the promotion was from a poor standard in division 4 and they didn’t do anything in championship of note.
    Maybe I’m awfully wrong and there are people with more in-depth knowledge of Leitrim football but are they performing at their best?

  2. Yeah but like a few of us said at the time apart from experience what can ya do with a limited pool in a county like leitrim . Some of them counties are so far removed from the set ups in top tier counties its not like back in 80/90 s when a decent generation of footballers could spring a surprise and take a few scalps ala 94 leitrim . It would take years of investment and serious structure and cultural change to do damage in the modern era .

    There will be all sorts of rumours about whats next fornhim .personally i want him involved and maybe he could persuade his pal barry solan to also come on board in some capacity .

  3. I’d say he did as well as could be expected. Getting promotion from Div 4 was a good achievement but they were amazingly lucky to go up. They absolutely (with the help of an extraordinary referee decision) robbed Wexford who finished on the same points but lost out on head to head. His team played honest football reflective of himself. They were done no favours by the GAA either having to play first round of championship the week after they lost league final. Also a number of their players didn’t commit and went travelling so overall I d say he did ok

  4. What are his options unless he takes a break for a year..

    Go with a slightly higher ranked county, like a Fermanagh, Longford, Clare level?

    Take a senior club side? Preferably in Mayo.

    Get involved with Mayo underage.

    Do something outside of this to enhance his cv from the perspective of him being in the frame to be a future Mayo manager.

    Personally, I’d like to see him do some time with Mayo underage. He has great energy and enthusiasm.

  5. Maybe he could be part of mayo back room team and also manage our u20s.

  6. If anyone in Mayo football wants to make a real change and investment they should look at Paul Kinnerk.
    If Limerick do the 5 in a row he will be looking for a new challenge.
    Mayo is the gold standard in challenges

  7. Let Andy take on a Club like Swinford, and bring them to Senior Championship contenders to prove what he can do with a panel of players. A big enough town with plenty of young fellows but going nowhere at Gaelic Football.

  8. @culmore, Come on now. Suggesting Andy take on that job with Swinford which would be an entire shift of culture. It could be done butt it would a massive multi year top to bottom full club project. You don’t do such a turnaround only at the senior panel level.

  9. Paddy Power has suspended betting on Andy getting the Roscommon job. It looks like it’s a Done Deal .

  10. No chance in hell Andy moran would take the roscommon job if he did I’d be absolutely shocked tbh…

  11. Culmore…………judging by your very ambitious post I guess you are indeed a Culmore person…..greetings from a Swinford man…..

  12. Although @JP didn’t you name check a few Swinford men who could well make it onto our Mayo senior team next year??? Maybe Andy would see that potential also. I bet it will be Swinford he goes next.

  13. @freetheeastbanlk Kinnerk is a class act in fairness. But unless I doubt we’d have the funds.

    Andy- would absolutely love to see him involved in our set up next year. But I think the most important thing is to freshen it up massively. I was backing the Dempsey ticket at the time because he had McConville on it. All Ireland winners medal as a player, multiple club All Irelands as a player. And comes across a real tough personality who wouldn’t take any shit.

    So in summary I’d love to get Andy on board..but we need lads on the line who have won the big one too. Can’t recall the last team who won an All Ireland without that.

  14. @Mayo Focus, Offaly, Down ,Derry ,Donegal, Galway.
    Offaly manager never played football.

  15. I don’t know where this persistent media narrative that he done a good job in leitrim is coming from.

    He achieved the absolute bare minimum which was very fortuitous promotion from division 4 this year at the 3rd time of asking.
    Defeated away in New York. No excusing that.
    Abysmal record in Connacht championship and even worse in the tailteann Cup failing to even make a quarter final.

    If he is being lined up to be the man to succeed McStay then I’m sorry but I’m going to need to see a whole lot more from him to justify.

    Obviously a lovely fella and a great Mayo man but i haven’t seen any evidence of him being a competent manager (yet!)

  16. @Supermac I agree.
    Far too early for him to be involved as some of the players played with him.
    Less people on the side line we need not more.
    I feel sorry for all the panel players that got little or no game time.
    At least McStay released them to the clubs unlike some other counties.

  17. Marty K. there is a Culmore in Derry and another one in Kilkelly and plenty more about

  18. Thanks JR. A long time ago anyways! And all from an era before sport science or s&c or sports psychology was a big thing.

    Marginal gains & all that. Rochy & McStay have managed teams to win club all Irelands which is very commendable. But it’s not the same as winning Sam. Hoping that will be addressed for next season

  19. …….well Culmore, whichever Culmore it is, thanks for the Swinford proposal…….

  20. I think a lot of the comments here are spot on regarding Andy. Get involved with a club or underage county team and show his real skill set. His energy is excellent but as a few said it was always a win-win gig at Leitrim. Couldn’t do any worse than where they were at. But over didn’t do to bad, I suppose the loss to NY last year was a bit of a blow.

    Some lads saying Kinnerk – he would be the dream man to get in. But god knows if we did bring him in, I doubt he’d be given much of a voice over Rochford. I find it hard to believe that Mchale, a brother in law of Kevin and a man he had worked with for years seemed to be completely sidelined last year. And just for us to watch shocking Rochfordball this year.

