Andy Moran our MOTM from last night’s game


You, the people, have once again spoken and, not for the first time, the message you’ve imparted is loud and clear. By a wide margin, you’ve decreed that our Man of the Match from yesterday evening’s League Division One Round 2 tie down in Tralee was Andy Moran.

It’s a richly deserved award for the evergreen Ballaghaderreen attacker who was a right thorn in the Kerry rearguard from start to finish last night. He tops the MOTM vote by some distance, polling a total of 57% of all votes cast.

David Clarke, our MOTM last week against Monaghan, comes in second in this vote following another strong showing between the sticks last night.  David polled 19% this time round. Also featuring strongly in the poll on last night’s game were Tom Parsons (6%), Cillian O’Connor (5%), Donie Newcombe (3%) and Fergal Boland (2%). Here’s the poll leaderboard:

Well done to them and congrats too to all the others lads who worked so hard to secure what was a morale-boosting win for us down in Tralee last night.

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20 thoughts on “Andy Moran our MOTM from last night’s game

  1. Andy was outstanding , work rate was unreal, he was a an incredible leader ,
    First to every ball that came his way , well deserved man of the match in my opinion

  2. Well done Andy. On watching closely Fergal Boland used all bar one ball he got which was knocked from his grasp. He had a very good turnover. He looks the best kickpasser we’ve seen in a while in Mayo. He setup Kevin McGloughlin for his point. Put a dangerous ball in for a goal chance. Actually I just recalled he had a block on a shot also. Very encouraging.

  3. Good stuff Andy, some operator for sure, now let’s see who’s going to step up and start scoring from play.

  4. Would like to see Freeman back in against Rossies as he caused them fair bit of trouble last year and also Irwin get a chance. That would mean Cillian out at 11 again to make room. Andy could be held back until 2nd half. Dubs putting out strong teams trying to win league again but think it will backfire.. Looks like James Mccarthy picked up a fairly bad injury. Expect up down league from us due to late training start. Dublin don’t pace their season as smart.
    Andy will have the 14 shirt come summer leaving Aido, Regan, Freeman, Irwin, Loftus Kirby and Douglas battling for the last corner forward slot. Cillian, Diarmaid and Kevin Mc have to play if fit but J Doc though totally selfless for the cause maybe doesn’t seem to offer enough threat. Any of the above or Boland or a half back could rob his jersey. Aido will likely be an impact sub this year. Two more weeks training will put him back in the frame.

  5. Congratulations Andy, well deserved and awesome game by all!!! Love the away jersey too! Glad all Mayo fans had safe and fun travels!

  6. Watched the replay, all five minutes of it , on Telefis Eireann last night. Hard to get a lot from it but Andy’s game was very obvious and a well deserved MOTM. Well done boss.

  7. Utterly pathetic coverage on RTE last night

    Showed 4 scores and not one replay. It was a case of getting the shit out of the way so they can show the glory boys

    And David Brady was disappointing last night. He seemed terrified saying “it was a bit of a dodgy free” at the end. David just call these properly. It was a disgraceful decision. As was the red card. But best not stray too far from the narrative I suppose

  8. Great win on Saturday night. Andy is shining at the moment, hope this will give his team mates a massive lift. I see that the A v B ref was officiating at Croke Park on Saturday night. From the analysis it appears the Tyrone were robbed, should have won and got a straight red and a black from the ref.
    I wonder when or which ref will decide that Dublin dont need to win every match, they appear to get all the breaks at the right time in matches.
    I was hoping the Dubs would be be beaten by Tyrone, the Mayo v Dublin match to come is a mouth watering prospect. It would be great to end their unbeaten run asap, but I fear the ref may have a say in the outcome.

  9. Ya that free at the end was a disgrace, if ever there was proof that Dublin Joe is “compromised” there ya have it…pathetic decision, couldnt get the whistle to his mouth quick eneough, once fitzimmons went into contact.

    Hope we really up the ante now for 2 weeks an put in a strong showing against Roscommon. Win that and we’re more than likely safe.

    As for the Dublin game, personally id like to see us go out an do a hatchet job on them. Forget about the win, just go out an lay into them at every chance, we’re far too nice as a team. I’d like to see cooper, mcmahon and especially small bet around the place. Go out their with no intention of football, who cares if we finish with 12-13 men. Start Aido an let him fight back for once, seamie and vaughan too. Time we layed a few markers and forget about who wins it.

  10. I know its a bit early to start the conspiracy whinging about refs but we got fairly ridden last night. Kerry more than deserved their half time lead but that penalty will be the softest we will see all year, guaranteed. The red for Tom Parsons was farcical, he gave one push and then was set upon, there were even a few actual digs thrown in his direction to which he didn’t react too. He could be criticised perhaps for reacting but its supposed to be a physical game and God help us for the season if a push is now a red card offence.

    God I didn’t think I’d be at this craic so early in the season but it has cost us so much over the past few years I’m always looking for it now.

  11. The red card for Tom was pathetic. The penalty decision was farcical. There were one or two other phantom decisions. And when Tom was pulled back when absolutely CLEAN through on goal, no card whatsoever was shown.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again. The GAA decided that they needed to push a serious amount of money into one county to make them better than everybody else.

    How much better would our games currently be if they had instead put that surplus into serious officiating training for refs, linesmen, 4th officials and umpires?

    But then, the game would be better for everyone. And we can’t be having that.

  12. Maybe you have a point Juan , too nice , ever the bridesmaid are all sterotypes placed on us but last year when we went ultra defensive , fans all roared Rochford doesnt know what he’s at, he is spoiling our Mayo”.

    I agree we should go hard and soften them up but I think we have enough quality, movitation and workrate to do that normally without stepping too far outside the rules.

    Feck it if Aidan O shea isnt good enough to do it this time of the year with slower ball , heavier ground with his physical attributes then he will never do it .

    The Cillian at 11 is useful but I think ultimately it will cost us .
    We are tiring him out running all about the place when he needs to be nearer the goal .
    Our halfforward line needs more cutting edge more direct running, more overlaps created more zeest about it .
    Jason Doh and Kevin Mc for all their hardwork dont do this enough.
    For me you can only have one of them and Kevin wins out everytime .
    I think you then flank him with raw pace and power and youthful careless desire that Boland has .
    Cathal Carolan deserves another run out and I hope he gets that against Ros, as he can wreak havoc with direct running, pace and power . ( we havent too many players like that)

    I would play


    Give Andy some support inside or else we will become a one trick pony .

  13. Watching the football on television you would be forgiven for thinking all referees were given different rule books the Ross v don ref let the game flow if he was in Tralee we would have ended up with 15 men .The linesman on the stand side let Crowley off twice he was involved with King Mc no card he started the fracas with TP no card .Is there any chance of a injury update on the panel Douglas Loftus 2 O Sheas Hall Barrett Harrison Cafferkey is Carol and injured he’s not making the 26 panel.

  14. The dub lost control of the ball and fell over himself, joe threw them
    The lifeline and they grabbed it with a great kick, I was delighted. The streak will come to an end and I know who I want the team that ends it to be.

    Is that Mayo away jersey used this weekend for sale yet? It’s not online.

  15. Anyone held captive in the ground Sat night; regardless of what’s going on with season tickets it’s a totally illegal act and the powers that be should be held responsible

    On the football; we wasted three clear cut goal chances in the second half and those six backs of Kerry bar Shane Enright are as good as their going to get .

    It was on the linesman’s instructions that the Ref red carded Tom and should be defnitley be appealed

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