Andy Moran meets Billy Joe – Mayo News football podcast 2021 E45

With a long and distinguished playing career at inter-county level – capped by two All-Stars and the Footballer of the Year award in 2017 – Andy Moran was one of Mayo’s top performers in an era when the county challenged seriously for national honours year after year. Since retiring as a player, Andy has turned his attention to coaching and, as the recently appointed manager of the Leitrim senior football team, he has now embarked on another chapter in his GAA career.

In this episode of the Mayo News football podcast Andy Moran hooks up with his former Mayo teammate Billy Joe Padden.  In an in-depth discussion, Andy and Billy Joe pick through the major themes the Ballaghaderreen clubman set down in his recently published book, as they do so touching on Andy’s long playing career and looking ahead to his first season as an inter-county manager with Leitrim.

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The Mayo News football podcast is produced and edited by Ger Duffy Media.

Andy Moran’s book “Lessons Learned in Pursuit of Glory” is published by Mayo Books Press and is available online from them (here) as well as at bookshops nationwide.  

5 thoughts on “Andy Moran meets Billy Joe – Mayo News football podcast 2021 E45

  1. Great Mayo man is Andy, enjoyed that interview. Proper role model for all. Looking forward to reading the book here in Canada over christmas.

    Best of luck with it.

  2. Wasn’t sure how he was going to get confidence and belief outa a Take-That concert but hey there u go

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to Andy and Billy Joe. One thing that shone out was the joy and honour these guys felt in representing Mayo. Long may this continue.
    Interesting to hear how 2010/11 was a watershed for Mayo football. It seems as if we cast off our self doubts as a county, and realised we are as good as the best as long as we put in the effort that is required. Long may this mentality continue. Self belief and confidence, and the feeling of being one of the top dogs rather than the underdog is so important. But we also had to shed, paradoxically, a sense of entitlement. The real secret is that there are no shortcuts to success. Nothing replaces the necessity to put in the hard yards.
    Equally interesting, was the previous podcast about the depopulation of rural Mayo. The neglect of the west by successive governments, and the lack of devolved government in this country is causing devastation in small parishes throughout Ireland.
    It is a crying shame. The investment in Dublin to the detriment of the rest of the country is criminal.
    Hopefully the GAA can use its extraordinary and unique strengths to change this mindset. As the GAA will, in the long also suffer, it must get involved in lobbying and in making the survival of rural Ireland front and centre if its strategic thinking.
    The need for political representatives with the singular intent of reversing the obsession with Dublin as the recipient of almost all infrastructural investment and all strategic planning cannot be exaggerated.
    I have to say that the discussion, even though it was really interesting and informative left me totally depressed.
    Thanks to the Mayo News for highlighting it.

  4. I would like the Sunday game to have a 5 or 10 minutes section each night with an experienced Ref explaining the rules of football. The amount of people I hear at matches calling for black cards when it is obviously not a black card offence is unreal. They could show examples where refs got it right and indeed wrong, after all they are only human.

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