    On reflection @mayofoucs you could be right regarding the Dempsey ticket last time around. Not to mention he had an all Ireland winning keeper and minor manager there too. Anyway Kevin got the gig, and I’d like Kevin to be the manager next year.

  21. Surely there is a solid argument for getting rid of everyone bar McStay, bring in Andy and his S+C man , would that work with him having played with some of the current squad? Reckon it’s worth a shot. No offence to Joe Canny but what has he brought to the table. The game has moved on from Buckley , the media circus might be the biggest drawback but we always seem to find ways to attract that either way.

  22. Talking to a few in Leitrim they put their improvement this year down to Mickey Graham added to the management teams as head coach. Will likely be another Div three or four team for Andy Moran to learn the ropes at inter county level.

  23. Richie Duck, if the management is big part of the issue why would you leave the head honcho and cull the rest? All final decisions, styles of play, substitutions etc. are managers.

  24. Kildare would be a great opportunity for Andy more resources and a real opportunity to make real improvement

  25. I think the jury is still out on Andy as a manager. His outcomes with Leitrim were mixed. But one thing I really liked about him was that some of the Leitrim players said he told them to go out and play football express themselves and enjoy it. Wouldn’t you love to see Mayo or any teams playing like that. It would. be a risk for any team to take Andy on on the Leitrim evidence. Perhaps Mayo U20 job for Andy , after this years debacle the current management should go.
    The Mcstay project had to be tried for Mayo but I think its failed and he should step away now but he may not. There is. no-one waiting in the wings that you woukd think would make a big difference. We need someone who will get the best out of players, like Louth Donegal Clare have done this year or in the past.
    We also need a 5year plus plan to develop players technically etc. As I’ve said here before the Limerick hurling model is worth looking at.

  26. Andy launched a Fun Run / Mini Marathon for us a number of years ago in the school, I found him a nice chap, but I don’t think he was too gone on me when he saw a Kerry jersey on me, as all the other teachers had too.

    He did a great job, but he was not a great listener, had a certain impatience about him. What a terrific footballer he was for Mayo though. Wore his heart upon his sleeve.
    But facts are facts, great players do not make great managers.
    Yes, it’s very hard up in Leitrim, very small population that is transient at the vest of times. He did his best in a lot of ways, but that loss to New York last year was unforgivable. Most players thereafter no longer bought into him.

    He definitely will not be going to Roscommon after sticking up the two fingers to their supporters in scoring his goal against them way back in Croke Park in 2017.

    I wish him well though.

  27. @Micko I highly doubt Andy moran stuck his fingers up to Rossie supporters after scoring that goal? Yes he’s no fan but he’s a gent and I highly doubt he would ever do something like that.

  28. I was at it and seen it, i was behind the goal, brilliant goal by him, but it was done in a very subtle way, low down, as he was wheeling away. Sort of code peace other way around sign. They were giving him grief from behind the goal. I was there as a neutral.

    Matters little now anyway, that’s in the past, ancient history back in 2017. He had a great match thst day. I felt after he did his cruciate v Down a few years before that, he was never quite the same again. It’s a psychological thing in player’s heads, Colm O’ Neill for Cork did his cruciate 3 times!! Colm Gooch Copper, he was never the same again neither.

    Anyway, Andy, here’s to you man, wishing you the very best of luck! He will not be short on offers neither I suspect, sure fitness is his everyday job anyway, so it comes easier to him.

    And wishing all the best to the Mayo Ladies v Armagh tomorrow.

  29. @Micko fair enough love your posts always very fair.
    I’m just surprised he would do something like that.

  30. There was no 2 finger salute Micko I’m afraid. You can look at the highlights of the game on YouTube. If that had happened, we’d have heard it many times since from Roscommon supporters.

  31. Sad to hear the passing of John O’Mahony. A great man and manager. Not to many men in mayo could say they managed a senior county to 2 All Irelands, but he sure could. I was lucky to meet him twice before and he was a gentleman to speak to. RIP

  32. To me, I interpreted that he did indeed in a covert way, as he scored in front of me. I was seated there the whole match.

    Anyway, that’s well and truly in the past, 2017, 7 years ago now, let’s not get into a kerfuffle over that minor detail.

    A terrible week for poor Mayo, tragedy on the roads, and now John O’ Mahony RIP. God love him. I met him twice, in the school and taking a group to Leinster House, hugely helpful and accommodating, eventhough he is not my politics at all. He was a gentleman in everything that was great and good about Mayo, he epitomised it. Lovely man to engage with. Very quiet man in a lot of ways, very meticulous strategist and deep thinker. What he did with Mayo, Leitrim and Galway, was fantastic, very few managers can say that about three counties that thry have managed.

  33. Leitrim don’t host London in the Connacht championship until 2027 or New York until 2028 according to rotation. In 2025 Roscommon vs London, Galway vs New York in 2026 Mayo going to London while Roscommon’s year for New York. Sligo will go New York when Leitrim go London in 2027 in 2028 Sligo will go to London & Leitrim going out to New York.

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